Enjoy a new journey, a new experience, a new you.


Enjoy a new journey, a new experience, a new you.
Enjoy a new journey,
a new experience, a new you.
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Body Treatments
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Massage and Holistic.............................................................................12
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Specialist Treatments
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Finishing Touches
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Welcome to
Our goal was to create an environment for both ladies and gentlemen to enjoy their treatment in luxurious surroundings
where every room is uniquely themed creating a journey of all five senses, smell, sight, taste, hear and feel, enhancing
the experience of not only the treatment but the feeling of well being and tranquillity. Our friendly, committed and highly
qualified therapists are here to ensure you receive a unique and bespoke service that is individual to you.
Our Mission:
To combine the best of science and nature by offering the highest quality products with result oriented treatments to ensure you receive what you deserve.
The Beginning:
Your journey begins the moment you enter the spa with a warm smile and luxury refreshments.
The Essentials:
Your journey will continue on the ground floor in either the crystal room, the lifting room, the impulse room, or the tanning room where all essential
treatments are carried out.
The Suites:
Your journey may continue on the first floor in:
The Mediterranean suite – an amazing feeling of calmness, revitalization and restoration.
The Arabian suite – a journey of passion, energy and intense relaxation.
The Moroccan suite – evoking your spirituality and culture to rediscover the inner you.
The Arabian & Moroccan suites uniquely open into one creating a luxurious suite, that enables you, your friend or partner to experience your amazing
treatment together.
After enjoying your treatment in one of the suites you can relax in the boutique lounge with a sorbet or herbal tea the ultimate indulgence to complete your
spa journey and experience.
“Enjoy a new journey, a new experience, a new you.”
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Urban Spa Stortford
Normal to Sensitive skin and Eyes
[ comfort zone ]
Skin Resonance – rebalancing treatment for sensitive skin
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £48.50 S - £45.50 T - £43
A treatment developed to rebalance and strengthen sensitive skin. This treatment not
only cools and calms but reduces any irritation within the skin.
Recover Touch – all skin types
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £48.50 S - £45.50 T - £43
One of your five a day, this anti-oxidant vitamin enriched facial gives your skin a
much-needed boost. Nourishing goji berry oil to revive a dull, tired complexion, whilst
also providing a powerful anti-oxidant action lycopene to repair and protect skin. Your
senses will also be aroused with the cocktail of ingredients used within this divine
Ultra Calming – Sensitised skin
Duration: 70 mins Cost: SP - £58 S - £55 T - £51
Say bye bye to redness and skin irritation and inflammation, your skin will feel a
calming relief that is enough to make your skin go ‘Aaah’! Calming botanicals are
blended to gently purify the skin without causing irritation.
Essential Facial – all skin types
Duration: 60 mins (includes 1 touch therapy)
Cost: SP - £47.50 S - £45.50 T - £43.50
Your therapist will customise your facial by carrying out Dermalogica’s unique face
mapping system which divides your face into fourteen zones, each with its own set of
unique concerns.
Essential Aromatherapy Facial – ideal for all skin
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £47.50 S - £45.50 T - £43.50
Suitable for all skins, this deep cleansing, relaxing aromatherapy facial, purifies, refines
and hydrates.
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Ultra smoothing eye treatment Duration: 20 mins Cost: £20.00
A powerful firming eye treatment that targets the current signs of ageing whilst reducing
puffiness and sensitivity.
[ comfort zone ]
Eye Supreme Anti-ageing (Only an additional £20 when added to any comfort
zone facial)
Duration: 25 mins Cost: £30
A rejuvenating treatment for the delicate area around the eyes. Dark circles, pufiness
and wrinkles are visibly reduced whilst the skin is moisturised and protected using
peptide technology and an innovative hydrogel mask.
Urban Spa Stortford
Dry and Dehydrated skin
Oily and combination skin
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £48.50 S - £46.50 T - £44.50
An intensive and regenerating facial for dehydrated skin, leaving it supple, nourished and
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £47.50 S - £45.50 T - £43.50
This deep cleansing facial helps to regulate oil secretions and refine open pores. Essential
Tea Tree and White Thyme oils, which are naturally decongesting and anti-inflammatory are
used to soothe and calm the skin, encouraging a more balanced and clearer complexion.
