56 pages of things to see and do during your stay on florida`s


56 pages of things to see and do during your stay on florida`s
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12Shopping Destinations in Old Florida
From an entertainment perspective,
the Forgotten Coast’s off-season is
an annual highlight. Apalachicola’s
Dixie Theatre fills the winter
calendar with stage plays, music,
dance and more. Make plans to
make the most of The Dixie’s 2014
Professional Season!
Having trouble finding an unique gift? Searching for that special
accessory to “make” the room? Saving space for an eye-catching piece
of original art? You can find it all, and much more, along Florida’s
Forgotten Coast. The region’s collection of shops, boutiques, galleries
and specialty stores offer an astounding variety of merchandise including
items exclusive to Old Florida!
Old Florida is the ideal destination for weddings and special events.
Outstanding regional event services providers consistently turn the
dreams of brides-to-be and event coordinators into reality. The 2014
Forgotten Coast Wedding & Event Planner includes Must See’s exclusive
planning worksheet – the simple way to track every aspect of any regional
event. Dream destination weddings and events begin right here…in the
pages of Must See Magazine.
49Event Calendar
With so much to see and do in
Old Florida, Must See’s Event
Calendar is darn-near indispensable.
In print and online, it’s the best
place to find out what’s happening
when and where along Florida’s
Forgotten Coast. Find it in every
issue of Must See and online at
212014 Forgotten Coast Wedding & Event Planner
37Better Together
When scrumptious Forgotten Coast cuisine is perfectly paired with a
complementary libation, magic happens. Must See visits four regional
destination eateries for an unforgettable series of culinary delights.
Outstanding food, fine wine, signature cocktails and even locally-brewed
beer await adventurous diners in Port St. Joe and Apalachicola.
43A World Champion Comes Home...
In 2013, Randall Tharp won the FLW Professional Bass Fishing Tour’s
biggest prize, the Forrest Wood Cup, just days after moving to St. Joe
Beach. So, how does a former housing contractor from Alabama end up
on Florida’s Forgotten Coast with a World Championship Trophy in
hand? In his own words, “It’s been a whirlwind...”
Daniel Anderson
Carol Anderson
Daniel Anderson
Rob Newell
Jennifer Sheffield
Daniel Anderson
Debbie Hooper
Rob Newell
Mandi Singer
Kim Stone
Alex Petkus
onventional wisdom has long
labeled the Forgotten Coast a
summer vacation spot. Despite the
best efforts of regional tourism development
organizations, it is a stigma that has proven
difficult to overcome. Progress is being
made as the “shoulder” seasons attract a few
more visitors each year, but winters remain
very quiet. A few wise snowbirds trickle in
as cold weather pushes them south – the
lucky few who have recognized Old Florida
as a superior winter destination.
“Superior winter destination?” you may ask.
Without a doubt. The weather is wonderful
with comfortable days and cool nights.
Inshore fishing is fantastic. Beautiful Gulf
of Mexico beaches are practically deserted.
The best tables at your favorite restaurants
are almost always available. And the live
entertainment is off the charts!
I have often heard the complaint, “There’s
nothing to do here in the winter.” Honestly,
it baffles me. While it’s true that sunbathing
and snorkeling may be a bit uncomfortable
this time of year, other entertainments are
plentiful. Days spent enjoying the outdoors
are followed by unforgettable nights “on
the town.” And in January, February and
March, the place to spend your evenings is,
without question, the Dixie Theatre.
Founded in 1913 by an enterprising sponge
diver, the Dixie Theatre began a tradition of
quality live entertainment that thrives more
than a century later. The Dixie survived
two World Wars, the Great Depression,
and abandonment before emerging as The
Forgotten Coast’s premier venue for live
entertainment. Rediscovered, renovated
and reopened in 1998 by the late Rex
Partington, the classic Apalachicola venue
now hosts a 90-day professional season
under the watchful eye of Rex’s daughter,
Dixie Partington.
As the Dixie Theatre celebrates its 101st
birthday, the exciting 2014 professional
season features tributes to cultural icons,
dramatic and comedic stage plays, music
by emerging musicians, ballet and much
more. Shows that would be de rigueur in
Tallahassee or Atlanta take place all season
long! Mark your calendars now for 34 West
Theatre’s production of Sock Hops and Soda
Pops ( Jan. 8-11), Tallahassee’s Pas de Vie
Ballet ( Jan. 24-25) and John Cariani’s
romantic comedy Almost, Maine (Feb. 14Mar. 1). For the complete professional
season schedule and more information, visit
www.dixietheatre.com or call 850.653.3456.
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shopping destinati
lans for the family getaway are made.
Beach vacation homes are booked in
advance. Favorite tables at favorite
restaurants are reserved. Eagerly anticipated
charters and excursions are scheduled. A great
place to stay, good food and plenty of outdoor
fun and adventure – all the pieces are in place
for that much-needed Forgotten Coast escape.
Or are they?
Even the most beautiful rental properties can
induce cabin fever if we don’t venture out
occasionally. Some of the world’s finest seafood,
enjoyed with family and friends, is fantastic...but
we can’t eat 24/7. Exploring isolated flats and
bayous, or seeking big game offshore, is always
subject to wind, waves and
weather. That’s a part
of why shopping
is such a critical
ingredient in
any vacation
recipe. Of
more to
that story.
As much as
we’d like to
be, most of us
can’t be on vacation
all the time. A few
days here, a week
there – that may be
BANGLE. Highly
all we get all year
detailed and
long. Making
yet lightweight
the most of
and comfortable, this
that time is
bangle is designed in
what makes
the USA by Ivy. Find
it at Oystercatcher in
and taking
a little bit
of our trip home with us makes it
easy to remember. Something as
simple as a found seashell placed
on a window sill can recall a day at
the beach with clear blue skies, the salty
tang of sea air and the feel of white sand
between our toes.
For many of us, though,
that found seashell –
great memento
that it is – is not
quite enough.
Don’t get me
wrong. I love a
good seashell
every bit
as much as
the next
but my
needs are
a little more
I want
the stuff
that no
one else
has and
that can’t
be found
else. I want
practical and useful.
I want character and cool.
Yes, I am aware that I’m a demanding consumer,
and spoiled. My excuse? I live and work along a
stretch of beautiful Florida coastline – and it
offers fantastic shopping. Retail adventurers will
find something for everyone in the shops, stores
and boutiques
of Old
Hours of entertainment and discoveries by the
dozen await shoppers along these shores.
Retail establishments of every stripe dot
Highway 98 as it winds its way through
Old Florida. Explore quaint roadside
shacks filled with hidden treasures.
Browse co-ops for antiques, oddities
and collectibles. Lose yourself in
the shopping districts of
Apalachicola and
Port St. Joe. Make
your way across
the bridge to St.
George Island or
down Highway 30A
to Cape San Blas for
even more possibilities.
The variety, quality and
creativity of our regional
merchants is incredible.
Let’s start with a look at
downtown Apalachicola’s
retail scene. The shopping
district is small –
just a few city
blocks – but full
of excellent shopping
luxurious, 100% cotton
opportunities. It seems
garment-dyed jersey is
tailor-made for walking,
available for men, women
with broad sidewalks
and children in a variety
and nearly every
of colors. Find it at Coast
door opening to
in Apalachicola. $46.
another boutique,
restaurant, art gallery, outfitter,
coffee shop or eclectic
combination thereof.
Oversized, 100% zinc alloy fork and spoon
serving set with decorative scallop shell and
starfish handle accents from the Perfect
Host Collection by Gift Craft. Find them at
the Stuffed Owl in Apalachicola. $37.
This dishwasher- and microwavesafe porcelain platter is hand-crafted
in the USA and features pewter accents
cast in limited production molds. Signed
by the artist, Maurice Milleur. Find it at the
Stuffed Owl, downtairs at the Owl Cafe, in
Apalachicola. $59.
tions in
old florida
Such dedication to craft is
rare in today’s world. First
artist Sherron Totter’s
pottery features
time visitors to Florida’s
intricate detail
Forgotten Coast often use
and striking
the phrase “like taking a
glazes. She
step back in time” when
describing the area. Maybe
that aspect of life here is
Sea Life
what attracts the hands-on,
do-it-yourself personalities
in many
required to make such
sizes. A
business models work.
Bickel and the Boxbergers
to any
are certainly not alone – a
visit to Rose’s Botanicals,
Find them
at Joseph’s
Cottage in
Original acrylic painting
Port St. Joe.
on wooden board by
Large Sea Life
Kelli Boxberger. Marine
Bowl (shown, not
sealed for outdoor use.
display of both
actual size). $125.
48 x 22 inches. Find it
talent and industry,
at the Funky Fiddler in
Petunia, or the Apalachicola
and makes for outstanding
Apalachicola. $250.
Chocolate Company will
shopping. An excellent example
confirm that. It’s quite astonishing
can be found at photojournalist
offers plenty of name brands and variety. Seeking
to see in a community the size
Richard Bickel’s Gallery. Massive
a local souvenir? Try the Olde Soda Fountain.
of “Apalach.”
archival-quality framed prints of
Need a thoughtful keepsake, quality
his iconic images adorn the
gift item or child’s toy? Try Two
walls. Richard not only
Gulls or All That Jazz. Still haven’t
produces the work, he
endless ways to customize
your look with sterling
found what you’re looking for?
also hangs it with the care
silver, 14K gold and
Apalachicola has many more
of a museum curator
Swarovski crystal jewelry
options from which to choose.
and operates the gallery
by Chamilia .® Find it at
himself. Another great
Bayside Florist & Gifts
The shopping landscape in Port
example awaits, just one
in Port St. Joe. Silver
St. Joe shares a few traits with that
block down the street,
Snap Bracelet $65. Swarovski
of Apalachicola. Establishments are
at the Funky Fiddler.
