RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines


RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
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RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm
giants behind turbines accused of
destroying rare birds
The charity is making hundreds of thousands of pounds from wind power
But millions of birds, including at risk species, are killed by turbines each
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PUBLISHED: 19:20 EST, 6 April 2013 | UPDATED: 19:20 EST, 6 April 2013
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The RSPB is making hundreds of thousands of pounds from the wind power industry – despite the
turbines killing millions of birds every year.
Golden eagles, hen harriers, Corn Buntings and other rare and threatened species are especially at
risk, conservationists say.
Yet in its latest ‘partnership deal’, the bird charity receives £60 for every member who signs up to a
dual-fuel account with windfarm developer Ecotricity.
It also receives £40 each time a customer opens an account with Triodos Bank, which finances
renewable industry projects including wind turbines.
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1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro 7.2-Volt …
The RSPB is making hundreds of thousands of pounds from the wind power industry despite the turbines
killing millions of birds each year
In a previous partnership with Southern & Scottish Electricity (SSE), which invests in wind and other
renewable energy, the RSPB admits to having made £1 million over ten years.
The charity claims that windfarms play an important role in the battle against climate change, which
‘poses the single greatest long-term threat to birds and other wildlife’, and that wind turbines caused
only ‘significant detrimental effects’ when poorly sited.
But critics argue there is no such thing as a well-sited windfarm and that the charity has been taken
over by green zealots.
'My sister's death made
me quit fashion': How
the founder of...
From hedgehogs and
bees to bluebells and
daffs, victims of...
Conservationist Mark Duchamp, whose international charity Save The Eagles monitors bird deaths
caused by wind farms, said: ‘The fact that such an organisation [the RSPB] is not taking this
problem seriously is scandalous.
'They are supposed to protect birds. Instead they are advocating on behalf of an industry which
kills birds. What could be more wrong and absurd than that?’
Dr John Etherington, former reader in ecology at the University of Wales and author of The Wind
Farm Scam, said: ‘It seems to me that for some time now a green faction has penetrated a whole
range of bodies and that the RSPB is one of them.
‘For an organisation that supposedly protects
birds to team up with an industry that kills birds
on the basis of unverifiable predictive models
about climate change is just bizarre.
‘We are many years into discovering that these
bloody machines kill birds in large numbers.
Why is the RSPB still sticking up for them?’
Some members have complained that the
RSPB isn’t nearly as active as it ought to be in
fighting turbine applications – even in sites of
ornithological value.
‘Instead of giving the turbine people hell, they
usually end up giving them the green light,’ said
Peter Shrubb, an RSPB member of 30 years,
who is particularly appalled by the
organisation’s plans to erect a 330ft turbine at
its own headquarters in Sandy, Bedfordshire.
As an example of the danger, two hen harriers
were killed by turbine blades in April last year at
the Griffin windfarm at Aberfeldy in Scotland,
run by the RSPB’s former partner SSE.
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The RSPB is run by its council of 18
members. More than a third have close ties to
the green industry or are pro-wind
campaigners. They include:
Chairman, Steve Ormerod – Professor of
Ecology at Cardiff, specialising in the
effects of climate change on freshwater
eco-systems; ex-president, Institute of
Ecology and Environmental
Chief Executive, Dr Mike Clarke – who
has ‘campaigned for the integration of the
environment and the economy’,
according to the RSPB website.
President, Kate Humble – the TV
presenter said in 2012: ‘People don’t like
windfarms. But the fact is that we need to
have alternative sources of energy and
windfarms are one of them.’
Daily Mail
Daily Mail
Daily Mail
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1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
The RSPB has disputed these figures, insisting: ‘Our own research suggests that a well-located
wind farm is unlikely to be causing birds any harm.’
A spokesman for Ecotricity said that at one of its test sites near the Bristol Channel, the turbines
had killed no more than four birds in five years.
Conservationists claim the wind industry has a vested interest in covering up the true extent of bird
Wildlife biologist Jim Wiegand recently wrote that the industry has known since the early Eighties
that ‘propeller-style turbines’ could never be safe for birds of prey.
Mr Wiegand added: ‘With exposed blade tips spinning in open space at up to 200mph, it was
impossible. Wind developers also knew they would have a public-relations nightmare if people ever
learned how many eagles are actually being cut in half.
'To hide this awful truth, strict windfarm operating guidelines were established – including high
security, gag orders in leases and other agreements, and the prevention of accurate, meaningful
mortality studies.’
Anecdotal evidence from the US and Australia also suggests that windfarm operators often hide the
bodies of dead birds in order to avoid being fined.
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Miranda Lambert says
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enough' to sing about
emotional scars after
split from Blake Shelton
He's now with Stefani
Anecdotal evidence from the US and Australia also suggests that windfarm operators often hide the bodies of
dead birds in order to avoid being fined
Another trick, described by Wiegand, is for windfarm developers to confine their searches to limited
areas directly below the wind turbines – leading to official body counts that grossly underestimate
the true extent of bird mortality.
‘Wind turbines are always going to kill a disproportionately high number of birds of prey because
they tend to be built in areas – uplands, mainly – where the best thermals are: in other words where
the birds hover, perch and feed,’ said ecologist Clive Hambler, lecturer in biological and human
sciences at Hertford College, Oxford.
The RSPB has objected to only six per cent of all new windfarm developments. But the charity’s
conservation director Martin Harper claims it will always fight windfarm developments where birds
are particularly threatened.
