CoolerEmail Brochure


CoolerEmail Brochure
CoolerEmail is proud to offer you the deepest and most powerful
feature set available anywhere. There is no other Company
that can offer you as many features as CoolerEmail for such
an affordable price. This, combined with our fanatical customer
support, will provide you a significant competitive advantage in
your email marketing efforts---guaranteed.
One-to-One Personalization
CoolerEmail is the leading email marketing solution partly
because we greatly enhance your ability to match customer
profile information with targeted, relevant content.
CoolerEmail is the most effective and affordable
way for businesses to communicate with their
existing customers as well as desired prospects.
Never before have businesses been able to
send such compelling and targeted messages
Integrated Contact Manager
CoolerEmail’s integrated contact manager allows businesses to
control the process of customizing and delivering email precisely
to a customer’s profile and preferences. For sophisticated online
direct marketers who want to build relationships with customers
online, CoolerEmail is the industry’s most comprehensive email
marketing solution, giving marketers all the tools needed to
quickly plan, execute, measure and optimize highly personalized
permission-based campaigns.
at such affordable prices. CoolerEmail is a fast
Send to a Friend
If you are interested in growing your email list, you should
consider taking advantage of CoolerEmail’s “send-to-a-friend”
feature. This is a powerful feature which enables your recipients
to forward your message on to their friends and enables the
friends to opt-in to your list.
per hour for your campaign.
and powerful system that allows you to BUILD,
SEND and TRACK “cooler” emails. CoolerEmail
provides all of the tools – you just type in your
message! We can handle your email lists - our
system can send out over 1 million messages
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Unlimited Trackable Links
Intelligent charts and graphs assist in determining what
information is most popular with your readers. Reports for each of
links is available in summary form and detailed form (you can see
in “real-time” which recipients clicked on which links).
Create professional-looking surveys using CoolerSurveys™ and
watch the results filter in as your campaign evolves.
Rich Media
CoolerEmail opt-in e-mail campaigns seamlessly incorporate
Flash, Windows Media Player, RealNetworks, and Quicktime
technology to deliver a rich media experience to online
CoolerTracks™ is CoolerEmail’s proprietary technology that
provides data as to WHICH people visit a web page, WHICH
people click on a particular link and WHICH people abandoned
their shopping cart.
249 South Highway 101, Suite 525
Solana Beach, CA 92075
San Diego • Portland • Dallas • New York
List Upload
Real-Time Statistics
To build professional-looking HTML emails using
With “one click” you can upload your entire
“Live Reporting”, real-time charts and statistics
our templates, simply type your message into the
customer list into your protected section of the
confirm the success of your campaign in real-
CoolerEmail template of your choice or “cut and
CoolerEmail secure database
time. You can view data in summary format or, if
paste” from any word processing program. After
you would like, you can drill down into the data to
your message is complete, with “one-click” you
List Subscription
see exactly who is reading and clicking on your
can add your company’s banner and any images
You can also easily “grow” your customer list by
messages and who has unsubscribed from your
or logos you would like included. You can select
simply collecting email addresses and names from
mailing list.
the colors for your message (background color,
people who visit your website.
font color, link color) as well as your “layout” (one
column, two column, three column) at any time!
List Management
In addition to giving you all of the tools to manage
You can also upload your own HTML files, and
your email list, we “de-duplicate” your entire list (so
even generate CoolerEmails from pages already
you never email someone twice during the same
on the web.
campaign) and automatically clean your list of
“bounced” emails.
Full service managed
If you would like to contract the project out, one of
We can handle your lists – able to send out over 1
our full-service managed account specialists can
million messages per hour for your campaign
assist you. They are experts at creating compelling
messages at an affordable price.
Just a few of the graphs,
charts, statistics and other
Graphically rich email
tracking features available
samples from past
from CoolerEmail.
successful campaigns.

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