Rehydrator Facial – ideal for dry, dehydrated, tired skin
[ comfort zone ]
Skin Purifying Facial – ideal for oily, congested and problematic skin
[ comfort zone ]
Hydramemory – 24hr deep hydrating treatment
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £48.50 S - £45.50 T - £43
A deeply hydrating treatment to improve moisture levels in the skin. Hibiscus and
honey work to retain moisture in the skin whilst the special ingredient trehalose taken
from a desert plant works to increase the moisture and leave the skin feeling like silk.
Skin Regimen Longevity Facial – See page 6
Active Pureness Rebalancing – deep purifying treatment
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £52.50 S - £50.50 T - £48.50
Deep cleansing treatment recommended for oily or combination skins, extracts of
sage, balm mint and orange fruit water deeply cleanse and leave the skin feeling fresh
and restored.
Medibac – Acne related and problematic skin
Duration: 70 mins Cost: SP - £58 S - £55 T - £51
Our medibac clearing treatment will focus on purifying your skin with deep cleansing,
followed by extraction. Formulated to improve skin clarity and reduce blemishes,
while soothing redness and inflammation.
See Essential facial page 5
Clear Start Facial Duration: 45 mins Cost: £45
Break out freak out! Our most popular treatment for tackling problem teenage skin
conditions, suitable for both male and female
skin. Great results when used in conjunction
with the clear start homecare system of
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Urban Spa Stortford
Anti-ageing and pigmentation
Regenerating, Lifting and Firming Facial – ideal for ageing,
stressed skin
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £52.50 S - £50.50 T - £48.50
‘A luxurious and regenerating facial to help minimise lines and wrinkles around the
eyes, neck, lips and jawline. This treatment visibly improves the appearance of the
skin by using a selection of age-defying products to replenish and revitalise the skin,
leaving your complexion tones, radiant and rejuvenated.
[ comfort zone ]
Skin Radiance Facial – ideal for dull, sallow, lifeless skin
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £48.50 S - £46.50 T - £44.50
This revitalising facial treatments helps refresh tired skin, giving noticeably brighter
and naturally radiant appearance. A special application of ESPA Skin Radiance
Moisturiser, helps to smooth, reduce irregular pigmentation and brighten the skin to
deliver instant results.
AGE Smart™ – Anti-ageing
Duration: 75 mins Cost: SP - £58 S - £55 T - £51
Are the signs of ageing becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalizing
power boost with this treatment designed to nourish, regenerate and energize skin!
The ultimate in skin therapy for prematurely-ageing, leaving your skin firmer, smoother
and revived. You’ll love this amazing facial!
ChromaWhite – Skin Brightening & Hyper Pigmentation
Duration: 75 mins Cost: SP - £61 S - £58 T - £54
Improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a healthier fresher appearance.
Powerful exfoliants smooth skin and dulling surface cells helping to minimise the
appearance of sun damage, pigmentation and age spots.
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Glorious Skin – lifting and firming treatment
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £56 S - £54 T - £52
The ultimate treatment for an immediate lifting effect, revealing toned and radiant skin
with fine lines and wrinkles reduced; a must-have alternative to Botox!
Absolute Pearl – radiance boosting facial
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £52.50 S - £49.50 T - £47.50
This treatment leaves skin beautifully radiant with illustrious ingredient, pearl powder. A
profound treatment which stimulates collagen production, has an anti-oxidant action,
and further creates an even skin tone in reducing pigmentation.
Chrono-Reverser Collagen – exfoliation and anti-ageing treatment
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £56 S - £54 T - £52
Extra collagen mask: add £10
This wonder treatment resurfaces, revitalises and deeply hydrates the skin, plumping
out fine lines and leaving skin supple.
Skin Regimen Longevity Facial Duration: 30 mins Cost: £32
Showing visable results in half the time of a traditional facial. This treatment renews,
restores tone and repositions the skin tissues for a youthful, healthier appearance.
