Fibromyalgia action Guide Stop Pain Eliminate Fibromyalgia



Fibromyalgia action Guide Stop Pain Eliminate Fibromyalgia
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
The Total Wellness Doc
A Wholistic Approach to Wellness
Fibromyalgia action Guide
Stop Pain
Eliminate Fibromyalgia
by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
The Total Wellnes Doc
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Table of Contents
What is Fibromyalgia, the Cost, the Symptoms, and Sleep........... 1
My story................................................................................................... 1
What is the Cost of Fibromyalgia........................................................... 3
Fibromyalgia Symptoms........................................................................... 3
Simple Sleep Solutions............................................................................. 8
Toxicity, Adrenal Exhaustion, and Blood Sugar......................................13
Toxicity................................................................................................... 13
Adrenal Fatigue or Exhaustion............................................................. 18
Blood Sugar........................................................................................... 21
Water, Food: To Eat, Not Eat, and Allergies.............................................25
Water...................................................................................................... 26
Foods You are Eating............................................................................. 27
Foods to Avoid....................................................................................... 33
Foods to Add.......................................................................................... 35
Pain.............................................................................................................. 37
Appenices.................................................................................................... 46
Fybromyalgia Drugs
Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
What is Fibromyalgia, the Cost, the Symptoms, and Sleep
My Story
My name is Dr. Mary Starr Carter, and my story really started many,
many years ago, but a little over 12 years ago I had been working in
the health care field, but not the healthy care field.
Thirteen years ago I struggled so badly with my health in terms of
allergies, insomnia, headaches, and sinus issues. I couldn’t go to a
hair salon or be around any chemicals without getting a headache.
Then I started taking these antihistamines – maybe you remember
Sudafed – to the point where I would use it like a cup of coffee. I was
like, “Wow, this really perks me up!”
One day when taking Sudafed and my heart literally felt like it was
beating out of my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack, and
learned that there are side effects for over-the-counter medications.
That is when the door that opened into natural health for me. I
went on to chiropractic school and got some relief, but I really
struggled with sinus issues, insomnia, and headaches. Then another
door opened for me to study nutrition, and my life has so radically
changed. It’s been 2001 since I’ve had to take any form of medication, prescription or over-the-counter, even an aspirin.
In 2010 I had my first child at the age of 35. As a wellness coach for
over a decade I thought I had this in the bag – taking all my nutrition
and I was supposed to be healthy. I thought I had it down.
Feeling good, I just kept kind of pushing myself. I kept working like
I normally worked. My midwife continued and my husband said I
needed to rest, but I continued to travel and speak.
Then right around my due date my labor began, and my labor lasted
four days. In those four days I didn’t sleep more than 5 minutes every
20 minutes. I see why people who don’t sleep – it was just awful.
My son and was healthy, but I hemorrhaged. I think I kind of strongarmed my midwife into letting me leave within the 24 hours. I
remember getting home, and my neighbor saying, “You looked green
when you got home.”
The next events are kind of blurry, and I started to refuse help. “I
could do it.” I stayed up all night with my son when I really should
Dr. Mary Starr ParmleyCarter
Dr. Mary Starr Carter has
assisted more than 4000 clients in over 6 countries.
Known as the “Total Wellness
Doc” her wholistic approach
helps the entire family physically, emotionally, spiritually
and financially. With a specialty of helping difficult cases
like Fibromyalgia clients she
is known to “find the missing
piece of the puzzle”.
Clients state that not only does
her teaching and coaching help
them get on the road to recovery, saving them thousands of
dollars, but many feel empowered again and no longer hopeless.
Initially Dr. Starr was trained
as a non-traditional Chiropractor and then went on to study
with some of the worlds foremost leaders in natural medicine. Her clients love her caring
and warm personality and her
teaching an coaching style is a
simple step by step solutions
anyone can do.
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Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
The Side Bars Have:
Supplemental Information
Key tips
Place for Notes
have been sleeping and should have been resting.
Within a few days I literally lost my mind. I wasn’t producing more
than a few ounces of milk breast feeding, I had never ever been in
that place, and I really don’t wish it on anyone. It was awful.
Any of you who are familiar with aroma therapy, I thank my mom
and Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils. My mom
brought me this little sample of JOY OIL and had it on a cotton ball
and put it in my pajama top pocket, and I would just smell that.
Probably around the third round of smelling, something kind of
clicked back in my brain. Although I didn’t recover overnight, I felt
that I was kind of getting my bearings back with that aroma therapy.
It was very, very significant.
I reached out and started to get some help with my son, my home,
and to this day I’m extremely grateful for the women who stepped
in for my rescue and still help to support me every day.
In about five months I regained some of my strength and endurance, and with some solutions that I’m going to talk to you about.
I’m going to share with you how I went from that place of losing my
mind, of total fatigue for months on end, which is normally called
post-partum, it’s not.
I’m going to share with you some reasons why you might be struggling with fatigue as well.
I say that it was a blessing from God, because that really drew me
into the topic of fibromyalgia. I believe through education we can
find solutions for our health that many times we can do ourselves,
in our own homes.
Why Study Fibromyalgia
In my natural health care profession I began seeing clients who were
quite chronically sick with a condition called fibromyalgia. In many
cases the women were also diagnosed with other conditions - maybe
rheumatoid arthritis or depression.
In 2003, almost all the women who came to my office who had this
condition were medicated on anti-depressants to give them mild
relief for the day, for the week, and even some had long-term results.
In 2005, I traveled and taught natural health in the United States
and Canada and I started training with some of the world’s lead-
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
ing experts in nutrition, health, and different therapeutic healing
techniques. It was there that I saw hundreds of women and men
suffering with the condition of fibromyalgia.
The last piece of this challenging health condition called fibromyalgia
together from 2005 through 2010.
What is the Cost of Fibromyalgia
Some of you know very well what it is, but maybe some of you
have heard about it, but may not have an idea the seriousess of
In the United States it’s estimated that fibromyalgia affects 2% of the
population, and 90% of them are women. I believe from what I’ve
seen with my clients that many who also have the symptomatology
of fibromyalgia, but have not been diagnosed with it.
It costs our society about $20 billion a year, and the average out-ofpocket expense per year per person is $2,274. That’s a lot of money.
Almost all clinically treated fibromyalgia persons are medicated,
which means they’re on at least one, and most that I see are probably on a dozen medications.
26% of those suffering receive some form of disability, meaning their
condition is so debilitating in their life that they cannot work. I have
met people in different stages of recovery who had lived on their
couch for years at a time.
Some people go to work, but they just can’t get through eight hours.
they’re back in bed after work and they might have to take four or
five different medications for constant pain. Some of our clients say.
“It was so painful that my children couldn’t even hug me.”
“I would forget days at a time.”
The medications can make you so foggy that you literally forget days
at a time. People who have had recovery look back and really believe
that fibromyalgia, led to issues with their marriage and children.
The quality of life for a person with fibromyalgia in the traditional
medical model is very poor.
Fibromyalgia Symptoms
What does an average person with fibromyalgia have going on with
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
1. Pain
‰‰ joint stiffness
‰‰ pain in 18 trigger points
‰‰ increased sensitivity over
The #1 symptom is pain and joint stiffness. In fact, there’s 18 classic
trigger points, on the body that tend to be very painful. If I were to
press them on a fibromyalgia client they might go through the roof.
There are also stages. For example, when I start seeing a client who’s
going through a time where their body is becoming more and more
sensitive to pain, they feel like their muscles or trigger points are
just constant, and I know that we immediately have to do something
before it gets worse.
2.Sleep Disturbance
‰‰ sleep interuptions
‰‰ no deep sleep
3. Fatigue:
‰‰ low enery level
‰‰ need to rest after activity
4. Other digestive and
immune disorders:
‰‰ Crohn’s disease, which is
a digestive disease,
‰‰ irritable bowel syndrome,
‰‰ lupus,
‰‰ rheumatoid,
‰‰ allergies,
‰‰ asthma, and
‰‰ diverticulitis.
5. Bladder dysfunction
6. Depression and anxiet y
Sleep disturbances
In sleep studies, fibromyalgia sufferers rarely get into the deepest
part of the sleep cycle where the body repairs and heals itself. My
sister-in-law works in a sleep clinic for 15 or 20 years, and staff would
bet and say, “I bet she’s not going to go to this stage of sleep.”
Since my sister-in-law’s been working there, every single time, every
fibromyalgia client they see doesn’t get that sleep, a key to the puzzle
that we’ll be sharing a little later.
The fatigue can be so debilitating. I’ve seen clients who walk up the
stairs and they have to take a nap afterwards because their body is
just completely exhausted and tired. Or they spend the whole day
with this level of energy that’s about a 3.
This can be so debilitating that many clients are exhausted by simply
a chore of washing the dishes or putting away clothes and going up
the stairs, fatigue and energy.
Digestive and immune disorders
A lot of times someone with fibromyalgia, also has a correlation with
other digestive and immune disorders; the list is long.
Bladder dysfunction
It’s quite common that some form of various bladder dysfunctions,
whether it’s a very irritated bladder or chronic kidney or bladder
infections, probably in about 40% of the clients that I saw.
Depression and anxiety
Most sufferers of fibromyalgia struggle with or are medicated for
depression or anxiety.
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
Multiple Layers
Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Gosh, Dr. Mary, I have
almost all those!” Well, that’s not to say you have this condition.
I do know that conditions or “dis-ease” are very multi-layered. The
cause of fibromyalgia for one woman or man may be different than
four someone else. In treating something like fibromyalgia we really
have to look at multiple layer.
If you struggle with your weight, pain, and fibromyalgia and cannot
get a consecutive four hours of restorative sleep, your body cannot
heal, get out of pain, and most likely you are going to struggle to lose
weight. There’s a lot of dynamics to sleep, including snoring. Maybe
we’re keeping ourselves from not being able to get into deep sleep.
A simple thing like a B or D vitamin deficiency could be the cause
of why you’re craving chocolate and have no energy. In fact I had
a client tell me she shared that one tip the next day and her friend
said, “I can’t believe it. I’m feeling better. I have more energy and not
feeling fatigued. Could it work this quick?” Absolutely.
Again, with a condition like fibromyalgia, many times we have to
kind of peel the onion back – 1, 2, 3 – but with fibromyalgia many
times too there’s a root.
Survey Results
You’re probably thinking right now, “Well great, how does someone
actually come down with it? It’s not like a cold. What really is this
all about?”
You can take the survey located in the side bar.
Question 1: For someone suffering with fibromyalgia, what’s the
most important thing for you?
We found that over 60% of you said all of the above. Maybe you can
get to sleep but you can’t stay asleep. You sleep 8 or 9 hours but
you’re never refreshed, and there’s reasons for that.
Question 2: What part of lack of energy do you struggle with?:
Only about 10% said they couldn’t get going in the morning, 20%
said you’re tired in the afternoon, and almost half said, “Some days
I have energy and some days I don’t,” which is very classic for someone with fibromyalgia.
