Maymont – An American Estate


Maymont – An American Estate
Maymont – An American Estate
Yo u r 1 0 0 - Ac r e C l a s s r o o m
Maymont’s animals are an integral part of our Environmental Education
team. Thanks to them, more than 17,000 area school children encounter
nature up close each year. Look for a complete list of SOL-based
programs in our School & Youth Visit Guide, available online.
A p p r e c i at i o n
Maymont’s animals depend on people like you to help feed and care for
them at a cost of $500,000 a year. The Adopt An Animal program is a
unique way to continue the generosity that the Dooleys showed when
they left Maymont to the community and a fun way to create a special
bond with one of our animals.
C o n ta c t u s f o r m o r e d e ta i l s
Historical Programs: ext. 329
Environmental Programs: 804-358-7168
1700 Hampton Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220
Maymont’s bobcat,
named 2015-2016
Animal of the Year by
Henrico’s Glen Allen
Elementary School
Elementary Schools, Grades K-5
Children in the Richmond metropolitan area help
Maymont’s animals by raising money in their schools
through Maymont’s Adopt an Animal Animal Appreciation
From chickens and goats to American bald eagles, black
bears and river otters, more than 400 animals call
Maymont “home.” Money raised through the Anima l
Appreciation Program helps feed and care for Maymont’s
animals. Over the past five years, area schools have raised
more than $130,000. Every penny counts, and every
school is recognized for its achievement.
Our fundraising goal this
year is $50,000, which
will help feed and care
for Maymont’s animals.
With your help, we can
reach this goal.
Grand Prize, Overall School Winner
The school that raises the most money among all participating schools
will receive:
An Animal Outreach Program
Enjoy a program featuring reptiles, birds of prey, or insects to be
offered at your school, during school hours, by Maymont’s
Environmental Educators. Up to three classes of 30 students each
may attend the program.
201 Animal of the Year Selection
Choose Maymont’s 201 Animal of the Year. The animal will be
featured in 201 Animal Appreciation Program materials with
acknowledgement of the winning school.
School District
The school that raises
the most money (greater
than $250) among all
participating schools in
each district will receive
a special trophy.
Class Winners
The class that raises the
most money in each
district will receive
special prizes for every
student in the class.
Tuesday, October 1, 201
Raindate: Wednesday, October 1
The Animal Appreciation Program is successful because of YOU: the
students, teachers, and staff in your schools who support Maymont’s
furry, feathered and finned friends. To show our gratitude, we
welcome one class from each participating school to visit the estate for
a special morning of animal encounters, activities, an award ceremony
and lots of FUN!
Friday, September 1
Complete online registration form for your school/class.
You can also fax your form to Maymont at 804-358-9994
or email it to [email protected]
7XHVGD\6HSWHPEHU - Friday, October Schedule your school’s fundraising projects to raise money
for animal adoptions. Be sure to reserve your school’s
buses for the day of the event.
Friday, October Complete all fundraising projects and enter program results
online or fax to Maymont at 804-358-9994.
Tuesday, October 1
Rain Date: Wednesday, October 1
Celebrate your success at Maymont! Each participating
school is invited to bring up to 75 students and chaperones
to the estate for a morning with their adopted animals. Enjoy
special exhibits and explore the Children’s Farm,
Wildlife Exhibits and the Nature Center.
Animal Appreciation Program
Guide Photo Credits: Kelly
Armentrout, Robert Finken,
Skip Rowland, Todd Smith,
Danny Tiet.
Visit for program
instructions, forms and other resources.
Maymont’s animals are eligible for adoption at any gift level.
Need help planning? Visit for:
Letter to Parents
Participation Registration Form
Teacher’s Easy 1-2-3 Guide to Success
Suggestions & Tips for a Successful Animal Appreciation Week
List of Maymont’s Animals
Final Results Form
Animal Appreciation Day Schedule of Events
Animal Appreciation Day Trip Tips
Evacuation/Emergency Plan for School Groups and Visitors
Bus Information & Driving Directions
Maymont Map
Did you know it costs
$35,000 a year just to
feed Maymont’s animals?
That doesn’t include
veterinary costs and
habitat maintenance.
Your support through
the Animal Appreciation
Program helps offset
these expenses.
Motivate your students with fun fundraising projects anytime
between the start of your school year and Friday, October 9 (once
your school has registered).
Take a look at the “Suggestions & Tips” document on our website to
find out how others have integrated the Animal Appreciation Program
into their classroom educational activities. Have a great suggestion of
your own? Email your stories to us at [email protected]
so we can share your idea with others.
Maymont’s bobcat and carriage
horses have both been chosen as
“Animal of the Year” by previous
Animal Appreciation Program winners.