the rambler in rahm`s office



the rambler in rahm`s office
The Magazine for Loyola Academy Alumni, Parents and Friends
Winter 2014
Mayoral spokeswoman
Sarah Hamilton ’99 tackles
life on the front lines of
Chicago politics
Honoring the good
works of a legendary
Loyola couple
Ringing in 2014
with a fresh, readerfriendly format for
Loyola news
W I N T E R 2 014
A New Way to Stay Connected
6 A President’s Dinner Tribute
It’s a new year —– the perfect time to roll out a brand
new publication for our growing global community of
more than 30,000 Loyola alumni, parents and friends.
LOYOLA magazine replaces our long-running
Focus newsletter with a new reader-friendly format,
full-color photos and 16 pages to showcase the
accomplishments of Loyola community members,
Mayoral spo
Sarah Hami
keep you informed about news and events and
life on the fro n ’99 tackles
nt lines of
Chicago pol
share our time-honored Jesuit traditions.
You’ll still find all of your favorite features from
Honoring the
works of a good
Loyola cou ndary
Focus, including alumni profiles and photos from
reunions and events, as well as an expanded
Ringing in 201 O K
with a fresh, 4
Class Notes section and links to videos, photo
friendly formreaderLoyola new at for
galleries and other online extras.
We hope that this fresh and engaging
publication inspires you to take advantage of more of what Loyola
has to offer, from opportunities to connect and network with other community members to
faith and education programming.
We want to hear from you! Don’t forget to send us regular updates so that we can
celebrate and share your personal and professional milestones with other members of
the Loyola community. We also welcome your feedback about our new format and your
suggestions for future issues. After all, this is your magazine. Enjoy your premiere issue!
7 Rambler Athletes
in the News
The Maga
zine for Loyol
a Acad emy
Alum ni, Paren
ts and Frien
8 Class Notes
Winter 2014
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4 The Rambler
in Rahm’s Office
Rev. Patrick E. McGrath, SJ
Kathryn M. Baal, PhD
Office of Advancement
Robert O. Miller
Vice President of Advancement
Communications Depar tment
Lynn Composto
Communications Manager
Robin Hunt
Director of Public Relations
O’Donavan Johnson ’00
Campaign Manager and Director of Social Media
Timothy Sassen, PhD
Director of Web Development and Communications
Development Depar tment
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LOYOLA magazine is published twice a year by
the Office of Advancement and posted online
at Please
send class notes and correspondence, address
and email updates, print subscription requests
and requests for the electronic version of the
magazine to Editor Robin Hunt at [email protected]
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ways that God has worked in his life. As he reflects on his life journey, he considers his story and
wonders where God has been in his pilgrimage. Coming to a deep realization of the abiding
presence of God, he writes, “Late have I loved you, O beauty ever ancient, ever new.” Augustine
confesses that his life to that point had been filled with an exhausting search for God in all the
wrong places. He finally realizes that God has been with him all along. God, the ancient one, is
also always new, creative and the source of liberating imagination.
I think of Augustine’s insight as I review a year in the life of Loyola Academy. Some things are
part of the ancient tradition of our Catholic faith and the 105 years of Jesuit education at Loyola.
In a sense, some things never change; our core mission will always be to form young women
and men for meaningful lives of service and leadership as they prepare for college and beyond.
Rhythms and patterns of the year are very familiar. And yet, our mission of Jesuit education is
always new here at Loyola. Every day is another opportunity for members of our community to
How blessed
we are to have
journeyed this past
year with all of its
highs and lows
in the sure and
certain knowledge
that our God, ever
ancient and ever
new, companions
us each step
of the way.
respond more generously to God’s invitation to become the people we were sent into this world
to be, manifesting God’s creative newness with awe-inspiring energy.
President’s Message
In his fourth-century, reflective, autobiographical masterpiece, St. Augustine ponders the
I see this ever-emerging newness in the ways that our community has attempted to inte-
grate technology into our shared learning. Such powerful tools have made their way into our
classrooms as our one-to-one iPad initiative has been rolled out over the last 18 months. There
are so many new and exciting dimensions to this experience, such as flipped classrooms and
increased collaboration among teachers and students as they learn together in teams. The
newness is thrilling, but there is something very ancient embedded in this new reality as well.
We work hard to remember that these technological innovations are simply tools to assist us in
our very old mission of education and formation. The great human questions framed within our
Catholic and Jesuit traditions remain our core purpose for learning. We continue to see all of our
learning as a quest to engage God’s good creation in a reflective conversation about who we are
and who we are called to become. Learning and technology…ever ancient, ever new.
As I reflect on these last 12 months at Loyola, I find myself filled with gratitude. We are
blessed by 2,000 students whose families have chosen this place to be their home away from
Here’s to
a creative,
home and a center for learning and formation. I am grateful for our phenomenal, talented faculty
members who daily engage the great questions with zeal and imagination. I am grateful that
Loyola Academy is such a vibrant community—–fully aware of its mission to be an imaginative
Jesuit faith and education center for our students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff. We are
charged up and thankful for the inspired leadership of a new Jesuit pope who burst onto the
scene in 2013 and revived the imagination and joy of a worldwide Church we call home.
How blessed we are to have journeyed this past year with all of its highs and lows in the sure
and certain knowledge that our God, ever ancient and ever new, companions us each step of the
way. Here’s to a creative, imaginative, hope-charged 2014!
Rev. Patrick E. McGrath, SJ
President, Loyola Academy
A version of Fr. McGrath’s letter was published in the Wilmette Beacon on January 2, 2014.
> Ramblers reflect on the selection of Pope Francis as TIME magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year.
View the video at
Web Extra
W I N T E R 2 014
After parlaying an unpaid 2004 internship into a plum position as deputy director of communications for the Clinton
Foundation in Harlem, coordinating media on the campaign trail for Hillary’s 2008 presidential bid and crossing
the continent to serve as senior press secretary for the mayor of L.A., Sarah A. Hamilton ’99 has returned to her home
turf to tackle the rough and tumble world of Chicago politics as communications director for Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
It was 6:15 on a snowy December morning and Sarah Hamilton was already on
the job, scouring a stack of local and national papers and logging on to the local
news websites to get a jump on the day’s
news. By 7 a.m., she was on the phone
with Mayor Emanuel, giving him a quick
overview of the news stories that were
likely to have an impact on their day and
discussing an upcoming press conference
announcing the city’s new task force on
domestic violence.
