Digital BRAVO 3 Sales Sheet - Fitch Security Integration


Digital BRAVO 3 Sales Sheet - Fitch Security Integration
Detection Accuracy
At High Temperatures
PIR Motion
Digital. For Superior Accuracy
Digital Passive Infrared Motion Detector
Digital Bravo3 PIR
False Alarm Immunity
Continuing in the proud tradition of the Bravo series
of PIRs, Digital Bravo3 incorporates all the key attributes
of Bravo3 while elevating the detection capabilities and
false alarm prevention features to a new level of reliability
through the use of the most advanced technology in
motion detection … digital technology. Digital technology
provides superior analysis of a detected signal because the
digital information can be more accurately analyzed with
software, and is not subject to signal degradation caused
by amplification, noise, distortion or signal clipping. In
addition, it results in
more reliable circuitry
requiring less power
than the conventional
Bravo3 (10% lower
in the alarm state).
Digital Bravo3 works just as precisely to prevent false
alarms as it does to catch an intruder. With smarter
microprocessors, unique multi-level signal processing
and carefully positioned transient/static suppressors,
Digital Bravo3 assures outstanding protection against all
false alarm sources…
lightning, power surges,
static, radio interference,
car headlights,
fluorescent lights,
insects and dust.
Proven Worldwide
Because of their incomparable reputation
for accuracy, false alarm immunity
and reliability, the Bravo series of PIR
motion detectors have rapidly
become amoung the most widely
used motion detectors in the
world. Bravo detectors have
proven themselves in all types
of environment - private homes,
office buildings, commercial, institutional
and industrial complexes - and under all
climatic conditions.
Accurate Detection
Using the analytical precision attainable only
with digital technology and patented multilevel signal processing, Digital Bravo3 is
smarter than its analog counterpart and is more accurate in
detecting human motion over a temperature range of
32°F (0°C) to 122°F (50°C). It achieves this improved
performance by utilizing two distinct series of operational
parameters. When Digital Bravo3 senses that the environmental
temperature is within a specified range of normal human body temperature,
it automatically switches to the more sensitive series of operational
parameters ensuring accurate and consistent catch performance.
And this performance is achieved with a reduction in
false alarms at higher temperatures.
Digital Bravo3 Long-Range PIR
is recommended for larger residential, commercial & industrial installations that require
extended range sensing in high temperature environments without compromise in accuracy.
with Form ’A’ alarm contact
with Form ’A’ alarm contact and tamper switch
with Form ’C’ alarm contact and tamper switch
Bravo. No Other PIR Even Comes Close
North American # 29003585 R001
he reliability and performance
of your security system can be
greatly enhanced or reduced
by your choice of motion detector.
The key point to consider is this: if
the alarm sounds on your system,
has an intruder entered… or is it a
false alarm? It’s not something you
want to be in doubt about, which is
why Bravo has risen to become the
Represented by :
overwhelming choice of home and
business owners worldwide.
Nothing can match a Bravo for its
sensitivity, accuracy and built-in
immunity to false alarms. Even
lightning, static shocks and power
surges are no match for Bravo’s
superior design. Simply put, Bravo is
built to provide the highest
immunity to false alarms possible…
without compromising catch in
any way.
By ensuring significantly higher
levels of accuracy and stability under
all environmental and climatic
conditions, Bravo PIRs offer precisely
the level of security you’re looking
for. And to make extra sure, every
individual unit is functionally tested
before leaving our factory.
By recommending Bravo, your
dealer is clearly demonstrating his
genuine concern for your safety and
security. By choosing Bravo, you are
joining hundreds of thousands of
satisfied customers who wouldn’t
settle for anything less.
Digital Security Controls
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Toronto, Canada
Printed in Canada
International # 29003586 R001