Oct-Dec 06 - Fowler Holding Company


Oct-Dec 06 - Fowler Holding Company
S potlight on F owler
Volume 1, Issue 4
October—December 2006
The sale of the Toyota dealership in Dallas is
finally complete! I would like to take this
opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in the sale of the Dallas store and give
special recognition and thanks to Jason Clark
for the countless hours of hard work he put
in to helping us
complete the Dallas transaction.
We are kicking off the New Year with our
new goals, as promised. We are actively looking for a new dealership opportunity suitable
to our organization. As you know, finding the
right fit will take time, money and people. We
will be looking internally for people who are
interested in personal growth and development opportunities to assist us in making our
new goals successful.
I must say, 2006 has been an interesting year
of change for the auto industry; however, the
Fowler Auto Group has pulled us through
again. I want to thank Scott Williams and
everyone who helped get our Car-Research
Program up and
is a
state-ofthe-art followup system and
we are already
experiencing an
increase in our
sales as a result.
Inside this issue:
I would like to bestow high recognition to Rick
Burgess and all the employees who work for
Fowler Toyota in Norman for an outstanding
2006 year. Your hard work and effort made this
success possible.
Also, I want to thank Laura Moxley, Nichole
Hood and Lindsey Alexander for their outstanding work this year for keeping us up-to-date
with all of our HR needs. This effort has made a
tremendous difference in our employee satisfaction.
1. Be realistic: Aim low. It goes without saying that most New Year’s resolutions are easier announced (or written) than done—but if
you set the bar too high, you’re doomed from
the start. The surest way to meet your goal is
to make your goal attainable.
2. Don’t overload yourself: It’s difficult
enough for the average person to follow
through on one ambitious New Year’s resolution; why on earth would you saddle yourself
Salesperson of
the Month
Fowler Family:
Part IV
Fowler Career
Healthy Choices
Special points of
• Toyota to build
more factories in
~ ~ ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR! ~ ~ ~
Tips to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions
Chances are, at some time in your life you've
made a New Year's Resolution - and then broken it. This year, stop the cycle of resolving to
make change, but not following through. Here
are 10 tips to help get you started.
with three or four? Choose the most pressing
issue at hand and concentrate on that. Trying to
do everything simultaneously practically guarantees failure across the board.
3. Plan ahead: An important fact about resolutions is resolutions do not need to be declared
at the stroke of midnight, or on New Year's day
for that matter. Take your time; make a realistic resolution, one that you have considered and
you believe can be accomplished.
4. Outline your plan: Decide how you will deal
with the temptation to skip the exercise class,
or just have one more cigarette. This could include calling on a friend for help, or practicing
positive thinking and self-talk.
• Keeping your resolutions is as easy as
• Building a career
with the Fowler
family, what are
your plans?
• Shoot out of
the ballpark...
Read all about it...
...Troy McWhirter got hitched November 5th.
…Geff Huff celebrates the birth of a new grandbaby!
...Nate Ports welcomed a new baby boy, Samuel Ports!
...Paul Cochran celebrates the birth of a new baby girl!
...Eric Mentel is preparing to welcome another addition to his family.
...Jesse Coker popped the question; congrats on the engagement!
...Fowler Honda and Mitsubishi are now separate entities.
...David Jones is expecting a baby in a short couple of months.
Have some announcements? Know something exciting at your dealership? Email us at [email protected]
* There are more than 300,000 fast food restaurants in
the U.S.
* The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds—more than any
other animal.
* The species responsible for the most human deaths
worldwide is the mosquito.
* Because steel expands when it gets hot, the Eiffel
Tower is six inches taller in the summer than in the winter.
* The Bible, the world’s best-selling book, is also the
world’s most shoplifted book.
* There are 336 dimples in a regulation golf ball.
© 2003 Fun Facts, all rights reserved.
Employee Showcase
Introducing DAVIN FISBECK...
Having an issue with your vehicle in Colorado? Then you might want go see Davin Fisbeck
to help get you back on the road. Davin has worked as a General Service Technician at Century 1 Chevrolet in Broomfield, CO for nine years and counting. Although Davin’s duties
vary from vehicle to vehicle, he mainly focuses on drivability and light line (trim) work. If
the nine years seniority doesn’t already say “I like what I do”, Davin does…he expresses
how he enjoys working with his hands and how his position allows him to do something different everyday.
Davin loves to learn and has taken advantage of his educational opportunities with Century, achieving Master Technician status in 7 categories and is on his way to becoming a
World Class rated mechanic. Despite enjoying his job, Davin has interests beyond the oil
and grease. He is a husband to wife Tina and daddy to daughters Sydnee (3) and Paige (1).