And that was before Hamilton had
even left her Lincoln Park apartment to
tackle the controlled chaos of the Mayor’s
Communications Office at City Hall.
It was the usual rapid-fire start to a day in
Hamilton’s life as Rahm Emanuel’s director
of communications.
But, then, fast starts are business as
usual for this ambitious 32-year-old, who
has channeled her passion for politics, her
skill as a communicator and her ability to
think on her feet into a high-profile career
as a spokesperson for some of America’s
most prominent politicians.
Colleen A. Clennon ’99, a Loyola
classmate and close friend, recalls that
Hamilton’s driven pursuit of excellence was
evident even during their Rambler days.
“Sarah was a multi-sport athlete and
an honors student who loved American
history,” recalls Clennon. “She was a
deep thinker even then. She had fantastic
relationships with her teachers, and she was
always introducing everyone she knew to
more mature experiences and more insightful ways of looking at the world.”
Hamilton’s swift ascent into the highaltitude world of presidential and mayoral
politics began, interestingly enough, as
a “Plan B” of sorts. After graduating from
Loyola Academy in 1999, she headed east to
Georgetown University’s School of Foreign
Service to earn her bachelor’s degree in
foreign policy and international politics.
From there, she continued on to New York
University to pursue a graduate degree and
possibly a career in international relations.
In 2004, after her first semester at NYU,
Hamilton applied for an unpaid internship
working for the foreign policy advisor at the
Clinton Foundation, which at that time was
a very new NGO in Harlem. She started in
January. Four months later, she was offered
a full-time position at the foundation.
And that’s when things got interesting.
Because the position wasn’t with the foreign
policy advisor. It was in Bill Clinton’s press
“The chief of staff at the foundation
approached me and said, ‘We think you’re
smart and talented, and we’d like to offer
you a job working in the press office doing anything and everything—–from going
through the papers every morning and
clipping stories that would be of interest to
the foundation to writing Clinton’s briefing
memos, talking points and formal remarks,
working with the senior staff to hit just the
right note.’”
Hamilton would also be charged with
assisting in the development of long-term
press strategies for major foundation initiatives such as the Clinton Global Initiative,
the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative, the Clinton
Climate Initiative and the Alliance for a
Healthier Generation.
Never one to shy away from a
challenge, she seized the opportunity.
Despite the steep learning curve, she
continued to pursue her NYU graduate
studies at night, completing the two-year
program in a year and a half with a perfect
4.0 grade point average.
“I was working seven-day weeks—–and
then some,” she recalls with a chuckle.
“There were a lot of really late nights and
really early mornings.”
Three years later, she was promoted
to deputy director of communications.
“It was a remarkable period,” Hamilton
muses. “I was, for all intents and purposes,
a kid working for the former president of
the United States. Clinton was Jesuit educated as well, and his conviction that we all
have a greater purpose—–that we are not
here to sit idly by when there are problems in the world to be solved—–had a
tremendous impact on me. It was an experience that could never be replicated—–an
opportunity to learn from one of the best
communicators and politicians that we are
going to see in many years. My years at
the foundation have had a big impact on
what I do now as a communicator charged
with putting forth a message.”
Over the next four years, Hamilton’s
ability to keep a cool head in the pressure
cooker of American politics opened
doors to a mind-boggling array of
career opportunities. She zigzagged
across the country managing media and
campaign messaging for Hillary Clinton’s
presidential primary campaign and then
headed out to the West Coast to handle
press duties for Los Angeles Mayor
Antonio Villaraigosa. But mayoral terms come to an end.
With that reality looming on the horizon,
Hamilton made the decision to return to
her native city to run the press shop for
the Chicago Police Department.
Hamilton had spent a mere four
months flacking for the city’s police commissioner when the mayor’s office came
knocking. She signed on as director of
c lo c kw i s e f r o m u p p e r le f t :
Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Sarah
Hamilton ’99 and the city’s former
deputy mayor, Mark Angelson, en
route to an event in early 2012; Mayor
Emanuel, Sarah and staffers watch Pope
Francis make his first public appearance
on March 13, 2013; Sarah with Nelson
Mandela and President Clinton in New
York City in 2005
communications for Rahm Emanuel in
December 2011.
Today, Hamilton heads up a team of
15 —– including two deputy directors of
communications, one press secretary,
three assistant press secretaries, press
aides, a speechwriter and a rotating cast of
interns. Her days are action-packed and often unpredictable. But this is what Hamilton
thrives on.
“I love working in city government,”
she confides. “Everything that I’ve done so
far has honed my skills for this role and led
me to this point. There are days that are
challenging, but it’s a great feeling to know
that I’m serving the city and its taxpayers.
I’ve always been drawn to public service—–
and that stems from my Jesuit education
and my desire to improve the lives of others
in any small way that I can.” 4
W I N T E R 2 014
A Tribute to a True Couple for Others
In November, the Loyola community stepped out to support our
Jesuit mission and pay tribute to the late Joan F. and William J.
Lavezzorio ’46, who were honored in memoriam with the Rev. Daniel A.
Lord, SJ, Award for Distinguished Service in the Cause of Youth.
“It is a privilege tonight to celebrate a great couple and their
extraordinary legacy,” commented Fr. McGrath as he gazed out at
nearly 600 elegantly attired guests gathered in the Chicago Hilton’s
Grand Ballroom. “We have all been touched by the legacy of Joan and
Bill Lavezzorio, their children, their generosity to so many exceptional
charities, their great love and their great devotion to Loyola Academy.”
“We know our parents are watching over this event tonight —– if for
no other reason than they would never miss a good party!” quipped
Gilmore Lavezzorio-Brennan after accepting the award on her family’s
behalf. She went on to describe her parents as “two people who simply
tried to do God’s work using the gifts that He gave them.”
