March - NNJR



March - NNJR
The Newsletter of the Northern New Jersey Region/PCA
March 2015
©2012 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.*Carrera S model with PDK and Sport Chrono Package.
It’s not just faster.
It’s wider, lighter, sharper, nimbler, and faster.
When you set out to improve upon greatness, you leave no stone unturned. Or in this case,
no component unimproved. Built from the ground up with 90% new or fundamentally revised
materials, the next 911 redefines performance as we know it. Acceleration from 0 to 60 in
an astounding 3.9 seconds* in the Carrera S. It’s even shed almost 100 pounds for added
agility and improved efficiency. The next 911 is the sports car that turns all we know into
everything you desire. See for yourself with a test drive.
The next Porsche 911.
Forever the sports car.
Ray Catena® Porsche
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Porsche Hospitality
Daytona Rolex 24 2015
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It is a great honor to hold the position of Editor of Porscherforus, which I humbly accept. It is my promise to the Northern New Jersey Region
- PCA to uphold the standards of excellence this publication has always held. I am greatly looking forward to working with all of the club’s
members to create a unique, defined and entertaining newsletter. Please send your articles to [email protected]
Michele Lynn, Porscheforus Editor
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Charity Events
Anthony & Nelly Wartel
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Around the Corner
Tech - Zone 1
Tech Tactics East, Easton, PA
Board of Governors meeting
Brick Academy, Basking Ridge, NJ........................................................7:30pm
Track Tech
Tech Inspectors/Track Ops WS, Powertech, Rockaway, NJ.....................1-3pm
Monthly Meeting - Kelsy Hill and Alex Roy
The Villa, Mountain Lakes, NJ....................................................................8pm
Social, Chocolate Tasting
High Marques, Morristown, NJ..............................................................3-5pm
Concours, Gathering of the Faithful
High Marques, Morristown, NJ ......................................................10am-1pm
Closing date for May issue of Porscheforus
Tech, Tires & Suspensions Set Ups
Eurotire, Fairfield, NJ.................................................................................1pm
27-29 Fri-Sun
PCA Race
Road Atlanta, GA
30 Mon
Lime Rock Tech
Flemington Porsche, Flemington, NJ....................................................6-8pm
Board of Governors meeting
Brick Academy, Basking Ridge, NJ.......................................................7:30pm
8-9 Wed-Thur Driver Ed Lime Rock
Lime Rock, CT
Concours Concours WS
Paterek Bros, Chatham, NJ....................................................................1-4pm
Tech, Lightning/Thunderbolt Tech
Precision Motorsports Racing, Long Valley, NJ....................................6-8pm
Monthly Meeting
Tech Panel
The Villa, Mountain Lakes, NJ..................................................................8pm
AX Tentative Date
MetLife Stadium, Lot L..............................................................................8am
Swap Meet, Hershey Swap Meet
Hershey, PA
AX Tentative Date
MetLife Stadium, Lot J..............................................................................8am
Closing date for June issue of Porscheforus
24-25 Fri-Sat
PCA Race
Lime Rock, CT
27-28 Mon-Tues Driver Ed Advanced Lightning/Thunderbolt
Millville, NJ
Concours/Rally, New Member Welcome to the Club Somerset Hills Learning Institute, Basking Ridge, NJ...............................8am 3
Car Control Clinic (Registration Required)
Met Life Stadium, Lot J, Meadowlands NJ................................................8am
Mid-Ohio Tech
Paul Miller Porsche, Parsippany, NJ.......................................................6-8pm
Board of Governors meeting
Brick Academy, Basking Ridge, NJ........................................................7:30pm
AX?? Tentative Date
Met Life Stadium, Lot J..............................................................................8am
8-9 Fri-Sat
PCA Race
Monticello, NY
Mother’s Day, Listed for information only
Monthly Meeting
Topic TBD
The Villa, Mountain Lakes, NJ...................................................................8pm 15-17 Fri-Sat Driver Ed, Mid-Ohio
Lexington, OH
15-17 Fri-Sat Zone 1, Registration/Concours/Rally
Woodcliff Lake Hilton, Woodcliff Lake, NJ............................................6-8pm 24
Closing date for July issue of Porscheforus
Tech, Thunderbolt/Zone 1 WG Tech
Powertech, Rockaway, NJ......................................................................6-8pm 29-31 Fri-Sun Zone 1 Clash at the Glen PCA Club Race
The Monthly Meeting
The NNJR Monthly meeting is held the
second Wednesday of each month at
8pm. The meetings are held at the Villa
on Route 46 in Mountain Lakes, NJ.