Collection Beads $25 and up.
again concentrated in the historic
The Boxberger family owns,
district, and most are locally-owned
Of course, shopping in
runs and stocks – largely with
and operated.
Apalachicola isn’t limited to original creations.
their own creations – a shop full
The hand
Boutiques such as Oystercatcher, Coast,
of colorful furniture, original
La Robe, River Lily and Go Fish cater
sea life artwork and
to fashionistas. Outdoor enthusiasts
hand-made jewelry.
shouldn’t miss Apalach Outfitters.
Those with a nautical bent absolutely
ANCHOR HOOK. This stout,
have to visit the Tin
oversized wall hook is made
of cast iron with an oxidized
Shed. The Stuffed
finish. Sturdy enough for heavy
Keep things casual, ladies,’
Owl has everything
duty use with vintage nautical appeal.
but do it in style with Fraidy Cat
for your gourmet
Find it, with other sizes and styles, at
Sandals by Sanuk. Features a molded
kitchen, and the
the Funky Fiddler in Apalachicola. $16.
EVA footbed, comfortable terry-cloth liner
neighboring Grady
and frayed poncho strap for a worn look. Find
them at Bluewater Outriggers in Port St. Joe. $37.
FORGOTTEN COAST Holiday 2013 13
Over thirty retail establishments call the River
City’s historic district home. The vast majority
are locally-owned and operated – there isn’t a
franchise to be found – and showcase the
tastes and creative efforts of
the proprietor.
proprietorship is still clearly
evident – abundant and careful
inventory selection are the
rule. Hand-made items,
many by local artisans
and craftspeople, are
available at every turn.
Shopping Port St. Joe is a little
different, though. While much
of the
action takes place
BEDDING COLLECTION. on Reid Avenue, just
one block off Highway
Quality bedding from
C&F Enterprises. 100%
98, there are a few
cotton and microfiber.
notable exceptions.
Find it at the Portside
Daly’s Watersports,
Trading Company in
the region’s only dive
Port St. Joe. Quilts from
shop, is located at the
$135. Shams from $36.
This heavy duty ceramic
mug is well-insulated
more by filling it with
and stable with nautical
quality merchandise.
styling. Find it at the Port
You’ll find all the top
brands including Penn, St. Joe Marina Gift Shop
Shimano, Berkeley, Guy in Port St. Joe. $8 each.
$25 set of four.
Harvey, Salt Life, Crocs,
Life is Good, Coleman, Crosman,
Winchester, Garmin, Bushnell and
many more.
Just down Marina Drive from
Bluewater Outriggers lies the Port
St. Joe Marina and its great gift shop.
Browse their selection of t-shirts,
hats, and Port St. Joe Marina logo
items, take advantage of special offers on Columbia sportswear,
and more.
corner of Highway 98 and 4th Street. Daly’s
offers an excellent selection of dive and
snorkel equipment, spearfishing
gear and accesories, surf &
boards, fashionable
apparel for
men & women,
t-shirts, souvenirs
and much
more. Daly’s also offers
variety of PADI-certified dive
instruction and charters to dive sites
in local waters.
Bluewater Outriggers and Walter
Green are both located in the Port
City (Piggly Wiggly) Shopping
Center. Walter Green is filled
with women’s fashions and the
region’s largest selection of bathing
suits, while Bluewater Outriggers is the
area’s outdoors superstore. Owner
George Duren surprised everyone
by building a 13,000 sq. ft. retail
store in our sleepy little corner
of the world. Then he shocked
This adorable, luxurious,
Sadie Giraffe toy by
Nat & Jules opens into
a 24 x 21 inch playmat.
Available with pink or blue
trim. Find it at Portside
Trading Company in
Port St. Joe. $32.
As you
make your
way back to Reid
Avenue, look forward
to browsing through an
interesting collection of
stores. Just as
DEXTER FILET KNIFE. A staple fascinating,
in every kitchen and tackle box,
however, are
the 7-inch Dexter Sani-Safe
the women
Filet Knife features a sealed,
you’ll meet
slip-resistant white handle and
along the
individually honed steel blade.
way. Almost
Find it at Bluewater Outriggers
every store
in Port St. Joe. $19.
owner in
downtown Port St. Joe is female, and
their entrepreneural spirits provide for
some great shopping.
Melissa Farrell, an accomplished interior
designer, owns and operates Joseph’s
Cottage. She has moved and expanded
the shop several times since opening
in 2002. Her store offers quality
upholstery, bedding, lighting,
rugs, apparel, unique objects,
accessories, jewelry, and hand
picked gifts. Her style is best described as
“collected,” but
casual, coastal,
rustic, natural
and authentic
items all lend
their character.
No shopping excursion along Reid Avenue
Just across the street, at the Portside
is complete without a
Trading Company, owner Marie
visit to Bayside Florist
Todd has been serving the gift& Gifts. There is a great
givers and homeowners of Old
selection of fine gift items
Florida since 1999. Marie began
and a boutique featuring
by focusing on furniture and
women’s fashions, jewelry
quality antiques, but her store
by Chamilia® and Sorrelli®,
has grown to encompass far
more than just interiors. It
and much more. Also on Reid,
contains collectibles and
everything your furry friend
candles, kitchen ware
requires is in stock at Bow Wow
and cookbooks, fashion
Beach, and there’s even a Radio
accessories and jewelry,
Shack for your electronics needs.
baby items, and home
goods including luxury
After shopping riverside in Apalach
beautifully embroidered,
bedding, lighting, wall
and bayside in Port St. Joe, it’s time
fade-resistant pillow is made
art, clocks and small
to head for the beaches. St. George
from Sunbrella fabric. Perfect
furnishings. Portside
has some terrific stores. Island
for outdoor use. Find it at About
also offers the region’s
Outfitters is equal parts outfitter, bait
Beach! in Mexico Beach. $72.
best gift registry and
& tackle, and boutique. Owned by Capt.
free gift wrapping with
Larry and Angela Troy, Island Outfitters SEASHELL CANDY DISH. This
every purchase.
offers tried, tested
hand-assembled souvenir candy
and proven
dish is created from seashells
At Bay Breeze Antiques, found on area beaches.
fishing gear,
you’ll meet proprietress Find it at the Shell
your favorite
Renee Carroll. She’s the Shack in Mexico
brands such
Beach. $9.
lady responsible for the
as Costa
del Mar,
Teva and
G. Loomis,
and a
family. Journeys and
Island Adventures are two
more stops that demand a look, and Joyce Estes’
Sea Oats Gallery is the home of an outstanding
collection of original art – for sale!
recent influx of
PALM TREE FAN. Keep cool
with this hand-crafted, fully
antique dealers
functional decorator fan. Its
in downtown
rich colors and tropical styling
Port St. Joe. Her
evoke the feel of the beach.
shop is filled
Single speed motor, 19 inches
with tough-totall. Find it at About Beach! in
find treasures,
Mexico Beach. $80.
and paved the
way for downtown Port St. Joe’s other antique
merchants – Black Swan Antiques, Antiques on
Reid, and Coastal Cabin.
For more contemporary merchandise,
visit Persnickety. Erika Norton and
Leisa Pickett
opened their
65 qt. Yeti Cooler may
doors in 2007.
They offer trendy be the last cooler you’ll
ever buy. Gasket-seal,
clothes, jewelry,
superior insulation and
shoes, accessories
incredibly durable. Find
and much more. it at the Mexico Beach Marina
Ship Store in Mexico Beach. $389.
On Cape San Blas, the Cape Trading Post and
Scallop Cove both offer a surprisingly
comprehensive stock
of both
necessities and niceties. Both carry Cape San
Blas souvenir items unavailable anywhere else.
Scallop Cove’s Bait & Tackle offers live bait,
and the Trading Post is home to the Cape’s only
liquor store!
More exciting shopping awaits just west of the
Gulf County line in Mexico Beach. Travelers
along Highway 98 can’t help but notice the
enticing outdoor displays at The Grove and
Frost Pottery Garden & Gift Shop. Dena and
Jay Frost recently moved and expanded their
operation (again!), and the new location at the
corner of 36th Street and Highway 98 is bigger
and better than
ORBS. Ornamental ever. The pottery
selection is huge,
orbs add character to
and the
landscape. Available
many sizes, styles
and colors. Find
them at Frost
Pottery Garden
in Mexico
Beach. $25
and up.
is chock-full
of inspired
ideas, jewelry,
home décor
and unique
graphic tees feature original designs
produced locally. Vibrant colors,
bold styling and limited
availability make
these t-shirts
the perfect
gift. Find
only at
fine Old
Florida retailers.
Not available from
any other source
worldwide. For men,
women and children.
From $19 each.
At The Grove,
Carol and Jeff
Tendler offer
a colorful array
of merchandise
including beach
and sea themed
items for the
home, artwork,
novelty signs,
outdoor furnishings, nautical items and
curiosities, creative lighting and more. There’s
even an art gallery and gourmet coffee shop
right next door.
That cute little row of
colorful cottages along
Highway 98 is the
home of Emerald Coast Jewelry and
About Beach! About
Beach! offers a beautiful
collection of accessories
to enhance any home, along
with exclusive products featuring “local art
gone functional.” Emerald Coast Jewelry is the
region’s only full-service jeweler, and features
everything from estate jewelry to destination
charms designed by the owner, Marie Stephens.