Henry Thoresby, an ornithologist who has fought several turbine applications, said that in his
experience the RSPB is far too quick to withdraw its objections.
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when you get f--ked up':
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Oscar boycott as top
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protesting stars 'brats'
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deserve recognition':
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
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Blue Bloods star Marisa
Ramirez is pregnant
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The 38-year-old said her
cast-mates have been
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At risk: Golden Eagle
HEN HARRIER: Migratory bird of prey with long wings and tail.
Often resides in marshland where it hunts smaller birds and reptiles. Has suffered history of
persecution by gamekeepers in the UK.
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the picture of elegance
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days a week even
though she is heavily
pregnant with John
Legend's baby
Expecting her first child
Just another day in the
office! Kylie Jenner
shares video of her
making her sell-out Lip
Kit inside the factory
The 18 year old was hard
at work
Hen Harrier
CORN BUNTING: Lark-like species that inhabits farmland and weedy wasteland. Population has
declined as modern farming practices deprive it of food supply of weed, seeds and insects.
Recently became extinct in Ireland. Also under threat in UK.
Bella Thorne reveals
she used to 'cry every
night' over 'ugly' acne...
as she shares beautiful
bare-faced selfie to
prove to teens shouldn't
'hide insecurities'
Lifeguard on duty! Zac
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glistening, chiseled
chest during swimming
lesson for Baywatch
Former Disney star
'He is happy and very
excited': One Direction's
Louis Tomlinson and
his former flame Briana
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1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Iggy Azalea hits back
at rapper Macklemore
after he criticizes her for
exploiting and stealing
'hip-hop' branding the
singer 'fake and plastic'
War of the rappers
Endangered: Corn bunting
‘There was one proposal on the Dengie Peninsula in Essex which they really should have fought
hard – a very important wilderness area with large flocks of golden plover.
'But when it went to judicial review, they refused to help and the local bird group were left to fight
on their own.
‘It’s a strange organisation. My suspicion is that they’re less interested in birds than global
Another disappointed member is Terry O’Connor, a retired panel-beater, who for 30 years has
watched migratory birds such as Brent geese and Bewick’s swans near his home in Silloth,
When Npower applied to build four wind turbines in the middle of the route, birdwatchers begged
the local RSPB area representative for help.
Mr O’Connor said: ‘The developers came up
with some cock-and-bull plan about how they
were going to pay farmers to feed the geese to
lure them away from the turbines.
'I love his smells!'
Sarah Silverman
mortifies boyfriend
Michael Sheen by
gushing about his
armpit odor on the
Tonight Show
'But to anyone who knows anything about bird
behaviour this is a nonsense.
'Now the turbines are up and of course the birds
haven’t changed their flightpath. Locally we all
feel utterly betrayed by the RSPB. They should
never have let this happen.’
Pamela Anderson is
leggy as she leaves
France in trench coat
after row with
politicians over ban on
force-feeding ducks and
geese to make foie gras
A spokesman for the RSPB denied that this was
a result of a cosy relationship with the wind
industry. He said: ‘We will always fight cases
where windfarms are poorly sited.’
When Npower applied to build four wind turbines in
the middle of the route, birdwatchers begged the
local RSPB area representative for help
He added that a 2004 study, published in
Nature, said that 15 to 37 per cent of species were ‘committed to extinction’ by 2050 unless
immediate action was taken to tackle climate change.
A further report produced for the RSPB in 2007 predicted that climate change would cause major
disruption to birdlife.
However, Dr Etherington said: ‘These are projections based on old computer models which do not
accord with observed reality.
‘I find it extraordinary, given the latest data confirming there has been no global warming since
1997, that the RSPB is still taking it seriously.’
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their children and
calling his daughter 'a
f***ing pig w***e' in
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risk everything': Amy
Schumer's new
boyfriend Ben Hanisch
gushes about the
comedienne on
At first the RSPB was supportive and planners
rejected the application. But when the developer
appealed, the RSPB mysteriously withdrew its
objection and the turbines were built.
RSPB conservation director Martin Harper said:
‘We are not just there to protect. We are a
conservation body and our belief is that climate
change is the biggest threat facing wildlife
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biggest pop diva Mariah
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Serena Williams
reveals she designed
the garish yellow tennis
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
The RSPB’s spokesman said: ‘If we’ve been hijacked by people for campaigning for the
environment then it’s no different from what we’ve done for the past 124 years. Campaigning is
what we do.’
ensemble slammed as
'hideous' by Australian
Open spectators - to
bring 'fun' to the courts
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RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
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it! Kate Hudson, 36,
bared her bottom on
Instagram to make on
and off again toy boy
Nick Jonas, 23, 'jealous'
'He called it quits'
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The comments below have been moderated in advance.
classylassy76, West Mids, 2 years ago
I think the RSPB need to remember what they stand for and the key word being protection!
Click to rate
SonofBoudicca, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2 years ago
Nearly all charities have a hard-left agenda. Part of the left's ideology is promotion of green
energy - even though another part of its ideology is unrestricted immigration which cancels out
any benefits of saving energy. The fact that windmills kill birds doesn't really matter to the RSPB,
provided the left agenda is promoted.
Click to rate
terrible tommy, Belfast, 2 years ago
Always the same old story - follow the money.