Davin takes pleasure in his family time. In fact, he and his father share the same hobby;
Davin, with Manager Mike Stoole
antique tractor pulls. The father son duo is not sitting in the stands, no sir, they are competing! Davin pulls a 1937 John Deer B, with a max speed of 1 ½ mph, and 14 HP at 4,000lbs.
The excitement doesn’t stop there…Davin is also the driver of car #32, sponsored by Prime
Materials, Landscape Supply, and Sequeal Communications, in the sportsman class at the Colorado
National Speedway. This stock-stub chassis class races the 3/8 mile paved track. NASCAR sanctioned and considered the fastest 3/8 mile in the country, Davin races a ’78 Camero stubb with a
’03 Pontiac body and a 400 HP Chevy GM crate motor. With an average crowd of 9,000 people a
night and 26 racers competing, Davin has won 3 championships in his 6 years experience, two of
which were won the last two years, and he currently holds the track
record of 17.57 seconds at 77.54 mph. His accomplishments have granted him appearances on the
local CO Racing Radio Network 4 times in the last year.
Davin expresses his joy for the simple things in life. When asked where he would like to go on
vacation, he said he’d enjoy anywhere “there was no cell phone reception”, but he likes to visit Lake
Makanahae in Nebraska for some fishing, hiking, and camping. He further states how he would also
appreciate visiting the Naval Museum in San Diego sometime.
Davin with his prized racing machine
Davin likes working for Century and wouldn’t mind moving up into management or maybe even spending some time in the parts
department later in his career. He leaves us with these words of motivation “Learn all you can to get ahead in life”.
Want to nominate someone for the Employee Showcase? Email the nominee’s name, location, and some interesting facts about that person to [email protected]
Page 2
Spotlight on Fowler
Who’s Who in the Fowler Family, Part IV
By Laura M. Moxley, SPHR
“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.” In the words of Author Paulo Coelho, this could not be truer, according to
Dave Fowler. Crediting his wife, Pam, of 23 years, with the successful upbringing of their 19-year-old son, Dylan (yes – named after
the singer), pointing to the successes of several of his employees in moving up the career ladder (Dan Mathis moved from Parts
Counterperson to Parts Manager; Karina Rozinsky moved from Sales Consultant to Special Finance Manager, Josh Tarro moved from
Sales Consultant to New Car Sales Manager to name a few), it would seem that David L. Fowler is all about helping others achieve
their destiny. In fact, he believes it is his obligation.
Indeed, in speaking with David Fowler, you get the impression he would rather be talking about anyone other
than himself. A self-described “slow bloomer in the family”, Dave speaks with compassion of his wife, Pam, who he
knew for 9 years before they married. “She has four degrees but has never used them because she has me,” he
says casually and with much pride. Their son, Dylan, is the keyboardist for “Titan Courageous”, a band Dylan helped
found. “They write all their own music”, Dave mentions, and are planning to tour in March, hoping to take their music to Japan.
David at age 11
But what about the man himself? To know Dave, you need understand his values, which he inherited from his
parents. It is Dave’s father, Billy E. Fowler, who taught him how important it is to contribute. “He has a
work ethic like none other,” Dave recalls of his father, who Dave says inspired him to be the very best he could be no
matter what position he held, “He always paid me for the job, whether it was Lot Porter or Sales Manager, no more and
no less, and told me to ‘always be your best’.” David credits his mother for giving him “heart” in caring about others.
Born July 23, 1954, in Sherman, Texas, David is the youngest of three boys. He recalls his earliest job at age 13. He
parked cars at the Cabana Hotel (no longer there) in Dallas, Texas with his two brothers, Mike (CEO of the Fowler companies) and Bill, Jr. In high school, David worked at the local “Jack in the Box”. He recalls, “I was Jack.” On Saturdays,
David, 1980
David dressed in a clown outfit and reported outside to take food orders. “No one ever knew it was me.”
David claims he became a “car man” at the age of 8 when his mother pulled into the drive in a white Thunderbird convertible. He
We would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to the following employees for their dedication to Fowler throughout the years. The following represent anniversaries for October—December 2006.
5 years
10 years
Connie Beams, Toyota-Norman
Billy Root, Toyota-Norman
Tom Sullivan, Toyota-Norman
Ted Lickteig, Century Chevrolet
Jeanie Forrest, Honda/Mitsubishi
Devin McCay, Century Chevrolet
Anthony Burton, Honda/Mitsubishi
Phyllis Richardson-Hall, Honda/Mitsubishi
Randall Blaine, Century Chevrolet
Septembe r 2006
Clarence Weeks, Toyota
October 2006
Simmi Adda, Honda/Mitsu
November 2006
Ron Morain, Dodge
December 2006
Ed Ervin, Toyota
William Daggett, Century Chevrolet
Linda Hughes, Honda/Mitsubishi
Patty Yandell, Honda/Mitsubishi
*Salespersons, see your GSM/GM for
sales criteria.
Lisaann Waggoner, Honda/Mitsubishi
Volume 1, Issue 4
Page 3
In the event of a
Provide first aid or medical attention promptly.
Report injury to the HR Administrator immediately.
If non-emergency/first aid medical attention is necessary, your supervisor should take you to see:
OK Location:
Dr. Jeffery Pardee
Occupational Medicine Clinic
1006 S.W. 104th (104th and Western)
Norman, OK
6. Reward Yourself: Following through on a New Year’s
resolution is rarely easy, so a little Pavlovian conditioning
goes a long way. If you’ve resolved to shop less, stroke
yourself for not buying those shoes by springing for a
steaming hot cappucino at the mall. This doesn't mean that
if your resolution is to diet you can eat an entire box of
chocolates. Instead, celebrate your success by treating
yourself to something that you enjoy.
7. Track your progress: Keep track of each small success
you make toward reaching your larger goal. Short-term
goals are easier to keep, and small accomplishments will
help keep you motivated.
CO Location:
Occupational Medicine & Rehabilitation
4750 W. 120th Ave. Ste 100
Westminster, CO 80020
8. Don't Beat Yourself Up: Obsessing over the occasional
slip won't help you achieve your goal. Do the best you can
each day, and take them one at a time.
9. Stick to it: Don't sweat the setbacks; persistence is
the key. Experts say it takes about 21 days for a new activity to become a habit, and 6 months for it to become part
of your personality.
* Your supervisor must also take a copy
of your job description to the doctor’s office.
If emergency medical attention is necessary, your
supervisor should take you to the nearest emergency
room. * Your supervisor must also take a copy of your
job description to the emergency room.
Complete accident investigation paperwork.
Sat Oct 28, 2006 2:02am ET
5. Talk about it: Don't keep your resolution a secret. Tell
friends and family members who will be there to support
your resolve. The more people you tell, the more people
there’ll be to prod you along if you fall behind. There’s no
shame in seeking help if you can’t accomplish your resolution on your own.
Toyota to build two
plants in North
America: report
10. Keep trying: If your resolution has totally run out of
steam by mid-February, don't despair. Start over again!
Sometimes the best way to accomplish a New Year’s resolution is to make it at a time of year of your choosing, rather
than the one dictated by the calendar.
©2006 About, Inc., A part of The New York Times Company. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 1999-2006 eHow, Inc.
Copyright 1994 - 2006 Pioneer Development Resources, Inc. All rights reserved.
TOKYO (Reuters) - Toyota Motor
Corp (7203.T: Quote, NEWS, Research) will build two assembly plants
in North America, Japan's Mainichi
newspaper reported on Saturday.
Toyota is considering building a plant
in northern part of Midwest to assemble Yaris compact cars which are
selling well, the Japanese daily said.
The plant, with the annual production
capacity of 200,000 units, was exPage 4
2007 Toyota Camry
2007 Chevrolet Silverado
www.motortrend.com © 1996-2007 PRIMEDIA Magazines, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
pected to be operational in 2009, it said.
Toyota will also build another plant in North America to start producing sport utility
vehicles around 2010, it said.
© Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved
Spotlight on Fowler
Who’s Who
says it was the first car he had seen with a stereo, complete with four speakers and an 8-track player. He coaxed his mother into
driving him to the record store to purchase Sonny and Cher’s first album. His interest in cars continued with his first car being a
1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 of which he rebuilt
rodded around town.
In the car business, David has worked every job,
“When you want something, all the universe
conspires in helping you achieve it.”
the motor and hotfrom
General Manager. Like his older brother, Mike, he is a graduate of the National Auto Dealer’s Association’s (NADA) Dealer School,
“I graduated 2 years behind Mike. He was in their 7th class ever held and I was in their 17th.” To his credit, he has been Salesperson
of the Year, while working for Fowler Toyota, in Norman, and he has been the General Manager of Toyota and Honda. Currently the
GM of Century 1 Chevrolet in Broomfield, Colorado, Dave worked for Fowler Holding Company prior to that. When asked why he decided to move to the trendy suburb of Denver, David replied, “I like the speed, hustle, and bustle of the car store and I wanted to
help the organization succeed and grow.”
Currently, David is on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Auto Dealer’s Association as
the Representative for District #4 and he serves as Secretary & Treasurer for the Advertising Board of Chevrolet, which accommodates 22 dealers. David is a firm believer that when
“good folks come together for a common goal, we get way more done and achieve great results.” With such a positive outlook, it’s no wonder that another of Dave’s favorite quotes from
an anonymous source is, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you
achieve it.” Can we mention here that David carries a handicap of 13 with U.S. Golf Association?
General Manager, Century 1 Chevrolet, 2006
(stay tuned for more on the story of Fowler…)
Climbing the Career Ladder at Fowler
The Story of Dallas McClary
Considering a career in the car business? Climb that ladder with Fowler! Take a look at
how Dallas McClary built his career with the Fowler organization. He did it and so can you!
A Norman High graduate and University of Oklahoma attendee, Dallas McClary began his
career with Fowler nearly ten years ago. Dallas is married to his wife of 13 years, Jodie and
is a father to two beautiful girls; Rylie (6) and Kate (2).
It all started in 1997, when he worked for Norman Touch-Up, providing aftermarket services to dealerships. Fowler Toyota and Fowler Honda were two of their biggest clients,
which allowed Dallas to catch the eye of the Honda Used Car Manager, then David Fowler.
David offered Dallas a Used Car Salesperson position, and seeing an opportunity, Dallas gladly
accepted the position.
General Manager, Honda & Mitsubishi, 2006
He worked as a salesperson for a couple of years until he was promoted to Assistant
Used Car Manager in 1999. A little over a year later, in 2000, Dallas became an F&I Producer and Fowler sent him to EFG Finance
school. He only occupied the Producer position shortly before being promoted to the Honda F&I Director. A mere year later, Dallas assisted in the opening of the Mitsubishi dealership as the Mitsubishi Used Car Manager. Following the opportunities at Fowler,
in 2002, Dallas became the New Car Director for the Honda dealership. Seeing potential in Dallas, Fowler promoted him to GSM
of the Honda and Mitsubishi dealerships in 2003 and sent him to NADA Dealer school in 2005. Successfully graduating Dealer
school in 2006, Dallas was in a great position for yet another promotion, GM. Fowler recognized his potential and promoted him to
GM for both the Fowler Honda and Fowler Mitsubishi dealerships in November of 2006.
When asked what motivation or tips he would like to give those who want to build a career with Fowler, Dallas spoke of how
Fowler “never closed any doors on him. With each new position came an opportunity.” He reflects on how he has seen many people
come and go in this business and how they seem to come back full circle to Fowler. He has “never been one to chase the money”
and has “always thought if you stayed put and did a good job, the money will come to you.” Dallas further expresses how patience
and hard work pays off. His advice is to “bloom where you’re planted; be the best you can be in the position you’re in.”
Volume 1, Issue 4
Page 5
Fowler Auto Group
Primary Business Address
2721 NW 36th Avenue
Norman, OK 73072
Phone: 405-573-9909
E-mail: [email protected]
People are the lifeblood
of Fowler.
“Commitment drives you to aim out of the
ballpark and adds
significance to all
that you do.”
The mission of Fowler is to grow our business by earning the respect, trust and loyalty of our customers and employees.
We strive to provide and market exceptional products and services by developing and utilizing our people, technology,
systems and processes to become the Dealer of Choice in the automotive industry.
Healthy Snacking During the New Year
It’s late afternoon, you’re at work and,
despite having eaten lunch, you’re
starving. It’s tempting to grab a snack
from the vending machine or indulge in
one of the many holiday treats which
abound this time of year. But, before
indulging in those fattening snacks,
think again. There are healthier alternatives that can fill you up—without
adding inches to your waistline.
Snacks Are Important
Discard the notion that snacking can
cause you to gain weight. In reality,
snacking on healthy foods actually can
help prevent obesity by controlling
your appetite and keeping you from
overindulging at meals. Eating nutritious snacks every three to four hours
also can boost your energy levels so
that you can make it through the day.
But, remember—if you’re going to
munch on a midday treat, make sure it’s
good for you.
Picking the Perfect Snack
Choose foods that are low in fat and calories, and rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates. Some good choices are:
overboard—nuts do contain some fat.
Get Creative
If dinnertime still is a few hours away
and carrot sticks aren’t hitting the spot,
try creating a more substantial snack,
such as:
Air-popped popcorn
Whole-grain toast with apple butter
Low-fat yogurt
Half a bagel with tomato slices and
melted low-fat cheese
Low-fat granola
Low-fat cheese and whole-grain
Fruit smoothie made with bananas,
strawberries and nonfat milk
Baked tortilla chips and salsa
Rice cakes
Other tasty, nutritious snacks include walnuts, peanuts, almonds and other nuts.
These are good sources of protein, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and carbohydrates.
For even more flavor, try combining them
with other foods—such as in trail mixes or
as a salad topper. But, be careful not to go
© UnitedHealthcare
A Spanish version of the newsletter is available upon request. Please send your requests, including name and address, to [email protected]

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