Don’t miss Beachwalk, the Shell Shack, the
Mexico Beach Marina Ship Store, or the gift
shops at the El Governor Motel, Gulf Foods,
and Toucan’s while exploring. New discoveries
are waiting...and you might miss something!♦
you need
to make your
old florida event
10 Rentals
10 Photography
11 Beauty
11 Jewelry
11 Spirits
12 Planning Worksheet
Daniel Anderson
Carol Anderson
Kim Stone Photography
The 2014 Forgotten Coast Wedding
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FORGOTTEN COAST 2014 Wedding & Event Planner
(23) 3
Old Florida is the
ideal destination for
weddings and special
events. Outstanding
regional event services
providers consistently
turn the dreams of
brides-to-be and event
coordinators into reality.
The 2014 Forgotten Coast
Wedding & Event Planner
includes Must See ’s
exclusive planning
worksheet — the simple
way to track every
aspect of any regional
event. Dream destination
weddings and events begin
right here ... in the
he Forgotten Coast’s reputation as
a world-class wedding and event
destination is well-deserved. Regional
event services providers are incredibly talented
and extremely capable – these professionals
are dedicated to making every special occasion
celebrated in Old Florida unforgettable!
For destination brides and event coordinators,
as well as local customers, the services of a
regional planner are priceless. These experts
pull it all together. They know every detail of
every aspect of event planning on the coast,
and turn dreams into reality hundreds of times
each year. Their services encompass and utilize
nearly every other service in this planner, and
they can also assist with invitations, specialty
gifts, cakes, music, transportation and more.
Panache Tent & Event. Elizabeth Wynn
of Panache Tent & Event offers expert
wedding and event planning. Originality
and creativity characterize Elizabeth’s event
designs, and her portfolio and web site are
full of inspirational ideas and beautiful
examples of her work. She attends closely
to the needs of her clients, and coordinates
spectacular events for both local and
destination customers. Elizabeth considers
weddings along Florida’s incredible Forgotten
Coast a specialty, and can suggest hundreds
of possibilities for events on her “home turf!”
Port St. Joe / 800-461-6955
4 (24) 2014 Wedding & Event Planner FORGOTTEN COAST
Bayside Weddings & Events. Amy Price,
owner and wedding planner for Apalachicola’s
Bayside Weddings & Events, coordinates
events and weddings on St. George Island,
in Apalachicola, and from Carrabelle to Cape
San Blas. Amy has been planning Forgotten
Coast weddings for years, and her intimate
knowledge of the area makes pulling together
any event a breeze. She personally attends to
the details that make events special, including
florals that are carefully crafted works of art.
49 Avenue G / Apalachicola / 850-653-1828
Available venues along Florida’s Forgotten
Coast include the country’s most beautiful
beaches, gorgeous rental properties, scenic
parks, churches, public access buildings
and a staggering variety of wonderful spaces
offered by area businesses.
The Owl Cafe. At this beautifully restored
downtown Apalachicola facility, you can
choose from the traditional dining room,
the intimate Wine Room or the new Tap
Room – there’s a perfect fit for every event.
15 Avenue D / Apalachicola / 850-653-9888
Coastal Joe Vacation Rentals. Outstanding
properties and amazing flexibility make Coastal
Joe an excellent option for venue selection.
Cape San Blas, Indian Pass & State Road 30A
800-581-2910 / www.CoastalJoeVacationRentals.com
The Sunset Coastal Grill. Owner Patti
Blaylock has created a show-stopping venue
for dinners and receptions overlooking the
sparkling waters of St. Joseph Bay. Plenty of
privacy, parking and an incredible view!
602 Highway 98 / Port St. Joe / 850-227-7900
St. James Bay Golf Resort. An immaculate
facility, deluxe accommodations, beautiful
clubhouse and fantastic restaurant await
destination brides and event planners just
ten minutes east of Carrabelle.
151 Laughing Gull Lane / St. James Bay (Carrabelle)
850-697-5050 / www.StJamesBay.com
Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals. Distinctive
vacation homes in amazing locations. Owner
Jeri Ashcraft offers friendly, helpful service
that makes lodging and venue selection easy.
Cape San Blas, Indian Pass & Mexico Beach
800-450-5116 / www.GulfCoastVacationRentals.com
Parker Realty of Mexico Beach. Family
owned and operated since its inception, Mexico
Beach’s original vacation rental company offers
premier properties at the beach.
Mexico Beach, Beacon Hill & St. Joe Beach
800-874-5073 / www.MexicoBeachVacations.com
Resort Vacation Properties of St. George
Island. Choose from hundreds of elegant
vacation homes perfect for accommodating
guests and staging unforgettable events on
St. George Island. Special events coordinators
know island event planning inside and out!
St. George Island / 866-768-3146
The El Governor Motel. An excellent venue
for large events featuring a pool, beachside bar,
plenty of parking and over 120 rooms with
incredible, unobstructed Gulf views. Located
directly on beautiful Mexico Beach!
1701 Highway 98 / Mexico Beach
850-648-5757 / www.ElGovernorMotel.net
The Haughty Heron. Port St. Joe’s Haughty
Heron offers a private space for parties, indoor
and outdoor seating, a full service bar, and
ample parking for events of every size.
117 Sailor’s Cove / Port St. Joe
850-229-3463 / www.HaughtyHeron.com
The Fish’n Xpress Party Boat. Host your
event aboard the 60 ft. 44 passenger Fish’n
Xpress party boat. Private charters for weddings
and special events are available year-round.
Port St. Joe Marina / Port St. Joe / 850-227-8200
Tamara’s Cafe & Tapas Bar. Choose from
two beautiful spaces in a fantastic downtown
Apalachicola location. The Cafe is an intimate
dining facility while the Tapas Bar features a
stage, room for dancing and a full-service bar!
71 Market Street / Apalachicola / 850-653-4111
6 (26) 2014 Wedding & Event Planner FORGOTTEN COAST
The Coombs House Inn. A Victorian inn
centrally located in historic Apalachicola
offering peerless accommodations and exclusive
access to intimate Camellia Gardens and Hall.
80 Sixth Street / Apalachicola / 850-653-9199
The Owl Cafe. On Florida’s Forgotten Coast,
the Owl Cafe defines excellence. Incredible
gourmet food is offered in a luxurious setting.
On site services are ideal for rehearsal dinners
and receptions, and top-notch off site catering
is available as well.
15 Avenue D / Apalachicola / 850-653-9888
The Green at Barefoot Cottages. An unique,
secluded outdoor space designed and built
specifically for destination weddings and
events. On-site accommodations available!
3052 West Highway 98 / Port St. Joe
850-229-1350 / www.GoSouthern.com
The Crooked River Grill. Quality on-site
catering from the kitchen of St. James Bay’s
fantastic Crooked River Grill. The dining room
features a full-service bar and wraparound
enclosed glass patios, and Chef Nola Tolbert
offers event menus customized just for you.
151 Laughing Gull Lane / St. James Bay (Carrabelle)
850-697-5050 / www.StJamesBay.com
The Sunset Coastal Grill. The Sunset
Coastal Grill offers excellent on and off site
catering services from a gorgeous bayfront
facility featuring private rooms and a fullservice bar. Custom event menus are always
available and the service is second-to-none.
602 Highway 98 / Port St. Joe / 850-227-7900
Bayside Florist & Gifts. Bayside’s creative
and experienced team, based in Port St. Joe,
offers fantastic service and full service florals
for weddings & events all along Florida’s
Forgotten Coast.
208 Reid Avenue / Port St. Joe / 850-229-1111
Tamara’s Cafe. Recognized as one of the
region’s most distinctive eateries, Tamara’s
Cafe offers top-notch on and off site catering
services. Chef Daniel Itzkovitz’s rich catering
menu is loaded with flavorful dishes featuring
Tamara’s signature latin flair.
71 Market Street / Apalachicola / 850-653-4111
Provisions. Antonio Perez of Provisions
combines wizardry in the kitchen, exclusive
recipes and quality ingredients to create
unforgettable catered fare. Provisions caters
events region-wide for up to 500 guests with
rich flavors and incredible culinary versatility.
222 Reid Avenue / Port St. Joe / 850-229-9200
8 (28) 2014 Wedding & Event Planner FORGOTTEN COAST
Bayside Weddings & Events. Amy Price’s
floral designs, created exclusively for clients
using her planning services, can be dramatic
or subtle, but are always beautiful. Amy’s
experience, dedication and originality ensure
gorgeous results and happy customers.
Verandas. Robert and Jamie Atchison offer
on and off site catering services from their
downtown Apalachicola facility. Expect award
winning flavors, impeccable service and a
catering menu filled with inspired ideas.
49 Avenue G / Apalachicola / 850-653-1828
76 Market Street / Apalachicola / 850-653-3210
Forgotten Coast event rental companies offer
an absolutely amazing variety of rental items
for short term use. If your event requires it,
these experts have it. Week-in and week-out,
all year-round, they transform vacation homes,
churches, reception halls, parks and stretches
of empty beach into wonderlands of canopies
and lights. They rent tents and tables in every
shape and size, along with benches, chairs and
other seating. Dramatic draperies. Arbors and
huppahs. Lighting. Crystal. China. Flatware.
Serveware. Crisp linens in every color and
fabric imaginable. And they add exciting new
offerings all the time!
Panache Tent & Event. Panache’s owners,
Rich and Elizabeth Wynn, rent top quality
tents, chairs, tables, linens, lighting, dance
floors and much more for regional events.
