grantmaking education - The Chester County Fund for Women and


grantmaking education - The Chester County Fund for Women and
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Improving Lives Through
Annual Report
Chester County
Fund for Women and Girls
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Board of Directors:
Dear Friends of the Fund,
Catherine Swift Sennett
Beth McGarrigle
Nancy McLelland
This was a year of exciting changes as we prepare for the next chapter in the Fund’s
history. We continue to focus on our core mission, developing meaningful programs
and initiatives that impact the lives of women and girls in our county. We honor the
many accomplishments of outgoing Founding President Heidi McPherson and look
forward to new leadership as we strengthen our commitment to serving the diverse
needs of Chester County.
Mary Lou Sterge
Heidi H. McPherson
Vice Chair
Jennifer L. Byrne
Alicia Preston Miller
Secretary and Treasurer
Patricia Augusterfer
Irma L. Bailey
Gladys Black
Giselle Cosentino
Ann H. Moss
Anna Marie Noble
Amanda Ryland
Barbara M. Jordan
Honorary Board Chair
Pam Dixon
Erin Duffy
Our focus on educating the public on the needs of our population has enabled
the Fund to expand our influence this year. A number of Connection Events, the
Women Talk series, and agency workshops have strengthened our collaborative
outreach to the stakeholders who share the Fund’s vision of a community where
women and children have the opportunity and tools to live secure and successful lives.
Our award- winning girls grantmaking program extends the reach of the Fund in
developing the next generation of business, community, and philanthropic leaders.
JoEllen Jordan
Heidi H. McPherson
Lisa Stokes
Grants Manager
Samantha DeBella
Christina Zbrozek
Office Manager
Development &
Communications Assistant
Lisa V. Hancock
The Fund’s work continues to shine a light on the resources needed by Chester County
agencies in serving women and their families. We hope that you find this report to be
a source of information about our community’s many needs and ways that we have
answered the call. We thank you for all you do to support and celebrate with us the
important work that is accomplished this and every year!
With deepest gratitude,
Director of Development
Dana Abercrombie
Madison Miller
Liz Grecco
Paige Smith-Hogan
Anna Kahn
Professional photos by Karen Gowen Photography &
Terry Scholl Photography.
Catherine Swift Sennett
Heidi H. McPherson
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8th Annual
Making a
s iratio
each year the making a difference luncheon grows in size and popularity. Coming from across the
Philadelphia region, generous corporate and individual sponsors, along with enthusiastic attendees,
overwhelm the Fund with their incredible passion and support for our mission. In 2013, keynote
speaker dr. darlyne Bailey challenged us to expand our understanding of empathy and act with
boldness on our convictions.
Kitchen table award
Mrs. J. Maxwell “Betty” Moran was the recipient of this year’s Kitchen
Table Award, named after the spirited conversations around kitchen
tables, board tables, and coffee tables that created and built the Fund.
“There are so many families who need a warm home, love, care
and attention. The Chester County Fund for Women and Girls
has such a worthwhile purpose in Chester County. The Fund not
only helps provide this, they let others know about the needs…
Women in families often do so much for the young and for their
own children. When women are supported, it benefits families.”
— mrs. J. maxwell moran
Kitchen Table Award Honoree
It was apparent to me
through my time in GAB,
not only will there always
be an opportunity to
improve the community
around you, if you want to
call yourself a member of
that community, you have
an obligation to help.”
— lindsay Hudson
Girls Advisory Board
and luncheon speaker
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In 2013, the Fund awarded
$250,000 in grants to 24
Chester County agencies.
This was an 11% increase
in the amount distributed
from the previous year.
Bayard Taylor memorial library*
Southern Chester County
Program: Adult Literacy Program
Bournelyf special Camp*
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Program: Bournelyf for Chester County Girls
Chester County Community
dental Center
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Program: Women and Girls Comprehensive Dental Care
Chester County Food Bank
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Program: Children’s Food Backpack Program
Community Volunteers in medicine
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Program: Free Primary Healthcare Services for Latina
Women and Girls
domestic Violence Center
of Chester County
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
downingtown Area senior Center
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Program: Information, Assistance & Benefits Counseling
Friends Association for the Care
and Protection of Children
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
The Garage Community and Youth Center
Southern Chester County
Program: Afterschool Programs for Girls
n Women
interfaith Housing Assistance
Corporation of Chester County
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Kennett After school Association
Southern Chester County
Program: After-the-Bell
Kennett Area senior Center and
oxford Area senior Center
Southern Chester County
Program: Wellness and Independence
When women gain security, economic
self-sufficiency, and physical wellbeing, the benefits multiply — for
everyone. Women’s income, savings,
and reinvestment in their own
communities grow; families become
healthier, more secure, and attain better
access to work and education. The
effect goes beyond communities and
extends to counties, states, and even
countries. By increasing the investment
in women, girls, and their families, we
strengthen the entire community.
and girls’
health and well-being.