T 19 0 9
eloquent and
stirring tribute
to her late
parents, Lord
Award recipients
Joan F. and
William J.
Lavezzorio ’46,
was a highlight
of the evening.
Carry on the Lavezzorios’ legacy by contributing to The Joan F. and
William J. Lavezzorio Scholarship. For more information or to make
a donation, please contact Vice President of Advancement Robert O.
Miller at 847.920.2428 or [email protected]
President’s Dinner 2013
A life dedicated to faith, charity, service
and family
Joan F. and William J. Lavezzorio ’46
firmly believed in the power of faith
and education—–and they worked diligently to offer both to young people
through their lifelong support of Loyola
Academy. They
quietly paid
the tuition
of numerous
Ramblers in
need, supported the renovation of Loyola’s
chapel in the
1970s and gave
Joan F. and William J.
Lavezzorio ’46
unstintingly of their time and financial
resources to help ensure the success
of our Ramble auction during its early
After Bill passed away at the
age of 50, Joan continued to devote
her life to helping others by serving
on the boards of the Big Shoulders
Foundation, the Cabrini Mission
Foundation, Catholic Charities of
Chicago, the Catholic Theological
Union, the Gregorian University
Foundation, LINK Unlimited, Loyola
Academy, the Mazza Foundation, St.
Francis Hospital and the St. Joseph’s
Hospital Auxiliary.
In the 1980s, she generously
funded new bleachers for Loyola’s football stadium and began a six-year term
as the Academy’s first female trustee.
View our video
tribute to the
legacy and our
President’s Dinner
photo gallery at
Web Extra
Later, she was instrumental in supporting a second major chapel renovation
through the Mazza Foundation, as well
as the development of a 12-part documentary on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.
A b o v e : Dinner Chaircouple Jane and James W. Lyman ’79, shown here with Loyola
Academy President Rev. Patrick E. McGrath, SJ, orchestrated an inspiring and enjoyable
evening that raised $300,000 to support Loyola’s mission of Jesuit education.
B e l o w : Scenes from our 56th annual President’s Dinner
“Joan and Bill Lavezzorio are leg-
ends in the story of Loyola Academy,”
reflects Fr. McGrath. “Their legacy
of charity and generosity is dramatic
testimony to the faith and spirit of a
dynamic Catholic couple.”
Rambler Athletes in the News
Lacrosse luminaries continue historic
winning streak: The Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse Team maintained its dominance
on the lacrosse field in May with its fifth
consecutive state championship and the
ninth state championship in school history. Led by Head Lacrosse Coach John
E. Dwyer ’67 and Assistant Coach Elizabeth K. O’Connor ’02, the team defeated
Montini Catholic 16-5 in its final game of
the state championship series, leaving no
doubt about which team was best in state.
The Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse Team celebrates after winning its fifth consecutive state championship.
in the 100 butterfly and second in the 100
backstroke. The 200 medley relay team
finished in fourth place, the 200 freestyle
relay team finished in fifth place and the
400 freestyle relay team finished in tenth
Girls’ Swimming and Diving Team
advances to fourth in state: In November, the Girls’ Swimming and Diving
Team finished fourth at the Illinois Girls
High School State Swimming and Diving
Championships. Grace Tierney ’15 swam
to a third-place finish in the 200 freestyle
and a second-place finish in the 500
freestyle. Maria Jardeleza ‘15 finished fifth
Signed, sealed and delivered: In
November, 14 accomplished Rambler
athletes signed early letters of intent to
play college sports in Fall 2014. For
lacrosse, Maggie Nick will play for Stanford University, Anne Dooley will play
for the University of Notre Dame, Gieriet
Bowen will play for Boston College, Alex
Gambacorta will play for Marquette Uni-
versity, Delia Snediker will play for the University of Denver and Karina deHueck will
play for Bowdoin College. For volleyball,
Victoria Lord will play for Emory University,
David Wieczorek will play for Pepperdine
University and Kelsey O’Neill will play for
the University of Pittsburgh. For baseball,
Tom Bordignon will play for Northwestern
University and Andrew Owen will play
for Villanova University. For golf, Michael
Abrahamson will play for the University of
Wisconsin, Isabelle Kane will play for Dartmouth College and Taylor Gentzkow will
play for Santa Clara University. Haley Banas
signed with Southern Methodist University
to ride with its equestrian team.
A thlete s for O ther s
Hoops and Hope for Emmanuel
ll Team
ered wit
arsit y B
The B
jerseys e
t the
ials thro
ng’s init
e Loyola
el Sarpo
him in th
Em m a n u
pra rs.
ghts and
y ’s thou
The members of our Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team dedicated their playing season to Emmanuel Sarpong ’16, who collapsed during basketball
practice in June 2013. Emmanuel was rushed to the hospital, where physicians discovered an undiagnosed heart condition.
In December, the team sponsored a Sarpong Awareness Night,
which raised more than $15,000 from gate and concession revenues, a
Healing for Emmanuel raffle and donations from the Loyola community
Sarpong ‘16
to help cover the cost of Emmanuel’s long-term care at the Rehabilitation
Institute of Chicago. The benefit also featured some inspired action on
the basketball court as our girls’ and boys’ teams competed against their Evanston rivals.
Emmanuel’s fellow players on the boys’ team beat Evanston 65-57.
We are appealing to our global community of Loyola alumni, parents, students and
friends to help the Sarpong family pay for the rapidly escalating medical costs associated
with Emmanuel’s continued rehabilitation. To lend your much-needed support, please donate
to the Loyola Academy Needy Family Fund online at or mail
your check made payable to the Loyola Academy Needy Family Fund to Loyola Academy,
1100 Laramie Avenue, Wilmette IL 60091, Attention: Emmanuel Sarpong Support Fund.
Around Campus
Football Team finishes second in state:
After a valiant fight, the Varsity Football
Team fell one victory short of a state
championship, losing to Naperville Central 13-10 in November. The team had a
great season nonetheless, finishing with a
12-2 record and a top 10 ranking.