Port St. Joe / 800-461-6955 / www.PanacheTents.com
The Party Rental Company. Shelly James
offers a huge variety of quality event rentals
from her convenient Eastpoint location.
35 Island Drive #8 / Eastpoint / 888-670-8686
Bayside Weddings & Events. Apalachicola’s
Bayside Weddings & Events offers quality
event furnishings and party rental items.
49 Avenue G / Apalachicola / 850-653-1828
Photographic prints and keepsake albums are
our most treasured possessions. Resourceful
and talented, the region’s photographers take
their professional responsibilities very seriously.
Kim Stone Photography. Kim weaves talent,
skill and passion into the rich tapestry of Old
Florida. Her images of life’s most cherished
moments are unforgettable.
850-573-0130 / www.KimStonePhotography.com
Cindy’s Dream Photos. Cindy Kiser offers
outstanding photography services for weddings
and events throughout Old Florida.
850-227-6039 / www.CindysDreamPhotos.com
Debbie Hooper Photography. Debbie excels
in capturing expression and motion, and her
web site makes ordering prints quick and easy.
850-229-1215 / www.JoeBay.com
Anealia Bush Photography. Anealia delivers
rich photographic collections for weddings and
events all along the coast.
10 (30) 2014 Wedding & Event Planner FORGOTTEN COAST
Cut-N-Up Family Hair Care. The region’s
largest salon offers a wide array of services and
six stations – bridal parties always welcome by
appointment. Manicures and pedicures, too!
147 West Highway 98 / Piggly Wiggly Shopping Center
Port St. Joe / 850-227-2200
Spa Pür. Jessica Black’s Spa Pür offers luxury
facials, manicures, pedicures and advanced
spa services including RN-administered Botox.
Ask about her spa-themed bridal showers and
exclusive “day before” services!
407 Reid Avenue, Suite A / Port St. Joe / 850-227-4470
Seventh Street Salon. Salon owner Lisa
Clayton offers salon styling, manicures and
pedicures from her Port St. Joe location.
585 Madison Street / Port St. Joe / 850-340-1651
Emerald Coast Jewelry. This Mexico Beach
jeweler offers a great selection and specializes
in regional charms and colored diamonds.
2802-B Highway 98 / Mexico Beach
850-648-2300 / www.EmeraldCoastJewelry.com
El Governor Motel Gift Shop. Liquor, wine
and beer just steps from the motel lobby!
1701 Highway 98 / Mexico Beach
850-648-5757 / www.ElGovernorMotel.net
The Haughty Heron. Large selection of beer,
fine wine and liquor...and a walk-in humidor.
117 Sailor’s Cove / Port St. Joe
850-229-3463 / www.HaughtyHeron.com
The Cape Trading Post. The one and only
liquor store on Cape San Blas – your favorite
brands in a convenient Cape location.
4975 Cape San Blas Road / Cape San Blas
The Lookout Lounge & Package. Package
liquor sales in St. Joe Beach. Open at 11:00am.
9454 West Highway 98 / St. Joe Beach
850-647-8310 / www.LookoutLounge.com
The Port Fine Wine & Spirits. All your
favorites! Liquor, wine and beer in Port St. Joe.
202 West Highway 98 / Port St. Joe
850-229-2977 / www.ThePortFineWine.com
98 Liquors. Great selection of liquor, wine
and imported and domestic beers located in
Pearl Plaza on Highway 98 in Eastpoint near
Island Drive.
191 Highway 98 / Eastpoint / 850-670-4898
FORGOTTEN COAST 2014 Wedding & Event Planner
(31) 11
12 (32) 2014 Wedding & Event Planner FORGOTTEN COAST
FORGOTTEN COAST 2014 Wedding & Event Planner
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14 (34) 2014 Wedding & Event Planner FORGOTTEN COAST
FORGOTTEN COAST 2014 Wedding & Event Planner
(35) 15
he demands of work limit most of my
traveling to quick weekends exploring
drive-time destinations. My wife,
Carol, and I try to make the most of these
little getaways – we stay away from fast food
and franchise restaurants. Seeking out unique
dining experiences adds to the adventure,
and we’ve discovered many hidden gems
scattered around the Southeast. As much
as we enjoy the change of pace these
weekend jaunts provide, we invariably
return home convinced that the eateries
of Old Florida are peerless. No wonder
the Forgotten Coast’s reputation as a
dining destination is growing by leaps
and bounds!
Old Florida’s restaurants boast a huge
advantage – instant access to some of
the world’s finest fresh-caught seafood.
That access is a siren-song for gourmet
chefs, and has attracted world-class culinary
talent to regional kitchens. Menus are filled
with house-special recipes rich with flavor
and classic offerings prepared to perfection.
Satisfy your craving for that traditional
favorite, or expand your palate with an
out-of-the-box eating adventure – your
options are practically limitless.
As fantastic as local fare may be, there
is a simple way to make your dining
experience even better – pair your meal
with the perfect libation. A good bottle
of wine. A rich craft beer. A signature
cocktail. With the right complementary
beverage, an outstanding meal becomes
unforgettable. I recently visited four
distinctly different regional eateries
with the same request, “Recommend
a dish/drink combination greater than
sum of its parts.” They delivered.
Seafood Pasta with Coppola Diamond
Collection Cabernet Sauvignon at Tamara’s
Cafe. Known for bold flavors and a signature
latin flair, Tamara’s Cafe in Apalachicola is
an Old Florida favorite. Chef Danny Itzkovitz
regularly offers an incredible variety of seafood
preparations along with some of the most
creative daily specials to be found anywhere.
His soups alone demand a visit. Rich menu
items like Pecan-Encrusted Grouper With
Jalapeno Sauce and surprising specials such
as Tabasco-Fried Flounder Over Chorizo
Mac-n-Cheese are “off the charts” delicious.
To complement his favorite house red wine,
however, Danny recommends the more subtle
flavors of Tamara’s Seafood Pasta.
Fresh onions, garlic and herbs sauteed in olive
oil are added to house-made tomato sauce
and served over Gulf shrimp, bay scallops, and
Prince Edward Island mussels nestled in a bed
of semolina linguine. Fresh shaved parmesan
is then sprinkled on the plate’s edge – where it
cannot overpower the delicate seafood flavors.
Steeped in Mediterranean tradition, this recipe
is a departure from Tamara’s latin roots and
a welcome addition to Apalachicola’s most
cosmopolitan menu. Pairing such a dish
with a full-bodied red wine should have
come as a surprise, but I have learned
to expect the unexpected from Danny.
two, and open the doors for business. Anyone
who knows Cassie, however, also knows that
there was “a snowball’s chance in Apalach”
of that happening. Instead, she researched,
experimented and tasted her way to a fantastic
selection of so-called “bar food” that redefines
the genre and exceeds every expectation.
As usual, the viands from
her kitchen are something
The Coppola Diamond Collection
Cabernet Sauvignon is a concentrated
California wine fragrant with cherries,
blackberries and spice. Flavors of plums,
currants, dried herbs and toasted oak
create a delightful contrast with Tamara’s
Seafood Pasta, making every sample and
sip a treat for the palate.
Try it at: Tamara’s Cafe
71 Market Street, Apalachicola
850.653.4111 / www.TamarasCafe.com
The Tap Room offers a full
bar and excellent wine list,
but as it’s name implies, this
place is really all about beer.
Good beer. Hand-crafted,
small batch specialties, in
their infinite variety, are on
tap every day. Bold brews
like these run roughshod over
typical table fare. At the Owl Cafe’s
Tap Room? Not a problem!
Duck Fries and Gator Sausage with Cooter
Brown Ale at the Owl Cafe’s Tap Room.
When Chef Cassie Gary was working on the
menu for the Owl Cafe’s Tap Room, it would
have been easy to pull a few appetizers from
the cafe’s offerings, scale down an entree or
Cassie invites you to start with the Duck Fries.
Crispy french fries are topped with melted
Gruyere cheese, crispy prosciutto, duck skin
cracklins’ and pulled duck confit. Served with
a savory, spicy ketchup, this dish is the perfect
complement to the day’s first beer.
For the second, take things up a notch with
Gator Sausage. This ground gator and pork link
is served with sauerkraut, onions caramelized in
Tupelo honey, and whole grain dijon mustard
on a lightly toasted french hoagie - plenty of
flavor to withstand assault by any beverage!
Cassie hesitates to recommend a specific beer,
reminding me that the Tap Room is a great
opportunity to sample and expand your palate.
Cooter Brown Ale, fermented with local Owl
Creek Tupelo honey, is excellent, however,
and will be commercially available soon from
Apalachicola’s own Oyster City Brewing Co.
Try it at: The Owl Cafe’s Tap Room
75 Commerce Street, Apalachicola
850.653.1910 / www.OwlCafeFlorida.com
St. Joe Sauté with Yauquen Malbec
at Provisions. Under the watchful
eye of Chef Josh Kattell, the kitchen
at Provisions consistently delivers
some of the Forgotten Coast’s finest
food. The heart of the
menu is seafood, of
course, but that is
where any similarity
to other regional
restaurants ends.
Recipes and flavors
at Provisions are unique
in the area. The menu is
replete with potent pastas,
rich sauces, tangy cheeses,
top-shelf ingredients
and plenty of variety.
Josh, along with owner Antonio
Perez, suggests the house’s
best-selling entree, the St.
Joe Sauté, and then throws
out convention by pairing
it with an earthy Argentinian
red wine, Yauquen Malbec.
