TVB and Astro Present: “Wellness On The Go”



TVB and Astro Present: “Wellness On The Go”
Press Release
TVB and Astro Present: “Wellness On The Go”
Ruco Chan arrived at Malaysia to share health message
(Hong Kong – 9 August 2013) Over the years, TVB has been delivering a number of grand
productions to the Malaysian audiences through collaboration with Astro. Two TV broadcasters
collaborate once again to produce the health programme show, Wellness On The Go, featuring
various health topics. TVB artiste Ruco Chan arrived at Malaysia to host the 2nd episode of the
programme after Jason Chan has get the 1st episode done last month. During 3-6 August, Ruco Chan
attended the on-ground event to promote the programme and conducted the shooting of the 2 nd
episode “About Bones” at Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.
TVB red-hot star Ruco Chan attended the promotional activity at SJKC Bertam Valley at 8 a.m. He
showed up on stage and expressed his excitement in joining today’s activity after the
hundred-people-aerobic last month. Ruco and instructor led yoga exercise on stage. All participants
followed every steps of exercise. Professional doctor panel explained the advantages of Yoga. They
said Yoga could help strengthen the cardiopulmonary function. It also focused on the stretch of
muscles and ligament, which helped remove tension of muscles and prevented diseases on joints,
bones and arthritis. Ruco told that he felt refresh after exercise and encouraged people work out
regularly to keep fit.
After the promotional activity, Ruco Chan visited Ringlet Farm to conduct programme shooting for
Wellness On The Go. Being a city dweller, he was extremely excited about the visit to an organic
plant garden. The resident shared his tips in planting with Ruco. Ruco picked fresh fruits and
vegetables and squeezed it after washing. As shared by a nutritionist, he understood the nutrients of
fresh vegetables juice and it was good to our health. On the next day, Ruco arrived at a farmland to
be a one-day farmer to experience the hardship. He showed great excitement in assisting farmer to
reap different kinds of crops. Farmer also shared lots of tips in cultivation and the benefits of crops to
Artiste Ruco Chan expressed he learned a lot through hosting of Wellness On The Go. He had gained
deeper understanding about bones and was happy to share health tips through the programme with
the Malaysian audiences. It was also a horizon-broaden experience to him in visiting farmlands in
which he gained knowledge about the benefits of different kinds of vegetables. The 2 nd episode of
Wellness On The Go – About Bones shot at Cameron Highlands will be broadcast on 9 September
and TVB actress Sharon Chan will arrive at Penang in Malaysia to host the next episode soon. Stay
Photo Captions:
1a-b TVB artiste Ruco Chan attended the morning promotional activity for Wellness On The Go.
2a-b Ruco Chan and instructor led yoga exercise on stage.
3. Ruco Chan listened to a doctor carefully about the benefits of Yoga exercise.
4a-b Ruco gave away souvenirs after morning exercise.
5a-c The venue was full of crowd and health truck was present to provide body check-up.
6a-c Ruco Chan was excited to visit a plant and listened tips shared by a resident.
7a-b Ruco Chan washed the newly-picked vegetables.
8a-b The nutritionist shared the benefits of vegetables juice with Ruco.
9. Group photo of Ruco Chan, the nutritionist and the resident.
10a-b Ruco Chan discussed bones related diseases with the doctor.
11a-b Ruco was very excited to visit the farmland.
12a-b The farmer shared the tips in managing a farm with Ruco.
13a-d Ruco assisted the farmer in reaping crops.
14. Ruco could not wait to taste the fresh fruit!
15a-b. Ruco was satisfied with the harvest and took photo with the farmer.
16. Ruco shared the bits and pieces of the valuable shooting experience.
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