Urban Spa Stortford
Body Treatments
Detoxifying and cellulite Body Treatments
[ comfort zone ]
Body Strategist – remodelling cellulite treatment
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £52.50 S - £49.50 T - £47.50
Course of 6 - £250
Intense cellulite reducing treatment, carnitine and caffeine have an exceptional effect
on eliminating fatty deposits. The hot and cold effect increases blood circulation to
the areas being treated. A course is *Highly Recommended for best results.
D-age – firming and anti-ageing body treatment
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £52.50 S - £49.50 T - £47.50
Course of 6 - £250
Using a synergy of active ingredients to firm and repair damaged skin. Kamani
oil stimulates collagen synthesis and walnut works against the adverse effects of
atmospheric pollution. D-age also works to reduce the appearance of stretch marks
and aids in the prevention of new ones.
Detox Ritual – ideal for detoxifying, speeds up metabolism
Salt and Oil Body Scrub – ideal for exfoliating and hydrating the skin
Duration: 30 mins Cost: SP - £30 S - £28 T - £26
Sea salts and essential oils are massaged over the skin leaving your skin feeling
velvety smooth. Choose from detoxifying, relaxing or invigorating salt scrub.
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £53.50 S - £51.50 T - £49.50
This treatment combines a body wrap and massage using specific oils to help
improve circulation, speeding up the elimination of
toxins and excess fluid. This is the ideal
treatment to help cleanse the body and
improve the appearance of the skin.
*Highly Recommended Anti-Cellulite Hip & Thigh Treatment
– ideal for cellulite and poor circulation
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £46 S - £43 T - £40
A highly effective, stimulating treatment to target cellulite, fluid retention and uneven
skin texture. Ideal for people concerned by the appearance of cellulite. A course of 6
treatments is recommended.
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Urban Spa Stortford
Body Treatments
Relaxing and Hydrating
*Highly Recommended Muscle Relaxer Ritual – ideal for relieving
aching muscles and joints
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £53.50 S - £51.50 T - £49.50
This treatment combines a body wrap and massage using specific oils to ease
tension in the muscles, help restore mobility and reduce aches and pains.
Skin Hydrator Experience – ideal for dry, dehydrated skin
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £53.50 S - £51.50 T - £49.50
A truly luxurious experience including lymphatic skin brushing, skin smoothing body
exfoliation and an envelopment with oils rich in Palma Rosa and Myrrh combined with
our Deeply Nourishing Body Cream with Wild Yam and skin conditioning Marine Mud.
Tranquillity is achieved with a mind calming head massage.
Restorative Mud Experience – ideal for relaxing, aching muscles
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £53.50 S - £51.50 T - £49.50
Marine Mud is known for its skin conditioning properties and is ideal for dry,
dehydrated skin requiring nourishment and rebalancing. This wrap includes a full
body exfoliation and a head massage to help ease tension and leave the skin puriied
and smooth.
[ comfort zone ]
Monticelli Mud Wrap – conditioning mud cocoon
Duration: 55 mins Cost: SP - £52.50 S - £49.50 T - £47.50
Using a rich creamy warm thermal Italian mud from the river banks of Monticelli, this
treatment ritual offers a profound draining action. Relieving sore muscles and swollen
joints, this conditioning mud treatment will also refresh and tone skin.
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Urban Spa Stortford
Maternity Treatments
These ‘Yummy Mummy’ treatments are perfect for a new mum or mum-to-be.
Designed to target areas prone to stress & tension. A pampering that will leave you
blooming with a radiant glow!
We highly recommend all or at least one of these treatments.
We are a main stockist of luxury candles and body products by NEOM Organics.
We highly recommend NEOM Organics “Cocooning” the luxury range for new
and soon to be mums” a beautiful fragrance of Manderin, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile and Jasmine.
Pre Natal Treatment Duration: 1 hr 20 mins Cost: £75
A deeply nourishing body treatment designed to target areas prone to stress and tension during pregnancy. A
course of 6 treatments is recommended following the first trimester of pregnancy.
Post Natal Treatment
Duration: 1 hr 20 mins Cost: £75
Completely personalised to your post baby needs whether you need to tone and firm your skin, aid weight loss,
or simply relax and restore energy. This is an ideal treatment to deeply nourish, hydrate and balance your body. A
course of 6 treatments is recommended.