The St. Joe Sauté is a scrumptious
combination of succulent bay scallops,
fresh Gulf shrimp, artichoke hearts and sliced
Portabella mushrooms sauteed in a sun-dried
tomato herb burre blanc and served over
spinach fettucine. White goat cheese
crumbles and a grilled baguette finish
the presentation. It’s one-of-a-kind, and
you’ll find it only at Provisions.
The Yauquen Malbec is celebration of red wine.
Loaded with fresh red fruits, firm tannins and
a refreshing acidity, it’s color is a red so deep
it approaches black. This intense wine holds its
own and enhances, rather than dominates, the
adventurous flavors of Provision’s St. Joe Sauté.
Try it at: Provisions
222 Reid Avenue, Port St. Joe
850.229.9200 / www.ProvisionsFL.com
Mahi-Mahi Tacos with Gulf Blue Margarita
at Dockside Seafood & Raw Bar. Dockside
Seafood & Raw Bar, located at the Port St. Joe
Marina, is Old Florida waterfront dining at its
casual best. T-shirts and flip-flops are always
welcome, and both indoor and outdoor seating
await patrons. Every table has a view, and new
owner Darren McDaniel has made food quality,
service, and atmosphere his top priorities. The
expanded menu offers fresh salads, delicious
sandwiches and an impressive array of seafood
specialties. The Fried Flounder Po-Boy
is one of the best fish sandwiches
you’ll ever eat, and the Captain’s
Seafood Platter will satisfy the
heartiest of appetites.
Dockside is a great spot – you
may not want to leave – but
Darren’s pairing will transport
you to a tropical, south-of-the-border
paradise. He suggests Mahi-Mahi Tacos and
a signature Blue Gulf Margarita (or two).
The tacos start with generous portions of
fresh-caught Gulf of Mexico Mahi-Mahi
blackened on the grill and stuffed inside
inside soft flour tortillas. Topped with a
tangy citrus vinaigrette and fresh-chopped
avocado, mango and papaya, they’re served
with fried corn on the cob and Dockside’s own
Polynesian cole slaw.
Poured into an oversized, salt-rimmed glass, the
Blue Gulf Margarita is so rich in hues of cobalt
and aquamarine that it looks dipped from the
Gulf on a cloudless day. The exact recipe is a
Dockside secret, but the ingredients include
Patron Silver Tequila, Blue Curacao, Cointreau,
orange juice and house margarita mix. This
concoction tastes as good as it looks, with just
enough sweetness to complement the spicy,
blackened Mahi-Mahi.
Try it at: Dockside Seafood & Raw Bar
340 Marina Drive, Port St. Joe
850.229.5200 / www.DocksideSeafoodandRawBar.com
The eateries of Old Florida are worth traveling
for, and these pairings are a great excuse to do
so. Outstanding food and the perfect libation
to go with it? Better together? Absolutely!♦
a world champion
comes home...
hen Randall Tharp climbs the
weigh-in stage of a professional bass
fishing tournament these days, he
is introduced as “…the bass fishing world
champion from Port St. Joe, Florida.”
Followers of the big leagues of tournament bass
fishing know Tharp recently won the FLW
Tour’s biggest prize – the 2013 Forrest Wood
Cup – but it is his new hometown tagline that
usually turns heads. “Port St. Joe, Florida?” an
inquisitive fan will
ask. “Where is that?
I thought Randall was
from Alabama.”
It’s true, Randall Tharp
used to live outside
of Birmingham, near
some of the most
celebrated bass fishing
lakes in the world,
like Lake Guntersville
and Pickwick. So how
did the bass fishing
world champion from
Alabama end up
calling the Forgotten
Coast home? “That’s a
good question,” Tharp
laughs. “It has all
happened so fast. It’s
like, one day my wife,
Sara, and I were stuck
in Birmingham, trying
to launch a pro fishing career, and the next
day I have a Forrest Wood Cup Championship
Trophy in our house at the beach. It’s been a
whirlwind. I can’t really explain it. All I know is
this stretch of coast has an energy that charges
me up like nowhere I’ve ever been before.”
From Tradesman to Fisherman
For most of his working life, Randall Tharp
was a housing contractor making a good
living off the building boom of the late 1990s
and early 2000s. When the housing market
took a nosedive in 2007, Tharp watched the
contracting business dip with the decline and
felt a career change might be on the horizon.
Around that same time, Tharp began to fish
local-level bass derbies in North Alabama and
he relished the competition of tournament
bass fishing. As he experienced more success
locally, his desire to compete at a higher level
grew. The more the building market declined,
the more checks he seemed to cash from bass
fishing events. With those checks came a
rather bold notion: trade in the hammer and
nails of contracting for the rods and reels of
professional bass fishing. Bold notion? More
like complete nonsense!
These days, the prospect of professional bass
fishing as a full-time occupation is sketchy at
best. Currently, there are maybe 60 pros in
the United States that truly make a full-time
living fishing professional bass tournaments.
Fifteen years ago, that number was double, or
even triple, as many more bass anglers could
consider themselves legitimate income-earning
pro anglers. Back then, pro tournament payouts
were at an all-time high. The marketing budgets
of boat, motor, rod, reel and tackle companies
were far more generous. As a result, pro-staff
programs paid hefty cash retainers for product
sponsorships and endorsements.
As it has with other sports, the steep economic
recession over the last five years has taken
the wind out of the tournament bass fishing
industry’s sails. These days, entry fees are
higher, payouts are lower and sponsor dollars
are hard to come by – entering the sport as
a full-time career is an extremely high-risk
proposition. What’s
more, the incoming
class of pros are
young prodigies
groomed from the
crib. Many of them,
like 22-year old
2012 Forrest Wood
Cup winner Jacob
Wheeler, were raised
with a fishing rod
in their hands. They
are single, have few
living expenses, and
their entire existence
is competitive bass
Nevertheless, in
2009, at the age
of 40, with just
a few years of
tournament fishing
experience under
his belt, Randall Tharp cashed in his successful
contracting career to pursue a pro fishing pipe
dream against young guns half his age.
Catching a Breath of Salty Air
By the summer of 2011, Tharp had been on
Tour for a total of three years and the rigors of
full-time tournament fishing were beginning
to wear on him. Consistent check cashing
in tournaments along with three regional
level victories kept him afloat financially, but
winning at the national level – where the big
money is paid – had eluded him. During the
2011 season, two major-league near misses in
particular bothered him: runner-up finishes
at the FLW Tour season opener on Lake
Okeechobee and at the season-ending Forrest
Wood Cup. While many start-up pros might
have been satisfied with two runner-ups in a
single season, it was not satisfactory for Tharp,
whose quest for perfection in tournament
fishing is obsessive. In fact, coming up short
at the Okeechobee opener and
Forrest Wood Cup served as
incentive. He vowed vindication
in both events.
talking about moving out of Birmingham anyway,”
Tharp says. “We just didn’t know where to go.
We had been looking at property all along the
Tennessee River Valley system of lakes through
North Alabama, thinking about a possible lake
home.” After the beach trip, the question became,
“Why not the beach?”
“In pro tournament fishing, you
have about a three-year window
to prove yourself on the major
tours,” Tharp says. “In my opinion,
proving yourself means winning
national-level major tournaments.
Just cashing checks does not cut
it in the fishing business anymore.
Each time you hook the boat up
and head for another event, it
costs $4,000 to $6,000. You string
together three or four bad finishes
and you’re $15,000 to $20,000
deep in a matter of months. The
pressure to perform is intense
and you have to win major
tournaments to survive out here...
simple as that. To come so close
to winning twice and not get it
done really bothered me.”
In October of 2011, some friends
invited the Tharps to the quiet
coastal town of Mexico Beach to
escape from the ultra-competitive
rod-n-reel rat race for a few days.
“When Randy and I met twenty
years ago, we used to go to the
Gulf Coast beaches a lot,” Sara
Tharp remembers. “Over the years
we have vacationed everywhere
from Gulf Shores to Panama City.
We love the Gulf Coast, but once
Randy started fishing tournaments
seriously in 2007, the beach trips
were put on the back burner.”
That October visit to the Forgotten
Coast immediately rekindled their
beach bliss. “We went out to Cape
San Blas by boat and the beauty
just blew us away,” Tharp says.
“I got to sample the fishing in
St. Joseph Bay for redfish and
trout, and at night we cooked our
fresh catches from the bay. After
being there just a couple of days, I felt like a
completely new person.” Thoughts of coastal
life got hung up in the Tharps’ brains like the
lyrics of a Jimmy Buffett song.
Back in Birmingham, Sara decorated with
shells collected from the Cape. Throughout the
winter, the topic of conversation began to turn
towards moving to the beach. “We had been
A New Season
When the new FLW Tour season kicked off at Lake
Okeechobee in February of 2012, Tharp claimed
redemption for his previous year’s runner-up
finish by winning the opener – his first Tour title
and $100,000 winner’s check. “The first thing we
wanted to do was visit the beach again,” Tharp
laughs. “So the first Tour break we got in March,
we took the RV down to Presnell’s (Bayside Marina)
and stayed on the bay a few days.” This time the
Tharps brought their two beagles – Riley and
Cooper – to see how they would respond to the
beach. The “boys” immediately took to chasing
ghost crabs and seagulls as new hobbies. During
their stay, the Tharps took a couple of days to
explore the small communities along the Forgotten
Coast and were immediately taken
with the St. Joe Beach area. It fit their
priority list of having pet-friendly
beaches and fewer neighborhood
restrictions on RVs – Randy and Sara’s
home-away-from-home while fishing
the Tour. They even priced several
houses for sale, including one that
really caught their eyes.