Women and girls’ economic
freedom, security, and
* Denotes new Fund grantee in 2013
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$6,000 Program Support
Has served more than 5,865 adult learners. Most are lower income,
working toward proficiency of the english language.
$3,000 Program Support
Provides summer day camp, overnight camps, trips, and year-long
programs for special needs youth and young adults.
$14,500 Program Support
$2,250 GAB Grant
Provides outreach, education, screenings, preventative, and basic dental
services for low-income, at-risk county residents.
$14,500 Program Support
$4,500 GAB Grant
A countywide organization providing food collection, storage and
distribution – focusing on hunger’s role in health, education and poverty.
$15,000 Program Support
Mission is to meet the primary healthcare needs of low-income,
uninsured people living in Chester County.
$20,000 General Operating
Offers intervention, programs, outreach, and advocacy to prevent,
reduce and remedy domestic violence.
$10,000 Program Support
enriches the lives of more than 500 senior women by providing
information and services that help them remain independent and active.
$12,000 General Operating
$3,000 GAB Grant
Provides housing programs and services to at-risk families to prevent
homelessness and promote independent living.
$1,500 GAB Grant
An after-school community center in Kennett Square with an array of
youth programs, including tutoring, mentoring, and community service.
$11,000 General Operating
Provides case management and financial assistance preventing
homelessness for single-parent families with dependent children.
$4,500 Program Support
Serves 200 middle school students, over half of whom are girls. By promoting
life and leadership skills, they empower girls to reach their full potential.
$10,000 Program Support
Both senior centers work in collaboration to provide programs and
services that help older Chester County residents, primarily women,
to stay active, healthy, and involved.
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la Comunidad Hispana
Southern & Western Chester County
Program: Prenatal Health Program
maternal and Child Health Consortium
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
mom’s House inc. of Greater Philadelphia*
Northern & Western Chester County
Parkesburg Point
Western Chester County
Program: Girls-to-Women in the World
Pennsylvania Home of the sparrow
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Program: Transitional Housing Program
Phoenixville Area senior Center*
Northern Chester County
Program: nutrition Program
safe Harbor of Chester County, inc.
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Program: Women’s recovery Program
The Crime Victims’ Center of
Chester County, inc.
Northern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Program: Group Counseling and Support Groups for Female
Sexual Assault/Abuse Victims
Volunteer english Program
Northern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Wings for success*
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Program: The Finishing Touch Program
Women’s resource Center
Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Chester County
Program: Chester County Women’s Veterans Program
Southern Chester County
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$13,000 Program Support
Mission is to empower immigrants and low-income residents to stay
healthy, build strong families and lead productive, fulfilling lives.
$17,000 General Operating
Serves over 1,800 low-income pregnant women, new mothers, and
their children having little or no access to quality healthcare service.
$5,000 General Operating
Provides free childcare to single, low-income parents who are completing
full-time education and becoming independent members of society.
$2,750 GAB Grant
Serves students ages 8-24. With its Girls-to-Women in the World
program, it offers a monthly “Girls night” and provides local and
international life-changing experiences.
$15,000 Program Support
$3,000 GAB Grant
Provides housing and supportive services to homeless and low-income
women working to improve their lives and become self-sufficient.
$7,000 Program Support
Supports and enhances the lives of the community’s senior citizens
by providing opportunities, programs, and activities that promote
independent, healthy lifestyles.
$15,000 Program Support
Provides food, shelter, safety, and support to single homeless
women age 18 and older.
$16,500 Program Support
Provides direct service programs to support and empower
victims of crime and/or violence.
$14,000 General Operating
Serves 180 adult learners, the majority of whom are immigrant
and/or refugee women, through its one-on-one tutoring.
$1,500 Program Support
Provides work-appropriate clothing, wardrobe guidance, and life skills
workshops for disadvantaged, employment-seeking women.