Click to rate
calmeth, Bedford, United Kingdom, 2 years ago
The article should also say the the RSPB is also planning a wind turbine on recently acquired
land at its headquarters at the Lodge in Sandy. I never realised they are quite so in cahoots,
some would corrupted, by the wads of government cash being thrown at the wind farm industry.
Please think again RSPB, you rely on the public for member subscriptions and legacies? Does
your reputation not matter? Shame on you
Click to rate
Get rid of all domestic CATS and there will be millions more birds. Cats kill birds for fun !!
ilovemaryjane, watford, United Kingdom, 2 years ago
RSPB can't stop progress i'm afraid, but i'm pretty sure that the 1 million pounds has helped
other birds.
Click to rate
thenervoussurgeon, Pattaya, Thailand, 2 years ago
I wonder what excuses the ecomaniacs will use in years to come when the lights go out for
hours every day because you have to rely on wind and solar energy,
Click to rate
Grasshopper Farmer, Sandburrville, 2 years ago
Wind farms and nuclear power plants kill less birds than oil and natural gas. Wind farms kill
about 7,000 birds per year, nuke plants kill about 327,000 birds per year, and coal and natural
gas plants combined kill about 14.5 million birds per year. Houses and windows kill birds, cars
and planes kill birds, our pet cats kill birds. Other birds kill birds. The weather kills birds. So we
7 of 33
His star friends! P
Diddy, Queen Latifah
and Mike Tyson join LL
Cool J as he's awarded
a star on Hollywood
Walk Of Fame
The hip hop artist is 48
Bill Cosby wins one
round after judge
dismisses defamation
lawsuit filed by a
woman who accused
him of sexually abusing
her aged 16
'Heaven got a great
angel': Lisa Rinna
mourns the loss of her
father Frank
The 52-year-old revealed
on social media that her
father had passed away
spikeytr6, Darlington, United Kingdom, 2 years ago
Click to rate
Jodie Sweetin gets
engaged to Justin
Hodak after gushing
about their 'really good'
romance... and insists
he 'loves' Full House
FOURTH marriage at 34
Homeland actress to
play Anne Frank in first
ever German-made
biopic of the teenage
diarist hiding from the
Lea van Acken is cast
Not afraid to go
Overboard! Superdad
Kurt Russell treats
strapping son Wyatt by
taking him out for a
tasty meal in Los
Goldie Hawn's partner
'The support has been
such a blessing':
Grieving Celine Dion
thanks fans as she
mourns husband René
Angélil at open casket
visitation in Montreal
Amber Rose
showcases her
hourglass figure in a
waist-trainer as she
arrives for workout in
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
frankly I now its sad about a few million birds being killed each year by the turbines but in the
larger context we need them as we can't keep in-porting oil from country's that are increasingly
unstable and/or unfriendly towards us (i.e. Russia which has repeatedly shut of the gas supplies
to Europe/us). these turbines can allow us to generate at least some of our electrical needs
internally. the question is which will people choose. 1. to tear down the turbines and wake one
day with no heating, no lights, no communications as everything runs of electricity now. Or will
they choose the other option, accept the loss of some birds and keep everything. I think most
people will choose the second option. PS I know i will get voted down buy I do pose a interesting
question don't I. Let the battle begin.
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1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
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1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
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model son Dylan, 19,
towers above the
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pair enjoy low-key
bonding session
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his muscular physique
as he shares shirtless
Instagram photo from
his bed
The British diving champ
10 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
In the navy! Jaime
King parades her taut
tum in a skin tight polo
neck as she steps out to
visit a pal in Los
The former model and
mother is 36
Christina Milian shows
off her incredible figure
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as she hits the town
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The singer, 34, enjoyed
another girls' night out
Feeling nostalgic?
Ruby Rose shares
throwback snap with
former fiancée
Catherine McNeil after
calling off engagement
to Phoebe Dahl
Devonshire Duchess'
possessions including a
$28K edition of
Brideshead Revisited
and jewelry from her
husband to go under
the hammer in $1M sale
Joanne Froggatt
vamps up in an elegant
LBD as she supports
former Downton co-star
Lily James at Pride And
Prejudice And Zombies
première in LA
'I was young and
naive': Katie Price
reveals her overdose
after convincing herself
ex Dane Bowers was
'obsessed' with Victoria
Doting mom Selma
Blair dresses down for
playful trip to the park
with her son Arthur,
four, and a mystery
She plays Kris Jenner in
new O.J Simpson film
Why is it so hard to
look hot in a white
bikini? Even Gwyneth
Paltrow failed to pull it
off while on holiday in
Unflattering color in sun
Kristin Cavallari 'is
doing fine' after being
hospitalized following
11 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
The hard work's
paying off! Rebel Wilson
shows off trimmer
figure in sleek black
dress as she steps out
in LA after embarking
on fitness mission
Chelsea Handler puts
on a playful front at
Sundance event... as
former late night co-star
Heather McDonald
denies ever betraying
'Well y'all, this is it':
Harry Connick Jr and
Jennifer Lopez fondly
reminisce as American
Idol concludes final
It's the end of an era
Rapper 2Chainz buys a
house for family of
ELEVEN who were just
one day away from
being evicted
Through his TRU
'What? That guy got
her?': John Krasinski
jokes that he had to
bulk up to 'earn' wife
Emily Blunt on The
Jonathan Ross Show
They now have a baby
That's more than 11
million per day! Adele's
smash-hit Hello
becomes the first video
to achieve 1 billion
YouTube views within
three months
Olivia Wilde goes hell
for leather in an edgy
biker jacket as she joins
a host of celebs at
Hollywood event
Mother-of-one rocked a
laid-back style
Sexy Sofia Vergara
dresses her
eye-catching curves in
white turtleneck and
torn jeans for day of
retail therapy
She's a newlywed
'I am not a villain': Don
McLean issues
statement about wife's
restraining order
following American Pie
singer's arrest for
12 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
'I was dating just
because I'm on a
deadline!' Whitney
Cummings, 33, speaks
about her decision to
freeze her eggs
Aware of ticking clock
Peace, love...and a
new do! Cody Simpson
shows off new hairstyle
leaving LA lounge
before sharing a ride
with mystery woman
Gigi Hadid's ex beau
They hope he'll be
back! Suited and booted
Arnold Schwarzenegger
puffs on a cigar as he is
mobbed by fans in
Visited Birmingham
Southern style! Gwen
Stefani ditches the
glamour and goes for
comfort in camouflage
gear and overalls
Out and about in West
Nautical or nice!