Facials - All our ESPA facials are suitable during pregnancy with the exception of the Essential
Aromatherapy Facial. See our Facials section for more information on these facials.
[ comfort zone ]
New Life – rebalancing treatment during pregnancy
Duration: 55 mins Cost: M - £55
With its sweet and delicate ingredients this treatment has a draining effect and relieves joint tension by reducing
swelling and heaviness. This treatment is safe for clients that are 12 weeks pregnant or more to maintain the skin
tone and elasticity whilst deeply relaxing muscles and the lower back area.
D-age body treatment – This treatment is ideal for post pregnancy. See page 8 for more details
New Mum – post pregnancy toning and firming treatment
Duration: 55 mins Cost: M - £55
Restores the body shape and firms the skin tissues following pregnancy. A synergy of products that help regain
tone, firmness and elasticity.
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Urban Spa Stortford
Male Grooming
Male skin is physiologically different to women’s, while all our treatments are unisex we have selected a range of treatments that specifically
accommodate and simulate men’s skin and lifestyle. Our treatment experiences focus on congested skin, stress related tension, allowing
for deeper massage pressure and to effectively relax and rejuvenate mind and body.
[ comfort zone ] FACIALS
Duration: 55 mins Cost: £48
A restoring treatment to replenish moisture levels in the skin, having been exposed
to environmental aggressions. Skin is deeply hydrated, revealing a smooth calm
Milia Removal Hydra Performance Facial – rehydration treatment
Pure Performance Facial – active purification treatment
Duration: 55 mins Cost: £48
Removes impurities whilst rebalancing oily areas. This deep cleansing treatment
leaves the skin with a perfectly matte finish.
Anti-Age Performance Facial - active rejuvenating treatment
Duration: 55 mins Cost: £53
An anti-ageing treatment to reduce wrinkles and expression lines. This rejuvenating
treatment stimulates skin renewal and will leave skin toned and revitalised.
espa Facials
Age Rebel Facial Duration Duration: 55 mins Cost: £49.50
An effective, age-defying facial designed to deliver immediate results to tired looking
skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
*Highly Recommended Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy, Crystal Clear
Microdermabrasion and CACI non surgical Face lift - See page 15
Duration: 25 mins Cost: £25
Milia are small white spots, sometimes known as milk spots and usually appear
around the eyes, cheeks or eyelids, easily extracted by specialist needle. For larger
areas we recommend Crystal Clear microdermabrasion or IPL, discuss with your
therapist for the best treatment and prices.
Leaves the skin smooth and hair free for several weeks.
Full Leg
Eyebrow shape
Eyelash tint
Reviver Facial Pedicures Manicures Dermalogica Essential Facial
*Highly Recommended
Duration: 60 mins Cost: SP - £47.50 S - £45.50 T - £43.50
Your therapist will customise your facial by carrying out Dermalogica’s unique face
mapping system which divides your face into fourteen zones, each with its own set of
unique concerns.
Why not have IPL? No need to be self concious of unwanted hair on your chest,
back, shoulders or face. IPL hair removal technology provides a gentle non-invasive
treatment that is used to eliminate the full range of unwanted hair.
Refer to ‘Specialist Treatments’ in this brochure on page 14.
Duration: 55 mins Cost: £49.50
This cooling, purifying facial awakens the senses and brightens the face, perfect to
enliven your skin the morning after the night before.
Essential Facial – all skin types
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Duration: 30 mins Cost: £28
Duration: 30 mins Cost: £24
Indulge your hands or feet with gentle exfoliation, nail and cuticle tidy, finished with a
deeply nourishing massage.
Urban Spa Stortford
Massage and Holistic
Aromatherapy Massage – A truly relaxing aromatherapy massage
using award winning Neom Organic oils complete with a personal
consultation and sensory test.
Sicilian lemon and fresh basil is a cheerful blend that enlivens the body and recharges
the soul.
English Lavender, sweet basil and jasmine is a de-stressing scent that has blended to
help you relax and feel more rested.
Complete bliss
The ‘feel good’ scent of Moroccan blush rose modernised with a hint of lime and
black pepper lifts your spirits and mood working to combat daily stress.