The dynamic so challenging for family members, is to understand that
What is the most important for
‰‰ Getting to sleep
‰‰ Staying asleep,
‰‰ Waking up refreshed, or
‰‰ All of the above
What part of energy do you
struggle with?
‰‰ Can’t get going in the
‰‰ Tired in the afternoon,
‰‰ Some days I have engery,
others I don’t, or
‰‰ All of the above
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
just because someone with fibromyalgia has a few days of feeling
good, doesn’t mean that the body is completely recovered.
What types of pain do you
struggle with?
‰‰ Headaches and migrains
‰‰ Joint stiffness,
‰‰ Achey body,
‰‰ Hurts to move or even be
I absolutely feel that people can be recovered, but there are specific
steps. I can share stories of others, but we can’t diagnose and prescribe; if you have a serious issue, if you have a lot of medications,
you have to work with your doctor. We absolutely don’t tell anyone
to get off their medications without working with your health care
professional on that.
Question 3: What part of lack of energy do you struggle with?
How often are you sick?
‰‰ Several times a year,
‰‰ More than six times a year,
‰‰ Have systemic immune disorder, or
‰‰ Struggle with allergies.
When did stressors occur in
your life?
‰‰ More than a month at a
‰‰ More than 21 days,
‰‰ Trauma - divorce, lost of
loved one, abuse, or
‰‰ High level stress
Almost 50% of you said some days you have energy, some days you
don’t; and about 30% said you’re tired all the time.
Question 4: How about pain? Pain is an awful thing with someone
who has fibromyalgia. Headaches and migraines are very, very
43.8% of you said you struggle with headaches and migraine, 80%
of you have joint stiffness, 75% have an achey body, and50% said it
hurts to move or even be touched.
There are people that don’t have fibromyalgia but struggle with back
pain; encourage them to listen so they can get some solutions for
their health. They don’t have to live on pain medication or in pain
the rest of their life. I’m telling you, I’ve seen it.
Question 5: How often are you sick with a cold or sinus issues?
“I’m sick with a cold or sinus stuff several times a year,” which 50%
of you were. “More than six times a year,” almost 10% of the people
who filled out this who have fibromyalgia are sick with cold or sinus
more than six times a year.
25% of the people who filled out our survey again have an immune
system disorder and 51.3% struggle with allergies.
I really feel if you’re listening to this and you’re a health care professional or you’re someone who’s on the road to health, that these
are key clues to how to get better.
Question #6 When did stressor occur in your life?
I can say in almost all cases that I’ve seen, there usually is some kind
of stressor that happened in their life that’s occurred for more than
a month at a time, usually more than 21 days, where they’re under
this high, high stress.
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
Maybe they suffered an extreme trauma, divorce,loss of loved one,
sexual or physical abuse, or they’re living through abuse of a parent.
Effects of Roots Over Time
When abuse happens in a child, we sometimes don’t see the result
till later in life – 30, 40, or even 50 years old.It starts on the emotional
level, but physiological sequence starts to happen:
• B vitamins start becoming depleted
• memory gets distorted
• Depression will come in become of the lack of B vitamins
So later at 30, 40, or 50, someone can very easily fall into fibromyalgia-type symptoms rooted years ago.
When major financial changes started to happen a few years ago,
where people lost huge savings, retirement plans, and money worked
for over a whole lifetime was lost or reduced. We’re seeing, particularly in women,we now see the cycle of migraines, pain in the body,
aches all over, rheumatoid – the slide into fibromyalgia.
In terms of emotional health, there can be some key roots from
early on or throughout your life like divorce or post-traumatic stress
disorder, where the whole family is really emotionally traumatized
to the point where they’re falling into cycles of what I would call
fibromyalgia, as well as
• not being able to drive,
• anxiety
• depression, and
• being medicated.
We’re going to give you some step-by-step action guides to go
through and stop some of these conditions.
Can This Help Me?
I just want to remind everyone that if you’re thinking right now,
“Well, I have something called reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD).”
“Well, this isn’t going to help me,”
I’m going to tell you different. The information and stories you’re
going to hear can change things for you.
Again, we don’t want to make claims and say it’s absolutely 100% this
or 100% that, but if you follow the simple step-by-step directions,
you will se e results.
The natural health community and producers are a very small in
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
”Before recovering from fibromyalgia, it just stunk being a
mom day after day, year after
year, telling your kids you can’t
play with them.“ Tiffany
“Other people’s fingers felt like
Edward Scissorshands on my
body. I felt like a prisoner on my
own body. It was just horrible.”
one mom
terms of money spent compared to big pharmacuitical companies.
Just about every other TV commercial is about this or that drug, and
then at the very end you’ll hear, “May cause diarrhea, depression,
and death.”
Seven years ago I started studying with Dr. Ann Blake Tracy who has
testified in many of the top drug-related murder suicides. Her books
and training will really open your eyes to what is going on.
Many medical doctors just don’t have the information, so almost
every single woman who walked in my office was medicated on
anti-depressants, but the root of their problems were
• nutritionally,
• homonally, and
• emotionally
based roots that had not dealt with.
Now we’re finding slowly but surely some medical professionals
are looking into the roots. They’re now seeing hope, where before
they weren’t.
If Ara, who the doctors said they had only seen one or two people
with cases as severe as hers, can get relief and can be in recovery,
so can you. There is hope. There absolutely is hope.
“Given the culture we live in, and the fact that big pharma ads make
up every other ad on TV, who wouldn’t want to take a pill in hopes
of it working. Nearly 13 years ago my fibro[myalgia] was so bad I
was on a 100 mg patch of Fentanyl, 8 Oxycodones a day, and then
they put me on Lyrica. That was the final straw. The Lyrica made
me crazy. The narcotics had me in a stupor.
I threw out the Lyrica and weaned myself off the rest in a months’
time. I’ve never looked back. Several years later I was introduced
to some natural health and I have a rare occasional flare-up now,
but when I was diagnosed they said they’d only seen one or two
people with a case so severe as mine.
I started studying natural medicine, so when the Lyrica made me
crazy my mind remembered that there was something better.”
Then she says here, ‘I did not know that it was going to turn out so
good.’” Ara Calberg
Simple Sleep Solutions
I want to give you just one or maybe a couple solutions that can help
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
so you do not have to be dependent on pharmaceuticals, or over-thecounter products to get to sleep, and help you not to wake up foggy
in the morning, not remembering where you put things - something
to help you without the side effects - called therapeutic essential oils.
What is a therapeutic essential oil? If you’ve ever had a plant, like
an aloe plant, and you tore the leaf, inside is that kind of gel or
juice. What that is is the blood of the plant really. It’s where all the
enzymes, the nutrients, the minerals, and the vitamins are that are
specific for healing.
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
For Sleep
Lavender Essential Oil
Now, what’s happened throughout the years is many people just
think of essential oils as aroma therapy, just smell. In fact, smell goes
directly to the portion of the brain that is for memory, for emotion,
for relaxation. So when you smell a smell, it really can help you.
Maybe you’re out there listening and are saying, “I cannot stand
smells. I get a headache immediately with any perfume or anything,”
and yes, you are correct. But what you’re talking about is alcohol
toxic perfume. What we’re talking about is nature-made.
Tranquil Oil
“Well, I’m allergic to flowers. I’m allergic to all this.” Yes, that is true,
but it has to be a protein base for you to have an allergy attack like
that but theraputic oils like Young Living Essential Oils are made in
a way that makes a pure distillation.
General Sleep
For example, over 500 pounds of lavender to get just a few liters of
pure lavender oil. Pure therapeutic lavendula augustifolia, has been
studied by Wake Forest University and they found that this Young
Living’s Lavender Essential Oil is just as effective, if not more effective than the leading sleep medication that is not going to make you
groggy or pass out after you take it.
Take a drop or two of your lavender oil, put it on your feet
Mental Fogginess
Many of you struggle with mental fogginess; maybe you just can’t
shut off your brain, or everything’s spinning for you sometimes.
Young Living has a very simple solution for you called Tranquil Oilt
it in a nice roll-on, so you can just roll it on your temples, smell it,
put it under your nose, put it on the back of your neck, or put it on
your feet even.
lavender, cedarwood, and
Chamomile helps to calm the
body and put it in a parasympathetic state, or calms the
Cedarwood oxygenates the
brain to help to heal it and
calm you.
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Mental Fogginess
Tranquil Oil
Kim’s Story
You are medicated right now and want a solution to help you slowly
wean off of that. Again, I cannot be the one who does that for you,
you need to work with your doctor, but let me share with you Kim
Smith’s story.
Kim was on several medications to help her sleep. In fact, she had a
very challenging thing that was going on in her life, and she shares
publicly this story, in that she just could not sleep. She had a lot of
these fibromyalgia type symptoms.
For Staying Asleep
Staying asleep
If you really struggle with staying asleep and nothing works for you
except these heavy-duty drugs, look into a Young Living essential
oil called RutaVala, which will help the worst sleep cases as well as
those who might be peri- or post-menopausal and struggling with
sleep now. You can apply
• on your ears,
• on your feet,
• take it internally,
but the oil is very, very good to just get you to sleep as well.
Young Living does have two products that are very good to use for
sleep. On is called Sleep Essence, which helps to put you in a deep
sleep. Similar to the RutaVala, has something called melatonin in it,
which helps the body sleep and helps the body regenerate as well.
For Deep Sleep
Sleep Essence
I don’t recommend that someone use this every single night or for
long periods or months at a time. Using any product with melatonin
in it, in the morning you want to make sure that you turn on the
light and look at the sun, not stare, within 20-30 minutes of waking
to shut off the cycle.
“Coming down with something”
Another product if you feel like you’re getting sick quite a lot, and
getting run down, is called Immune Pro. It has high anti-oxidants
and anti-cancer products like certain mushrooms. I find it’s very, very
effective to knock out anything if I feel like I’m coming down with
something. It’s called Immune Pro and I’ll chew one, or even two and
get an amazing night’s sleep, but wake up and feeling very refreshed.
That Immune Pro also has melatonin in it. Again, it’s not something
you’re supposed to use all the time, but if you’re struggling with
fibromyalgia I would not use that for more than 20 days at time.
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
Then give your body a rest for a week or three weeks rest, or use
as needed.
Eating before sleep
There are a couple last factors that we do want to share. One is your
eating patterns, we’re going to get into eating for fibromyalgia a little
bit later, but it’s really important in the night time to be careful.
Sick and Run Down
Immune Pro
Many times we say, “Well, I’m not going to have the ice cream,” which
of course is not good for sleep, or soda or caffeine or anything like
that, but we’ll say, “I’m going to have a piece of fruit. I’m going to
have an apple.”
I really want to discourage you from eating Even an apple or banana
at night, because something like that can start to spike our blood
sugar, and then certain neurotransmitters go off that don’t allow
our bodies to sleep.