$2,500 Program Support
Provides support services to women in crisis and transition.
$3,000 Program Support
$3,000 GAB Grant
Community of educational parenting support for more than 70
pregnant and parenting teens with one-on-one mentoring,
enrichment activities, and support groups.
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Improving Lives Through
Workshops and Events
Bring Chester County
Agencies Together
The Fund strengthens collaboration by
providing opportunities for grantees to come
together to build stronger non-profits, educate
others, and share information about needs across
the county. We host workshops open to grantee
agencies such as How to Apply and Making the
Case. Our Annual Meeting and Grants
Celebration held in June at the People’s Light &
Theatre provides a unique opportunity for
agencies across Chester County to join together
under one roof to network and celebrate.
Sharing successes, strengthening relationships,
learning from one another about how to work
smarter and better – these are our goals. We’re
proud to play a central role in uniting our
Chester County community to work even
harder for women, girls, and their families.
In 2013, the Fund awarded
a quarter million dollars
to 24 grantee agencies.
We heard moving stories,
we learned about critical
needs, and we shared their
struggles and successes.
The Annual Meeting and Grants Celebration in
June brought grantee agencies together with
Fund board members, volunteers, and supporters.
Participants praised the broad county impact
made by outgoing President Heidi H. McPherson
during her 16 years leading the Fund.
In our Making the Case workshops, grantee
agencies learn how to measure and access
community impacts resulting from our grants.
Making the Case is an invaluable tool used by
women’s funds nationally to evaluate the
impact of grants.
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Inviting New Friends into the
Friends introduced us to friends through our 2012-2013 connection events.
events included a Sunday afternoon tea, evening neighborhood gatherings, and
also “The Art of Giving”—co-hosted by corporate partner SeI Private Wealth
Management. Connection events provided valuable opportunities for us to meet
new and old friends, to learn from grantee agencies and to deepen our
understanding of community needs.
Women Talk: lunch, learn, & Connect. Our brown bag lunch series reached yet
another audience – women eager to discuss diverse topics ranging from human
trafficking to raising children in a technology-based society.
Women Talk filled the Fund conference room with women excited to discover, discuss, and make change.
evening connection events hosted by board members introduced
new friends to the Fund.
The Art of Giving brought Fund friends together for a stimulating evening
in which we learned about lack of food security in our community. The
evening included an art tour of SeI’s world-class West Collection.
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Jennifer and Frank Byrne
in memory of Betty Jane Bowman and
Patricia Potter
ellie Cantor
Cynthia Carolan
Susan and George Carty
in memory of Tam
The support of the many individuals, foundations, and
organizations who contribute to our work each year
enabled us to meet critical needs of women, girls, and their
families. Thank you for helping us to make a positive
impact in communities across Chester County — when and
where we can have the biggest impact.
Individuals, Foundations and Other Organizations
Marguerite Adams
Ms. Lois T. Belber
in memory of Margaret Fuchs
Kathy Adams-House
elaine V. Bell+
mr. and mrs. Francis H. Abbott, Jr.
First Cornerstone Foundation
Mrs. Lucretia L. DeCecco
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. W. Foerster
in honor of reverend Betty Padget
Anne delosso and Alan Krasnick
in honor of Heidi McPherson
Christina DeMarco
in honor of Ann DeMarco
Pattie Diggin
Anne Fisher
in honor of nancy Millard
Mary Foote
Tamara J. Fox
Peggy Miller Franck
in memory of evangeline Miller
Teri reath D'Ignazio
in memory of Barbara Brown Johnson
and Jane Brown Schiel
Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
dr. Henry A. and Barbara m. Jordan
Award of the Chester County
Community Foundation
Pamela dixon
Lois Fury
Deborah Dooling
Ms. robin Garrett
Chester County Department of
Community Development
Dr. Donald J. rosato
Charitable Foundation
Tracy Gary
Kathleen Chimicles
Mr. russell Duane II
Claneil Foundation
erin Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Clark
in honor of Ashley Clark
Tim Duffy
in honor of erin Duffy
Germeshausen Foundation, inc.
Ms. Sandra L. eckard
in memory of Lillian and Marty eckard
Mr. russell K. Gosling
in memory of Monica Gosling
Chester County Community Foundation
Catherine Friedman
Linda Fuchs
Julie Gates
Dr. Corazon G. Gemil
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gilpin, Jr.
