Esmerlada Domínguez MA Fashion Benjamin Griggs Dr. Maertens


Esmerlada Domínguez MA Fashion Benjamin Griggs Dr. Maertens
MA Fashion
Benjamin Griggs
Dr. Maertens
Dr. Martens Airwair boots
Boots with FOR LIFE guarantee.
There are many reasons why I believe the Dr. Martens
boots are a good design. Naturally, the first one is its quality
and consistency in its materials and production. For example, its patented air-cushioned sole was specially designed
by Dr Maertens to create a comfortable shoe that could be
used daily and for many hours. Also, the upper part is made
by a leather that is previously prepared with a traditional
process called drum-stuffing. This process makes the
leather very durable and guarantees its good appearance
for life. Finally, the soles are adhered to the template by an
industrial process known as Goodyear welt, which ensures
the seal from water and any breakage.
All these features make it a comfortable and functional
shoe. I can prove it with my own experience; from the day I
bought them, they have become my everyday shoes. It is
also perfect for English weather for their water resistance
and versatile soles, which make them suitable for any
terrain: city or mountain.
Finally, I do not forget the question of aesthetics and style. I
have reviewed the design taking into account that after all is
a fashion accessory. It seems important to note that it is a
shoe that was designed for industrial workers in the 60s,
and became a symbol of the working class after the 70s. It
was then that many sub-cultures and trends adopted them
as a synonym for alternative culture and individuality. The
history and popularity of the brand has led them to remain
as an iconic footwear until these days.