Back, Neck & Shoulder Duration: 25 mins Cost: M - £38 S - £36 T - £34
Full Body Massage
Duration: 55 mins Cost: M - £52 S - £50 T - £48
*New Indian Head Massage
Duration: 30 mins Cost: £35
This de-stressing treatment works on the head, neck, shoulders and face. All areas
are massaged to include the pressure points and relieve tension.
Swedish Massage – More intense deep tissue massage using
Hopi Ear Candles
massage cream or blend free oil
Back, Neck & Shoulder
Full Body Massage
Duration: 25 mins Cost: M - £35 S - £33 T - £31
Duration: 45 mins Cost: M - £46 S - £44 T - £42
Upgrade to Luxury
Add heat to your massage with Hot Stones or Lava Shells for a more
intense, deeper massage’ Cost: £20
Duration: 30 mins Cost: £34
The process of Hopi candling involves a specially designed hollow candle being
inserted just inside the ear canal. The candle draws the impurities from within the ear
and the rising air gives the ear drum a gentle massage and helps to regulate the ear
pressure by removing a small amount of ear wax.
*Highly Recommended Reflexology
Reflexology is a light touch complimentary therapy that is relaxing and increases
blood circulation and helps to promote balance between all the body’s organs and
Initial treatment with consultation Treatments thereafter Courses available - call the spa for details
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Duration: 70 mins Cost: £60
Duration: 60 mins Cost: £45
Urban Spa Stortford
Urban Spa’s Unique Treatments
Discover our collection of designer packages that we have created exclusively, to leave you ready to face everyday life and the challenges
it may bring.
two’s company = Dual Treatments
A great opportunity for two people to enjoy a relaxing and indulgent facial or massage
together. These treatments include a half bottle of champagne, delicious chocolate
treats, sorbet and grapes.
Dual Aromatherapy Facial
Dual Full Body Aromatherapy 13
Duration: 55 mins from £140
Duration: 55 mins from £140
A must journey for you to experience ask for dual suites when making your
Visible Difference Facial – The anti ageing facial that really works
Duration: 60 mins Cost: £90
Reverse the signs of ageing. 3 steps to luminous, glowing, fresh, youthful skin. A
treatment that is instant and continues to show amazing results. 30 minutes crystal
clear microdermabrasion, a 20 minutes skin rejuvenation using IPL, then 20 minutes
crystal clear oxygen therapy. A free patch test is included for rejuvenation, 24 hours
prior to treatment.
Body Magic – From Orange peel to smooth appeal
Stressbuster – for Men
Duration: 55 mins Cost: £53.50
Ideal for those suffering with stress related tension from business pressure, travel and
a fast paced lifestyle. Gentle skin cleanse involving skin brushing and body exfoliation
followed by a full body massage and scalp massage, leaving your body feeling
soothed, revitalised and de-stressed.
Face to Impress – Lifting and Plumping Experience
*Highly Recommended
Just Breathe – The ultimate massage releasing all 5 senses
Duration: 40 mins Cost: £50
Start with your mind and body being deeply relaxed in the aroma and scent of
your choice. Enjoy a gentle foot cleanse which leads into your back, neck shoulder
massage. Then finish with an application of Neom body lotion. To complete your
experience we give you a Neom travel candle to take home and enjoy.
Duration: 1 hr 40 mins Cost: £115
We’ve combined two of our most effective treatments to create the ultimate anti
cellulite remedy. Crystal clear on the buttocks and thighs followed by the cellulite
remodeller treatment.
Duration: 1 hr 50 mins Cost: £115
The ultimate experience to lift, rejuvenate, tone and plump the skin. The treatment
combines crystal clear oxygen therapy with a Caci facial then finishes with a Caci
hydrating mask. The perfect treatment before any party, wedding or that special
occasion. “Be the thing of beauty” and defy gravity with this amazing facial.