Susan and Vijay Aggarwal
in memory of Almarian Hollingsworth
Judi and Tim Bell
Bergen County United Way
Mr. and Mrs. r.e. Clark
in memory of Thelma Williams
Dana Alan
in honor of elaine Hershman
Berks County Community Foundation
Lois Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. John e. elicker, Jr.
mr. and mrs. George F. Gowen, Jr.
in honor of Henry Jordan
mr. and mrs. david Bishop
mr. and mrs. robert Cleveland
Susan and Alan elko
Barbara and Allan Cohen
in honor of Barbara Jordan
Ms. ellen endslow
Mr. and Mrs. George Graham, Jr.
Gladys Black
in honor of Heidi McPherson
John enyart
in honor of rosemary McAndrews enyart
Kathryn Gregorio and Markie Hancock
elisabeth and Kurtis erickson
in memory of Joy Hartshorn
Mr. and Mrs. S. Matthews Hamilton, Jr.
Brian M. Aleksa
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Allen
in memory of elsie W. Larkin
John Allen and Pauline Garcia-Allen
in memory of Joy Bennett Hartshorn
Karen Ammon
in honor of Heidi McPherson
Ms. Marjorie C. Andreen
Joan stroud Blaine
in support of Heidi McPherson
Tom and Ann Blair
Donna Bonfiglio-Miller
Barbara C. Borst
in honor of Amy Borst
Mr. and Mrs. Tristram C. Colket, Jr.
Kiki and Patrick Comerford
Carolyn Comitta
in honor of Kathi Cozzone
Community Volunteers in Medicine
mr. and mrs. david erskine
in memory of Marjorie Fox Duffield
Peggy ewing
eZ2C Foundation
Patricia Boyes
mrs. Anne m. Congdon
in honor of Phyllis Copeland
Brandywine Health Foundation
Mrs. Phyllis M. Copeland
in memory of Mrs. Helen Heaton
Donna Brennan
in honor of Louise T. Brennan
Giselle Cosentino
in honor of rose Cosentino
Sharon Faux
in honor of nicole Faux
Dr. Linda r. Antonowich
in honor of Jean ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Y. Brinton
in memory of estelle Cremers
Wendy Cotton-Orlando
Dr. and Mrs. Harry V. Armitage
Mary U. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Augusterfer
John and Denise Bryer
Ms. Irma L. Bailey
in honor of Sandra Baxter
Pam and Jeff Bryer
in memory of Joy Hartshorn
Helen Battagliese
Bugel Family Fund of the Chester
County Community Foundation
Anonymous (8)
in honor of Heidi McPherson
Dr. Jill Beech
Holly M. Cheshire
in memory of my dear sister,
Anne C. MacVaugh and
in honor of Suzanne MacVaugh
Samantha DeBella
in honor of Margie DeBella and in
memory of Joy Bennett Hartshorn
Meg Habenicht
Lisa V. Hancock
in honor of Marilyn Hancock
mr. John G. Harkins, Jr.+
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Harris
in memory of Annette Miller Harris, Grace
Bell Dillaman, and Wylie Mechtly Fisher
mr. and mrs. Peter o. Hausmann
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Featherman III
Mrs. Anne L. Hearn
Linda Field
in honor of Ann Moss
Brooke Hedderick
Kate and Kell Damsgaard
Margery Fields
in honor of Heidi McPherson
James and Karen Hilton
The darling Fund of
The Philadelphia Foundation
Fieldstone 1793 Foundation
Home of the Sparrow
Mr. and Mrs. James Davidson
in memory of ruth evans, my
beloved mother
Betsy Filton
Dr. and Mrs. William Horner
Judith Finkel
Kathy D. Hrenko
in honor of Heidi McPherson
County of Chester
Ms. Lucy Fiorillo
in honor of my mom
Susan Heist
Mrs. Deborah H. Holmes
63467_63467 10/15/13 11:26 AM Page 10
Dr. and Mrs. Graeme Hudson
in honor of Lindsay Hudson
Dr. and Mrs. William S. Lovrinic
