Project HYDRA



Project HYDRA
Case Study
World first, high
speed 4G mobile
network for UK’s
emergency services
Quality. Flexibility.
The Challenge
For first responders and those working in the emergency services, access
to secure high speed mobile broadband is critical. 4G connectivity allows
staff to access the communication tools they require to deal with emergency
situations. The UK’s emergency services selected 4G as their preferred
network for the medium term, although 4G coverage and capacity limitations
remain an issue to the sector.
Region: UK
Deliverables: High speed, secure
4G mobile network for the
emergency services
The Solution
To address the challenges posed by coverage limitations, Project HYDRA set out to develop a unique communications
capability for emergency services operations. HYDRA provides a private high speed 4G overlay network anywhere in the
UK, alongside backward compatibility with 2G and 3G devices. As a completely transportable network, it can be rapidly
deployed wherever an incident takes place.
The solution provides a complete small cell network that can operate in both standalone (private) or interconnected
(roaming) modes. It has a range of up to 2km and can securely transmit data, make calls without interference and even
locate disaster victims using the signal from their mobile phones. Avanti’s high speed Ka-band satellite service delivers
end-users up to 60Mbps download and 20Mbps upload speeds.
The Results
Project HYDRA is a true first: a hybrid of the latest technology in software and hardware combined, bringing together
the ubiquitous coverage of Ka-band satellite with the latest innovations in small cell technology. The technology is highly
transportable and quickly deployable, both of which are vital criteria for critical situations emergency services find themselves
in on a daily basis.
How it Works
Operations Centre
Data Breakout
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Ground Station
Data Capture
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