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Haul Master - Prairie Sky Equipment Ltd.
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The simple electronic control of the hydraulic system works
automatically In either forward or reverse when set to the
mode of action you desire. When activated the system
matches ground speed from the tractors radar to
maintain control.
The amount of power applied is controlled by the operator
using the dial on the screen. Hit the boost button to
instantly apply 100% power to the system to get through
those tough spots.
Automatic disengagement: When the system is
deactivated, or ground speed exceeds 8mph, the system
seamlessly switches to freewheeling mode automatically
protecting the system from any possible damage.
· Forward/Neutral/Reverse
· Activate or deactivate auger option
inside cab with electric solenoid
· RPM indicator
· Wheel speed indicator
· Pressure gauge
· Temperature sensor
Power unit:
The system is powered by the electronically controlled axial
pump that is capable to transmit up to 117 gallons per
minute of flow and operates at 6000 PSI, far more than
any tractor hydraulic system. The electronically controlled
transfer case allows the operator to independently control
the auger and power tracks.
Where the muscle meets the dirt. The four rear wheels are
equipped with radial piston hydraulic wheel assist motors.
All together they are capable of transferring up to 250 Hp
to the tracks providing a superior tractive effort.
Power Unit:
PTO driven
· Hydraulic motors integrated into
Saur Danfoss Axial Piston Pump
rear hubs of Elmer's track
117 GPM
Connected to three-way gearbox · Max speed of 8MPH
so auger can still be used with
· Elmer's hydraulic tensioning system
power tracks
allows for use of drive system
· Designed to be a hydrostatic assist
during applications where wheel
slip is an issue
How to Use
Engage PTO
Switch mode on indicator from freewheel to active
Select either forward or reverse
Increase or decrease hydraulic pressure by turning
knob on indicator to increase or decrease
speed respectively