Robyn Lawley teams
her lacy lingerie with a
sailor's hat as she
shares steamy behindthe-scenes snap from
her shoot with Maxim
'What have I said?'
Joanne Froggatt reveals
racy remark she
accidentally made to the
Duchess of Cambridge
during her Downton
Abbey set visit
Drew Barrymore cuts a
flirty figure in a black
polka dot coat dress as
she lends her support to
a charity gala in New
York City
She had a cute look
'We have serious
issues': Jada Pinkett
Smith continues to talk
Oscars as she jets into
New Orleans after
husband Will joins her
awards boycott
Kris Jenner
announces Kylie's lipkit
has 1million followers
on Instagram while the
teenager gushes it's
'even better than I
13 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
She's got his support!
Jake Gyllenhaal visits
Amy Schumer's
Comedy Central series
after she offers to take a
lie detector test to prove
she didn't steal jokes
He's so gallant! Injured
Aubrey Plaza gets a lift
from Seth Meyers
during a taping of his
late night show in New
York City
The comedian lifted her
spirits on TV show
Mark Salling sticks to
gym routine ahead of
arraignment for alleged
possession of child
pornography after raid
at Los Angeles home
Former Glee star
Posh, is that you?
Victoria Beckham rocks
dodgy double denim
and her signature pout
in hilarious flashback
40th birthday tribute to
Emma Bunton
Redecorating? Salma
Hayek looks chic as she
sizes up furniture with
Alec Baldwin while
filming new comedy
Drunk Parents
Looked like a yard sale
She's ripped! Vanessa
Hudgens shows off her
toned midriff in a crop
top and distressed
denim while grabbing
coffee in Los Angeles
Former Disney star
'I woke up like this':
Zac Efron flaunts
his muscley chest in
shirtless snap as he
visits Jimmy Kimmel
with girlfriend Sami Miro
Promoting his new film
Anthony Anderson
nails CeeLo Green on
Lip Sync Battle while
Black-ish co-star Tracee
Ellis Ross channels
Nicki Minaj in wild retro
Elizabeth Banks
shares heart-wrenching
story of abused woman
who terminated a
14 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
'No need to
photoshop!' Kim Zolciak
poses awkwardly to
capture flattering
selfie... while daughter
Brielle shows off bikini
She loves to show off
Indulging his Apollo
Greed! Sylvester
Stallone wears a wide
grin after tucking into
expensive lunch in
Beverly Hills
Seemed in high spirits
Hillary gets down with
the kids! Clinton is
joined by singer Demi
Lovato and a gaggle of
teens at rally
Campaign stop at the
University of Iowa
Why IS this car crash
so popular? Ride Along
2 is a desperately feeble
sequel, writes BRIAN
Used as a weapon in the
Oscars race debate
member and nominee
William H. Macy admits
Oscars DO have a
diversity problem and
says group is 'mostly a
bunch of white guys'
Bride-to-be has the
perfect body for her
dream wedding after
shedding 112lbs and
splashing out $17,000
on weight loss surgery
and boob job
Sandlot star turned
firefighter Michael Vitar
pleads not guilty to
assaulting man
'handing out candy to
kids on Halloween'
Former child star
Norman Reedus and
Sonequa Martin-Green
look ready for battle in
new stills from the
upcoming midseason
premiere of The Walking
Shades of cool!
Gwyneth Paltrow cuts a
casual figure in a grey
turtleneck and boyfriend
jeans at LAX airport
15 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Sir Michael Caine
urges Britain to leave
the EU because the UK
should not be 'dictated
to by faceless civil
servants' in Brussels
The Italian Job star
That's where she gets
it! Lily Collins spends a
day with her mom Jill
Tavelman... and proves
that statement brows
run in the family
In West Hollywood
Destiny's child! Kelly
Rowland picks up son
Titan from playdate in
Beverly Hills
Pop star looked every
inch the yummy mummy
on her outing
Rich people problems!
Kim Kardashian reveals
she'll pay $1m if her
mom Kris Jenner finds
extra slabs of calacatta
gold marble for Kanye
West's bathroom
'Suge' Knight drops
Michael Jackson's
former attorney in
murder case and hires
his FIFTH lawyer
He is accused of running
over two men
'It's the closest I'll get
to playing Bond': James
Nesbitt reveals his new
role as a gambling
detective in Lucky Man
has made up for
missing out on being
Mom approves! Tiffany
Trump's Democrat
boyfriend meets her
mother Marla Maples weeks after the couple's
New Year trip to dad
Donald's resort
Ladies in black!