“One house in particular was perfect,”
Tharp recalls. “In my mind, I could
see the improvements it needed for
parking a boat and an RV – maybe
even adding a pool and nice deck
in the back yard.” At the time, such
notions were just dreamscapes to the
Tharps. They returned to Birmingham
and bass fishing for the rest of the
2012 season.
After a successful 2012 tournament
campaign, the Tharps decided to treat
themselves to a “Coastal Christmas” in
December, renting a place in Mexico
Beach for the week of the holidays.
“My parents came down and spent
Christmas with us,” Tharp said. “They
loved the area, too. We went fishing
in Apalachicola for a couple of days
and the inshore action over there
was phenomenal. The more of the
Forgotten Coast I experienced, the
more I realized how truly special this
place is.”
During that Christmas visit, the Tharps
decided to take another look at their
“dream” house in St. Joe Beach – and
they got a little surprise. Someone else
had already bought the house and
made the exact improvements that
they had envisioned, complete with
an RV pad, pool and spectacular deck/
patio arrangement in the back yard. “I
was floored,” Tharp says. “Everything
was just the way I had imagined it. It
is a gorgeous place.”
“That’s when we really turned the
corner on buying here,” Sara recalls.
“Seeing that house become such a work of art really
inspired Randy. He felt like he had missed a golden
opportunity and he was not going to let it happen
again.” Buying lake property in North Alabama
quickly became an afterthought.
“Bass fishing is our work,” Randall says. “Pro
tournaments and freshwater lakes are essentially
my office. Sara and I don’t want to live at the office,
so to speak. When I fish in my off time, I want
to get away from all that and fish for something
else. The inshore fishing opportunities here are
limitless. Drifting a vast grass flat for trout or
getting lost in those rivers in Apalach to catch
redfish is my idea of fun fishing to relax.”
the-water business so I can focus totally on
fishing. We are a team – I could not compete
professionally without her. No matter how
crazy it gets,” he adds, “hearing the words ‘Port
St. Joe, Florida’ next to my name at the end of
a fishing day brings me an indescribable peace.”
Hectic Homecoming
In May of 2013, a house went on the market
in the same St. Joe Beach neighborhood where
their “dream house” had slipped away. Fueled
by regret, the Tharps broke away from the Tour
during the height of
the season to take a
look at the property.
“Within minutes of
being inside the house,
we knew this was it,”
Tharp recalls. “The
house was perfect and
the lot had room for
both an RV pad and
boat parking as well as
space in the backyard
for a pool. We made
an offer that day and
immediately called an
agent in Birmingham
to list our house in
Alabama. The offer
was accepted...and
that’s when the real
whirlwind began,” he
laughs. “Since May,
everything has been
a blur.”
In July, the Tharps officially moved into their
unfinished house near St. Joe Beach. That’s
when they discovered, perhaps, the biggest
bonus of life along the Forgotten Coast. “The
people in our neighborhood are incredible.
The timing of the
purchase was less than
ideal. The Tharp’s
new docket included
prepping their house
in Alabama to sell,
packing all of their
belongings to move,
closing on a new home
in Florida, hiring
contractors for the
improvements, moving in while renovations
were in progress, and competing in four more
pro fishing events scattered across the country
in Oklahoma, Tennessee, New York and
Louisiana. “Our house in Alabama sold quickly,
so we had to be out,” Sara recalls, “and the
renovations in Florida were not done yet, so
it’s not like we could just move in. We got a
P.O. Box in Port St. Joe as our mailing address,
stayed on the road fishing tournaments, and
stayed out of the way.”
“It may sound chaotic, but our life on the road
is always chaotic,” Randall says. “That’s part
of pro fishing – you have to thrive on chaos
because you’re burning the candle at both ends
constantly. There is always the unexpected,
from flat tires to overboard cell phones. Sara
does a remarkable job of handling all the off46 Must See FORGOTTEN COAST
“The more miserable the conditions and the
tougher the fishing, the more I like it,” Tharp
reveals. “Maintaining focus and composure
when it’s 100 degrees and the quality bites are
few and far between makes it more challenging
for everyone. At that point you must execute
flawlessly to win.” For four flawless days, Tharp
achieved perfection on the Red River, reeling
in a total of 53 pounds, 2 ounces of bass to win
the Forrest Wood Cup. During those four days,
Tharp’s new neighbors around St. Joe Beach
became some of his biggest fans.
“I think moving
here has doubled
my fan base!” Tharp
chuckles. “That’s
been the most
pleasant surprise
of this whole
experience. When
we moved here we
did not know anyone
and they certainly
did not know us, or
anything about this
crazy sport I compete
in. On the last day
of the Forrest Wood
Cup, there were 27
of our new neighbors
crammed into one
house watching the
final weigh-in on the
Internet, cheering
me on. That’s just
They went out of their way to help us in every
way possible. From feeding us, to helping us
move in, to letting us park our RV in their
driveway until ours was finished. There’s a real
sense of community here.”
World Champion Whirlwind
Randall Tharp had spent only nine nights in
his new Florida home before he had to leave
again to fish the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup –
the pinnacle of FLW Tour fishing events – a
season ending championship where only 46 of
the top pros of the year are invited to compete
for pro bass fishing’s top award – $500,000.
This year’s Forrest Wood Cup was held on
Louisiana’s sweltering Red River in the extreme
heat and humidity of August – the kind of
hostile environment that an ex-contractor from
Alabama thrives in.
Upon his return
from Louisiana, he
got another dose of
coastal hospitality.
“When we pulled
up to our house,
our neighbors
had decorated
it with posters,
signs and banners
congratulating me on the win. A week later,
they threw a big victory party!”
“I still can’t believe it,” he reflects. “From the
move, to the win, to living in our dream home
at the beach, to having the best neighbors in
the world – I’m truly living in paradise. Other
than marrying Sara, moving to the Forgotten
Coast of Florida has been the best decision I’ve
ever made.” Welcome home, Champ.♦
Editor’s Note: Since his Forrest Wood Cup Championship
victory, Randall Tharp’s winning ways have continued. In
October 2013, he won a BASS Open on Ross Barnett in
Mississippi, which qualifies him for the 2014 Bassmaster
Classic and the 2014 BASS Elite series. The Bassmasters
Classic will be held in February on Lake Guntersville in
Alabama, Tharp’s old stomping grounds. He’ll be fishing both
the FLW Tour and the BASS Elite in 2014. Keep up with his
pro fishing progress by visiting www.RandyTharp.com.
Forgotten Coast
E v en t C alendar
Mexico Beach Christmas Tree Lighting
Kick off the season in Mexico Beach! The
annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will
take place at 6:00pm in Sunset Park. The park
will be transformed into a winter wonderland
Florida-style! Music, caroling, hot chocolate,
homemade desserts and a visit from Santa.
Donations of unwrapped toys will
be delivered to families in need.
WHERE: Sunset Park / Mexico Beach
WHEN: December 1, 2013
INFO: MexicoBeach.com
St. George Island Lights
This special evening begins
with the “Jingle Jog” at 4:00pm in front of
Lighthouse Park. It’s a one-mile fun run ($5.00
donation suggested) and everyone is welcome!
Runners even receive Santa hats and jingle bells
for their shoes. Hot chocolate, coffee, and
snacks will be available for Santa’s arrival, by
fire engine, at 5:00pm. Then, view the lighting
of the palms and park at sundown. Hosted by
the St. George Island Business Association.
WHERE: Lighthouse Park / St. George Island
WHEN: December 6, 2013
INFO: SGILights.com
Port St. Joe’s Christmas on the Coast
Celebrate the season with a special holiday
weekend including a lighted Christmas Parade,
tree lighting, Santa Claus, the SaltAir Christmas
Market and plenty of festive entertainment
in downtown Port Saint Joe.
WHERE: Downtown Port St. Joe
WHEN: December 6-7, 2013
INFO: GulfChamber.org
Apalachicola’s Holiday Fresh Market
Why fight the crowds and traffic
at the malls? Come for the day or the
weekend and find one-of-a-kind gifts
in Apalachicola. Buy hand-crafted items
such as seasonal wreaths, baked goods,
artwork, wood carvings, pottery and
more. Gift shopping has never been
easier, or as hassle-free!
WHERE: Downtown Apalachicola
WHEN: December 7, 2013
INFO: ApalachicolaBay.org
Eastpoint Christmas Parade & Celebration
Eastpointers get together for a fun-filled
holiday parade on Highway 98. The parade
starts at 4:00pm and festivities continue through
7:00pm. Bring your golf cart, pick up truck or
boat. The parade ends at the Patton Drive
Pavillion, where Santa arrives by oyster boat!
WHERE: Eastpoint
WHEN: December 13, 2013
INFO: ApalachicolaBay.org
Carrabelle’s Holiday on the Harbor
& Boat Parade of Lights
New Year’s Eve at the Gibson Inn
St. Joseph Bay Golf Club
Christmas Bazaar & Golf Tournament
New Year’s Eve Beach Bonfire
This event is fun for the whole family! Marine
Street will be glowing with lights, and the River
Walk is the perfect place for watching the boat
parade. Sip cider, see Carrabelle’s Cris Cringle
and enjoy a grand finale of fireworks!
WHERE: Carrabelle River Walk / Carrabelle
WHEN: December 13-14, 2013
INFO: Carrabelle.org
This two-day Christmas Bazaar features unique
gifts for the holidays and a golf tournament at
St. Joseph Bay Golf Club. Bring the whole family
for this fundraiser, which benefits local families
and children.
