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AMAZEn maze
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AMAZEn Profit Equation =
1 maze + 1 employee + (up to 1,200 guest x £3) / hour
You provide the Space...
... VEQTOR TAGWAY provides the AMAZEn design that makes you money
Start with a simple ‘vanilla’ maze (no frills) in a variety of sizes:
- 110 Square Metres (1,200 Square Feet)
- 230 Square Metres (2,400 Square Feet)
- 430 Square Metres (4,600 Square Feet) or bigger...
... VEQTOR TAGWAY manages the build and optional theming
ʻTrick-it-Outʼ with a theme and a story...
- Jungle Adventure
- Wild West Frontier
- Aztec Temple
- Medieval Castle
- or what ever is right for your location ..........
... VEQTOR TAGWAY brings the maze to life with optional interactive features
3. ʻGive it a Twistʼ by adding:
- Timers to give each runner a score
- Interactive sound modules and special effects
- Interactive Treasure trail points
- Interactive Q&A stations (question and answer panels)
- WackIT bash the target games
- Laser tag games
- Ball cannons and ball moving systems
- Water cannons and other water features
16 aMAZE’n reasons we will make YOU money
• A maze is classic fun at its best - customers understand with no training.
• We bring 20 years of proven high return against investment.
• Capital investment can be recouped in one season.
• Cheap to Operate - only requires one member of staff.
• Long Lasting - no mechanical parts to breakdown, low maintenance.
• Environmentally friendly - made from recycled materials.
• Easy to assemble, tear down, reconfigure in minutes and re-use
• Makes good temporary attraction for summer / seasonal months.
• Very popular with all ages and families and can be linked to prize giving.
• ʻTweenagersʼ (age 10-13) love them with repeat play to better their scores.
• Services a similar demographic to miniature golf - and for less investment.
• No waiting in lines - accommodates 200+ people (up to 1,500 per hour).
• Its a ʻride for the Brainʼ - a 3d puzzle for all to solve.
• Great for corporate groups, parties and re-unions.
• Parentʼs love them because the kids are physically active - burning calories.
• Adding an AMAZEn maze can add up to 45% to miniature golf revenue.
How can I make money while new big attraction is built?
AMAZEn maze will act as a revenue generating, ʻtemporaryʼ attractions - a themed
promotion of what is to come; while acting as visual screen while the new ride is built.
F.A.Qʼs (frequently asked questions)
How large should my maze be?
Different sizes are required for different applications. AMAZEn maze starts as low
as £25,000. If you want a large, ʻstand-aloneʼ attraction in a high volume tourist
market we recommend 600 to 800 square meters. This will carry a price tag of
between £100,000 to £160,000 depending upon size and theming.
How much total land is required?
This depends on local requirements related to parking and access. Most mazes can
be installed on one acre or less.
What are the demographics?
Mazes attract a diverse audience similar to miniature golf. Families with 2 to 3
children make up 70% of the maze runners.
How much should I budget?
We recommend between £150 to £230 / sqm (£15 to £23 / sqft).
What kind of surface is required?
Most are installed on tarmac or concrete. They can be installed on gravel, bark or
recycled materials but this usually requires more maintenance over time.
How long does it take a guest to navigate the AMAZEn maze?
For most first time ʻrunnersʼ the experience will last 18 to 25 minutes (depending
upon the size and complexity of the design we install).
What are the age and height requirements for participants?
Our guidelines are that kids age 5 and over can usually navigate the maze unaided. Under fives will go with their other family members. There are no height
restrictions with an AMAZEn maze attraction.
Why should we consider having multiple destinations in the maze?
The picture below shows four turrets that must be visited by each maze runner to
win prizes and get a score. This adds a fun challenge and repeat play ability.
How many employees are required?
One (1) attendant can easily operate the maze under normal conditions.
Can my AMAZEn maze be a stand-alone attraction?
Yes - there are many stand-alone mazes in operation throughout the world that
have satisfied visitors for many years. Investment in theming, and a themed name,
helps to sustain a stand-alone attractions as customers have an easy nomenclature
to use with family and friends and refer others to your AMAZEn maze.
Can an AMAZEn maze be used year around?
Yes - our mazes are extremely weather resistant, and withstand strong winds (rated
to 120 miles per hour). Provided your visitors are dressed for the weather, the maze
can be safely operated.
How well can an AMAZEn maze perform in warmer climates?
With squirt gun fun, water cannons and other water attractions the AMAZEn maze
can become a relatively inexpensive ʻzero depthʼ water attraction.
picture is shown with optional water cannon and water features
Where should my AMAZEn maze be located?
Mazes typically do well in, or near:
- family fun centres
- farm attractions and rural parks
- amusement and theme parks
- snow ski and mountain lake resorts
- shopping malls
- holiday parks and campgrounds
- seaside resorts
Giant mazes are an excellent
source of revenue when paired with
outdoor attractions like miniature
golf, bumper boats, rope
courses and climbing
VEQTOR turnkey provides:
- location advice, planning,
theming, design services
- build and commissioning
- operations and support
How does the AMAZEn maze fit together?
Each panel, post and rail is made from recycled, high impact, UV stabilized,
moulded plastic in a coloration to match the theme selected. It bolts together quickly
with stainless steel fixings so there are no parts to repaint or keep maintained.
Can I change the AMAZEn maze pathways from time to time?
Yes - minor changes can be completed in 10-15 minutes - though a major change
will take a few hours.
Can we add elements to the AMAZEn maze to keep it interesting?
Yes, yes, yes! VEQTOR brings 20 years of experience in supplying a range of ʻaddonsʼ to bring your AMAZEn years of extended fun:
- Electronic Timers that measure how fast players run the maze
- Sound effects with motion detectors
- Question and Answer points
- HoundCraft and SNIGGLEHunt interactive treasure hunt game systems
- ʻFind-n-Whackʼ target systems,
- Interactive play panels
- Lightweight laser tag shooting systems
- Ball cannon and movement systems
- Water cannon and water feature systems
- Seasonal packages including:
Haunted Pumpkin
Easter Bunny Egg Hunt
Search for Santaʼs Grotto
How long will it take to get me started?
It can be as quick as 8 weeks from the time
of your order till our crew arrives. Then it
only takes a week to get your AMAZEn maze installed
and ready to start making you money.
... add Laser Tag for more variety
Notes and Planning Checklist:
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tel: +44 (0)1428-685660
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