W I N T E R 2 014
50 Years and Still Men for Others
Fifty years of life after Loyola is a major milestone, so the members of the Class of 1963 decided to
commemorate their 50th reunion last June with a grand gesture: a class gift of $53,000 to establish a scholarship for
Ramblers in need.
The gift will be used to fund a $10,000 Class of 1963 Scholarship for one Rambler each year for five
consecutive years. When the class celebrates its 55th Reunion in 2018, the members plan to fund another
scholarship to help more Ramblers.
But this spirited reunion celebration wasn’t just about giving. It was also about reconnecting as nearly 80 alumni
rambled in from all over the country to commune with their former Loyola classmates.
“Both during and since the reunion, our classmates have been extraordinarily generous with their praise and
gratitude,” the reunion committee reported in a post-event letter. “They enjoyed the golf outing, the cocktail
party, the architectural tour, the dinner and the school tour. In particular, the Mass touched hearts, with its votive
procession commemorating our deceased classmates, while classmate Deacon John Lucas assisted Loyola
President Rev. Pat McGrath, SJ, in celebrating the Eucharist. Later, during dinner, our veterans were formally
recognized, while the inimitable Pat Boyle, SJ, appeared in person to be cheered for his dual Silver Stars service to
us and our country. It doesn’t get better than this!”
Web Extra
> View our Class of 1963 50th Reunion photo gallery at
The Class of 1963, 50 years out —
f r o n t r o w ( l e f t to r i g h t ) : Stephen L. Durlacher, Dr. William A. Cook,
James C. Runkle, Loren R. Miller III, Raymond F. Ferrara, Roger W. Salemi and Thomas A. Violini; s e c o n d r o w: Joseph M. Havriko,
Edward J. Murray, Brian J. Murray, Charles J. Mann, Juan A. Molina, Dr. Patrick Murphy, Konrad Gerstenbrand, William M. Riordan, Wayne
L. Sorensen, Dr. Robert C. Oehlberg, Robert J. Radcliffe, Richard E. Segerson, Paul O. Savard and David C. Ure; t h i r d r o w: Geraldo L.
Prior, Richard Souyoul, Robert W. Thomas, John E. Becker, Brian J. Redding, Dr. Michael J. Bierele, Daniel V. Considine, Donald V. Potter,
Col. Jeffrey H. Markey, Joseph F. Schwaba, Robert V. Ferrera, Anthony E. Valentino, James E. Ostry, Thomas M. Sheridan and Norman
X. Raidl; f o u r t h r o w : John T. Preston, Richard W. Michaels, John P. Hills, James F. Binsfield, John R. Graham, John W. McCaffrey, Dr.
Gerard T. Parent, Donald L. Temple, William R. Moody, V. James Seng, George W. Lamping, Robert W. Fletcher, Bruce R. Hartney, John J.
Murphy, Cezar M. Froelich, Thomas J. Beaven and Christopher Mullen; f i f t h r o w: Robert W. Linehan, Robert E. Gorman, John R. Valko,
John T. Schriver, Deacon John V. Lucas, Lorin E. Volberding, John J. Fegan, Lee T. Polk, Philip J. Butzen, John R. Plante, Robert E. Murphy,
Peter W. Kirch, Terence J. Mahoney, Stephen A. Snakard, Dr. Robert Hartman, Richard T. Kehoe and Richard R. Arens
Class Notes
ety of Civil Engineers. He was nominated
by fellow Rambler Robert J. Best ’68.
Randall J. Marks was elected highway
commissioner of Cuba Township in Barrington, IL, in April 2013.
Robert C. Ryan, a patent attorney and
partner at Holland and Hart LLP, was
named a 2014 Best Lawyer in America for
intellectual property litigation.
Members of the Class of 1948 meet at
Hackney’s on Lake for lunch every other
month. Mark your calendars and join
us at noon for our next two gatherings
on March 20 and May 22. Questions?
Contact Edmond E. Walsh at [email protected] Joining Ed (above, far right)
at our summer gathering were (left to
right): John F. Kane Jr., Richard Steurke,
Robert J. Weaver, Raymond L. Berry Jr.,
Edwin L. Ryan Jr. and Jack C. Krause.
Alexander A. Burkholder
coauthored the book, Fire
Strikes the Chicago Stock
Yards: A History of Flame
and Folly in the Jungle,
published in February
2013 by The History Press.
Brian Doyle Murray —– see Keong B. Sim
Brian P. McIntyre received a Damen
Award from his college alma mater, Loyola
University Chicago, at the university’s annual Founders’ Dinner in June.
Robert B. Hamilton was awarded the
2013 Civil Engineer of the Year award from
the Illinois Chapter of the American Soci-
Patrick J. Foley recently celebrated 30
years as the voice of the Chicago Blackhawks.
Robert E. Otter, a grain market veteran,
and a colleague have launched Third
Street AG Investments, an agricultural
managed commodities trading company.
Patrick F. Sullivan’s third novel, Enthusia:
The Hope for Humankind, was published
in May 2013. Find out more at facebook.
Louis J. Glunz IV —– see Taylor E. Francis
G. Preston Kendall III received the
Cristo Rey Network’s Founders’ Award for
founding the Cristo Rey Corporate Work
Study Program in 1996 and for his many
years of exceptional service to the Cristo
Rey Network. In 2011, Preston was named
president of Cristo Rey St. Martin College
Prep in Waukegan, IL.
Joel F. Murray hosted the Tour of Duty
Celebrity Golf Classic at the Evanston
Wilmette Community Golf Course in
August. The event benefited the Chicago
Police Memorial Foundation, the Chicago
Fire Department Ignite the Spirit Fund
and first responders from Boston, MA;
Newtown, CT; and New York, NY.
John V. Owens was recently interviewed
on Inspiration Radio in Lagos, Nigeria,
Influencing Public Policy:
A Panel Discussion About
the Jesuit Network’s Role
In December, 80 alumni representing class
years ranging from 1957 to 2008 convened
at the Wacker Drive offices of McGuireWoods Consulting for a panel discussion
about the role that the Jesuit network can
play in influencing public policy and decision-makers in government. Fox News political reporter Michael A. Lowe ’97 (far right)
moderated the discussion, which featured
(left to right) Illinois State Senator Thomas E.