I’m going to recommend that you take more of a protein and amino
acids. Maybe a few nuts, or a small piece of protein even, like tuna or
something like that. I recommend you take enzymes if you’re going
to do something meat.
Spouse, Children, and Sleep
Lastly, what we want to say about sleeping too, this is always funny
and people don’t realize it, but if you have a spouse who has some
sleeping issues – your sleep partner, your husband, your wife – are
they snoring? Are they waking you up in the middle of the night?
If you’re a mommy and you’ve got a little one that doesn’t always
happen, but if you have a great spouse, maybe they can help. They
can do a feeding. If you’re breast feeding, maybe you can pump a
cycle so that you could get four hours of consecutive sleep for a
couple nights just to help your body heal.
Young Living therapeutic oils are nature-made. They actually have a
brain. They go into the body, they know what’s going on, and they
go out of the body.
For example, someone who has high blood pressure – and we’ll talk
about safety here as well – someone who takes lavender topically,
which naturally helps lower the blood pressure, it goes in and sees
what’s going on and goes out.
Preferabley one to two
hours before going to
sleep, don’t:
• watch television,
• be on the computer,
• read a stimulating
I recommend 30 minutes
to an hour before bed to:
• listen to very quiet,
relaxing music, and
• breath deeply
Train yourself to go to bed
at the same time every
night to establish a sleep
If you combine these tips
with the therapeutic oils,
you’ll see the pattern get
better and better.
If you take a therapeutic medication first, it synthetically lowers the
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Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
blood pressure. If you take lavender afterwards, a lot of time in the
body the nature-made will know that the body’s blood pressure is
already fine. So a lot of times when you take these oils they’re going
to know, “Does she need to sleep now? What does she need to do?”
If your body’s sleeping a lot, or you’re falling asleep, it may be
because your body is trying to heal itself. For example, my son is 10
months old and takes two naps a day. Why is he doing this? Because
his body needs to regenerate, needs to heal, and needs to grow.
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
Toxicity, Adrenal Exhaustion, and Blood
We’re going to share specifically about fibromyalgia, but if you
struggle with low energy, have lack of stamina, or maybe you have
lots of energy one day and then laid up the next day, this training is
for you. You’re going to.
• understand why you can’t wake up in the morning.
• understand why you might have lots of energy one day and
be wiped out the next.
• learn why you might be tired in mid-afternoon, or
• understand maybe why you’re tired all the time.
Dr. Sherry Rogers’ book
Tired or Toxic
Let’s talk about fibromyalgia, and about the three things in terms
of fatigue:
toxicity, we’re
blood sugar, and
adrenal exhaustion.
Dr. Sherry Rogers has written several books on toxicity, one in particular called Tired or Toxic? She’s one of the pioneers to bring forward
the science behind toxicity and what it’s doing to our bodies, such as
• the Love Canal resulting Love resulting in very high incidence
of birth defects, miscarriages, asthma, epilepsy, and cancer,
• central New York in this one community with a 80-90infertility rate,
• in Oswego County whose their family, their husbands, the
people who worked at the paper plant have mysterious illnesses, diabetes, or certain cancers, stay-at-home moms,
moms who are usually doing the cleaning and keeping their
houses and use chemicals have a higher incidence of cancer
Dr. Rogers talks about in her book how toxicity contributes to fatigue,
and guess what the most common organ affected is? Can you guess?
Your brain. Chemical exposure to the brain can lead to
• drowsiness,
• fatigue,
• exhaustion,
• sluggish thinking.
If you were to go to the doctor, a lot of times they delegate most
brain symptoms to psychiatrists or psychologists, when the case
could really be chemical toxicity.
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Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Chemicals affect individuals in different ways. There’s no two people
alike, but there’s a few key factors of why chemicals might affect you
more than your husband or your neighbor less.
Your nutritional status
How much your body fills up with vitamins and anti-oxidants
and minerals and amino acids all play not only an important
part in your health, but they help your body detoxify chemicals. Our body has a natural detoxification system, but if we
don’t have the vitamins and minerals and protein to take care
of that, then those chemicals start to build up in our system.
Does that make sense?
Your total toxic load
The number of toxins and duration of exposure to toxins can
determine how it’s going to affect you.
Think about if you’re a mechanic, landscaper, hairdressers,
nail technicians, and others exposed day in and day to those
Maybe you ingest a lot of toxins. For example, artificial ingredients. I won’t go into that too much, but think about that
as well.
Genetics can affect the enzymes in your system, can affect
your liver health, all of that.
Your age. Children are more susceptible than adults to chemicals.
Health at the time of exposure. When you were exposed to
chemicals, how was your health? Do you have a chronic illness? Is your liver diseased already? That’s all going to affect
it as well.
Then finally, stress.
We’re going to talk about stress a little bit later, but all these factors
go into how your body deals with toxins.
If may ask, “Why doesn’t the government ban these chemicals?” In
very small doses and in a healthy body these things might be safe, but
over time as you’re exposed more and more, day in and day out to
• the acrylic nails, or
• the place that you work, or
• whatever it is,
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
then your nutrition gets low and that’s when the problem comes in.
One New Jersey study studied everyday residents and the air they
were just breathing out had chemicals that shouldn’t have been
In another study they tested individuals who hadn’t worked in factories or industrial waste, and found that 71% of them had wood
preservative in their system. That’s scary.
How about formaldehyde? As part of chiropractic our education for
an entire year we were in anatomy and physiology lab with bodies
that are preserved in chemicals. Science shows with formaldehyde
exposure you will find fatigue, depression, and poor concentration.
Some symtpons of chemical
poor concentration
muscle pain
muscle weakness
more colds
immune disorders
sleep issues
The symptoms of exposure to things like trichlorethylene, things
found in floor polish, copy machines, carpet cleaner, etc. include
fatigue, poor concentration, drowsiness, headaches. Chemicals
are causing these issues.
Pain in your muscles, a lot of fibromyalgia clients have pain in their
muscles. We know some chemicals really disrupt how your muscles
metabolize and cause pain and weakness in the muscle.
Chronic fatigue patients have a very high incidence of environmental
exposure. Either they’ve used recreational drugs very commonly, or
they’ve been exposed to environmental exposures, like firemen or
hairdressers or if you’ve worked at a plant as well.
I don’t mean to scare you with all these statistics, but I just want you
to understand that why are we seeing these things in toxicity and in
fibromyalgia as well. 33% of those fibromyalgia on our survey said
that you also have some other immune system disorder like rheumatoid arthritis, or you’ve been diagnosed with lupus or something
The immune system can become seriously impaired by exposure to
chemicals, which can then suppress your immunity it or it can cause
it to overact. If it’s suppressing your immunity, you’re getting colds
more often, but if it overacts, we get things like rheumatoid arthritis
and lupus - it’s when our body attacks itself.
Then, in a study with environmental neurotoxicology it was reported
that 119 different chemicals can cause sleep issues. How do we
stop it? How do we know if toxins are a problem in our health and
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Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To Build Nutrition
NingXia Redl
how do we stop it?
A lot of clients say, “Well, I’m going to cleanse, I’m going to do this
master cleanse, I’m going to do this cleanse or that,” and I say no.
The first thing you want to do is to
1) eliminate the toxins, and
2) build nutrition, and
then we detoxify, because if your body doesn’t have the nutrition
to go through that detoxification – mostly happens in our liver, kidneys, body – if you don’t have the nutrition, the right enzymes, the
minerals and vitamins for that process, your body cannot detoxify.
You do that cleanse and you feel absolutely worse than you did
before, and it’s not a good thing. So first we have to eliminate the
toxins, then we build nutrition, and then we detoxify.
Building Nutrition
We’re going to start with building the nutrition with a product I was
using personally and getting good results with energy. It’s something
called NingXia Red made from the Chinese wolfberry called Lycium
Mineral Essense
In this wolfberry are 18 amino acids, 21 minerals, and more beta
carotene than carrots. One little ounce of this is literally like eating
• eight oranges
• two cups of blueberries and
• four pounds of carrots.
It’s food-based and liquid, so that makes it very absorbable to the
When clients were using NingXia Red, I noticed that people like
hairdressers and those who had been exposed to toxins were getting
really good results and feeling phenomenal. NingXia Red at higher
doses is a very, very gentle cleanse as it starts to rebuild and heal
the liver at about six ounces a day for about six months.
Mineral Essence
Mineral Essence is a combination of great minerals in a liquid form
that you can put right in your NingXia Red or you can put in your
smoothie or shake. One of the mentors who trained me found in a
clinic they would literally have to give the clients about 10 droppers
a day to help rebuild the minerals in the body.
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
True Source
Then finally a product called True Source, and that’s a vitamin food
product, made out of food, so it’s very, very digestible. These three
things are very good to help rebuild the nutrition.
When Mr. Carter would fall asleep when he would come home from
work after his long drive. He just sat on the couch and never wanted
to do anything. He started upping his NingXia Red doses, found he
had energy, was off the couch, playing tennis, and losing weight.
In fact, that’s one of the side effects of NingXia Red is that people
start to lose weight, because of all the natural things that it’s doing
in the body.
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To Build Nutrition
True Source
Marilyn Springfield was able to release her coffee habit by drinking
NingXia Red. That’s very, very powerful.
You’ll see some of those testimonies and their pictures in our
Action Guide.
Julie Behling struggled with chronic fatigue for years and was very
disabled by it. NingXia Red really helped her to regain her health,
literally within two weeks.
To Detoxify
Now that we’ve built our nutrition, the next thing I want to talk about
is a couple simple ways to start to detoxify.
Young Living Essential Oils has an oil called Clarity for the brain, the
organ most affected by toxic chemicals. Clarity oil has a single oil in
it called cardamom known for detoxification of the brain. If you’ve
been exposed to a lot of chemicals is start to use Clarity on a daily
basis, inhaling or a diffuser, but start slow, because if you have been
exposed to a lot of things you might initially have that reaction.
Raindrop Technique
The other thing I find is very powerful for detoxifying the body is
something called Raindrop Technique, another technique called
Cleanse You. The Raindrop Technique Cleanse You uses Young Living
therapeutic oils go into the body and actually start to eat up some
of the petrochemicals that are in your body.
If we take a Styrofoam cup, which is chemical, and put in edible and
food grade lemon oi, the oil literally disintegrates part of the cup.
That’s what it does in our bodies; it safely starts to go in and eat up
the chemicals and then flush that out of our system.
It’s very important to drink lots of water when you’re detoxifying
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Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To Detoxify
Juva Cleansel
to make sure your body is well-hydrated because the tissues literally
release chemicals.
Another valuable oil is Juva Cleanse. Juva Cleanse can help get heavy
metals out of the system similar to a pretty invasive therapy called
chelation, and is effective.
Now, this isn’t a class about liver cleansing and all that, but these are
some simple things that you can start with right away to start your
cleansing experience. You may be familiar or not with other things, like
• chlorine in the water causing the thyroid to malfunction.