Here is what the program looks like for
the next few months:
Kelsy Hill and Alex Roy will be our guest presenters. Both Kelsy Hill and Alex Roy share a passion
for automobiles. Kelsy is the Strategic Alliances/
Enthusiast Engagement person for both Car and
Driver / Road & Track magazines. Kelsy will share
her insight on how C&D and R&T test cars and
report their finding back to us. Kesly works with
many of the manufacturing companies directly
and shop-run race teams throughout the year to
provide fan engagement and the translation of
what’s seen at the race track to the cars we drive
on the street. In addition to her involvement with
the media Kelsy also sits on the Board for Blipshift
and is part of the /DRIVE production team.
Alex Roy will be joining Kesly as our presenter.
Although Alex has driven Porsche GT Cup cars
in the GrandAm series he might be best known
for his record breaking time during the Gumball
Transcontinental Rally. Driving from NYC to Los
Angles in just under 32 hours. Alex Roy also set
the record for the fastest lap around Manhattan.
Roy set the record with a time of approximately
27 minutes, he recalls that he hit top speeds of
144 mph while committing 151 moving violations
— enough to have his New York driver’s license
suspended 78 times over.
In addition, Alex appeared on David Letterman.
Alex is the author of “The Driver”and spent a bit
of time involved with a recent trial related to Afoduck’s infamous YouTube boasting/video documenting that he broke Alex’s record yet doing so
it subsequently ended in Afroduck being locked
up. Alex is also a recurring host on /DRIVE.
Get ready to be thrilled with, quite literally,
stories from the road and insane worlds that both
Kelsy and Alex both work in. This Program is sure
to be very entertaining!
Tech Panel
Be sure to check the NNJR website
calendar for updates and
directions to the Villa!
Auf Der Straße
By Drew Karpinski
NNJR President
You may remember back in June
of last year that I used these pages to
talk about Neil Young’s crusade to save
music as an art form from the throes
of the digital music bad guys. In case
you may have missed that installment,
allow me to bring you up to speed.
Young’s argument is that the conversion of the recorded music to digital
over the last thirty years has degraded
the sound quality to the point where
the future of music as we know it
may be threatened. If this sounds the
ramblings of an old hippy scorned by
his record company, read on…he does
have a point.
Where once music was recorded and
reproduced in a high quality analog
format (and sold on vinyl records,
primarily), the digital formats use only
portions or “samples” of the actual recorded sound to present a reasonable
(or unreasonable, depending on how
you look at it) facsimile of the actual
music. Freeze-dried Tasters Choice
coffee versus freshly ground and
brewed Starbucks. For many of us that
really appreciate the quality of music
(dubbed “audiophiles”), this was not
really news. Even when the CD first appeared in the early 1980’s, there were
already legions of people exclaiming
that the new digital emperor had no
clothes. The masses eagerly bought
into the new format, wooed by a lack
of surface noise and improved durability and portability. The CD format won
the battle against vinyl records, but
now is losing ground quickly to digital
So why does Neil Young care about
the quality of music you are listening
to? Well, the main reason is that MP3
sales, distributed online via digital
downloads, has outpaced every other
format available. The CD, which is a
much higher quality digital recording
than an MP3 file, is rapidly approaching
extinction due to digital downloads. But
what about all of those people born in
the more recent digital years, especially
those from the “MP3 generation?” Most
of them have never heard good analog,
let alone decent digital. They have been
introduced to music in a world where
iTunes downloads played through earbuds of their phone is as good as it gets.