Cullerton ’87, Illinois State Representative
Robert F. Martwick ’84 and City of Chicago
Alderman Patrick O’Connor. The event was
sponsored by our President’s Leadership
Council and hosted by Michael P. Cassidy
’97 and McGuireWoods Consulting.
> View our public
policy event photo gallery at
Web Extra
W I N T E R 2 014
John V.
O wens ‘8
where he shared insights
from his experiences in the field of
mobile money.
John H. Baxter II, associate head football
coach at the University of Southern California, has released his first book, I Hate
School: How a College Football Coach
Has Inspired Students to Value Education
and Become Lifelong Learners.
F. Robert Paloma serves as the Jacobs Engineering project safety manager for the
University of Connecticut Health Center
Claude-Alix Jacob has been appointed
to the Board of Directors of the Albert
Schweitzer Fellowship. As the chief public
health officer for the City of Cambridge,
Claude-Alix oversees operations for the
Cambridge Public Health Department.
He is also a member of the Schweitzer
Fellowship Boston Advisory Board and a
Schweitzer Fellow for Life.
Christopher S. Canning, former president of the Village of Wilmette, was appointed to the
PACE Board of Directors in
June 2013.
William F. Fritz was one of 11
teachers from across the state
to be named as a finalist in the
Illinois Board of Education’s
“Those Who Excel” educator
recognition award program.
Keong B. Sim and
fellow Rambler Brian
Doyle Murray ’63 star
in the TBS comedy,
Sullivan and Son. Keong is also a series
B. Sim ’87
regular on David E.
Mur ray ’63
Kelley’s TNT show,
Monday Mornings, and has a
minor role in the latest Gerard Butler film,
Olympus Has Fallen.
Michael P. Lunden RIP —– see sidebar at
top right
Maria K. Heslin LdM
has launched Independent George LLC, a firm
specializing in strategic
communications and
Maria K. Heslin
LdM ‘83
success development.
She also teaches a senior-level public
relations course at Indiana University’s
School of Journalism. Prior to pursuing a
career in the private sector, she served as
the first female deputy mayor of Bloomington, IN. Maria is happy to hear from
fellow alumnae at [email protected]
have opened the Top Note Music Academy at Westfield Old Orchard in Skokie,
IL. The new school offers private lessons
in piano, violin, guitar, drums and other
instruments, as well as group musical
development programs for children. Top
Note is offering a free group or private
music lesson for Rambler graduates and
their families.
During a performance trip to New York
in June, Loyola’s Chorale and Honors
Chambers Singers visited the city’s 9/11
Memorial. Choir Director Christopher
Nakielski drew their attention to the name
of Michael P. Lunden ’82 RIP, who perished
in the World Trade Center attacks.
“Most of us didn’t know about Mr.
Lunden until Mr. Nakielski pointed out his
name and told us about his life,” explains
Honors Chamber singer Francesca Fridman
’14. “We were so moved that we decided to
sing ‘The Lord Bless You and Keep You’ at
Mr. Lunden’s gravesite, which is part of the
South Pool of the memorial.”
Michael T. Tarjan was elected president of the
St. John Brebeuf School Board in Niles.
Daniel G. Rosa —– see Roderick S. Guico ’90
Thomas G. McBreen, a wealth management
advisor at Northwestern Mutual, received the
Forum Recognition and Lives Leaders Summit
Awards at the company’s annual meeting in
Robert M. “Beau” Desherow (below, right in
photo) and Rambler comrades Jarrett W. Hagene ‘96
Robert T. Bielinski won the April election
A Song for
a Fallen Rambler
Roderick S. Guico and Daniel G. Rosa ’91
for the Village of Wilmette’s presidency,
a position previously held by fellow
Rambler Christopher S. Canning ’81.
Ramblers pause to pay their respects to Michael P.
Lunden ‘82 RIP and other victims of the World Trade
Center attacks at New York City’s 9/11 Memorial.
(center) and Matthew M.
Roderick S. Guico ’90 and Daniel G. Rosa ’91
outside of their new music academy
Piccietti ‘97 (left) com-
pleted the Chicago Tough
a l u m n i H EROES
Mudder, a 12-mile obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces. The
event raised $5 million for the Wounded
Warrior Project.
Jarrett W. Hagene —– see Robert M. “Beau”
Desherow ‘93
Meredith A. Lavender —– see p. 13 sidebar
Michael J. Schaefer RIP, a former police
Joseph P. “J. P.” Kelly is currently direct-
ing the Catholic Relief Services response
to the Syrian refugee crisis.
Michael S. McGrory, a partner at Smith-
Amundsen’s Chicago office, has been
elected to the board of directors of
Mental Health America of Illinois.
M. Rorke Miller Jr. —– see sidebar at right
Gregory J. Qaiyum and Jeffrey A. Qaiyum ‘97, aka the “Q Brothers,” received
accolades for Othello: the Remix and their
Christmas show, A Christmas Carol, at the
Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.
James V. Tomaska and his wife, Daniela,
Loyola’s coordinator of athletic training,
announced the birth of their daughter,
Lucia Rosalia, in June.
officer, was remembered by his family and
friends at a Spring 2013 benefit that raised
$26,000 for Loyola’s Tuition Assistance
David M. Shane and his wife, Gabrielle, celebrated the birth of their first child, Lilliana
Rae, in April.
Kristofer J. Jones, MD, has completed his
fellowship training in orthopedic surgery,
sports medicine and shoulder surgery at
the Hospital for Special Surgery in New
York City. He is currently serving as an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at the
University of California, Los Angeles.
Michael A. Lowe —– see p. 12 sidebar
Jeffrey A. Qaiyum —– see Gregory J. Qaiyum ‘94
Matthew M. Piccietti —– see Robert M.