Julianna Margulies and
America Ferrera shun
color but still manage to
shine at the bi-coastal
Artios Awards
Great minds think alike
Jennifer Lawrence
really IS Katniss: Artist
creates digital sketches
of literary characters
based on their
16 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Kendall Jenner
squeezes in a relaxed
lunch date with gal pal
Hailey Baldwin before
jetting out of LA
Spotted at West
Hollywood eatery
Sore head? Rebel
Wilson sports all black
outfit and sunglasses as
she jets out of Las
Vegas after partying up
a storm with Justin
Button it! Pamela
Anderson flashes her
bronzed legs in a fitted
trench coat... as she
launches her veganfriendly shoe collection
in Paris
Walk on the wild side!
Dakota Johnson rocks
fake fur coat with floral
tea dress while out in
The 26-year-old actress
grabbed lunch Midtown
'Half of me is gone':
Eminem's ex-wife Kim
Mathers mourns her
twin sister Dawn Scott
The 41-year-old motherof-three was discovered
at Motor City Trailer Park
Lavender lady! Hilary
Duff embraces her edgy
new do and heads out in
sheer top for errands in
Los Angeles
The actress got the purple
dye job
Farrah Abraham slams
the Kardashians with
dig about Kim's sex
tape on Twitter... after
Kendall Jenner disses
her on the first episode
of Kocktails with Khloe
Celine Dion's 'heart is
in pieces' after husband
René Angélil and
brother Daniel pass
away within days... and
she prepares for their
back-to-back funerals
No wonder Ben is so
smitten! Bachelor frontrunner Lauren Bushnell
shows off her gorgeous
figure in cheeky bikini
on Mexico beach break
17 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Absolutely angelic!
Jessica Alba looks
heavenly in white
ensemble with sheer
skirt as she arrives at
Honest Company HQ
In Santa Monica
The weirdos of Wall
Street: Christian Bale
and Brad Pitt are
transformed into geeky
bankers in a funny look
at 2008's financial
Dip It Low! Maksim
Chmerkovskiy and
fiancee Peta Murgatroyd
show off their dance
moves in NYC
DWTS pros only had eyes
for each other
Benedict Cumberbatch
fans' fury over $4,265
fee to meet Sherlock
stars at the annual
Sherlocked convention
in London
Controversial fee
Goodness Gracious!
Ellie Goulding shows off
her fantastic figure in
tiny leather hotpants as
she gets her Delirium
World Tour off to a sexy
start in Germany
Pucker up! Zooey
Deschanel is locked in a
passionate kiss while
filming her TV series
New Girl with guest star
David Walton
After maternity leave
It's Hunger
Games...with aliens! The
5th Wave is a decent
sci-fi thriller, says
The new film stars Chloe
Grace Moretz
Not a Baby any more!
Former Spice Girl Emma
Bunton celebrates 40th
birthday with her
family... as sweet
throwback snaps
emerge of her childhood
I drink 12 cups of tea a
day, says Nigella
Lawson as she admits
she is a 'complete
nightmare' to make a
brew for
18 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Daisy Lowe stuns in
two different ladylike
gowns as she hits the
town... after 'going
public' with Peaches
Geldof's widower
Thomas Cohen
Should we ALL be
going vegan like our
favorite celebs? Woman
gives up animal
products for a month but can't wait to eat
salmon and eggs again
Rumer Willis flaunts
her shapely legs in a
demure lace dress as
she sits front row at
Berlin Fashion Week
Traded Hollywood for
Australian group The
Jezabels cancel their
world tour as
keyboardist Heather
Shannon undergoes
'emergency treatment'
for ovarian cancer
'We're all really
excited!' Kyle Richards
confirms niece Nicky
Hilton is pregnant... as
the mom-to-be bundles
up her bump
Expecting her first child
Elle Fanning cuts a
19 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Heidi Klum flaunts pert
posterior and taut
tummy in self designed
swimwear revealing
she's launching her own
line this Summer
Supermodel is fab at 42
She wears the pants!
Nigella Lawson suits up
in cape sleeved blazer
and sleek black trousers
as she attends Business
Chicks breakfast in
diapers with her feet!
Pro-surfer Bethany
Hamilton reveals caring
for baby with one arm is
more challenging than
being on a surf board
Working it: Wolverine
star Hugh Jackman is
swaddled in a padded
jacket as he braves
chilly New York winter
for gym session
The X-Men actor is 47
Kourtney Kardashian's
daughter Penelope
carries a mini Birkin bag
while enjoying a piggy
back ride on family
Out in Beverly Hills
Sofia Boutella gets
villain role in Tom
Cruise reboot of The
Mummy... the actress he
is smitten with, as
release date is put back
Egyptian themed movie
What's wrong with
Madonna? Fans furious
for third time in a week
after star takes to
Atlanta stage THREE
HOURS late
Amid her custody battle
Lara Stone puts on an
eye-popping display as
she goes braless in a
see-through wet T-shirt
for steamy Vogue shoot
with hunky male model
Dutch model in Sydney
Lara Stone displays
some serious
underboob in a crop-top
sweater and bikini
bottoms for beachside
Vogue photoshoot
20 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Taking the whole world
by storm! Kendall
Jenner lends her lithe
limbs and star power to
one of Thailand's top
fashion retailers as she
stars in chic campaign
The hug that says I'm
free: Amal Clooney
greets deposed
Maldives president who
was jailed following
coup as he arrives in UK
for spinal surgery
Cheers to my sister!