WHERE: St. Joseph Bay Golf Club / Simmons Bayou, Port St. Joe
WHEN: December 13-14, 2013
INFO: StJoeBayGolf.com
The St. George Island Civic Club
invites all beach lovers to come out for musical
entertainment on the beach at Lighthouse
Park. Starting in the early afternoon, members
begin building the bonfire – after dark, it lights
up the night! Live music begins at 8:00pm.
WHERE: Lighthouse Park / St. George Island
WHEN: December 31, 2013
INFO: SeeStGeorgeIsland.com
Celebrate Twice!
Cape St. George Lighthouse Sunset 31
16 Celebration
& Full Moon Climb
Usher in the New Year at the Gibson
Inn, at the corner of Avenue C and Market
Street in Apalachicola. Make your “Party
Package” reservations early to enjoy a special
four-course gourmet meal, dance music, party
favors and a champagne toast at midnight!
WHERE: Gibson Inn / Apalachicola
WHEN: December 31, 2013
INFO: ApalachicolaBay.org
On the night of the full moon in
December, watch the sun set and the
full moon rise from the top of the Cape
St. George Lighthouse. Tickets are
$15.00 per person, or $10.00 for
St. George Lighthouse Association
members. Light hors d’oeuvres and
a sparkling cider toast to the full moon
are included. After sunset, additional
climbers are welcome at the top!
Reservations are recommended,
please call 850-927-7745.
WHERE: Lighthouse Park / St. George Island
WHEN: December 16, 2013
INFO: StGeorgeLight.org
Celebrate as the clock strikes 12:00
in the Eastern Time Zone in Port St. Joe and
St. Joe Beach, then travel a few minutes to
Mexico Beach
and celebrate
all over again
in the Central
Time Zone!
Beginning at
10:00pm, free shuttle buses run continuously
from Port St. Joe to Mexico Beach. Shuttles are
open to patrons 21 and older. Don’t miss the
fireworks over the bay in PSJ at 10:00pm and
at midnight on the Mexico Beach Pier!
WHERE: Port St. Joe / St. Joe Beach / Mexico Beach
WHEN: December 31, 2013
INFO: CelebrateTwice.com
FORGOTTEN COAST Holiday 2013 49
Apalachicola Maritime Museum
Winter Lecture Series
Tony Sands makes his Dixie Theatre
debut with an uncanny portrayal of “old blue
eyes,” Frank Sinatra. He
takes the audience on
a journey that includes
stunning videos and
graphics, with a one-ofa-kind musical tribute
to the “Chairman of the
Board.” Performance at
8:00pm. For tickets, call
the Dixie Theatre Box
Office at 850-653-3200.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: January 18, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Join the staff of the Apalachicola Maritime
Museum, founded to celebrate and preserve
the rich maritime history of Apalachicola, every
Saturday evening in January from 7:00pm to
9:00pm. Admission to these fun and informative
events is just $5.00, and includes a low country
boil reception. Located at 103 Water Street. WHERE: Apalachicola Maritime Museum / Apalachicola
WHEN: January 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2014
4 Tallahassee Swing Band
An exciting way to start the 2014 Dixie
Theatre Professional Season! Making their Dixie
Theatre debut, this big band ensemble has been
playing 40s, 50s & 60s classics for 24 years!
Relive the best of times. Join in and tap, dance
and sway to your heart’s content, starting at
3:00pm in downtown Apalachicola.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: January 4, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Winter Bingo on St. George Island
Tuesdays in January, join the local crowd
and try your luck at Bingo. The games begin at
7:00pm and end by 9:00pm, and take place at
the St. George Island Fire House (324 East Pine
Avenue). Everyone is welcome!
WHERE: SGI Fire House / St. George Island
WHEN: January 7, 14, 21 & 28, 2014
INFO: SeeStGeorgeIsland.com
34 West Theatre: Sock Hops & Soda Pops
Murphy’s Diner is rockin’ around the clock
in this outrageous, feel-good musical from the
creators of 2013’s
We Go Everywhere
Together. Back from
New York, Stephen
& Jeff bring Magdalyn
Donnelly to help us
laugh our cares away
at the Dixie Theatre
in Apalachicola.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: January 8, 10 & 11, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Cape St. George Lighthouse Sunset
Celebration & Full Moon Climb
On the night of the full moon in January, watch
the sun set and the full moon rise from the top
of the Cape St. George Lighthouse. Tickets are
$15.00 per person, or $10.00 for St. George
Lighthouse Association members. Light hors
d’oeuvres and a sparkling cider toast to the
full moon are included. After sunset, additional
climbers are welcome at the top! Reservations
are recommended, call 850-927-7745.
WHERE: Lighthouse Park / St. George Island
WHEN: January 16, 2014
INFO: StGeorgeLight.org
It Was A Very Good Year
24 Dance at the Dixie: Pas de Vie Ballet
4th Annual Apalachicola Volunteer
Fire Department Oyster Cook Off
St. George Island Yacht Club
Low Country Boil
Gretchen Peters in Concert
The Grammy-nominated Nashville
singer/songwriter brings her complex music
and poetic lyrics to
the Dixie Theatre
stage. Evocative
vocals and her
warm-honey voice
assure an evening
like no other.
WHERE: Apalachicola
WHEN: January 17, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Proceeds from the Oyster Cook Off benefit the
Apalachicola Volunteer Fire Department, and
the friendly competition heats up every year!
Technically, the event begins with a preview of
silent auction items and oyster appetizers on
Friday evening the 17th. The Cook Off itself,
however, starts Saturday at noon with judging
at 2:00pm. Contestants are encouraged to enter
their favorite recipes: raw, steamed or fried.
Expect live music, dance performances, tasty
refreshments and more...you can even follow
the event on Facebook!
WHERE: Riverfront Park / Apalachicola
WHEN: January 17-18, 2014
INFO: OysterCookOff.com
Ken Sizemore: The Old Folkie
Ken Sizemore returns for his 20th
appearance at Apalachicola’s Dixie Theatre with
his easy style and wit, performing original tunes
as well as classic favorites
from the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Always an audience favorite,
Ken is open to requests and
encourages sing-alongs. For
tickets, call 850-653-3200.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: January 18, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
In their 26th year, this outstanding
dance company from Tallahassee is becoming an
Old Florida favorite. Its breathtaking troupe has
delighted Franklin County
theatre-goers for the last three
years – 2014 marks their fourth
season at the Dixie. Both matinee
and evening performances are
scheduled. Call 850-653-3200
for show times and tickets.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: January 24-25, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Join the members of the St. George Island Yacht
Club for a low country boil at Harry A’s from
2:00pm until 6:00pm. It’s just $10 for Yacht
Club members and $15 for guests, and everyone
is invited. Good times and great food at the St.
George Island hot spot!
WHERE: Harry As Restaurant & Bar / St. George Island
WHEN: January 25, 2014
INFO: SeeStGeorgeIsland.com
Margo Anderson: Tribute to Patsy Cline
and the Honky-Tonk Angels
The beloved Margo Anderson, back for her
seventh year, puts on a remarkable portrayal
of country music legend Patsy Cline, backed
up by her talented Encore Band. This season’s
performances also include tributes to Loretta
Lynn, Tammy Wynette and Reba McEntire.
These shows are special, and haven’t been seen
at the Dixie Theatre in many years. Friday
and Saturday evening
performances begin at
8:00pm – there is also
a Saturday afternoon
matinee. For tickets,
call 850-653-3200.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: January 31-February 1, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Anderson: Tribute to Patsy Cline
1 Margo
and the Honky-Tonk Angels
The beloved Margo Anderson, back for her
seventh year, puts on a remarkable portrayal
of country music legend Patsy Cline, backed
up by her talented Encore Band. This season’s
performances also include tributes to Loretta
Lynn, Tammy Wynette and Reba McEntire.
For tickets, call 850-653-3200.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: January 31-February 1, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Super Bowl
Sunday Party
Cheer on your team
and celebrate the first-ever
outdoor, cold weather Super Bowl – played in
New Jersey’s Met Life Stadium – at Harry A’s
Restaurant & Bar on St. George Island. In the
Meadowlands, tailgaters will be freezing their
tails off – you’ll be enjoying cold drinks and the
best seats in the house!
WHERE: Harry As Restaurant & Bar / St. George Island
WHEN: February 2, 2014
INFO: 850-927-3400
Snowbird Appreciation Day on SGI
Sponsored by the St. George Island
Business Association, Snowbird Day is the
perfect opportunity to discover all that St.
George Island has to offer this season. Visitors
to Franklin County are invited to participate
in a “raffle run” to local businesses, lighthouse
museum tours, a lighthouse climb, a visit to
the Apalachicola National Estaurine Research
Reserve, discounted State Park entry and hikes,
and dinner with a cash bar. Register at any SGI
vacation rental company!
WHERE: St. George Island
WHEN: February 4, 2014
INFO: SGIBusinesses.com
Winter Bingo on St. George Island
Every Tuesday in February, join the
local crowd for Bingo at the St. George Island
Fire House. Games begin at 7:00pm and end by
9:00pm. Sponsored by the St. George Island
Civic Club. Everyone is welcome!