• mercury amalgam fillings and what they do to the body.
Below is some more information for you on what you can do to
Thieves Cleaner
We’ve talked about toxicity and are you tired or are you toxic? Quite
possibly you could be toxic. You could start right today and go down
into the cupboard under the sink that has those chemicals and just
throw them away.
Young Living has an absolutely amazing product called Thieves Cleaner
that can take the place of your
• window cleaner,
• toilet bowl cleaners,
• bleaches,
• kitchen counter cleaners, and
• disinfectant spray
Thieves Cleaner can literally take their place and it’s safe enough to
be edible.
Adrenal fatigue or exhaustion
Have you heard of adrenal fatigue before? It’s a common thing that
we’re starting to hear more and more about. In chiropractic school we
learned of Han Seyle who studied stress and what certain stressors
did to the body. He found there are really three stages of stress in
our body.
The first stage is known as fight or flight. That’s kind of in the
way, way back times when a wild animal might come upon us,
our body all the sudden would get so much strength that we
could just run fast and run away from the animal. The first
stage is kind of that alarm - fight or flight.
The second stage, if we’re continuously exposed to those
stressors we go into what’s called a resistance stage, where
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
our adrenal glands go into overdrive to raise blood sugar and
our blood pressure so we can keep on going.
If I’m constantly in that resistance stage over and over and over,
then my body’s going to find into the third stage that’s called
hypoadrenia or adrenal exhaustion.
What does this all mean? Have you ever heard somebody who says,
“I’ve never been the same since I had my son,” or “I’ve never been the
same since I had that terrible cold for six weeks,” or “I’ve never been
the same since I got in that car accident. My health has never been
the same.”
Causes can be
diets high in refined carbohydrate,
‰‰ allergies to foods and food
additives, or
‰‰ endocrine imbalances
If you hear someone say that, or you yourself have said that, then you
really have to look at the stress-related adrenal cycle. All of these
things can indicate to you something might not be right, particularly
with the adrenal gland.
There is also something called GAS – General Adaptation Syndrome.
After the alarm stage, the resistance stage, and then continuous severe
stress, where the adrenal glands literally begin to adapt and rebuild
Exhaustion Stage:
What happens is you finally go into that exhaustion stage, where you
actually lose the ability to really adapt to stress, and that is not good.
Now you are going to see a range of symptoms.
Cortisol is a part of this adrenal exhaustion and is the stress hormone
that makes us fat around the middle. Women who have constant stress
in their lives, I see them usually when they’re 40, 50, 60 years old, they
get this round body in the middle.
Very often those under severe prolonged stress will contract diseases
related to immune deficiency and may even die of these diseases.
Death doesn’t actually come from stress, but the body loses its ability to ward off the stress. Let’s go back to the causes of stress again.
They can be mental, emotional, chemical, toxins, diets high in refined
carbohydrate, allergies to foods and food additives, or endocrine imbalances, all of these things can be stressor.
Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms
We’re seeing more and more athletes - runners, bikers, cyclsts- with
a higher incidence of heart attacks.
A lot of patients with adrenal exhaustion will seek your help because
they’ll have sacroiliac pain or low back pain.
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Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To Support Body
Mineral Essensel
How many women I’ve seen who’ve said, “I’ve never been the same
since I had my son. My body just totally gave up on me. I have this pain
cycle.” Pregnancy is quite a stressor for many women.
Commonly women tell me when they reached the third trimester, “All
the sudden I felt better than I ever felt.” They think it’s these prenatal
vitamins, and that’s not the case.
The little baby’s adrenal glands in the third trimester produce enough
hormone for the baby and the mom leaving the mom feeling great,
but the baby’s adrenals stressed, leading to the baby often exhibiting
symptoms of adrenal fatigue like allergies and recurring infections.
Three part function of adrenals:
Adrenal glands have three parts of what they do. Beside the cortex
and medulla, there’s aldosterone, which for the person who has adrenal fatigue, many times they’ll have exhaustion and musculoskeletal
symptoms similar to what fibromyalgia patients feel.
When aldosterone gets off-balance, you can have issues with
• passing out,
• heart rate,
• bloating, or
• all the sudden getting edema or swelling.
You go to the doctor, the doctor gives you a water pill, and that’s probably the worst thing that could actually happen.
So it’s really important to understand this adrenal fatigue cycle so that
you can go to your health care professional and talk to them about
some solutions like that.
A really good thing that we can do in this case is to support the body
with minerals. Remember earlier we talked about Mineral Essence.
Sex hormones:
The adrenal glands affect our sex hormones, how we feel about ourselves, how our cycles work. If all the sudden you’re having issues with
your period, again you might want to look at the adrenal gland, if you
have a low libido.
Women who are going through menopause, if you feel like it’s just
hit you like a ton of bricks, your mind and everything is starting to go,
again you want to look at this adrenal issue. Women who go through
menopause might all of a sudden have
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
• a knee problem,
• become sensitive to light or
• back pain
If a woman starts to go through menopause, as a chiropractor, you
may want to look at some adrenal support if they have some of these
Of the adrenals on blood sugar
Type II diabetes
teeth grinding
Blood sugar
Another way the adrenals affect us is our blood sugar. After ingesting
food, the blood sugar will go up, which causes the pancreas to produce
insulin, which lowers the blood sugar. Adrenal fatigue get the cycle
out of balance, and can produce symptoms of hypoglycemia, very
low blood sugar.
I remember when I was in chiropractic college, particularly before I
started taking NingXia Red, I had an issue with hypoglycemia. That
makes sense. I was under a lot of stress, I wasn’t getting the sleep I
needed, I wasn’t getting the right foods I needed, and all those things.
My body was going through adrenal exhaustion.
Again, the most common factor when that interference starts to
happen, I’ve had a lot of clients say, “Oh gosh, I have to have a candy
bar when I’m coming home from work,” or “I have lunch, and then a
couple hours later mid-day I cannot stay awake.” Those might all be
blood-sugar related. You go for the
• candy bar,
• cigarettes, or
• soda
to keep you awake and you just perpetuate the cycle. The problem,
again, could be the adrenal glands.
Type II diabetes:
We know that Type II diabetes and diabetics start to see some issues
with skin, nervous system, losing sensation, eyes - all of that can be
A lot of people say to me, “Well, I have Type II diabetes. I’m never
going to get better.” You can heal your body from Type II diabetes,
particularly if it’s associated with the adrenal glands. Work with a
health professional that’s knowledgeable in this, so that you can set
a plan and go forward.
I’m going to give you some simple things, and our Action Guide will
give you some more.
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Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To Support Adrenal Glands
NingXia Redl
Blood pressure can be affected. You’re seated and then you stand up
and you get light headed. Your blood pressure just dropped, and that
could be again an issue with the adrenal glands.
Sometimes people get diagnosed with something called Meniere’s
Disease, which is like a dizziness issue with the ears, but it’s not. It’s
actually an adrenal system problem.
Teeth grinding: We’re finding another common thing with adrenal
exhaustion, is teeth grinding. A simple technique to deal with teeth
grinding is Young Living’s lavender oil, which can be applied right on
the jaw before sleep and you’ll see a decrease in this.
TIP: If you have adrenal
fatigue, drink
‰‰ 1 oz of of NingXia Red in
12-20 ounces of water, and
‰‰ do several ounces throughout the day.
En-R-Gee oill
Then finally, a commonly-encountered chemical stressor to the adrenal
glands is marijuana. While marijuana might or might not be safe, it’s
very, very detrimental to your blood glucose levels. Someone gets the
munchies after smoking pot, and this is because of what it’s doing to
your blood glucose, and that over time alone can cause you to have
adrenal fatigue.
Simple solutions for adrenal fatigue
All of those points put together, now let’s look at some simple solutions to help you if you’re in this adrenal stress stage. The first thing
that we have to start with is we have to support the adrenal glands
again. There’s some simple things we can do with essential oils, and
other adrenal support such as NingXia Red.
We can start taking things called adaptogens, which are nutrition and
therapeutic essential oils that help in the body by adapting to what
we need.
Nutmeg oil
A very good thing to start out with in terms of adrenal fatigue is to
continue to drink lots of water, maintain your blood sugar throughout
the day with NingXia Red, and build nutrition to rebuild your body.
NingXia Red, for those suffering with the fatigue and even the anxiety,
has been very beneficial as well.
Therapeutic oils:
An essential oil that you can use, and apply over the adrenal glands
– you put it right on your back or you can inhale it, is called En-R-Gee
oil that has a combination of therapeutic oils with specific support
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
for the adrenals. Nutmeg oil can also be used to help support the
adrenal glands.
We need B vitamins to help support and rebuild the adrenal glands; I
like something called Super B.
There’s a product I like called Multi-Green.
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To Support Adrenal Glands
Super B
A woman who had immune system over activity. Her body was literally
killing itself, and this product Multi-Green helped restore her health.
Now that I’ve studied Multi-Green, it is a very good product also for
eliminating toxins and support for the immune system.
Mineral Essence, we talked about that earlier.
A product that I absolutely love is called Power Meal, a vegetarian
protein. It doesn’t have
• any dairy,
• very digestible, and
• tastes good.
I’m going to give you a super smoothie recipe from my good friend,
Jennifer Krippin, that has Power Meal in it.
Finally, the last product, when the body needs to re-establish the
adrenals it actually needs part of adrenal glands back into your system.
There’s a product called Thyromin. It helps to support not only the thyroid, but the adrenal glands, because it actually has pieces of adrenal
gland put back into the system.
Just to review, we went over fatigue issues, if you’re
• struggling with energy throughout the day,
• just feel tired all the time,
• can’t wake up in the morning, or
• have lots of energy one day and then you’re wiped out the next,
then most likely you are in some stage of adrenal exhaustion. Getting
back to that recovery stage takes time.
TIP: How to use Super B.
‰‰ Take sure you have a little bit
of it throughout the day. Put
it on a spoon, have it on the
counter, and
‰‰ take a little bit throughout
the day, because it really
helps the B vitamins to get
into the system.
Power Meal
Maybe we take some medications or we do a few things or use a few
oils, but the mindset is different because right at this moment I’m not
going to die, but let’s go down that path, because we learned that,
that stress can lead to death.
I want you to think about that now. What would you do? Could you
take a leave of absence for a period of time? What could you do? Could
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Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To Support Adrenal Glands
you sell that car that only gets driven in the summertime to afford the
products that you need? Because I will tell you, it’s no joke that most
of the women I see who have all these fibromyalgia symptoms have
to spend serious money every month just to maintain that nutrition
to feel good, to function.
But if they take care of themselves over time, they get their life back.
We have to change that mindset. When we have the serious depression
or anxiety, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue, to change the mindset to
“if I do not take care of my health now, today and change my life to
get rid of this stress in my life, if I don’t take care of it, five years from
now, two years from now, ten years from now I may not be here.”
My prayer for you is that you can find the solution you need and you
can make that decision to really take care of your health. Really honor
that and take care of your health. I’m a doctor about total wellness.