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Urban Spa Stortford
Specialist Treatments
Botox, restylane and fillers
Impulse Light Treatment
Skin Rejuvenation
Non-Surgical Facial Procedures
Dr Minocha, our facial aesthetics expert has been a GP in the Essex area for 18
years; Dr Minocha has built his reputation on trust and clinical excellence. Now
in his eight year as an Aesthetic Physician and having performed over 20,000
procedures Dr Minocha is
regarded as an expert in the
field of injectable treatments by
his peers within the Cosmetic
Industry. Facial aesthetics is a
combination of art and science.
Taking the time to carefully
assess the needs of each client
allows him to individually tailor a
treatment plan for every patient
to produce the best version of
otox, to soften lines and
uvaderm and Restylane
dermal fillers, to treat nose
to mouth lines and folds and
correct volume loss in the
– Lip enhancement is carried
out in a subtle way to recreate
fuller, natural looking lips.
– Dermaroller, to refresh and rejuvenate the skin
– Excess underarm sweating is treated with Botox with results lasting several
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
if you are over 30 years, have age spots, acne scaring, pigmentation, sun
damage or surface vascular veins (thread veins).
Single age spots Cost: £25.00
Single session full face Cost: £55.00
Course of 6 full face Cost: £300.00
IPL permanent hair reduction
IPL hair removal technology provides a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is used
to eliminate the full range of unwanted hair. Bursts of intense light energy and heat
reduce the hair follicle, causing the treated hair to fall the result is permanent hair
reduction. No more waxing, electrolysis or shaving.
This treatment can be used on all areas of the body, legs, back, chest, bikini,
underarm and face. Don’t waste time come in for a complementary
consultation today.
Be hair free and confident with IPL
Price reference guide
Patch Test
Small Area e.g. Underarm, upper lip
Medium Area e.g Bikini, ½ arm
Large Area eg. Legs, back
Cost: £30 per treatment
Cost: £50 per treatment
Cost: £99 per treatment
Cost: £150 per treatment
All prices are subject to consultation by a trained Chromogenex
specialist. We recommend a course of treatments to gain the best
Urban Spa Stortford
Specialist Treatments
*We highly recommend all of the following treatments as they are the perfect anti-ageing remedy.
Breathe new life into dull, tired, wrinkled skin. A deep penetration of specially
formulated serum combined with a jet of pure oxygen hydrates and plumps out fine
facial lines and wrinkles, immediately improving your skin tone. This facial is also
effective on acne and problematic skin due to the potent anti-bacterial ingredients in
the serum.
“Gives a youthful brighter glow to your skin”
Oxygen single treatment
Duration: 45 mins Cost: £65
Course of 6 Oxygen therapy facials
Cost: £312
Deluxe Oxygen therapy & Microdermabrasion treatment
Duration: 1 hr 20 mins Cost: £85
CACI, non-surgical face lifting treatment is one of the most advanced systems
available. A completely safe and painless treatment for the face which works by
re-educating, toning and firming muscles to soften fine lines and wrinkles to give the
face a younger, fresher look.
We use 100% pure collagen buds with this treatment.
Single session
Eye Treatment
Crystal clear microdermabrasion is a safe method of skin resurfacing by gently
exfoliating the outer layers of the skin, giving immediate and visible results for ageing,
skin pigmentation and problematic skin types and so much more. We recommend
you have the firming mask with the crystal clear treatment as this will sooth, firm and
revitalise your skin.
Single treatment without mask
Duration: 30 mins Cost: £42
Upgrade your Crystal Clear with a lifting and firming mask Cost: £15
Course of 10 Crystal Clear treatments without mask
Course of 10 Crystal Clear treatments with lifting mask
Price includes the following services as our gift to you:
– Complimentary Lifting mask
– £20 voucher for hair services at Elements Hair & Lifestyle
These must be taken within the year of booking your course.
Cost: £380
Cost: £480
Celebrities who regularly use CACI include: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Linda
Evangelista, Kim Basinger, Sir Cliff Richard, Barbara Windsor and Piers
Course of 10 CACI Facial Treatments
Course of 10 CACI Deluxe Facials
Price includes the following services as our gift to you:
– Complimentary Multivitamin Mask
– Complimentary Jowl Lift
These must be taken within the year of booking your course.
Cost: £470
Cost: £600
Upgrade your CACI with
Jowl Lift Multivitamin Mask Courses of 3 and 6 are also available.