And there is where Neil’s fears come
from - a world where the consumer
no longer cares about the quality of
the music they are listening to and the
convenience becomes the driving factor. When music no longer engages the
human spirit, it stops holding people’s
attention and becomes just part of the
background - something to be playing as
you read a book or surf the web.
Young’s solution was a little surprising
to his large, analog-loving base of fans.
Essentially, he embraces digital music
reproduction as the future of audio –
but recorded at a much higher quality
level called “high resolution audio” in
the format of FLAC files (Free Lossless
Audio Codec). Instead of regular, small
MP3 files which are just a fraction of
the size of the CD versions of the same
song, the FLAC versions are significantly
larger than the CD counterparts. Used
to be that files of this size would have
taken up entire drives or memory cards
at roughly 1.5 to 2GB per album, but
memory is cheap now and becoming
cheaper. Nothing exceeds like excess.
The sound quality of these FLAC files,
however, is far superior to both MP3
and CD, making it the logical heir apparent to vinyl.
And so Neil Young set out so create a
new music store-based ecosystem and
accompanying music player with a new
company called Pono Music. He took
his cause to the popular crowd funding platform, Kickstarter, armed with a
guitar case full of dreams and promises,
and some pretty heavy testimonial
videos from many music artists, all
claiming to hear the difference between
MP3 and High Resolution FLAC files.
Neil is apparently a great salesman, as
he blew right through his two month
project goal in a matter of hours, and
set sail towards an ultimate outcome
of being the third most-successful
Kickstarter project in history with total
funds raised of $6.2M. The “deliverable”
to the crowd funders would be a small,
very high quality digital music player
called the Pono Player, followed closely
by the introduction of an online music
store ecosystem that would sell very
high quality downloads of your favorite
albums. What is interesting is that such
sites already exist and have existed for
at least four years now – but Young’s
celebrity brings public awareness of this
quality of audio to a whole new level.
So as I mentioned last April, I bit the
bullet and jumped on ol’ Neil’s bandwagon. Pono Music did a pretty fair job
throughout last year staying on schedule with a goal of providing the music
players in October. They ended up a
few weeks late on mine, but right after
Thanksgiving a small box showed up
at my door containing this new music
device. So what is it like?
I should also mention at this point that
I am a bit of an Apple fan. I love my
iPhone, my iPad, my Macbook, Mac TV
– if Apple decides to make an iFridge,
count me in. I love the seamless approach to how everything integrates
between their devices and how intuitive everything they make is to operate.
Cont’d pg 6
NNJR Technical Committee
Dealer Liaison Program
Bill Gilbert, Chair
(H) 908-647-5920
e-mail: [email protected]
Mike Bavaro/All Models
[email protected]
8 AM - 5 PM
Mike Carr/All Models
[email protected]
7 PM - 10 PM
Mike Daino/Keith Peare/All Models
[email protected]; [email protected]
9 AM - 6 PM
Will DiGiovanni/All Models
[email protected]
9 AM - 6 PM
Mon - Fri
Paul Faieta/John Gulino/[email protected]
993/993TT/911/911TT/944T-All Turbos
9AM - 5 PM
Andy Gisonna/ All Models
[email protected]
201- 337-3430
Any Time
Knute Hancock/ All Models
[email protected]
Any Time
Ray Catena Porsche
Edison, NJ
Tony Henderson/All Models
[email protected]
After 4 PM
& Weekends
Flemington Porsche
Flemington, NJ
Bob Kakascik/All Models
[email protected]; [email protected]
9 AM - 5 PM
Gene Kirschner/All Models
[email protected]
9 AM - 5 PM
Paul Miller Porsche
Parsippany, NJ
John Paterek/Body, Paint, Restoration
[email protected]
6 PM - 9 PM
Joe Reid/All Models
[email protected]
Any time
These Northern New Jersey area Porsche
dealers are participating in our special liaison
program, designed to create an improved and
mutually beneficial association between our
Region and their operations.
Please contact the Chair if you become
involved in a situation with any of these dealers
that cannot be resolved. It is his responsibility
to not only administer the Dealer Liaison
Program, but to also maintain open lines of
Pepe Porsche
White Plains, NY
Town Motor Car Corp.
Englewood, NJ
If Emailing, Subject Line should read “PCA Tech Question”
Driver Education
Lime Rock
April 8 and 9
Registration Opens – Feb11
Closes – Mar 25
Fees: Student $415 / Solo Driver $365 / Instructor
Non PCA Members add $20
This may be the only full two-day driving event at Lime Rock in 2015 (we are not sharing either day with
Lime Rock members). Gone are the bumps and concrete, the track is fast and smooth, so do not miss the
opportunity for 2 days of great fun close to home. The traditional/original course will be used.
Registration is open to all PCA members. No partial (one day) registrations are accepted. No refunds will be
granted after March 25. Fees subject to change at time of registration.
Registration will be on-line at Check PORSCHEFORUS and our web site for details on how to complete this process. On-line payment is preferred, but if you are
paying by check please send the registration receipt with your check payable to “NNJR/PCA” immediately after
completing the on-line registration process to:
Driver Education Registrar
Bob Michaelson, 184 Kinnelon Rd. Kinnelon, NJ 07405.
Telephone: (973) 492-2014
E-mail: [email protected]
If you were in an instructed group (Green, Yellow or Blue run group) at your last event, or if this is your first
time at the track, use the student fee; otherwise use the driver or instructor fee as appropriate. Acceptance
is based on the date and time logged on the registration system provided your check is received within seven
days. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration. If you have not received notification one
week prior to the event, please contact the registrar.
General event (non-registration) questions should be directed to the Track Chair:
Tom Iervolino, E-mail: [email protected], Telephone (862) 206-9610
Cont’d from pg 4
There are not even manuals included
anymore with their devices – you
just turn them on, follow a couple of
prompts and you are good to go. With
all that being said, the Pono Player will
never be mistaken for an Apple product.
And I am actually kind of happy about
Where Apple devices (and most others as well) have become smaller and
smaller, with nearly impossibly-thin designs, the Pono Player is actually a triangular tube in shape, resembling a small
Toblerone candy bar box. It does not
slip into a flat pocket easily as a result. It
does, however, allow for Pono’s architect, Ayre Acoustics, to integrate some
impressive high-end audio circuitry,
including a pair of fairly large capacitors, into a portable device. The user
interface is a small screen that looks like
it was taken from an early generation
iPod, and its operation is somewhat
clunky. The sound quality, though, is
where it shines. With a proper pair of
headphones, this little device loaded
with some good music files can easily
embarrass many a high end home stereo system. Friends who have tried the
player, unknowing of what the device is,
have mouthed exclamations and looks
of astonishment – their iPhone just cannot reproduce Miles Davis, Elton John
or the Foo Fighters quite like that.
Interestingly though, not all of the early
adaptors are as enthusiastic about the
player as I am. Many cannot get past
the shape not being compact, or some
of the issues with the small screen
touch interface, nowhere in the same
league as an iPhone 6. Convenience
and efficiency clearly takes a back seat
in this design to absolute sound quality. In a way, it is because of companies
like Apple (and those that aspire to be
like Apple) that the Pono exists in the
first place. The Apple core customer
(sorry) base values efficiency, size, ease
of use, practicality, and accessibility – all
descriptors of our modern technological landscape. Absolute audio quality,
however, is not as important. The very
large size of the Pono’s FLAC files, qual6
ity aside, make them unattractive in the
Apple universe. Why use up 2GB for
an album when an MP3 version only
takes up 250mb? If Apple felt differently
about quality versus efficiency, they
could have certainly incorporated high
resolution files right into iTunes and
companies like Pono would have never
gotten past the starting line.
In last June’s article, I shifted gears
about halfway through and made a
comparison (more like a juxtaposition)
between Pono and the technology unveiled in the Porsche 918 Hypercar. Not
surprisingly, I have something similar up
my sleeve this month.
For as long as I can remember, there
have been rumblings about when
Porsche would abandon their stalwart
support of the rear-engine 911 platform
with their fastest production and racing
program cars. The rumbling became
more of a dull roar when the Boxster
debuted in 1997 and then years later
in 2006, the Cayman. While no one can
deny the technical prowess of the modern 911 and its variants, the 911Turbo,
GT3 and GT2, many feel that the midengine platform of the Cayman could
possibly be the very best performer of
the lineup by virtue of its near-perfect
weight distribution and exceptional
chassis. That is, if the management at
Porsche ever decided to let Cinderella
out of the kitchen long enough to get a
makeover for the ball.
The emails between me and all of my
car friends seemed to light up a few
weeks ago with the unofficial introduction of the brand new Porsche Cayman
GT4 - and for very good reason. Here, finally, is the Cayman, thoroughly worked
over by the engineers in Porsche’s GT
Cars in the Motorsports division. The
body is low, long and mean looking,
with aero effects similar to its bigger
brothers. A winged spoiler is attached
on the rear deck lid with a metal bracket, much like a 997 GT3RS. The wheels
resemble the design of the 911 GT3 and
GT2 wheels, but with 5 traditional lugs
replacing the needlessly-complicated
center locks (the owners, the dealer-
ships, and the tech inspectors all will
thank Porsche for this). Big brakes are
standard, with lighter carbon variants
as an option. Inside, a simple and clean
interior is decked out in a mix of leather
and Alcantara, elegant and functional.
If you do not want the extra weight of
the radio, feel free to delete it. But as
for the transmission - channeling my
inner Henry Ford - you can have it any
way you would like, as long as it’s a true
manual. That is right, Becky, no PDK is
offered on the GT4 at this time.
Wait a minute. No PDK is offered on
this new Porsche GT-series car? Let us
reflect back on the early launch of the
991 series GT3 when Porsche firmly
stated that the PDK-equipped GT3 was
the only option available. PDK shifts
faster than a human. It shifts more
accurately than a human. It is more
reliable than a human. It does not break
stuff like humans sometimes do. Since
it is the only logical choice by virtue
of its superiority, it is the only option
available on the GT3. So why in the
world would this new GT4 have a real,
honest-to-goodness stick shift residing
in the center console? “Our customers,
not only here (the USA) but all around
the world, wanted a manual transmission,” the product engineer mentions in
one web interview. “That last tenth of
a second was not as important to our
customers as the feel of driving the car,”
he concluded.
Another interesting tidbit – the GT4 features a mechanical limited slip differential, instead of the “electronic” limited
slip differentials of other lesser models.
It was another area where I feared that
the machines had finally taken over
(and won), now brought back to basics
by the engineers in Porsche’s GT cars
If the performance predictions are
accurate, this car should have a power
to weight ratio within spitting distance
of the classic benchmark of Porsche
GT cars, the 996 GT3. What is tough
to quantify, however, is just how easy
to drive the Cayman platform is when
compared with that 996 GT3. It is a
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NNJR Membership Update
Marlys Thovson
NNJR Welcomes:
Roger & Linda Ahrens
Flemington, NJ
1970 911 T – White
1970 911 T – Sepia Brown
Transfer from Green Mtn.
Obi Akunwafor
Old Bridge, NJ
2012 911 Tuirbo S – Black
Stephen Azierski
Nutley, NJ
2001 Boxster S – Blue
James Billetz
Summit, NJ
2015 911 GT3 – Black
Anthony & Shemney
Freehold, NJ
2006 Cayman – Yellow
Elizabeth Caudill
Montville, NJ
2012 911 Turbo Cab. – Black
Robert & Stacy Colon
Flemington, NJ
2012 911 C4S Cab. – Black
Ahmed Elhawary
Monmouth Junction, NJ
2004 Boxster S – Grey
Darrell & Tami Erwin
Far Hills, NJ
1979 911 SC
2008 Cayenne – Grey
Transfer from Orange Coast
Jeff & Karen Gould
Mendham, NJ
2004 911 C4S Cab. – Black
Kevin Meyersburg
Demarest, NJ
2015 911 GT3 – Blue
Ilko Nechev &
Melissa Punch
New York, NY
1963 356
Thomas & Lisa Paolino
Colts Neck, NJ
2014 911 Turbo S – Black
Alan Rein
Paramus, NJ
2015 Cayman GTS – Red
Charles Rothwell
Bridgewater, NJ
2014 Cayman – Silver
John & Mary Rudder
Branchburg, NJ
1984 911 C Cabrio – Red
Hani Samaan
Weehawken, NJ
2011 911 CS – Black
Chris Schraft
Madison, NJ
2013 911 C4S – Blue
Angel Texidor
Hillsborough, NJ
2015 911 C4S Cabrio
Hank & Joan Tully
Summit, NJ
2011 Cayman – Black
Ryan Wigmore
Delran, NJ
2008 911 Turbo Cab. – Blue
Members with New Porsches
Todd Ellentuck
2014 911 Turbo Cabrio
New Member Referrals
Were Made By:
• Mark Azierski
• Frank Bennett
• Flemington Porsche
• Abraham Garwig
• High Marques
• Paul Miller Porsche
• PCA Website
• NNJR Website
• Tom & Petra Swift
• Town Motors Porsche 1
Mitch Jablons
2014 911 C4S – Silver
Mark Kovacs
2004 911 Silver Annv. Ed.
Recruit Porsche owners you know or meet who have not yet been exposed
to the joy of the Porsche Club experience
And remember to renew your membership when it comes due!
30 Years
~ March NNJR/PCA Membership Anniversaries ~
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Hitting Apexes
By Tom Iervolino
Track Chair
Tick-tock, tick-tock……….. The
countdown begins for the start of
our 2015 DE season!! I know I am
pretty excited. Last month I covered
getting ready for the season so I
figured this month I would return
to skill development and touch on a
more advanced technique, left foot
braking. If you are ready for this, I
suggest you plan a strategy for how
and when you are going to try this
out. As part of that strategy you
could discuss this with one of our
Chief Instructors as they can help
you along the way, jump in the car
with you and provide you with the
necessary coaching. I am also going
to cover “Understeer” this often
talked about but typically misunderstood as to what is causing it and
what to do about it.
Left foot braking is a technique used
frequently in rallying, but can be
equally useful on the road or track
for the following:
•Reducing understeer into a corner
•Reducing drive loss through spinning wheels
•Removing the pedal transfer time
between accelerator and brake
The theory here is that you can
feather the brakes into a corner,
while transitioning to increasing
throttle at the apex. This can lead to
a very smooth transition between
braking and acceleration and is less
likely to unsettle the car through unwanted weight transfer. It also keeps
the weight at the front of the vehicle
for as long as possible, thus providing more grip, a better turn in and
reduces the possibility of understeer.
This technique is particularly useful
for a front wheel drive car without a
limited slip differential. On the exit
of the corner, it is a common symptom for the unloaded front wheel
to spin while applying throttle. This
spinning wheel is preventing all
of the power from transferring to
the road and thus slowing the exit
speed. By feathering the brake with
the left foot, this can prevent or reduce this wheel spin and get a better
Using the left foot to brake removes
the pedal transition time from brake
to accelerator and vice versa. This
can shave fractions of a second off a
lap time when done well (but who’s
counting, right?), but cannot be used
when it is necessary to downshift
(unless you decide not to use the
Left foot braking is an advanced
technique, and should only be attempted after lots of practice. When
learning to left foot brake, you will
initially press the pedal far too hard
as you will be used to the action of
pressing a clutch all the way to the
floor. It takes time to re-program
the ‘muscle memory’ of your foot
and leg and a bit of empty tarmac
is highly recommended. Funny, as
a teenager I used to left foot brake
the family car all the time and my
Dad used to yell at me for doing
this. I now tell him how long it has
taken me to re-learn how to do this
once again. LOL.