Kendall Jenner bundles
up in furry white coat
after appearing on new
TV show Kocktails with
Went to see a pal in LA
Tom Cruise is thrilled
to receive a visit from
son Connor as he films
Jack Reacher sequel in
New Orleans
The 53-year-old got a big
hug from his son
She's still free and
single! Princess
Olympia of Greece
steps out in London for
the first time since
rumors about her
'dating Prince Harry'
were denied
Sweet teen Vanessa
Hudgens bats her
eyelashes during flirty
scene with Zac Efron as
2005 audition tapes for
High School Musical
Quick fix! Justin
Theroux touches up his
clean-shaven look as he
joins Emily Blunt on the
New York set of The Girl
On The Train
He's Mr Jennifer Aniston
Not so fast! Vicki
Gunvalson's ex Brooks
Ayers can't dish on
RHOC star in new tell-all
book because 'she had
him sign confidentiality
He's got the clothes,
dog, and now the car!
David Beckham
continues his
transformation to
21 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Off to a flying start!
Blood-soaked Melissa
George saves man's life
during a flight in
promotional images of
upcoming medical
drama Heartbeat
Oscar nominee Mark
Ruffalo says he WILL
attend awards 'in
support of the victims of
clergy Sexual Abuse'
after claiming he may
boycott them
Stylish Georgia May
Jagger rocks unzipped
top and slim-fitting
trousers as she joins
sister Jade at Louis
Vuitton men's fashion
show in Paris
Rock shouldn't pull out
of presenting the
Oscars, he should go in
there and rip the racists
of Hollywood a new one
Will Smith is boycotting
Jennifer Lopez, 46,
shows off famous
derriere in a sparkling
semi-sheer catsuit as
she wows on opening
night of All I Have
residency in Vegas
Racing into the style
stakes? Lewis Hamilton
showcases his sartorial
sass at Louis Vuitton's
menswear show in Paris
Formula One champ
Comfort first! Mila
Kunis teams her pretty
red dress with cozy
sheepskin boots as she
grabs lunch on set of
Bad Moms
Ashton Kutcher's wife
'It feels like it's going
in the wrong direction':
Will Smith blasts Oscars
for lack for diversity and
says he'll be skipping
awards ceremony along
with wife Jada
Oh, do stop whining
about the Oscars being
too white! Daily Mail
columnist BAZ
Sorry, most aren't good
22 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Vanessa Hudgens
joins Jimmy Kimmel's
spoof on Trump's
Freedom Kids and sings
hilariously tepid
enthusiasm for Jeb
Bush with children
Brooke Mueller, 38, 'is
back in rehab for 20th
time'... comes two
months after
ex-husband Charlie
Sheen revealed he is
Vanessa Hudgens is
red hot in a suede
fringed mini-dress on
Jimmy Kimmel Live
The 27-year-old ingénue
later changed into a
star-spangled dress
Celine Dion is seen for
the first time since
husband René Angélil's
death as she gets a hug
before jetting to
Montreal for his funeral
'It's self-contrived
because her hubby
didn't get a nomination':
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
actress goes after Jada
Pinkett Smith AGAIN
over Oscar boycott
'Lamar and I wanted
kids': Khloe Kardashian
spills about regret... and
disses Kim for weight
gain during 'pregnancy
prank call' on Kocktails
With Khloe debut
Don't tell mom! Chris
Martin lets his son
Moses have a rare break
from Gwyneth Paltrow's
strict diet with a sweet
treat at basketball game
Costume creators
behind Indiana Jones'
iconic outfit and
Elizabeth I's gown for
Shakespeare In Love
get Bafta nod for
Back to his roots! Joel
Edgerton returns to
natural brunette hair
colour after bleaching
his locks blonde for film
23 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
'I love you so much':
Lara Bingle pays tribute
to late grandfather in
touching social media
Sam Worthington's
Aussie model wife
'It's an adult game!'
Dakota Johnson drops
the 'F' bomb on Jimmy
Fallon show as she acts
out getting dumped by
Darth Vader
Fifty Shades of Grey star
Rita Ora rocks a
relaxed look in
boyfriend jeans and
ripped T-shirt as she
cuddles up to mystery
man during lunch date
with pals in Los Angeles
Revealed: The silver
fox mystery man Sharon
Stone, 57, has been
enjoying dinner with in
Beverly Hills is actually
her brother-in-law Bruce
Is heroin chic back?
Gucci releases new
campaign seemingly
inspired by cult film
Christiane F about a
14-year-old drug addict
and prostitute
First class arrival!