For more information please contact the spa.
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Duration: 1 hr Cost: £50
Duration: 30 mins Cost: £30
Cost: £15.00
Cost: £15.00
Super CACI
Duration: 1 hr 15 min Cost: £60
Perfect if you have not had maintenance for 6-8 weeks. The super CACI is more
intensive and gives you an amazing boost to get you back on track.
Urban Spa Stortford
Finishing Touches
Essential Manicure 16
Duration: 30 mins Cost: £40
Includes shape, cuticle tidy, exfoliation, hand massage followed by an application of
your chosen colour.
Reshape & varnish
Duration: 15 mins Cost: £17
Nail tidy and application of your chosen colour.
Essential Pedicure Duration: 45 mins Cost: £38
Includes nail tidy, removal of hard skin, exfoliating scrub, foot soak, cuticle tidy feet
and leg massage followed by an application of your chosen colour.
Upgrade your pedicure
Micro Pedi – Removes hard and cracked skin OPI foot mask – hydrates and nourishes the feet Cost: £5
Cost: £7
Hands or Toes Duration: 25 mins Cost: £30
What’s a Minx?
An application of foil wraps to the nail for an individual look and finish. Available in
patterned and metallic finishes.
St Tropez
A sun kissed glow all year round with a St Tropez Spray Tan. This quick application
of the Ultimate St Tropez tan, takes around 15mins. We recommend you exfoliate at
home or UPGRADE and add on a body polish prior to your tanning experience.
A patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to treatment being carried out.
Half Body Full Body Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Cost: £16
Cost: £27
Urban Spa Stortford
Finishing Touches
Make-up Application Cost from: £35
Look and feel amazing for any occasion! Our therapists can create the perfect look for
you to compliment your personality, character and natural beauty.
*Highly Recommended Make-up Lesson Cost from: £45
Let us help you to understand everything you need to know about make-up, from
application of colours, skin tone and essential tips, this is a must for everyone!
Hollywood Semi-permanent Lash Extensions
Cost: £85
The individual lashes are applied to your own, to give you fabulous wink appeal adding
volume, length and enhance the eye shape.
Maintenance 2 weeks
Maintenance 3 weeks
Cost from: £20
Cost from: £30
Enjoy a complimentary Beautiful Brow application to instantly shape, enhance and
transform your brows.
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Ruth Kane
Semi permanent make up Specialist
Ruth Kane is fully qualified with Finishing Touches in both Cosmetic, Medical Tattooing
and Tattoo Removal. Ruth has worked at Urban Spa for over 4 years as well as Harley
Street in London and hospitals nationwide.
Semi permanent make up has fast become an established beauty procedure. It offers
natural enhancement and gives definition and shape to your features with the freedom
from applying make up daily.
Clients who would benefit include:- Daily wearers of make up, Allergy sufferers,
athletes/trainers/swimmers, Alopecia and Chemotherapy patients, People with
impaired vision and disabled people who have trouble applying make up.
For a personal consultation, please contact the Spa.
Urban Spa Stortford
The Essentials
All of our leg waxing includes skin brushing to exfoliate and prepare the
skin prior to waxing.
Hot Wax
Strip Wax
Full leg & bikini -
Full leg
- £25£21£19
½ leg
£21 £19 £17
½ leg & bikini
- £28£26£24
Full arm
½ arm
- £15£13£11
Under arm
£16£11 £9 £7
£22£14 £12 £10
Brazilian (landing strip)
£35£25 £22 N/A
Hollywood (dare to bare)
£40£30 £26 N/A
Upper lip
- £11£10 £8
Lip & chin -
£15 £13 £11
Eyebrow shape -
£12 £11
*Highly Recommended See Specialist Section for Permanent Hair
Reduction using IPL on Page 14.
Taster Menu
Why not enjoy and treat yourself to one of these essential taster treatments.
See page 15 for full treatment.