I’ve been going down that path myself. I hope you will join me.
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
Water, Food: to eat, not eat, allergies
We’re going to focus in on food specifically, for symptoms of fibromyalgia. But even if you don’t have fibromyalgia, what we’re going to
share might be something that can help you as well.
What we’ve talked about
• some of the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia,
• how costly it is,
• talked about sleep,
• toxins
• adrenal fatigue, and
• G.A.S. General Adaptation Syndrome.
We have found that stress, almost 90% or higher in terms of people
who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or any chronic disease like
rheumatoid arthritis, or even Crohn’s Disease, have had some time in
their life a very stressful or traumatic experience.
Fun Quiz
I want you to take a fun little test, so get your little pen and paper out
and I want you to take the first quiz. One of the #1 reasons many of
my clients just are simply in pain, and it has to kind of do with food.
Write down and be honest with yourself, how many coffees, teas,
caffeinated drinks, and sodas that you have you have during the day:
Regular cup of coffee or drink (add 1 for each cup that
is large)
Put 1, if you use sugar or sweetener other than Stevia
or agave
Caffeinated drinks
Sodas or carbonated drink
A. Total caffeinated or carbonated drinks in a day
Let’s consider an 8 oz about one glass of water. How many of those
do you have per day?
B. Total number of 8 oz glasses of water, in a day.
_______ C: For every caffeinated or carbonated drink that you
drink, you’re going to subtract one of your waters for
the number of waters not cancelled by a caffeine or
carbonated drink.
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
_______ D: Multiple the C:________ by 8 for total number of
usable ounces of water your body got per day.
Make D, the number of usable ounces (see examples at the end):
• positive if your body got some usable water
• negative if you did not drink enough water to cancel the caffeinated or carbonated drinks.
E: Take your body weight ________ divide by 2.
F: Take the ounces of water needed by your body
E: _________ minus the number of ounces of water
not canceled by caffeinated or carbonated drinks
D:_________ and you have the amount you are deficient (negative number) or over (positive number).
More caffeine or
soda than water
A: ___5___
B: ___3___
C: ___2___
D: _-16___
E: __70___
F: _70 – (-16) = 86_
More water than
caffeine or soda
A: ___3___
B: ___5___
C: __-2___
D: __16___
E: __70___
F: _70 –16 = 54_
I would probably guess that almost the majority of you are literally
deficient in water and dehydrated. Your body is screaming for water.
Every single chronic pain client I have is dehydrated, over and over
and over. As a chiropractor, we can adjust and we can adjust and
adjust someone, but if their body is not hydrated they’re not going
to hold the adjustment. They’re not going to get out of lasting pain.
Hydration, water, is so important to your health. It really is the place
that you need to start.
In fact, Dr. Colbert, a natural medical doctor, has water as one of his
prime pillars of health in his seven pillars. Everything else you take,
those supplements or even your medicines cannot do their job without water.
Now you’re probably asking, “Well, I don’t like the taste of water.” We
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
have something very simple that you can put a drop or two in your
water that will help you want to drink more water – mint, orange,
citrus-y, spearmint – or an ounce of NingXia Red.
In fact, I was talking with Ellen [Bianci] in California, and the natural
medical doctor in her town has every single one of his clients on a
gallon of water a day. For some of you even that’s not enough, and if
you suffer from headaches, from pain, or even fatigue, your skin, you
will see a huge change.
How to Alkalize water:
Use Alkalime but instead of taking
a full dose:
‰‰ take a little pinch and throw
it in your water.
‰‰ add your oils in if you want,
and you’re drinking the water
What type of water?
Our tap is the last place that we want to get water; so is bottled water
because of estrogens. The plastic gives off a little chemical which acts
like a fake hormone in our body, and maybe makes your body still feel
thirsty. Not only are you getting the chemicals, but the water is very
acidic, and acid water does not really hydrate the system.
As you’re getting more water into your system, you’re just going to be
running to the bathroom for seven days, but then after that your body
is going to start to take in the water, take in the water.
You can alkalize water by using an alkalyzer machine, which usually
cost several thousand dollars. A simple way to alkalize their water is
use a product called Alkalime
“When I was going through my chemo, one of the many things I did
was I drank water, probably close to two gallons of water a day. I did
use the Alkalime. I was using I think it was a teaspoon for every half
gallon that I was consuming, and that did help flush out the residual
of the chemicals from the chemo.” Michael Welch.
Start tonight. Then tomorrow what you can do as well is start your
morning, right when you wake up in the morning, drink 16 ounces of
Foods you are eating
One thing about food that you need to understand is that particularly
plants have the most accessible energy. What do I mean by that? If
you grow a garden and you grow lettuce or carrots or whatever you’re
growing, you go out and you pick that fresh, and it has the highest
amount of vegetables, nutrients, and something called enzymes.
Write this down – fresh is best.
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Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To build body
Have you ever been to the grocery store and you’ve seen those huge
commercially grown oranges, and you buy one and you’re like, “Wow,
this is going to be so good!” and then you bite into it and it has like
no flavor? But then you go and buy an organic orange, which is small,
it looks a little dirty on the outside, and you bite into it and it’s the
sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted. You’re paying for organic not just
for the lack of chemicals – no pesticides, no harmful fertilizers – but
for the nutritional value.
Raw foods have enzymes. When we cook the food, we usually cook
away the enzymes; enzymes process every single thing in our body.
Enzymes are a great way not only to get the nutrition out of your food,
but to have better digestion.
Microwaving food takes the nutrients and the enzymes away. It’s very,
very important to add enzymes to your diet. If you’re someone who
struggles with pain and has fibromyalgia, it is an absolute necessity.
I’ll repeat that, an absolute necessity, in my opinion.
One of my favorite enzymes that I like is called Essentialzyme because
not only do I see results digestively with people who have a lot of
bloating, who can’t digest certain foods, but a lot of times their pain
Anybody want to share with us a story about Young Living enzymes,
Essentialzyme or maybe Detoxyme has done in their health?
“My daughter is 10 and had headaches sometimes. We never did
know why and we never could narrow it down to anything, so we
just started thinking maybe she’s allergic to something she ate. We’d
give her enzymes and Essentialzyme when she has a headache, and
it almost always goes away.” Dawn
“If somebody gets a tummy ache, we use Essentialzyme when we run
out we use Detoxzyme, which works just as well.” Maryann
“I rubbed Thieves oil on my belly and my belly actually went down. It
felt really good, it felt really warm, and the belly just went right down
in the matter of about a day or two.” Karen
Artificial sweeteners:
The next thing if you’re someone who suffers with pain or you’ve had
issues, you want to be aware of artificial sweeteners like Splenda,
Nutrasweet, and Saccharin. They’ve done quite a bit of research and
found evidence about some of the harmful effects.
Please do your research and you will see brain lesions, you will eviCopyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
dence linked to muscular problems, pain problems, and it’s just chemicals. I’m sorry, but the evidence is not out that Splenda is safe, and I
don’t feel that. Even some people have issues with things like xylitol,
because it’s corn-based.
My favorite sweetener of all things is stevia. Young Living’s stevia it’s
very tar-like, it’s very dark because of all the minerals are still in there.
My second choice would probably be Young Living’s agave. My third
choice would be grade B maple syrup if you don’t have what we’re
going to talk about next, which is yeast and candida.
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
Alternative sweeter
I understand that it’s not going to be an overnight fix, but you can
slowly start to implement like Debbie did this whole entire year. Little
by little she just made changes in her home, and grew to really like
some of these things.
Yeast or Candida:
If you’re a woman you’ve probably heard of yeast infections. It’s
uncomfortable. It’s something you get. If you’re a man you might be
familiar with athlete’s foot or jock itch. Those are kind of all in the
same fungal family. It’s a fungus.
not on site
Yeast lives in our digestive tract, along with this good bacteria, in balance with good bacteria. But what can happen, even at a very young,
young age, that every time you have an antibiotic, the antibiotic kills
the good bacteria and then the yeast starts to take over. That’s why a
lot of women who have an antibiotic will get yeast infections.
I was consulting with a woman whose 9-month-old baby had digestive
problems. She wasn’t pooping, and she hadn’t since she was born.
After asking questions and questions and questions, and we finally
found out the baby had been put on antibiotics right from birth after
a c-section, killing off all the baby’s natural immunity.
So what can yeast do for you? Ready for your second quiz? I’m not
actually going to give you the full quiz because it would take quite
some time, but you can go online or in your Action Guide – you’ll get
your Action Guide when the classes are all over – and you’ll have a full
candida questionnaire. This is from that questionnaire.
Mini quiz:
Point to assign to the questions:
0 = don’t experience at all
3 = mild case
6 = moderate to severe
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Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
The majority of your body’s neurotransmitters, your happy feeling little neurotransmitters – literally your brain, right? – live in the
gut. You ever heard something
like, “I’ve got a gut feeling”?
9 = almost debilitating
I feel yeast is one of the #1 problems with fibromyalgia. I think almost
all fibromyalgia clients that I see have both the adrenal issues that we
talked about last week and issues with candida.
Fatigue or lethargy. So you’re giving yourself a
score: mild, moderate, or severe.
Feeling of being drained.
Depression or manic-depression.
Numbness, burning, or tingling
Headaches – occasional, frequent, or severe
Muscle aches
Muscle weakness or paralysis
Pain and swelling in the joints
Abdominal pain
Constipation and/or diarrhea
Bloating, belching, or intestinal gas
Troublesome vaginal itching, burning, or discharge
Prostatitis (prostate inflammation)
Loss of sexual desire
Endometriosis or infertility
Cramps or other menstrual irregularities
Pre-menstrual tension
Attacks of anxiety or crying
Cold hands or feet, low body temperature
Shaking or irritable when hungry
Cystitis (bladder infections) or interstitial cystitis
If you said yes to either mild, moderate, or severe to five or more of
symptoms, then you know at some level your body has yeast. If you
said yes to a lot more than five, then you are probably struggling much
more, and a lot of what you’re struggling with can be yeast-related.
You have to understand when yeast starts to overgrow in your system,
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
particularly in the gut lining, what will happen over time is it becomes
very virulent. It starts to grow little stalks into your gut, and make holes
in the gut lining that can cause things like
• Irritation,
• Diverticulitis,
• irritable bowel syndrome, or
• leaky gut syndrome, because what you’re doing is you’re creating holes.
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To kill yeast
Theives oil
That’s want happens to some you might know that every time they eat,
or for periods of time they’ll go, “Every time I eat I get so bloated. I look
like I’m pregnant. Look what’s happening!” When you stop feeding it,
it starts to die off, and when it starts to die you can feel real irritable
and can even feel like you have flu-like symptoms for a day or two.
In fact, you can have 10, 15, up to 20 lbs of just yeast in your system.