Jaswinder S. Bolina, PhD, is the newest
assistant professor of English and creative
writing at the University of Miami in Florida. He previously taught creative writing
and literature at the University of Michigan, Ohio University, Columbia College
Chicago and Lesley University
in Cambridge.
Bride Colin
McCourt ‘98 and
groom Stephen
“Beau” Desherow ‘93
Rene J. Velazco Jr. and Bernadette H.
Remo ‘99 were married in May 2011 at
Loyola University Chicago. Their siblings,
also Rambler alumni, were part of the
wedding party (shown left to right in photo at
right): Mylene H. Remo ‘03, Bernadette
and Rene, Robert M. Velazco ‘98 and
Liza Marie P. Velazco ‘01.
Smooth Sailing
for Troubled Teens
In December, M. Rorke Miller Jr. ’94
received the Old Pulteney Maritime
Heroes Award, which honors individuals
who make significant contributions to
their local sailing community. Miller was
nominated for his service as captain and
program coordinator of the SAIL Champion
Program —– a therapeutic sailing program
established by the Maritime Heritage
Alliance to teach leadership, responsibility
and self-awareness to at-risk youth. He
was also recognized for founding RED8
Boatworks, which encourages personal
growth for at-risk youth through the
development of maritime skills on the water
and boat-building skills in the workshop.
> View Rorke in a video
about the SAIL Champion Program at
Web Extra
Tracy (Eng) Chen is a TV producer
for Inside
INdiana Business, a business
news company in Indianapolis, IN. She recently
The Ve
lazco -R
received her first Emmy
em o we
dding p
art y
at the 44th annual Emmy
Awards for a show that she
Chicago. Colin is a recruiter with
co-produced on the 2012
Career Partners Inc. in Chicago. She
Super Bowl in Indiaearned her undergraduate degree from
Georgetown University and her MBA
Colin McCourt
from the University of Chicago. Colin is a
(left) married
founding member of the Loyola Academy
Stephen Bueche
President’s Leadership Council.
in October at
Elizabeth A. Suffredin recently traveled
Old St. Patrick’s
to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand with
Church in
W I N T E R 2 014
fellow Ramblers Thomas
Joel G. Lisinski, aka Joel
S. Grego ’03,
Margaret E. B.
Luce ’06 and
Suff redin
and fello
Jesse L. Lapin
w travele
’03 to study marketing tactics and strategy
An Armload
of Emmys
Michael A. Lowe ‘97
Fox News reporter Michael A. Lowe ’97
could barely hang on to all of the Emmys he garnered in a single night at the
Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the National
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Awards in November. Lowe
took home six Emmys for Investigative
Reporting, Reporting on the Arts, Reporting on Religion, Writing, Best General
Assignment Reporter and Best Features
Reporter—–bringing his career Emmy total
up to eight. Fellow Class of 1997 alumni
Thomas G. Cronin, Peter C. Lee and
Christopher M. Wolf were suited up and
standing by at the ceremony to celebrate
their friend’s achievement and help him
carry home the winged statuettes.
“Chris, Tom, Peter and I have all been
best friends since our days at Loyola—–
and they’ve come to the Emmys with
me every year,” says Lowe. “When I won
the first Emmy at this year’s ceremony,
I thanked the three of them and asked
them to stand up. Afterwards, the presenter joked, ‘Thanking your best friends?
What are we, 12 years old?’”
in Southeast Asia for their MBA program
at Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan
School of Business. The foursome is shown
above in front of the Angkor Wat temple
complex in Cambodia.
Gretchen Proesel Roth —– see Ryan Roth
Bernadette H. Remo —– see Rene J.
Velazco Jr.
Ryan Roth and Gretchen Proesel Roth ‘02
Thomas S. Grego and Jesse L. Lapin —–
see Elizabeth A. Suffredin ’98
wed in June 2012 at Queen of All Saints
Basilica. They celebrated the birth of their son, Thomas Daniel, in
February 2013.
Margaret Ryznar joined the faculty of
Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney
School of Law as an associate professor of
law in Fall 2012. She is a graduate of the
University of Chicago and The Law School
at the University of Notre Dame.
Jessica E. “Jess” Godwin has released
Greater>Than, a music video about
bullying and the importance of art as an
outlet. View her video at
Samantha E. Lofgren married Mark T.
Josupait in August 2012 at St. Norbert
Catholic Church in Northbrook. The
couple resides in Chandler, AZ, with their
dog, Sadie.
Lauren E. (Serantoni) Weiss and her
husband, Matthew, announced the birth
of their second child, Hunter Joseph
(shown below with his older sister,
Avery), in July.
Michael A. Lowe ’97 (second from right) with fellow
Class of 1997 alumni (left to right): Christopher M.
Wolf, Peter C. Lee and Thomas G. Cronin.
Sheridan, was recently
hired as the new nighttime radio personality
for WUSN FM 99.5, CBS
Radio’s country music station in Milwaukee, WI. The Evanston native majored in
media arts and radio at Emerson College
in Boston, MA, and earned a law degree
from Marquette University Law School.
Avery an
d Hunte
r Weis s
M. William Panek is directing the Brown
Paper Box Company’s theater production
of A New Brain, which will run from February 21 through March 9 at the Rivendell
Theatre in Chicago. He was nominated
for Best Direction of a Play (Resident NonEquity) by Broadway World Chicago for
Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls.
Susan Lister completed four years in the
U. S. Navy, leaving as a petty officer, third
class, in 2009. She earned a bachelor’s
degree in history at Ashford University in
2012. Susan lives in Youngstown, OH, with
her husband and two daughters.
Maryann N.
Onyeali, MD,
MBA , graduated
in Summer
2013 with a
dual degree in
medicine and
business from
the University of
Illinois College
of Medicine at
Chicago. Dr.
Onyeali is now
moving on to the
next stage of her Dr. Maryann N. Onyeali ‘04
medical training:
a residency in
anesthesiology at the University of
Chicago Medical Center.
Kevin Sullivan, MD,
is completing his
residency in internal
medicine at Brigham
and Women’s Hospital
in Boston, MA.