TWINKLE EYES – High Definition Eyes
Eyelash Tint
£15 £13.50£10.50
Eyebrow tint
£10 £9 £8
Eyelash & Eyebrow tint £21.50£20 £18
Eyebrow shape & Eyelash tint £25 £23 £20
Crystal Clear Oxygen taster Treatment Duration: 15 mins Cost: £20
Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Taster treatment Duration: 15 mins Cost: £20
CACI non surgical face lift taster treatment Duration: 15 mins Cost: £20
Eyelash perming – on request
A skin test is required at least 48 hours prior to any tinting treatments being
carried out.
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Urban Spa Stortford
Hair & Lifestyle
Experience something special,
something different, something unique.
At elements, our passion for hair and commitment to our education
programme ensures you have a personalised, precision hair cut along with
a catwalk quality finish. This means to you, our guest, that you can relax
safe in the knowledge that you are in the hands of experts giving you a
style that perfectly suits your lifestyle and personality
We are specialists in all aspects of colouring, working with Loreal
professional Inoa & Majirel colour, enabling us to offer you the best
possible results We also offer a range of specialist services using only
professional products which include Kerastase treatments to leave your
hair nourished and revitalized, cold fusion bond hair extensions, that
create length, fullness & volume. Kebelo Brazilian blow dry which gives
you shiny, conditioned, frizz free hair that lasts up to 100 days.
These along with our other unique services including, wedding hair,
professional hair care advice and our exclusive Crystal Club for 1316 year olds ensures that we really do offer you something special,
something different & something unique!
Experience us for yourself!
elements Hair & Lifestyle, 28 South Street,
Bishop’s Stortford, Herts, CM23 3AT
Reservations: 01279 505151 / 506010
elements stortford
Important Information & Spa Etiquette
Spa Etiquette
We kindly ask you to respect all spa guest’s right to peace and quiet. Mobile phones must be switched off at all times and smoking is not
permitted. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of your spa experience, please inform us so we have the opportunity to rectify and resolve any
situation that may arise. Children are not permitted in the treatment rooms or relaxtion area.
When should i arrive for my treatment?
For facial, signature, and body treatments please arrive
15 minutes prior to your treatment, to prepare for your
experience and enjoy our complimentary refreshments.
What if i have a health concern?
Please inform the front of house team when booking your
What happens if i am late for my appointment?
Arriving late for your appointment time may result in your
treatment being cut short, as timings for subsequent
clients have to be maintained.
A deposit is required for any treatment that exceeds one
hour to guarantee your appointment.
Gift vouchers
Gift vouchers are available for all treatments and services.
They are an ideal gift and are valid for 12 months from
date of purchase. Cannot be refunded or replaced if lost
or stolen.
Courses are valid for 12 months from date of purchase
and treatment can only be carried out on production of
the course card or voucher.
To continue your facial and body care programme
at home all products used during your treatment are
available from our spa shop. Please ensure you receive
your personal homecare prescription.
Cancellation of appointments
All cancellations made without 24 hours notice will incur
100% cancellation charge. A credit card is required to
guarantee all spa bookings.
What does M, S and T stand for?
The price structure indicates the experience a therapists
has within there profession, as well as reflecting their
individual ongoing training and education programme.
Loss or Damage
We regret that we cannot be held responsible for any loss
or damage of your belongings when you visit the spa.
The letters relate to SP = specialist, M = manager,
S = senior therapist, T = therapist.
Mobile phones and children
We respectfully ask that children under the age of 12
do not enter the spa area. This is for health and safety
reasons and to respect other guests. We also ask that all
mobile phones are turned off during your visit.
“Beauty is ageless”
Dr Erno Laszlo
“Relax, you are
beautiful and everyone
wants some of that
beauty” Julie Metz
“The human body is
the best work of art”
Jess. C Scott
“One is never over
dressed or under
dressed with a little
black dress” Karl Lagerfeld
Treatment timings
The duration of all facial and body treatment services
include the consultation in the timings.
All prices are correct at time of print and could
be subject to change without prior notice.
Monday: 9am-7pm • Tuesday: 9am-8pm • Wednesday: 9am-8pm • Thursday: 9am-8pm • Friday: 9am-6pm • Saturday: 8.30am-5pm
Urban Spa, 5 Devoils Lane, Bishops Stortford, Herts CM23 3XH
For any queries: [email protected] online bookings available
Appointments 01279 465333 / 01279 465666
Urban Spa Stortford