When you take an essential oil like Karen did in her water and started
drinking it, she said, “My belly went right down,” because her body was
starting to kill off the yeast, and as the yeast were dying they weren’t
taking up all that room as well. So Thieves is a very good product to
take if you have yeast. The supplement that kills the yeast the best is
something called Inner Defense. That’s a combination of therapeutic
oils that go in and kill the yeast.
You want to do a combination of killing yeast and rebuilding good
bacteria. I really, really like something called Life 5, which also helps
with constipation. Officially what kills the yeast is things like Thieves,
Young Living’s oregano oil, as well as the Inner Defense.
To rebuild good bacteria
Inner Defence
Oregano oil
Tartaric acid
In the cycle of yeast build-up is that an acid called tartaric acid increases,
and yeast build-up messes up how the body deals with glucose by producing this acid, which gets into the muscles and can cause muscle
pain, so it is a process to get rid of it, in fact, it can take quite some time.
Have you ever heard of the Atkins diet or the South Beach diet, where
people eat a lot of protein and vegetables, and these diets are supposedly so successful? The reason they’re successful is really they’re
just yeast-killing diets.
Life 5
Now if you have a big adrenal problem, you’ll see a little bit of weight
loss, or you’ll see it for a period of time, and then a lot of times you’ll
gain back the weight unless you can deal with the adrenals and the
stress hormone.
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Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Food allergies
This also brings up an issue of food allergies. When you get those little
holes in the intestine, or you’re constantly eating the same foods day
in and day out, day in and day out, or your body is exposed to a lot
of things that you may not realize, like corn that is in so many of our
products, you can become allergic.
Some people with food allergies will
sneeze more,
break out,
have more respiratory problems, or
have more pain.
In fact, I had a woman who ate very, very well, but she had pain in her
back of about a 7 out of 10, every day. We looked at her diet and the
only thing she had every day was one piece of dark chocolate, a small
little block of dark chocolate every single day. We decided let’s just try
and take it out. Do you know that her pain went from 7 out of 10 down
to 3 out of 10 in just a matter of days, just getting rid of one thing.
So many times people tell me, “Oh, I tried that, or I did that, or I tried
elimination.” No, you didn’t. I would probably guarantee that you didn’t
really do it to the extent that you have to.
For example, eliminating corn – corn syrup is in almost everything –
ketchup, your foods, and that we could do a whole class on too. You
can look up some elimination diets, and we’ll give you some references
to look at in your Action Guide as well.
A common thing that people are sensitive to, though, for fibromyalgia
is something called gluten, and gluten is in a lot of wheat products. If
gluten is a sensitivity to you, you will probably have more issues with
anxiety, depression, even severe.
“In seven weeks, I’ve released 20 pounds and feeling a lot better from
what I eat. I don’t eat wheat products. I’m eating a bread called Ezekiel, and those are all live sprouts. Also quinoa, I will have that. And
I’m eating five times a day.” Maryann
“Switch from wheat to brown rice pasta. It’s much more filling. It’s
more dense, #1, and it’s very filling and it’s much better for you, and
it’s delicious, no matter who makes it.” Mike Welch
We just heard from two individuals who are great examples for all
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
of us to not wait until death is literally knocking on your door. Don’t
wait to make the changes. Don’t wait to start drinking more water.
You do not know what that change could do for your long-term health
or even for tomorrow.
A low carbohydrate diet typically has no sugars and no white products.
We need to look at are there any food allergies associated with your
pain or the issues you have going on.
When you get rid of the yeast, if you have sleep issues, you’ll notice
that that improves very significantly, because that tartaric acid really
interrupts sleep - you can’t get comfortable.
We talked about yeast and leaky gut syndrome and food allergies. In
the last minutes we have I just want to share with you a few foods to
stay away from and a few foods to start adding to your diet.
Foods to Avoid
Milk, if you don’t know already, is really not great for us. It’s not. If we
were meant to have cow’s milk, then our mothers would have udders
instead of breasts. I see people drink gallons of milk, and in that kind
of dosage there’s almost endorphins like chocolate that’s produced in
milk that builds up a lot of mucous in your system, so in the mornings
you might wake up with that hacking acid mucous.
Remember this,
mucous = acid,
acid = mucous, and
acid leads to almost all disease.
Allergies, post-nasal drip, and milk can cause our vasculature to be
leaky, like the dark circles we see under eyes. That’s a lot of times a
food allergy or eating something your body doesn’t tolerate well.
Milk and acne. A lot of times for young kids that I see, if you take out the
milk their noses will stop running, they’ll stop being sick all the time.
“Yes. I was one of those people you talked about. I probably could
drink a gallon of milk every two or three days. I had been treated
for asthma, chronic cough to the point I would almost pass out from
coughing, runny nose constantly and allergy symptoms, and postnasal drip. Since you started me on almond milk, I’ve had one cold,
absolutely no asthma symptoms or cough and reduced my medications from 14 to 1.” Debbie
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
The next thing that we need to look at is corn. If you don’t know that
already, corn is not a vegetable. We should be eating 5, 7, 8, 9, 10
vegetables a day if you could, but really getting at least 5 vegetables
in a day is absolutely important.
Corn, corn syrup, corn products, it’s in so many things; you just really
need to be aware of that and start to eliminate. In fact, even when I
get corn on the cob, if it’s not organic, I will get sneezy just like I had
sugar, because corn turns into sugar very quickly. If you like popcorn,
don’t have it all the time, and make sure you’re buying organic nonGMO corn.
The next thing is potatoes. If you think of a big white potato, a baked
potato, if you eat a lot of those you’re going to start to look like them.
You’re going to get nice big and round in the middle. Potatoes many
times cause our cortisol, our stress hormone, to go up, so if you’re
eating potatoes, why don’t you try to switch to the sweet potatoes.
An organic sweet potato or a yam is highly, highly good for your body.
In fact, it’s one of the first foods they have babies eat, because it’s so
full of nutrition, digestible, and very, very good. I’m not talking with
brown sugar, I’m talking either plain with butter – yes, you can have
plain organic butter – or something else I’ll talk about in a second.
Canned or packaged products:
The next is canned or packaged products. The ingredient in some
canned and packaged foods, in particular called MSG, is very toxic.
It’s a neurotoxin in our body.
Her story is very profound of how she got her health back and using
Young Living products to do that, to eliminate the toxins in her body
and to heal her body. So watch out for canned and packaged foods.
Fast foods:
I admit that I eat fast foods once in a while, but even the other day I
went to a little local restaurant and I had a nice salad and I had a side
of sweet potato fries, but because they were fried I started not feeling
good. I had some redness in my face.
I used to recommend things like Wendy’s salads, but I’m really seeing
those processed salads have so many chemicals in them. So look, if
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Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
you have to, for a good salad bar, or make and carry your own.
Test your body. See how you feel. See how you feel before, see how
you feel afterwards. If you’re feeling lethargic, tired, if you have a slight
headache, you know what you just ate is not agreeing in your system.
For those of you who are not feeling good already, I recommend to
stay away from that as much as possible.
Foods to Add
Let’s talk about five foods you want to add. One we already talked
about, not a food, but water. Water, water, water, water. If anything
you got out of this class, start with water.
Coconut oil:
I usually like it in glass when I can find it. To me it’s like a butter, because
that’s the way I use it. I might take a piece of Ezekiel bread, I’ll take
some of the coconut oil that has the consistency of butter if it’s below
75 degrees. I’ll put that on my toast and I’ll put a little bit of Redmond
Real Salt, and it’s just like butter.
You want to cook with coconut oil, but the reason is it can go up to a
very high heat, much higher than olive oil. Olive oil will go kind of like
rancid when you’re cooking at high heat.
For those of you who tested positive for yeast, you want to do 1-2 TBS
a day to help your body kill off the yeast. It’s very good for killing yeast.
If you have teeth issues – which yeast and bacteria and infection can
give you – you take a little bit of coconut oil, put it in your mouth, like
a teaspoon, swish it all around, get it all through your teeth, and it’s
very good at killing that. It helps to whiten the teeth and it’s amazing
for your thyroid. In fact, it’s great for your skin too.
Speaking of skin, I have two friends, one who had psoriasis and one
has psoriasis. This one gentleman friend of mine doesn’t really want
to change his ways. The other gentleman stayed committed for a
year. Very shortly after he started his protocol, both of these men
had psoriasis, his psoriasis started to go away, and I think it’s almost
completely gone now.
What’s that mean to you? The point is a yeast-free diet, getting things
like coconut oil and the next thing, avocados, really really good fats in
your body. In fact, half an avocado a day is going to help lower your
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
stress hormone. It’s going to give you the good fat. It’s going to help
you actually lose weight, ironically. That good fat is going to help you
lose weight, and it’s going to help to lower the inflammation from acid
in your system.
So if you’re going to change your diet and be consistent with it, you’re
going to get results, like our one friend did, because he was consistent,
whether it’s a skin issue, whether it’s pain, whatever it is.
Apple cider vinegar
The next thing is apple cider vinegar. Boy oh boy, is this a good product.
The apple cider vinegar you want to get is called Bragg’s Apple Cider
Vinegar with a mother in it. The mother has a lot of enzymes in it that
go into the body to help to heal the body, help with weight loss and
is very, very good.
The final food I feel is important is organic lemons. Every morning
when you wake up, squeeze a half of an organic lemon in 8-16 ounces
of water and drink that first thing. You will find that ironically the acid
turns alkaline in your body and helps to flush the acid and chemicals
out. Many, many clients who I’ve had who’ve done this, not only did
they notice a decrease in their pain, but they have improved bowel
function and they feel phenomenal.
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
What’s wonderful and not so wonderful, fibromyalgia is a very, very
complex condition. It’s very much like a puzzle.
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
It’s our final section is about pain, and I thought what better person
to talk to you tonight about pain than the woman who I really started
this career in helping people with, Kathryn Faso.
To help with pain
Kathryn’s story, which you’re about to hear, truly not only can help you,
but it can help hundreds of people that you know. I say that because
pain and fibromyalgia go hand in hand, but some people are in excruciating pain every day. Thank you, Kathryn, for sharing your story.
“Nine years ago, in my mid-40’s, I was told by an osteopath that I
had overuse syndrome, which meant I would have to live with pain
the rest of my life and basically not be able to use my muscles to lift
things, even a gallon of milk, it would drop out of my hand without
me realizing it was going to happen and my hip was so sore and weak
I couldn’t climb stairs
Five years ago, a traveling nurse who suffered extremely from fibromyalgia came to my house clutching a bottle to her chest. She was
excited, she was happy, and she said to me when she came in, ‘I will
never be without this! I will never be without this!’ and I said, ‘What
is it?’ and she showed me the bottle and it said Sulfurzyme. She said,
‘Ever since I’ve been on this, my pain has disappeared!’
I realized, ‘Oh my goodness, this is what I need to try.’ I had been
using wintergreen oil that made it feel better, but I wasn’t getting my
strength back. After using 8 caps of the Sulfurzyme a day, 4 in the
morning, 4 at night for between 6 and 8 weeks, I started to realize
I felt like I had my strength back, and felt good at 6:00 at night, not
debilitated, not drained, not weak.