Sameer M. Kapadia, MD —–
see photo at left
John C. Norkus was recently
selected for the inaugural
class of the Chicago Bar
Foundation’s Justice
Entrepreneurs Project, which
serves as an incubator for
Dr. Kevin Sullivan ’04 (right) with
Dr. Sameer M. Kapadia ‘05 at
recent law school graduates
Annelyse R. Ahmad
their Emory School of Medicine
interested in starting their
and Thomas J. Kelly
commencement ceremony in May
own socially conscious law
‘06 graduated from
firms for low- and middleChicago’s Second City
income clients. Through the program,
Conservatory program in Spring 2013 and
John and his partner have launched the
continue to perform sketch and improv
law firm of Norkus McCoid LLP.
with their group, Porch Protocol.
Marcella J. “Marcy” Capron, partner
Kenneth P. Sullivan is a member of the
and CEO of Polymathic, recently gave a
TEDx Talk at DePaul University. Listen in
Marcy lives in Chicago.
Marine Corps’ newest class of second
lieutenants. He took his Commissioning
Oath in April at the U. S. Marine Corps
Base in Quantico, VA.
Patrick J. Brennan, an English teacher at
DePaul Cristo Rey High School in Ohio,
received the Principal’s Award of Zeal for
serving as a leader and role model in faith.
Thomas J. Kelly —– see Anneylse R.
Meredith A. Lavender ‘96
Advice for Aspiring
Meredith A. Lavender ’96, a writer and co-
executive producer for the television series,
Nashville, swung by Chicago on her way
from Los Angeles to Nashville in November to chat with the members of Loyola’s
Filmmakers Club. She answered questions
about her career as a producer and writer
and offered advice and encouragement to
club members contemplating careers in
the film and television industry.
> View video
highlights from Meredith’s visit at
Web Extra
Ahmad ‘05
Margaret E.B. Luce —– see Elizabeth A.
Suffredin ’98
James C. Boratyn —– see sidebar at left
Behind the lens: James C. Boratyn ‘07
The Giggles
Premieres in Peoria
James C. Boratyn ’07 co-produced and
directed The Giggles, a mockumentary
comedy about children’s performers. The film
premiered at the Apollo Theatre in Peoria, IL,
on November 16. “Think of people like the
Wiggles or the actor in Blues Clues trying
to break into the children’s entertainment
industry,” explains Boratyn. “It’s completely
fictional and a lot of it is improv-based, as we
worked with some very talented actors from
Second City and the Improv Olympics.”
The film’s next screening is on March
22 at 7 p.m. in the Damen Student Center
Theater at Loyola University Chicago.
he graduated from the College of the
Holy Cross in 2012.
Conor J. Dwyer won a silver medal for his
performance in the 200 freestyle at the
FINA Swimming World Championships in
Barcelona, Spain.
Nicolas J. “Nico” Composto ’10 placed
30th at the NCAA Division 1 National
Cross Country Championship in November, earning U. S. Track and Field
and Cross Country Coaches Association
Erin M. Sullivan was commissioned into
All-American Honors. In November, his
the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps as an ensign
team also won the Ivy League Championin May 2011. She is stationed at the
ship, with Nico
Naval Medical Center in San Diego,
taking second
CA, and was deployed to Kandahar,
place with a
Afghanistan, for seven months in
career-best time
support of Operation Enduring
of 23:44.5. His
runner-up finish
marked the fastest
individual 8K time
in Columbia UniThomas H. McNamara recently
versity history and
performed live at the Laugh
earned him FirstFactory in Chicago, IL. Tommy
Nicolas J. “N
Team All-Ivy League
has been performing stand-up,
ico” Compo
sto ‘10
improv and sketch comedy since
> View The Giggles trailer
Web Extra
W I N T E R 2 014
Charles S. “Karol” Kurzydlowski interned in the international Summer 2013
program at the Collegium Civitas and
the Adam Smith Center for Economics in
Warsaw, Poland. Karol is a junior with a
double major in economic public policy
and Polish and Western Slavic languages
and literature at the University of Chicago,
where he is also the starting placekicker
for the university’s varsity football team.
Daniel Martin ‘13 (left) and Matthew J. Deligio ’10
Rival Schools,
Fellow Ramblers
Matthew J. Deligio ’10, a drum major with
the University of Southern California Trojan
Marching Band, and Daniel Martin ’13, a
member of the University of Notre Dame’s
Band of the Fighting Irish, paused for a photo at the ND vs. USC game on October 19.
Taylor E. Francis completed her third
summer internship in the Pharmaceutical
Quality Control Laboratory of Regis Technologies, owned by Louis J. Glunz IV ’80
and Louis J. Glunz III ’47. Taylor is studying biology at Washington University.
Maureen “Molly” Brekke was one of
30 incoming freshmen to be accepted
into the Ozanam Scholars Program at St.
John’s University.
Matthew J. Deligio —– see sidebar above
Michael P. Fallon fulfilled his dream to
participate in the “Frozen Four” NCAA
Division I College Hockey Championship
during his first season of hockey at the
University of Massachusetts-Lowell. The
team finished 29-10-2 for the season.
Lindsay A. Mecher won first place in
the College Classical Division of the
Chicago National Association of Teachers
of Singing (NATS) competition. View
her performance at
Aleksandra K. Kurzydlowski was one
of 40 Barnard College freshmen to be
accepted into the Emerging Leaders
Program at Columbia University.
Daniel Martin —– see top left sidebar
Michael A. Pins traveled to Haiti on a
medical mission with Little by Little, an
organization that provides healthcare and
health education to the people of Haiti, in
January 2013.
Peter E. Pujals,
a freshman
at the College
of the Holy
Cross, was
named Patriot League
Rookie of
the Year.
He placed
eighth in
Michael A
. Pins ‘13
the voting
with Hai ti
in need o
f care.
for the
2013 Jerry Rice
Award, which is presented annually to the
top freshman football player by the Sports
Elizabeth A. “Libby” Schwab and a
partner have established Hannazakari, a
company that creates made-to-order floral
crowns. Schwab’s crowns have already
been commissioned by boutiques in
Chicago’s Wicker Park and Logan Square
neighborhoods. Libby is studying entrepreneurship at Xavier University and plans
to pursue a career in the fashion industry.