Bella Hadid cuts a
stylish figure in
glamorous fur trim
jacket and ripped denim
jeans as she jets into
Gigi's little sister
It's a girl! Lord
Frederick Windsor and
Sophie Winkleman
celebrate the birth of
their second daughter
Isabella Alexandra May
British royal family
Selena Gomez puts on
a leggy display and
blows kisses to fans as
she arrives in New York
after going public with
new man Samuel Krost
Found love after Bieber
'We were friends first':
Kym Johnson, 39,
reveals the secret
behind her relationship
to Shark Tank star
24 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
'Girl in wedding dress
but not getting married
alert': Ellie Goulding
twirls in a bridal gown
as she posts cryptic
Pop star dressed up
Mila Kunis looks
glamorous in black as
she drives a cherry red
car while on the set of
upcoming movie Bad
Moms in New Orleans
Mom is back to work
What a difference a
day makes! Lara Stone
wraps up in hooded
sweater as she jets out
of Sydney after her
Vogue bikini shoot
Model was Down Under
Silver fox Pierce
Brosnan shows off his
rugged good looks as
he braves the miserable
Malibu weather for a
lunch date with wife
Another day, another
model! Fashion
photographer Mario
Testino is joined by
Heidi Klum as he wraps
up Vogue shoots with
Lara Stone
Be Mike Tyson's
neighbor! The former
boxing champ is selling
his Las Vegas home for
$1.5 million after
moving into a bigger
one down the street
Leggy Pamela
Anderson shows off her
toned curves in
plunging satin dress as
she attends glamorous
Playboy party in Austria
She's a Playboy favorite
Look away Bradley!
Irina Shayk goes
completely nude as she
cuddles with shirtless
man for Givenchy Jeans
Dating Bradley Cooper
Beauty and a beat:
Open-mouthed Justin
Bieber looks on in awe
as Jennifer Lopez turns
up the heat on opening
night of her Las Vegas
25 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Jennifer Lopez flashes
her ample cleavage in a
plunging white dress at
after-party with
boyfriend Casper Smart
The 46-year-old put on
her best fish gape pose
Tyga looks like the cat
that got the cream while
surrounded by
half-naked women at
strip club with Scott
Disick and James
Madonna 'calls ex
husband Guy Ritchie
the C-word in onstage
rant amid bitter Rocco
custody battle'
Fighting over where their
son, 15, will live
Don't rain on my
parade! Jennifer Garner
has a smile back on her
face as she braves the
wet weather with cute
son Samuel, three
Divorcing Ben Affleck
Clueless star Stacey
Dash calls for end of
Black History month
and BET while
slamming Spike Lee and
Jada Pinkett Smith over
Oscars boycott
No wonder she's
smiling! Daisy Lowe
chats animatedly on her
phone as she and
Thomas Cohen step out
after going public with
new 'romance'
Aye'll turn back!
Arnold Schwarzenegger
beams as he snaps
selfies in Edinburgh...
after accidentally
cycling on the wrong
side of the road
Eminem in shock after
body of homeless
sister-in-law Dawn Scott
discovered in Detroit
trailer park after her
death from 'apparent
heroin overdose'
Russian supermodel
Natasha Poly goes for
serious sex appeal as
she shows off her pins
in plunging split-style
mini dress during Berlin
26 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Pregnant Anne
Hathaway shows off her
blossoming baby bump
in cropped leggings and
grey sweater as she
heads to the gym
Expecting her first child
Fifty Shades of pink!
Dakota Johnson makes
a style statement in a
bizarre ruffled dress for
Jimmy Fallon
Mom is Melanie Griffith
'I was told to suck on
his nipples': Aubrey
Plaza, 30, reveals all
about the sex scenes
she had with Robert De
Niro, 72, in Dirty
Shared graphic details
Kylie Jenner reveals
she has been locked in
her $5,000 Cartier Love
bracelet 'for four years'
as she enlists store
security to pry it open
She can't get it off
Seeing stripes! Heidi
Klum displays her
slender figure in a
stunning off the
shoulder dress as she
films Germany's Next
Top Model in Sydney
Hello Doily! Sarah
Hyland puts a modern
spin on her lace vintage
style dress as she
flashes her lean legs at
star-studded dinner
Modern Family actress
Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and
Sciences' Board of
Governors has just
TWO non-whites among
its 51 elected members
Looking over your
shoulder, Heather?
McDonald heads out
after 'horrible boss'
Chelsea Handler warns
her to 'be scared'
Ugly row broke out
British royal Zara
Phillips dazzles in a chic
navy dress as her
husband Mike Tindall
affectionately kisses her
27 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
She really is a Wilde
one! Olivia goes hell for
leather in a biker jacket
and scream queens
dress at Women In
Television gala
Stars in new show Vinyl
She's got some front!
Malin Akerman takes
the plunge in burnished
satin at Women In
Television Hollywood
Showed some skin
Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley shows off her
killer legs in leather
trousers at Jennifer
Lopez's All I Have event
in Vegas
Newly-engaged model
Who knew they were
friends? Reese
Witherspoon cuts a
stylish figure while
sharing a laugh with
Meg Ryan in Beverly
Both blonde actresses
Feeling stressed and
anxious? You're not
alone: Jennifer
Lawrence, Taylor Swift
and Emma Stone are
among the A-listers
who've struggled
'How to pick up
Bieber': Rebel Wilson
shares love note to
Justin on social media
as she cuddles up to the
bad-boy and Kelly
Osbourne in Las Vegas
Just what The Doctor
ordered! Barefaced
beauty Jenna Coleman
stuns as she goes
make-up free to pick up
Needed a caffeine fix
Friends cast are
FINALLY set to reunite
during TV special...
except for Chandler
Bing who has pre-taped
the segment
Matthew is busy in UK
Purple haze! Hilary
Duff goes from platinum
blonde to lilac as she
spends FOUR HOURS in
beauty salon in West
28 of 33
1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
What do you mean?