Wintergreen oil
To support pain relief
NingXia Redl
I went from not being able to lift a milk bottle, it would just kind of
fall out of my hand, a gallon of milk or water, having my whole side
basically completely disabled for five years, going back to the doctor
almost monthly, to now climb roofs, love to do construction, spend
time outdoors and active.
To this day I take Sulfurzyme, but 4 caps a day now. Today I am very
strong and feel good. I added NingXia Red to my regimen and absolutely will not go without, but Sulfurzyme was my saving grace. Since
then, I have challenged myself to be a little bit of a roofer at times
and participate in building my own home. I love to do construction
work.” Kathryn
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To help with pain
“I sent a woman from Pasadena, California, who had extreme shoulder
pain for many, many months that just wouldn’t go away, a bottle of
PanAway. Within 30 days she had no more pain in her shoulder and
it absolutely went away.” One woman’s story
“Nutiva coconut oil tastes really good. We don’t have popcorn often, but
when we do have it we like to use that as the oil to pop the popcorn with. It
kind of makes it taste like kettle corn.“ Dawn
This Sulfurzyme and the high-quality methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
is very, very high quality MSM and the Ningxia wolfberry put together.
A lot of people out there will say, “Well, I’ve taken MSM or I’ve tried
that.” Well, you haven’t tried this. This product works very synergistically together and it doesn’t just help your pain.
We have people email us and call in and ask about allergies and this
pain and that pain. You are going to see a myriad of things happen. Not
only will your hair start growing, your nails will start growing, eyesight,
but your immune system. This product is very, very good in helping to
reduce histamines which cause allergies.
You’ll see a change in your digestive system. You’ll see a change. If
you’re a person who has immune system disorder like rheumatoid
or like lupus, it’s a very, very good product, but it is the higher doses.
Deep Relief
Now, Kathryn’s a small woman and at the peak she was taking 8 a day.
Some of you, yes, will have to take 16 a day for months and months
to really get that into your system.
I’ll tell you a little bit of the science behind this. The MSM is like a
protein-building compound. It’s found in breast milk, fresh fruit, and
vegetables, and then the Ningxia wolfberry is a particular wolfberry
called the Lycium barbarum, and what they do together is they really
balance the immune system.
So for those of you whose bodies are attacking itself – that’s an immune
system disorder, like rheumatoid, like lupus, like thyroid disease – what
this does is help bring the immune system back into balance, but it
also equalizes water pressure inside our cells.
What does that mean? If you’ve been plagued with bursitis, arthritis,
tendonitis, tennis elbow, all of those things, you will see a change with
this. Kathryn, I know you know many dogs and animals we’ve seen
amazing things happen with skin disorders and with allergies when
people have given Sulfurzyme to their pets.
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
“One of my dogs was having trouble with some arthritis, and I sprinkled a Sulfurzyme on the dog food and saw results within two feedings.” Kathryn
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To help with pain
That’s a good point, Kathryn, that there’s really three types of people
Whether you’re someone who has fibromyalgia or not, we all have
different levels of commitment. Maybe we lack time, the energy to do
it, or maybe we just need something quick to get us into a state where
we can think clearer, we can get to work, and we can start making
meals for our family.
So you can start really three different ways with everything that we’ve
talked about. You can start using an oil topically today. We’ve talked
about PanAway, but we have other oils like Deep Relief. Or you can
start with a combination.
Theives oil
Peppermit oil
We shared on this call several times about Ningxia Red and the power
that Ningxia Red has of balancing our hormones and truly helping our
body. So you can use the oils and maybe one thing, or you can do a
full-out cleansing and start on that path, or you can work your way
up to that.
We’re not here to judge, whether you’re like me or whether you’re like
Kathryn. You have to start where you can start, but we’re telling you
stories and you’re going to hear that there are results out there for you.
To support pain relief
NingXia Red
Now, we can’t guarantee, diagnose or prescribe, but in 30 days or a
minimum of six weeks, and some of you months on the product – but
in 30 days, if you truly don’t feel a difference, Young Living is very
honorable. If you return the product they give you a refund minus a
restocking fee, but very, very good.
“Actually Deep Relief was a God-send for me last night. You know I
had a sore neck and headache and every two hours I was putting it
up and down my neck and on the side of my temples. It took a little
while the last time, but I get such relief from it. I have given up Advil,
Motrin, Mobic, all the pain killers that I was taking prior to the Deep
Relief.” Debbie
“I fell really violently off the bicycle while I was in Germany and felt like
my hands were broken or really badly bruised. I used Release just to
get rid of the trauma, and then rubbed Thieves oil and peppermint on
my hands. That night I basically could move my hands just fine.” Meka
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To help with pain
Theives oil
You know, you bring up a great point that when something happens
to us on the physical, even if we sprain our ankle or have a fall, there’s
a physiological reaction that happens, but there’s also the emotion
that comes with it.
New science is showing that every cell in our body has a memory, and
what she did is she used the oil of Release and the aromatherapy,
because we need to smell a smell, it goes directly to a part of our brain,
the limbic part of our brain, the emotional center, and use that to help
relieve some of that trauma, to calm herself down.
She used the Thieves, which has clove in it. I think it was my third or
fourth year of using Young Living when people started sharing with
me testimonies about Thieves and pain – for an ingrown toenail, for
Peppermint is one of the best oils you can have for inflammation.
They’ve actually done research and found in 1994 that it actually blocks
the calcium channel and something called substance P. Just think of
substance P as pain. It helps to block the pain signals, so peppermint
is very, very good if you’re someone who struggles with pain. It works
like an anti-inflammatory. It’s great for sinus pain. I know that’s how I
started when I first used that as well.
Raindrop technique
Let’s talk about the Raindrop Technique, because that’s really where I
began my career back in 1999. I started my career by doing Raindrop
Technique for people, some of which had pain, some of which had
different health issues, a variety of different things.
I have a good friend on Facebook, Carol, who was basically disabled
with fibromyalgia after an auto accident, and someone told her to
try the Raindrop Technique. Raindrop Technique is the use of nine
therapeutic oils along the thigh and the neck and the feet in a particular fashion, using the hands, similar to a massage, but not really a
massage, and this technique helped Carol get her life back.
Her story is not the only one of those stories that I’ve heard, where
someone has gotten a Raindrop Technique and literally had a lifetransforming something happen to them. I’ve seen things like people
who no longer are lactose tolerant after a Raindrop Technique. I’ve
done Raindrops on people who haven’t smoked in over 30 years, and
I can smell the cigarette smoke coming off of them. Why? Because the
oils go in and they work very particularly.
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
My practice has over 80% of my clients that have either been diagnosed with fibromyalgia sometime in their life or have some of these
symptoms and is full because this technique is phenomenal for all
those things – for sleeping, for pain, for back pain, for dealing with
just emotional balance, and the list goes on.
I have worked with people who could not lay on their back to sleep
at night without pain since 1975, and after their fifth Raindrop were
able to lay on their back.
I have seen professionals who suffer with chronic asthma, and after the
third oil we got on his back he was able to breathe. In fact, afterwards
he said, “I breathe like I only breathed one time a year, when the snow
falls. I just go outside and I fill my lungs with air. After that third oil was
on my back I could breathe like that.”
Why is that? Because the oils in the Raindrop Technique – oregano,
thyme, basil, marjoram, Cyprus, wintergreen, peppermint work very
synergistically, anti-inflammatory, help circulation, and kill viruses.
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
Peppermit oil
To support pain relief
Raindrop Technique
Did you know that virus living in the spine could cause very bad pain?
Some of you who’ve suffered from shingles, you know that, because
that herpes zoster virus lives in the spine. In fact, they’re finding out
that a lot of inflammatory bacteria and virus hide in the spine.
Some of you who have sciatica, you will see results with the Raindrop
Technique. It’s very, very beneficial, I believe one of the most beneficial
techniques I’ve ever seen. If you’ve had massage you’re going to love
Raindrop, because it’s like a massage that lasts weeks.
“I’ve been to Dr. Mary twice for a Raindrop Technique. One time when
I’d had terrible shoulder pain where my fibromyalgia hits, behind my
neck and those tender points, she worked on me and actually smelled
some chemicals that came out of my body – possibly from chemo or
some kind of personal care products, possibly used years ago.
About a year ago I was taking supplements, and started water exercises and became exposed to chlorine that was being put into a public
pool. After a foot detox Dr. Starr smelled the chlorine. I haven’t been
in the pool since, and if I do go in I would definitely put on lavender
oil before and after.
I’m also eating differently, doing brain training to change my thinking
patterns, negative thinking patterns. As all of this comes together, I
feel better than I felt even after I finished the chemo, lost 22.2 pounds
in about eight weeks, and feel so wonderful and alive.” Maryann
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To help with pain
You know why that’s a good testimony too? Maryann was one of the
first people to be not only tested for fibromyalgia, Maryann, but you
were disabled with this condition. We talked about how toxins could
be contributing to that, and adrenal fatigue. It’s all a puzzle and you
are having amazing results using the products every day.
It’s such a great story for other women and those who suffer from
fibromyalgia, that it’s not a quick fix. You are going to have to do hard
work. We know you’ve been doing a lot of great hard work lately,
changing your eating, you’ve been taking your supplements, you’ve
been changing things in your household to lower your stress levels,
you’ve been exercising, you’ve been kind of putting all of this together.
We are here at to help give you some ideas,
some solutions, stories, hope that you can understand that people
are getting better. They are getting better, but it’s going to take some
effort. It’s going to take some time.
If you’re struggling with pain and the pain is just so horrific, like stories
I’ve heard where they feel like their muscles are being ripped off the
bone, if that is you, let’s start you right away with using some things
like the Raindrop Technique. Let’s start right away with using some
things like Sulfurzyme internally. Let’s start using some PanAway,
some Deep Relief.
Tip: use your Sulfurzyme
along with your PanAway,
because what’s in PanAway has wintergreen,
which acts like a natural
cortisone, peppermint,
which helps with the
inflammation, and clove,
which helps with the pain.
Carrie’s story
I want to tell you a story that just happened last night. I’ve been working with this one client, Carrie, for several years and we’ve seen results
at levels that are okay, and we’ve come to some conclusions.
For example, she realized that gluten, sugar, yeast, and candida were
a problem in her health. When she eliminates these things she feels
better, gets more rest, but never sees dramatic results. In fact, her
sleep pattern may be 2-3 hours at a time of rest, then she’ll wake
up, she’ll be up for a couple hours, then she’ll go back to sleep. We
had used a variety of supplements, using sometimes on Sulfurzyme,
sometimes off.
We found the piece was something hormonally. We specifically found
that using Progessence Plus Serum before bed, two drops right over
the carotid artery, and for the first time in almost 15 years she slept
five hours or more straight a night. She goes, “I’m doing great!” She
looked phenomenal. I hadn’t seen her in two weeks. She goes, “I really
feel it’s because of the sleep. I haven’t changed what I was eating. In
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
fact, I was in the sugar and I was into some of the gluten, but I’m feeling much better.”
So remember, if your piece of the puzzle is the hormone piece, then
you can try a lot of things and get so much better, but not get fully
better. If your piece of the puzzle is the yeast and candida major piece –
most of us have multiple things going on, so that’s what we have to do.
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To help pain
Deep Relief
Cory’s story
Or for example, Cory, who was in two very bad accidents and on multiple medications – I believe she said 10 total and most of them were
some kind of pain medication. Cory, through Raindrop Technique,
using Ningxia Red, changing her diet, and cleansing her body, she’s
been able to get off all those medications, to heal her body, and been
out of pain most of the time now.
What will you choose:
So it’s really up to you. What choice are you going to make? What
choice can you make? Look at your time, look at your energy, look
at your finances, because getting healthy is going to take all of those
things. In fact, you may have to carve out a budget. Some people I
literally know have had to get a part-time job to get what they need
to get healthy for a season of time.
You heard Kathryn’s story. Kathryn says, “I really am good, but I’m not
a full-out cleanser. I’m not going to do all those things,” so she was
able to reduce her Sulfurzyme by half, 50%, but she has to stay on it.
And there’s some people who will go so healthy, so clean, that they’ll
be able to almost eliminate everything.
To help heal source of pain
Raindrop Technique
NingXia Red
I do think in today’s society and the food we eat, most all of us will have
to take some form of supplementation, some form of extra nutrition
in our diet for a lifetime.
I see we have a hand raised. Go ahead and ask your question.
Caller: Yes, hi. I’m new to this whole thing. I do have a friend who represents the essential oils and that’s how I got connected with you. I am
limited fund-wise and I’m just wondering – I have severe fibromyalgia,
diabetes, and Lyme’s disease – where do I start?
Dr. Starr: That’s a great question. Is this the first call that you’ve been
Caller: Actually I pulled your information off the internet the first time,
and this is the first live call, yes.
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
Youn Living Theraputic Oils
To help pain
Dr. Starr: Okay, great. I want to share with you one thing, and you bring
up a great point that I haven’t addressed, so I’m going to address that
now. It’s the connection between Lyme’s disease and fibromyalgia.
I don’t know if Janice has shared her testimony on this call, but we’ll
make sure that you get her information. Janice was a woman who was
diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease, but experienced fibromyalgia pain up
to the point of her diagnosis.
Now, I believe as a professional, and I may be disagreeing with your
professionals that you’re working with, that many times fibromyalgia is
a mis-diagnosis for Lyme’s Disease. That being said, you can also have
things like adrenal fatigue, you can have your immune system going
out of whack in addition to the Lyme’s Disease, and have things like
rheumatoid. I see a lot of inflammatory bladder disorder, and all those
things coming together.
Wintergreen oil
Where would you start if you don’t have a lot of time? Well, you have
to look at things in perspective. If you keep going down the path you’re
going, will it come to the point where it won’t matter because you won’t
be able to function? So where can you start?
Caller: It’s not time that I don’t have. I’m very full of time. I don’t have
Dr. Starr: Okay. Well, a great place to start with then to help your body
with a natural anti-inflammatory that’s very, very inexpensive, probably
less expensive than any medication and any over-the-counter medication, is wintergreen. It’s a very inexpensive oil to help start to heal your
body. It starts to work with your own body’s healing ability, to increase
that to stop some of the inflammation.
We’ve seen women who have had a variety of different things like
digestive issues, Crohn’s disease, and things like that, use it right over
the belly. Women and men who have had prostate or bladder issues
use that right over the lower abdomen area.
Now, understand we can’t diagnose and prescribe over the phone, but
we can share with you stories of what people in your situation could
do and could start with, and that would be a great start because it’s
very inexpensive and you could go there.
If you’re very serious about that, I’m sure that the person who invited
you onto this call, like Kathryn who introduced the PanAway to someone because it worked so good for her, she wanted to talk about it. If
you talk about wintergreen and people purchase that, then hopefully
that could be a way for you to get some of the finances you need to
get the products that you need.
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Fibromyalgia Action Guide: Stop Pain, Eliminate Fibromyalgia
I’m a person who believes in two things very strongly. I believe in being
healthy, being fit in our body, mind, and our spirit, but also our financial
fitness. I do not want to see people go into terrible financial debt to
start something or do something that is not going to truly give back.
So if there is a way that you could look at getting your products paid
for, like one of our guests was saying, Angela Brooks, who is a nurse
who works night shift. She’s a very busy mom. She does a lot of things,
and she wants to save for her retirement. She wants to go on more
vacations. She wants to do those things.
She loved the products so much, she got results with the products, she
started sharing the products, and she’s making a residual income every
month just doing that. That is not for everyone, but where there’s a
will there is a way.
Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter all rights reserved
Anointed techniques with Dr. Starr
(prices effective May 15, 2011)
Anointed Raindrop Technique
An anointing of therapeutic essential oils along the entire back, neck and feet with mild pressure, and
moist heat for relaxation, and cleansing of the muscles and body for optimal health. (sessions 60 + min)
“I always sleep well after Raindrop sessions” ; “ My back and neck pain are gone after I get off the
table.” ; “ they help me stay healthy all winter long”, “my life is so stressful Raindrops help me feel like
I can deal with it all”
Cleanzu Body Wraps
This skin and body treatment will help cleanse stubborn fat and celulite, scars, and stretch marks as
well as bring overall relaxation and detoxification. An anointing of therapeutic essential oils on the
feet, legs, arms and your trouble areas. Best when used in series with an internal cleansing program
and foot detox sessions. (sessions 60 + min)
“I released 3 lbs after my first session and 2lbs more during the week.” “ The CLEANZU technique gives
my body attention in areas that normal massages just don’t.” “ I left my Cleanzu session out of pain for
the first time in months. Cleanzu helped my swelling.”
Aqua Detox Spa $55.00
A combination of water and a specialized bio-electric charge enhances and amplifies the bodies ability
to heal. Immerse your feet and increase energy levels, and detoxify. Enjoy a therapeutic essential oil
foot rub after your spa. (sessions 40 + min)
“I have tried everything for my back pain and Detox Foot baths are the only thing that give me relief.”
“I am 82 and the foot baths give me energy I haven’t had in years” “the detox foot baths helped my
Zyto Health Compass Scans read by Dr. Starr $55.00
This simple assessment uses your skin’s electricity to determine bio-markers and body system’s out of
balance. (not diagnostic for educational purposes only) Dr. Starr has evaluated over 500 clients using
the Zyto Health Compass and learned particular patterns and signs that many assist you in your path
to learn where your health challenges are and how to overcome them. (30 minutes) Zyto Compass
is most effective with our Basic Wellness Coaching Program.
“the Zyto Health Scans helped me get rid of monthly Sinus infections” “ I don’t have health insurance
so using the scanner helped me choose natural help options that were right for me.”
Name of
Generic Name
Cost per
Side Effects
duloxetine (du
LOX e teen)
Serotoninnorepinephrine reuptake
$4.75 per
pill 60mg
Constipation; decreased sexual desire or ability; diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; headache;
increased sweating; loss of appetite; nausea; sore
throat; tiredness; trouble sleeping; vomiting; weakness.
amitriptyline (a
mee TRIP ti leen)
tricyclic antidepressant
$1.20 per
pill 10mg
Blurred vision; change in sexual desire or ability; constipation; diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth;
headache; loss of appetite; nausea; tiredness; trouble
sleeping; weakness.
pregabalin (pre
GAB a lin)
LY R I C A i s
indicated to
treat Diabetic
Nerve Pain,
Pain after
Shingles, and
$1.07 per
pill 50mg
milnacipran (mil
NA si pran)
serotonin and
norepinephrine reuptake
$1.99 per
pill 12.5mg
tramadol (TRAM
a dol)
$1.93 per
pill 50mg
gabapentin (GA
ba PEN tin)
$1.34 per
pill 300mg
Nausea, vomiting, constipation, stomach pain weight
loss, dry mouth, feeling of extreme facial warmth
and/or redness, increased sweating, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, difficulty falling or staying asleep,
decreased sexual desire or ability, pain or swelling of the
testicles, difficulty urinating, rash, or itching. Some side
effects can be serious. If you experience any of these
symptoms call your doctor immediately: hallucinations
(seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist), confusion, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, weakness, unsteady walking that may cause falling, seizures,
fainting, coma (loss of consciousness for a period of
time), slowed or stopped breathing, fast or pounding
heartbeat, difficulty breathing, extreme tiredness lack
of energy, loss of appetite, pain in the upper right part
of the stomach, yellowing of the skin or eyes, flu-like
symptoms, black and tarry stools, red blood in stools,
bloody vomit, vomit that looks like coffee grounds,
unusual bleeding or bruising, nosebleeds, or tiny red
spots directly under the skin.
Constipation; diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; dry
mouth; headache; increased sweating; itching;
nausea; trouble sleeping; vomiting; weakness.
Back pain; changes in vision (double or blurred vision);
clumsiness; constipation; diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; nausea; stomach upset; tiredness;
vomiting; weight gain.
Name of
Generic Name
d ex t ro m e t h o rphan and guaifenesin (DEX troe
me THOR fan and
gwye FEN e sin)
Cost per
Side Effects
$0.61 box
of 36
Nervous system: Nervous system side effects of dextromethorphan have included drowsiness and dizziness.
Adverse effects, which have occurred at higher doses,
include excitation, mental confusion, and opiate-like
respiratory depression. In some cases of abuse, patients
have experienced euphoria, hyperactivity, mania, and
auditory and visual hallucinations.
Gastrointestinal: Gastrointestinal side effects have
included nausea, vomiting and constipation.
Dermatologic: Dermatologic side effects have included
pruritus and rash.
Hypersensitivity:Hypersensitivity side effects of dextromethorphan have included fixed-drug eruptions.
Above table taken from
Fibromyalgia action Guide
Stop Pain
Eliminate Fibromyalgia
by Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter
The Total Wellnes Doc
Dr. Mary Starr Carter has assisted more than 4000 clients in over 6 countries. Known as the “Total
Wellness Doc” her wholistic approach helps the entire family physically, emotionally, spiritually and
financially. With a specialty of helping difficult cases like Fibromyalgia clients she is known to “find
the missing piece of the puzzle”.
Clients state that not only does her teaching and coaching help them get on the road to recovery,
saving them thousands of dollars, but many feel empowered again and no longer hopeless. Initially
Dr. Starr was trained as a non-traditional Chiropractor and then went on to study with some of the
worlds foremost leaders in natural medicine.
Her clients love her caring and warm personality and her teaching an coaching style is a simple step
by step solutions anyone can do.
If you are looking for answers and are ready to make changes, see how Dr. Parmley-Carter can help
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