Grounding Project 1- Industry Icon


Grounding Project 1- Industry Icon
!omas Sena
Omaha, NE
"Get y"r haircut, damnit"
Born August 27, 1966 in Omaha, Nebraska
Thomas’ father was a cosmetologist and salon owner for
40+ years. He also owned and operated a beauty school.
Thomas' first job was at his father's salon which sparked
his love and passion for the industry
Graduated from Capitol Beauty School in Omaha, NE in
Currently lives and works in Omaha, NE
What inspired you to begin your career in the
Cosmetology industry?
“I grew up around it. My dad was a cosmetologist and my aunt and
then my older sister. I liked the creative aspect.”
What do you enjoy most about the industry?
“I love that it is creative and has allowed me to use all my interests,
artistic, marketing, management, networking, strategizing, leading,
teaching, learning, mentoring, writing, blogging, social media, creating
photo shoots and videos, and even my music ability (I just cowrote
and recorded our new jingle for Beauty First).”
Career H$tory
Platform artist and educator for the Nebraska Hair Fashion Committee, the NCA, Standard Beauty Supply and Paul
Served on the National Advisory Board for TSA (The Salon Association) Symposium in 2005.
Created Thomas Sena The Salon in 1997 and T’eez Salon in 1999. Then in 2003 he combined both salons in one
very prominent location called One Pacific Place in Omaha, NE. Thus calling the salon, T’eez- A Thomas Sena
In 2007 Thomas created and launched his own product line called T’eez.
In 2009 Thomas sold T’eez- A Thomas Sena Salon but stayed on as General Manager until 2014.
In 2014, he took a short-term position as the Director of Marketing and business consultant for a salon chain in
Omaha, NE called Garbo’s Salon and Spa.
In 2015, Thomas accepted a long-term position which would combine his business skills with his passion and
success in the cosmetology industry. He is currently the General Manager of Salons for Beauty First Nebraska.
“This is an exciting opportunity for me to get to help transform a very established brand into a whole new
space that really doesn’t exist. I love working in uncharted territory. We are fusing a comprehensive hair
care and cosmetics retail chain with high quality full service salons in a way that hasn’t really been done.” •
Has trained extensively at Bumble and Bumble in NYC and as an educator with Schwarzkopf Color and continues
to work with several brands
Thomas had the honor of being the cover
story in Salon Today in 2003 as a
“Trailblazer” in the industry
…And again in 2012 when he was
named a “Tech Titan”
OFW Omaha Fa%ion Week
In 2007, Thomas was among the founding group for Omaha Fashion
Week. He served as show director for 4 years and has continued to
do hair for OFW every season
!omas Sena
is an icon in this industry because he has
always been on the forefront of what is trending, beautiful
and marketable. Whether it be something as small as
getting his start cleaning up his fathers salon or an
accomplishment as great as owning his own salon and
creating his own product line, Thomas Sena has proved to
be a timeless piece of this industry. Not only is he creative,
trendy, professional and extremely successful but he is also
very knowledgeable about every aspect of this industry. So
knowledgeable in fact, that his expertise is sought after by
many. Including future professionals such as myself and
even large companies such as Beauty First Nebraska. I
have personally enjoyed watching his rise to success thus
far, and I cannot wait to see all of the beautiful,
groundbreaking things that he creates in the future.
Stay Tuned….

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