Golfing for Good
Timothy M. O’Brien suited up for 33 out
of 34 Dartmouth College hockey games
during 2012-2013—– the second best figure
by a Dartmouth rookie. Prior to Dartmouth, Tim played with the Sioux City
Musketeers of the U. S. Hockey League for
two seasons.
Anthony C. Colosimo recently joined the
inaugural baseball team for Purdue University Calumet. The team will debut in
the spring, competing as an independent
in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics.
Hitting the Green to Benefit Ramblers in Need
More than 130 Loyola alumni, parents and friends gathered at the North Shore Country
Club in September to enjoy a day of golf and camaraderie while raising critically needed
funds for Ramblers in need.
Ronald E. “Reb” Banas ‘81 and his committee members organized the outing, which
raised $14,275 to cover the cost of one year’s tuition for a deserving student and $25,000
for the Loyola Academy Needy Family Fund and the Patrick Stein Foundation.
Save the date
for our 20th annual Ramblers Golf Outing
on September 8, 2014.
of those among us who have
passed away and offers
condolences to their families.
Please visit
loyolamagazine for a listing
of the faithful departed
and their surviving Rambler
family members.
Wednesday, February 5
Saturday, May 3
Loyola Academy
Bar Association
Awards Luncheon
Loyola Academy West Gym
6:00 p.m.Cocktails and Silent Auction
7:30 p.m. Dinner and Live Auction
University Club of Chicago
76 East Monroe Street, Chicago
11:30 a.m. Reception
12:00 p.m. Luncheon and
Magis Medal Presentations
Don’t miss the LA Bar Association’s
first annual awards luncheon and
the presentation of the association’s
inaugural Magis Medals for Achievement
in the Law honoring Patrick T. Driscoll ‘60
and Daniel V. Considine ‘63.
Register online at
labarluncheon. For more information,
contact Dennis R. Stonequist ’90 at
847.920.2443 or [email protected] or
Elizabeth Suffredin ’98 at 312.915.9336 or
[email protected] Proceeds
will benefit the Loyola Academy Tuition
Assistance Program.
May their souls rest in peace
and may perpetual light
shine upon them.
Thursday, February 27
Noon is for
12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush Chicago
437 North Rush Street, Chicago
A bove , left to right:
Low-gross winners Ronald E. “Reb” Banas ‘81,
Timothy J. Haggerty ‘81, Charles K. “Chas”
Stevens ‘85 and James R. Sullivan ‘88
Peoria scoring winners Andrew J. Engels ‘88,
Don J. Engels ‘81, Casey M. Kenny ‘89 and
Kevin Marshall
> View our 2013 golf outing photo gallery
Web Extra
“Go Forth and Set the World on Fire” is
the theme of this year’s Ramble, which will
showcase the many ways that our tuition
assistance recipients have gone on to
lead lives of leadership and service. For
more information, contact Julie Fischer at
847.920.2714 or [email protected] or visit
Saturday, May 10
Reception for
Scholarship DONORs
5:00 p.m. Mass in the Loyola Chapel
5:45 p.m. Reception and hors d’oeuvres
Join us for this uplifting event as our
scholarship and tuition assistance benefactors
meet the deserving Ramblers who have
benefited from their generosity. If you’re a
scholarship or tuition assistance benefactor, or
are considering becoming one, you won’t want
to miss this inspiring evening as our tuition
assistance recipients express their gratitude
and share their stories.
Alumni for Others
Cross Country Reunion Tour
Join fellow Loyola alumni, parents
and friends for lunch and a casual
discussion of shared interests at this new
monthly lunchtime networking series
co-sponsored by the Loyola Academy
President’s Leadership Council and Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush.
Join us for a day of service and socializing! Our
alumni relations team will be crisscrossing the
country in Spring 2014 to engage Loyola alumni
in a day of service followed by a social gathering.
Watch for upcoming emails to find out if there’s an
Alumni for Others regional reunion coming to a
location near you.
Mark McNabola ’77 of McNabola Law
Group will lead a discussion about the
legal profession.
Saturday, May 17
Admission is free and lunch is on us,
but space is limited, so sign up soon. To
register, contact Dennis R. Stonequist
‘90 at 847.920.2443 or [email protected]
org. Find out more at
Reunions for the Classes of 1974,
1984, 1989 and 1994
Saturday, June 7
Reunions for the
Classes of 2004 and 2009
Friday, September 19 to
Sunday, September 21
Class of 1964 50th Reunion
Join our 50th Reunion committee and help us
plan an unforgettable reunion weekend. To find
out more, visit or
contact Dennis R. Stonequist ’90 at 847.920.2443
or [email protected]
Congratulations to William T. O’Donnell Jr.
’67 for winning closest to the pin and hitting
the longest drive.
Ramble 2014
2014 Calendar
The Loyola
community joins
in prayerful
Web Extra
> Visit for additional upcoming school events
and for spring sporting events.
1 1 oo l a r a m i e a v e n u e
US Postage
Permit 100
Oak Brook, IL
wilmette, Illinois 60091–1089
Our Mission
To form women and men for meaningful
lives of leadership and service in imitation of
Jesus Christ through a college preparatory
education in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.
Winter 2014
NoOn is for Networking
Why eat alone
when you can break
bread with friends?
Bust out of your workaday lunchtime
routine, get away from your desk
and join your fellow Loyola alumni,
parents and friends every month
for lunch, lively conversation,
Thursday, February 27
Noon to 1 p.m.
Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush Chicago Steakhouse
437 North Rush Street, Chicago
D i s c u s s i on le a de r :
Mark McNabola ‘77
McNabola Law Group
networking and discussions led by
industry leaders on topics ranging
from advertising and media to
Admission is free and lunch is on us.
Space is limited —– RSVP today! Details inside.
Mark Mc
health care, finance, insurance, law
and public policy.
Co-sponsored by the Loyola Academy President’s Leadership Council and Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush.