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From the Inside, Out! ENG.indd
From the Inside, Out!
March / 2013
Welcome to the second,
spring edition of KSI Montenegro’s newsletter “From the Inside, Out”!
e bring you the latest news on the school’s events and activities, and we are pleased to share some of the learning
experiences. Traditional carnivals and costume balls taking place around the Boka Bay are a unique and beautiful
way to salute the arrival of the new season and sunny weather. As you will see we have strived to offer engaging
opportunities beyond the classroom, further supporting students to inquire into the local community and the wider
world around them. Activities that stem from the classroom and are developed with students are unique events that
everyone can enjoy.
KSI is set to become the first IB school in Montenegro, and as IB learners, we are striving to be: Inquirers, Knowledgeable,
Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced and Reflective.
Welcome to our world!
100 words for
the 100th day at school
“100 days at school! That’s A LOT of days at school!” yelled
the five year old. Some of the Kinders mixed with Year 1
and 2 students and were grouped in pairs to see if each
could count to 100. All pairs were given a 100 day kit. They
dove into their kits to see if they could do it. Some groups
used the miniature 100 chart, while others counted out
one by one on the carpet. Within minutes they shouted,
“Finished!”. When the children were prompted to see if
they could find a way to make sure they did in fact have
100, the real inquiry began!
KSI Montenegro Calendar
Saturday, March 2, 12:00
Children’s Carnival at Porto Montenegro,
organised by the Children’s Association
of Tivat
Friday, March 29 – April 2
Western Easter break
Friday, April 12, 2.30-3.30
Afterschool Activity Clubs – Open Day
Wednesday, March 06
Wednesday, April 17
KSI Assembly
KSI Assembly
Wednesday, March 27
Last week of April
KSI Assembly
Budva Carnival
KSI Students Visit
Traditional Venetian
Handmade Masks
ebruary in Boka Bay brings the spirit of
festivities and traditional masquerades.
Students of KSI Montenegro enjoyed this in
more than 100 unique masks, handcrafted
for the upcoming carnivals by the young
Montenegrin artist Tanja Topuzoska. Her
exquisite artwork were displayed at Naval
Heritage Collection in Porto Montenegro
and here are some examples the children
liked the most.
KSI Montenegro Masquerade
long with many carnival festivities
taking place in the Bay of Kotor
during the month of February, we also
organised our very own masquerade.
Merry ceremonies preceded the visit
to the Venetian masks exhibition,
where learners explored the origin and
significance of the carnivals and the
purpose and meanings of the various
masks. As the students are inquiring
into celebrations and traditions, Year 1
and Year 2 deepened their knowledge
regarding carnival festivities. They
were able to substantiate their learning
with real experiences, lots of joy and
NEW After School Activities (ASA) PROGRAMME
he new semester brings new,
exciting and carefully selected after
-school activities. At KSI Montenegro
we understand that even after the school
day is over there is more to learn. KSI
after-school activities are an interesting
and enjoyable way to expand our ideas
and creativity.
“Our new fun and educational ASA
programme started on February 4 and
will last until April 12”, said Martina
Dujmusic, coordinator for ASA activities.
Martina mentioned that there are 9
different activities and that everyone can
find something suitable, whether they
are keen on sports or interested in music
and arts.
The programme is open to all children
and KSI Montenegro is always happy to
see new faces.
During the week students from all classes
have been carefully preparing their
masks combining them with costumes
and gladly sharing ideas with each other.
The students devised their own creations
of masks, nurturing their creativity and
exploring shapes, colours and decoration
techniques. Fairies, pirates and super
heroes got together at one big school
masquerade to honour the tradition.
Everybody really enjoyed themselves and
danced to the traditional carnival music.
We might not be coated in snow, but
we are still celebrating the winter in our
own way! The KSI masquerade was a real
Monday 14:30 - 15:30
Aikido & Art
Tuesday 14:30 - 15:30
KSI leadership team & Yoga Animal
Wednesday 14:30 - 15:30
Music Club & Health Body/Health Mind
Thursday 14:30 - 15:30
Chess Club & Do It Yourself
Friday 13.15 - 14.15
Tennis Club
Learn English with KSI Montenegro
SI Montenegro is now offering
English lessons through the
prestigious language learning software,
Rosetta Stone. The classes are held
every Monday and Wednesday at KSI
Montenegro. English teachers from the
school are there to assist members with
additional support and guidance. KSI
parents, and others, have already signed
up to learn English using this popular 12
week language learning programme.
On completion of the course, students
will take a final exam to achieve their
Level 1 Beginners certificate. For more information or if you would
like to sign up please register your
interest by emailing us at ksminfo@
Good luck to all our new “Learners“., School Montenegro,
[email protected], Tel: +382 32 672 655, Porto Montenegro 85320 Tivat