in honor of Dr. Cora Gemil
rosie nicholas
in honor of Barbara Jordan
Tina Santaguida
Marcia Wright-Soika and neil Soika
Denise Saugling
mr. and mrs. robert spahr
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hufford
Caryn Lucia
Schiel Family Foundation
mr. and mrs. Charles Humphreys
in honor of Barbara Jordan
mrs. Jane C. macelree
Anna Marie noble
in honor of ellie Blanck, emily Young, and
Faith Mcelwaine
mr. and mrs. donald B. scholl
Dr. and Mrs. John Spellman
in honor of Joy Hartshorn
Jane Schultz
in honor of Marilyn S. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sproule
in honor of Courtney M. Sproule
Dr. Michael J. Mandarino
rudolf and elizabeth Hutz
Linda Marabito
rosalie nolen
in honor of Jane Stanton
mr. and mrs. roy Jackson
Mr. Keith J. Jefferson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mazzone
in honor of Louise rita Koppenhaver
Lawrence and Susan O'Donnell
in honor of Heidi McPherson
Patricia Schultz
in honor of Heidi McPherson
The Honorable and
Mrs. Walter Stapleton
Jerrehian Foundation
Beverly McCausland
Helen O’Grady
Patricia and Paul Stefan
Ms. Merrill Simon Johnston
in memory of William r. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Peter McDowell
in honor of the work Barbara Jordan
does for the community
Janene and Geoff Osborne
Katharine D. Schutt
in honor of ellen Chadwick
Dr. rita S. Jones
in honor of Heidi McPherson
Barbara m. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. William McGarrigle
in memory of Joy Hartshorn
Ms. Meg McGoldrick
Joellen Jordan
in memory of Barbara A. Gallo
michael and nancy mclelland
The Kahn Family
Ms. Stephanie Beemer McLimans
Suzanne and Frank Kaplan
in memory of Pauline M. Feodor &
Cora P. Kaplan
mr. and mrs. robert d. mcneil
in memory of Katherine Montaigne and
Miquette Cox
Mr. L. William Kay II
Tracy Mcnichol
Margaret Keller
Kristin Keller and Ken Schutter
Kent-Lucas Foundation
rev. Phoebe and Mr. Douglas Kitson
in honor of Deborah Davis and
Heidi McPherson
mr. and mrs. richard C. mcPherson
in memory of Joy Hartshorn
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Menzies
in honor of Barbara Jordan
Mary ellen Meyers
Madison Miller
Honorable Paula Francisco Ott
Dick and Cathy Palmquist
in honor of Mrs. enid Hoffman, Heidi
Tomenchok, and Heidi McPherson
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Pauciulo
Sarah e. Peck and Daniel B. Wofford
in honor of Heidi McPherson
The Philadelphia Foundation
Frances L. Pierce
in honor of Mary roberts
Janice Pinto and Lori Swift
Lisa and Bob Pizio
Maureen Pollard
Tom and Janine Sholes
Beth and ramsey Thorp
in honor of Barrie Jordan
Lang and Marilyn Smith
Louise Schorn Smith
Dr. Diane S. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Unger
United Way of Chester County
United Way of Delaware
united Way of Greater Philadelphia
and southern new Jersey
Mrs. Susan e. Varney
Mr. and Mrs. robert riley
Toni Moore
Dr. Linda Lamwers
in honor of Mary Lamwers
Alice K. moorhead
Christopher and Celia lang
mrs. J. maxwell moran
The legnini Family
moretzsohn Family Foundation
of the Chester County Community
Jill and Bob Long
Dr. and Mrs. Peter D. Thompson
David and Cheryl Smith
ed and nicole riegl
in memory of Josephine riegl, Sherill
Jordan, and ruth Teillon
robert Locke
mr. and mrs. l. Pierre Teillon, Jr.