Cheryl FernandezVersini gets all
nostalgic as she shares
random throwback snap
of her and a babyfaced
Justin Bieber
'I married my soul
mate': Kyle Richards
shares throwback photo
with Mauricio Umansky
from their wedding day
to celebrate 20th
Take a hike! Kirsten
Dunst dons leggings as
she indulges in outdoor
hike with her girlfriends
in Los Angeles
Staying in shape is just
part of the job
'I'm in love': Kate
Hudson falls head over
heels for four-month-old
panda in China
She was there to promote
new movie Kung Fu
Panda 3
What's her secret?
Elizabeth Berkley, 43,
looks as if she's hardly
aged since starring on
Saved By The Bell as
she runs errands in
Beverly Hills
Putting in the leg
work! Izabel Goulart
flashes her toned pins
in cutaway LBD at Paris
Fashion Week
Victoria's Secret model
had a daring look
A royal engagement!
Hugh Jackman cuts a
sophisticated as figure
as he joins eighth in line
to Monaco throne
Charlotte Casiraghi at
Swiss gala
Forget the clothes!
Lena Dunham is in the
buff AGAIN in new
season five promo for
her HBO series Girls
Never one to shy away
from the cameras
Mamma Mia! Abba are
back together again:
Group reunites for the
first time in eight years
for opening of new
restaurant in Stockholm
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1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Jordana Brewster
shows off her incredible
figure in a skintight
dress at the ELLE
Women in Television
Fast and Furious star
Inside Savannah
Guthrie's home: Today
Show host's drab spare
room gets 'insanely
fabulous' makeover
Check out her NYC
Dr Meredith is grabbed
by the neck and
slammed into a wall
during brutal hospital
attack in harrowing
Grey's Anatomy trailer
Another trauma for her
Little Women reality
star Christy McGinity
Gibel files police report
claiming she was 'hit
with beer glass' after
'bar brawl' with
Is she getting too thin?
Kourtney Kardashian
shows off her RIBS in
yet another gym selfie...
as Khloe covers up for a
Sisters posed together
Kris Jenner speaks out
about son Rob's health
scare saying it was a
'godsend' and he now
faces a challenge to
stay on a 'healthy path'
Diagnosed with diabetes
Penthouse WILL
continue in print: Boss
of raunchy magazine
corrects 'misinterpreted
press release' that said
mag was closing
Men's mag still going
don't get an Oscar for
the color of your skin,
you get it for acting out
of it
Columnist hit back at
Jada Pinkett Smith
Something on your
mind? Ben Affleck looks
deep in thought in
1920s garb on Live by
Night set
The 43-year-old actor cut
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1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
Obese bride who shed
98lbs after her big day
poses in her remodeled
dress 17 months on to
show how far she's
She's now a size 6
Making a statement?
Feminist activist Busy
Philips wears a grey
sweatshirt with a
diagram of ovaries
Cougar Town star was at
Melrose Avenue
'I'm strong like bull!'
Former Biggest Loser
star Jillian Michaels
does the heavy lifting
with partner Heidi
during a playful day at
the park with their kids
Today's headlines
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It's here! Snow starts to fall in Virginia as
deadly Jonas blizzard closes the federal
government, grounds...
Oscar overhaul: The Academy announces
mass overhauls to membership and voting
rules to promote diversity
EXCLUSIVE: Academy member William H.
Macy says Oscars DO have a diversity
problem because award panel is...
'It's anti-white racism': Best actress nominee
Charlotte Rampling launches attack on Oscar
boycott as top...
'These filmmakers deserve recognition':
Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon joins
attack on 'white' Oscars
EXCLUSIVE: 'I just think they just picked the
best actors': Casting director Lori Wyman
says Oscars aren't...
Emotional Celine Dion leads second day
of mourning for her late husband: Star
bids farewell to René Angélil...
Experts now turn to TWITTER for storm
news: Researchers say social media now far
more accurate than...
Newlywed couple who lost their wedding
day photographs are reunited with them
by two strangers who found the...
Police officer facing life in prison 'for six
months of incestuous sex attacks on girl, 15,
that left her...
Garlic REALLY is good for you: Extract
'reverses build-up of deadly plaque that
clogs arteries and triggers...
Is this how man will land on Mars? Watch
SpaceX 'hover test' of Dragon capsule that
will ferry astronauts to...
The Hangover 4? Jenna Bush Hager and
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1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
REVEALED: Miami woman, 30, filmed
attacking Uber driver and screaming
obscenities before trashing his car is...
Woman shot in chest after trying to fight
off two men who robbed her daughter at
Hampton Inn near JFK...
EPA regional chief FINALLY resigns over
Flint crisis - 22 months after residents first
started complaining...
Is YOUR child a bully? Chances are it's
your fault: Controlling parents pass on
stress to children making...
Hilarious 911 call made by two paraniod pot
smugglers who got stoned and admitted to
transporting 20lb of...
Man who forced girlfriend to walk through
New York streets naked turns himself in
and films bizarre video...
Oops, I did it again! We often make the same
mistakes because our brain gives us
conflicting advice on how...
Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested for
giving the middle finger to cops get
$52,000 payout because cops...
Apple boss Tim Cook lobbies EU in to avoid
$8billion fines for his firm’s controversial Irish
$6million goes up in smoke: The dramatic
moment a Russian businessman's 90-ft
superyacht bursts into flames
'I worked out two hours a day and only ate
vegetables': Bikini fitness competitor details
the dramatic...
Middle school students asked whether
they are gay, poor or an immigrant during
'kindness workshop' which...
Farm Heroes Saga, the #4
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1/22/16, 1:25 PM
RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accus...
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