WHERE: SGI Fire House / St. George Island
WHEN: February 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2014
INFO: SeeStGeorgeIsland.com
Bob Milne: Ragtime Piano
Today’s top ragtime/boogie-woogie pianist
returns for his 15th year at the Dixie Theatre,
and no one does it better! Bob Milne performs
worldwide every year, and was declared a
“National Treasure” after a set of performances
for the Library of Congress. Get your tickets
early for this talented and energetic performer.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: February 7-8, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
St. George Island Tour of Homes
Almost, Maine
Visit distinctive island homes from beach
to bay, along with the St. George Plantation
Clubhouse and the Cape St. George Lighthouse.
The home tour, sponsored by the St. George
Lighthouse Association, begins with a kick-off
reception and presentation on Friday evening,
February 7, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, at the
Jay Abbott SGI Firehouse. Tickets are $15
in advance and $20 on tour day, and are
available at the Lighthouse Gift Shop.
Proceeds benefit the preservation and
maintenance of the Cape St. George
Lighthouse, the Keeper’s House Museum,
and St. George Lighthouse Park.
WHERE: St. George Island
WHEN: February 8, 2014
INFO: SGITourofHomes.com
A midwinter
night’s dream right here
on the Forgotten Coast!
“Unexpected magic
lingers in the air...”
raves the Star Ledger.
“John Cariani aims for
the heart by way of the
funny bone” in a performance of nine short
plays exploring love and loss in the remote,
mythical town called Almost, Maine.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: February 14, 15, 19, 22, 28 & March 1, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Panhandle Players: Kitchen Witches
The hilarious tale of two cooking show
hostesses, who have hated each other for 30
years, placed together on a TV show. The
insults fly and the show becomes a ratings hit.
Performed over two weekends in both Franklin
and Gulf Counties. Friday and Saturday night
performances begin at 7:30pm with a Sunday
matinee at 3:00pm.
WHERE: TBA Franklin and Gulf Counties
WHEN: February 8-10 and 14-16, 2014
INFO: PanhandlePlayers.com
Forgotten Coast
Chef’s Sampler
Sample an array of dishes
from area restaurants as chefs
from all over the Forgotten
Coast prepare creative cuisine
at the historic Fort Coombs
Armory. For the 17th year,
talented local designers and
shopkeepers add flair to the
affair by decorating each table
in unique, elegant, artistic,
and funky fashion. Tickets are $60 each. This
eagerly anticipated event sells out quickly!
WHERE: Fort Coombs Armory / Apalachicola
WHEN: February 9, 2014
INFO: ApalachicolaBay.org
Mrs. Mannerly
Jeffrey Hatcher – the genius behind
The Dixie’s 2010 production of Murderers – is
at it again: this time with an on-stage memoir
of his 1967 etiquette class. This comedy earns
Hatcher a place among our finest playwrights.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: February 12, 15, 21, 22, 26 & March 1, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
14 African American History Festival
HCOLA’s (Hillside Coalition of
Laborers for Apalachicola) 11th Annual African
American History Festival celebrates both local
and national African-American history, food,
art and culture. The event features a parade to
historic Franklin Square, live entertainment,
a variety of informational and educational
booths, speakers, arts and crafts, and more.
WHERE: Apalachicola
WHEN: February 14–16, 2014
Mexico Beach Gumbo Cook Off
Ready for the best gumbo this side of
New Orleans? In Mexico
Beach’s Sunset Park, on
Saturday the 15th, 30
regional chefs cook off
in a battle royale beach
style. The entire family
is invited to enjoy a
Mardi Gras-themed day
of gumbo tasting and
good times.
WHERE: Sunset Park / Mexico Beach
WHEN: February 15, 2014
INFO: MexicoBeach.com
Cape St. George Lighthouse Sunset
Celebration & Full Moon Climb
Watch the sun set and the full moon rise from
the top of the Cape St. George Lighthouse.
Tickets are $15.00 per person, or $10.00 for
St. George Lighthouse Association members.
Hors d’oeuvres and a sparkling cider toast to the
full moon are included.
WHERE: Lighthouse Park / St. George Island
WHEN: February 15, 2014
INFO: StGeorgeLight.org
St. George Island Regional
Chili Cook Off and Charity Auction
The largest regional chili cook off in the nation!
A weekend of festivities on St. George Island. An
annual Old Florida tradition!
WHERE: St. George Island
WHEN: February 28-March 1, 2014
INFO: StGeorgeIslandChiliCookOff.com
Island Regional
Cook Off and Charity Auction
The SGI Regional Chili Cook Off and Charity
Auction is the largest regional chili cook off
in the nation. The weekend begins with a Friday
evening auction preview party, and Saturday is
loaded with activities including the 5k Red
Pepper Run, Crock Pot judging, the auction,
Miss Chili Pepper and Mr. Hot Sauce judging,
and finally the Taste Awards at 3:30pm. One of
Old Florida’s most anticipated annual events!
WHERE: St. George Island
WHEN: February 28-March 1, 2014
INFO: StGeorgeIslandChiliCookOff.com
1 Mrs. Mannerly
Jeffrey Hatcher – the genius behind
the Dixie’s 2010 production of Murderers – is
at it again: this time with an on-stage memoir
of his 1967 etiquette class.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: February 12, 15, 21, 22, 26 & March 1, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Almost, Maine
“Unexpected magic lingers in the air...”
raves the Star Ledger. “John Cariani aims for
the heart by way of the funny bone” in a
performance of nine short plays exploring love
and loss in the mythical town of Almost, Maine.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: February 14, 15, 19, 22, 28 & March 1, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Camp Gordon Johnston Days
Camp Gordon Johnston
Days celebrates historic wartime
Carrabelle and honors our
veterans from WWII to present. Everyone,
including veterans and their families, friends
and supporters, is invited to attend. Activities
center around the Camp Gordon Johnston
Museum at 1001 Gray Avenue in Carrabelle.
WHERE: Camp Gordon Johnston Museum / Carrabelle
WHEN: March 6-8, 2014
INFO: CampGordonJohnston.com
Elvis & Friends Do The Dixie
One night only! Spectacular tribute artist
Todd Allen Herendeen returns to the Dixie
Theatre with his “Follow That Dream Band”
for their fifth season.
An outstanding and
talented performer,
Todd is a showman
you will not soon
forget! Enjoy the
classic sounds of
Elvis Presley, Johnny
Cash, Roy Orbison
and more.
WHERE: Apalachicola
WHEN: March 8, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Eastpoint VFD Charity Rib Cook Off
Join the Eastpoint Volunteer Fire
Department at their 14th Annual Charity Rib
Cook Off for great food, a car show, a silent
auction, live entertainment, the hilarious Liar’s
Contest, and more. Rides, face painting and
games for kids, and all three fire trucks will be
on display as well. Admission is free!
WHERE: Eastpoint Fire House / Eastpoint
WHEN: March 15, 2014
INFO: ApalachicolaBay.org
Sligo Line in Concert
Irish music returns to Apalachicola’s
Dixie Theatre one year after the Ned Devines
made their final appearance in 2013. This time,
Tim Kerns, some of the best musicians around,
and a new vocalist walk the Sligo Line. It’s a
St. Paddy’s Day celebration two days early!
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: March 15, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Cape St. George Lighthouse Sunset
Celebration & Full Moon Climb
On the night of the full moon in March, watch
the sun set and the full moon rise from the top
of the Cape St. George Lighthouse. Tickets are
$15.00 per person, or $10.00 for St. George
Lighthouse Association members. Light hors
d’oeuvres and a sparkling cider toast to the
full moon are included. After sunset, additional
climbers are welcome at the top!
Reservations are recommended,
please call 850-927-7745.
WHERE: Lighthouse Park / St. George Island
WHEN: March 16, 2014
INFO: StGeorgeLight.org
28 St. Vincent Island Open House
The Supporters of St. Vincent sponsor
this annual open house to provide a day of easy
access to Franklin County’s St. Vincent Island
National Wildlife Refuge. Visitors enjoy a full
day of nature-related activities, and free ferry
service is provided hourly. Guided tours (both
walking and vehicular) and educational exhibits
showcase the island’s protected wildlife, diverse
ecosystems, history and beauty. Snacks and
bottled water will be available.
WHERE: St. Vincent Island
WHEN: March 28, 2014
INFO: StVincentFriends.com
Downtown Apalachicola Art Walk
The River City comes alive during
the Downtown Apalachicola Art Walk. Fine
art in all forms weaves through picturesque
downtown Apalachicola. Artists show, sell
and demonstrate their talents from 11:00am
to 6:00pm. Wine tasting begins at 3:00pm,
and the city’s restaurants prepare and serve
special dishes highlighting local ingredients.
Don’t miss the incredible tastes and talents!
WHERE: Downtown Apalachicola
WHEN: March 22, 2014
INFO: ApalachicolaBay.org
Saltwater Music: Del Suggs & Friends
Florida’s premier performer returns for
his fourth season at the Dixie Theatre. Del is an
award-winning singer/songwriter/guitarist and
one of those rare individuals who comes on
stage a stranger, but leaves as a friend. Danica
Winter, Pete Winter and Chuck Parker will be
gracing the stage as well. Timeless and original
music with broad appeal.
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: March 22, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com
Sarah Mac Band in Concert
The Dixie Theatre’s “House Band” is
back for their fifth year! The band has garnered
attention all across the Southeast and Sarah
is described as “something really special…a
booming voice…refreshes like a cool breeze
blowing through a hot smoky nightclub.” With
bandmate Charlie’s intricate guitar work, and
Claire’s intriguing bass lines, the Dixie is lucky
to, once again, have them “in the house!”
WHERE: Dixie Theatre / Apalachicola
WHEN: March 29, 2014
INFO: DixieTheatre.com