Julie Uebler
The millrace Foundation
The lily Foundation
Ms. Janet Shockley
Ms. Laurie e. Sweigard
David Lee Preston and ronda Goldfein
in honor of Lisa V. Hancock
Ms. Joyce L. reeves
ron and Fran Lieberman
in honor of Liz Goldman and Keavy Cook
Ms. Debra L. Shenk
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Swayne III
Maia and Chris Tolsdorf
Steve and Lorraine Miller
Kim Levan
Connie nye Shapiro
raymond and Sarah Ann Strzelecki
in memory of eleanor rowan Griffith
Catharine M. Smith
in honor of ellie and
Melinda Wenner Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Larry O. Kludt
Velda Jerrehian Moog
mr. and mrs. Thomas e. sennett
in honor of Helen McCoy and
Dorothy Sennett
Mrs. Donna Clarke Stroud
Boots Tolsdorf
Patricia B. Miller
Joyce Lacy
in honor of Heidi McPherson
Stacy Sempier
Tasha Stonorov and Michael Churchill
in honor of Heidi McPherson
Brooke Smith
Deborah Puntenney
in honor of Heidi McPherson
Mr. and Mrs. robert K. Momyer
Leah Semmelhaack
in honor of Karen Semmelhaack
Lisa Bennett Stokes
Marie r. Skahan
Alicia and Michael C. Miller
La Comunidad Hispana
Amy Seasholtz
in honor of Heidi McPherson
mary lou sterge
in honor of Joy Hartshorn
seymour and Jean Preston iii
in honor of Heidi McPherson
mr. and mrs. richard Klavans
in memory of Polly Germeshausen
Cheryl Knoell
Bonnie B. Scott
The roemer Foundation
ms. mary Ann rossi and
mr. Jeffrey lewis
Meryle G. rothman
Mary Beth rubin
Avis rueger
Ann and Troy moss
in memory of Joy Hartshorn
Debbie ryan
moira and Kenneth mumma
Amanda and robert ryland
national Christian Foundation of
West Michigan
Safe Harbor of Greater West Chester
nancy Sakaduski
63467_63467 10/15/13 11:26 AM Page 11
Anne Ver Hage
Lisa and Peter Waitneight
Mrs. William G. Warden III
Deb Wiechec
in honor of Karly Wiechec
Women’s resource Center
Mary Beth and Steve Verget
Dr. eva L. Verplanck
Ms. Carol elizabeth Ware
ms. Penelope P. Wilson
Mrs. Therese H. Woodman
noreen Vigilante
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Weber
Christine Wright
erica Wadel
Judith K. Wellons
Connie Winchester
in honor of Laurie Harper and
Sherry Hunter
samuel and mary Ann Wagner
in memory of Boots Johnson and in
memory of Jeanette M. Deck
Jeanne Welsko
Honorable and Mrs. Lawrence e. Wood
YMCA of the Brandywine Valley
Arthur and nina Zbrozek
Wings for Success
Sue West
Christina Zbrozek
in memory of Joy Bennett Hartshorn
Kathleen Hoy and steven P. Witsil
Ken and Mary Ann Wittle
Our business and corporate
partners are true champions
of women, girls, and families.
We applaud and thank them
for their generosity!
BnY Mellon Wealth Management
John Milner Architects, Inc.
national Penn Bank
revak Consulting, LLC
Brite realty Services, Inc.
JP morgan Chase
JP morgan Chase Foundation
naturescapes landscape
specialists, ltd.
saul ewing, llP
Capacity for Change
Schorn Construction Company, Inc.
Kane Stanek Associates
Kennett square Golf and Country Club
Countryside Consulting, Inc.
Krapf Bus Companies
20/10 solutions
Dansko, Inc.
Kunkle and Sennett
The Addis Group
eAi, inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Penn liberty Bank
Aesthetic Dermatology Association
epic Litho
MAC Capital Partners, Inc.
Penn medicine Valley Forge
Turks Head Cleaning Services, Ltd.
in honor of Heidi McPherson
Ameriprise Financial
Frames and Company
in honor of Alicia Preston Miller
macelree Harvey, ltd.
Uebler Law, LLC
mill Creek Capital Advisors, llC
Walter J. Cook Jeweler
Bank of America
Graeme L. Hudson Family Dentistry
Baxter Properties
Miller Design Works, Inc.
in honor of Madison Miller
re/MAX Mainline realtors, Inc.
Haverford Trust Company
Jackson Cross Partners
nobel Learning Communities, Inc.
Pam Bryer Consulting, Inc.
sei Private Wealth management
Td Bank
Tolsdorf Oil Lube express
The Moran Group-Merrill Lynch
Wealth Management
remington Group, inc.
Witsil realtors
Yellow Springs Inn
eileen Fisher
Krapf Bus Companies
People’s Light and Theatre
Sarah Graff
Celia Lang
Phoenixville’s BYOB & Paint
A Taste of Olive
Susan elko
Laura’s Biscotti & Granola
remington Group, Inc.
The Barnes Foundation
eventions Productions
Lodge at Woodloch
Amanda ryland
Judi Bell
evolution Salon
Beth McGarrigle
Salon Ooh La La
Bridge Street Chocolates
Karen Gowen Photography
nancy McLelland
Lisa Schiel
Campli Photography
Growing roots Partners
richard McPherson
Cate Sennett
Susan Carty
Theodore Hartz
MCS Group, Inc.
Mary Lou Sterge
Giselle Cosentino
Beverly Hattersley
Stone Barn Design Studio
Desmond Great Valley Hotel and
Conference Center
Paula Hudson
The office of representative
Duane Milne
Iced by Betsy
rosa Moore
Maia Tolsdorf
Carolyn Jensen
nota Bene Boutique
Unite for Her
Joya Boutique
Ocean earth Wind Fire
Walter J. Cook Jeweler
In Kind Donors
Pattie Diggin
erin Duffy
The nGage Company
Chesterbrook Academy
Tea Can Company
63467_63467 10/15/13 11:26 AM Page 12
The Fund’s 2012-2013 volunteers gave
generously of their time and talent.
Dana Alan
Lauren Losak
Monica Anderson
Melinda McCann
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Statement of Financial Position 1
JuNE 30, 2013
Current Assets
Property & Equipment
Total Assets
sources of Contributions
Family Foundations
Current Liabilities
event revenue
Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
& Grants
Assets do not include additional endowed funds of $1,044,988
held at The Chester County Community Foundation.
Audited financial statements are available upon request.
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& General
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thank you
Girls Advisory Board
Through active participation on our award-winning Girls Advisory Board (GAB), high school girls from across Chester
County learn first-hand about critical needs in their own communities as well as how to strategically work together to make a
difference through grantmaking. The young women in the Fund’s GAB program go on site visits to non-profit organizations
that many never knew existed. They learn about innovative programs, discuss how to address needs, debate strategies, and
then build consensus to select the organizations they recommend for distributing $20,000 in grants.
Ninth GAB Class
2013 GAB Girls
Dana Abercrombie
Danielle Allaire
Brynne Becker
Cassie Blair
Brianna Bolon
Kayla Cleary
Devon Donovan
Sarah Graff
Anna Kahn
rachel Leppert
Madison Long
Kahle Mandarino
Melissa Marabito
Alyssa Pizio
Samantha Sholes
Brooke Smith
The Fund played a major role on the national scene by
co-hosting the first national Girls Grantmaking Conference
with the Women’s Funding network on the campus of Bryn
Mawr College. Many of our most recent GAB participants
joined GAB alumnae with young women from across the
country to take on challenging topics, advance grantmaking
techniques, and develop innovative strategies
for making lasting social change.
Paige Smith-Hogan
Kasi Sweisford
Katie Zecca
The national conference
was an incredibly unique
and groundbreaking
event. It proved to be an
ideal incubator for the
cross-pollination of
ideas, intensive
discussions, and the
sharing of practical tools
and success stories from
a diverse group of very
impressive young women.
— michele ozumba
President and CEO
The Women’s Funding
Network, conference co-host.
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One full way to bring
women together in full
voice is a just cause.
— THe KinsHiP oF Women
Heidi McPherson has inspired, challenged, and mentored hundreds
of women and girls during her sixteen years as President of the
Chester County Fund for Women and Girls.
Under her leadership, the Fund’s voice is now being heard regionally, nationally,
and internationally.
The Fund’s vision was sparked by a “just cause” — and during her presidency —
Heidi has encouraged an ever-growing number of women and girls to embrace
this vision to address the needs of women, girls, and their families in the
County. These women have now come together in full voice, and as a result, the
Fund has grown significantly in meaningful ways.
Heidi’s lasting legacy will be greater than just the successful
programs of the Fund. She leaves us a strong organization
whose culture is to learn and grow and explore new horizons
that will continue making a difference in the world.
— Barbara m. Jordan
Honorary Board Chair
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The Chester County Fund for
Women and Girls strategically
addresses critical needs including
safe housing, pre-natal and infant
care, protection from domestic
violence, food security, education
support for disadvantaged children,
and more. In 2013, the Fund
distributed $250,000 in grants.
Awarded in grants to 58 non-profit
agencies in Chester County
Help us increase our county-wide
impact. Donate today at
Chester County
Fund for Women and Girls
1025 Andrew Drive,
Suite 200 West Chester, PA 19380
( 484 ) 356-0940
Want to stay informed?
This map illustrates the communities across
Chester County that have been impacted by
Fund grants during our first 16 years.
in grants distributed
by the Fund in 2013

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