I mentioned Understeer so let us
touch on that as well.
When you reach the limits of grip
on a corner, two scenarios can result known as understeer or oversteer.
Understeer occurs when traction is
lost at the front wheels while cornering, forcing you wide on a corner
despite applying the correct steering angle. If your car is understeering, you are scrubbing off speed and
missing the optimum line, so it is
not a quick way to take a corner.
The stages of understeer:
A. The car has turned in towards the
B. The driver has hit the apex but
has found the car is pushing wide of
the desired line.
C. Despite increasing the steering
angle, the car has taken a line which
is not tight enough to take the turn
D. The car has been forced off the
track by understeer
Understeer is most likely to result
from the following scenarios (which
are more difficult to correct as you
move down the list):
•Accelerating into a bend
•Braking into a corner
•Plowing into a corner too fast
•Low traction conditions in the corner such water, oil, sand
Having lost traction, understeer is
actually a fairly stable state for the
car to be in, and thus many manufacturers ‘engineer in’ this behavior.
•Weight distribution
•Drivetrain layout
•Suspension & chassis setup
•Tire type, wear and pressures
•Cornering speed
•Steering inputs
•Weight transfer
•Light steering
•Drifting towards the outside of a
•Possible tire noise from the front
To correct any form of traction loss,
you need to consider why you have
exceeded the limits of grip at the
front wheels...
Picture this; you are entering a turn
and start to accelerate out of the
turn and find that your car has a
tendency to run wide. The available
grip at the front wheels is being used
in equal amounts to accelerate and
to steer. As you accelerate more, you
have less grip to steer - simple. So,
reducing either of these inputs will
correct the understeer.
This is the easiest form of understeer to correct, and a slight, smooth
reduction in power will free up more
grip (with the added benefit of a
forward weight transfer) and a small
corrective input to the steering will
get you back on line. BTW, if you do
decide to accelerate aggressively
mid corner you are likely to cause
When you apply the brakes, most
of the braking effort is exerted on
the front wheels due to the forward
weight transfer. So if you are braking
into the corner you are already using
most of your available grip trying to
scrub off speed. If you then apply
some steering, the addition of these
lateral forces on the tire can cause
the limits of grip to be exceeded.
So, correcting understeer seems
simple - stop trying to turn the
corner. However, if you happen to
be in the middle of a corner as your
car starts to understeer, continuing straight might not seem like the
best plan. An alternative strategy
could be to reduce your braking
effort, trailing off, freeing up more
grip for steering and hopefully
allowing you to take the corner
successfully. More on trail braking
If you have attempted to take a
corner too fast, have turned the
steering wheel, and find yourself
running wide, you are now recognizing “I am probably going to go
off.” But before you close your eyes
and hope for the best, all may not
be lost. You have exceeded all of
the available grip, yes, but it may
be possible to actually increase
the level of grip by the slightest,
smoothest touch of the brakes.
“The brakes?” I hear you shout,
Cont’d pg 12
By Robert Napier
1257 RT5
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at any time
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[email protected]
Cont’d from pg 9
“but isn’t that adding to the demands of the tires, not reducing
them?” This is very true, but if you
are not totally out of control, by
gently pressing the brakes you are
causing the weight to transfer to
the front and thus artificially increasing the levels of adhesion at
the wheels. This may however not
work. The idea is to enter the corner
at a slower speed, then get on the
power early on the way out.
If you have entered a corner at
speed and notice a sudden reduction in traction due to oil, water,
sand, etc., the best course of action
is to consider how lucky you are
that life has been good to you so
far. If life has not been good to you,
consider how lucky you are that
it will not be bothering you much
longer. Just kidding! There usually
not all that much you can do but to
adjust to what happens to your car
as you slide. Understanding how
your car is sliding and what is on the
other side of the slide will dictate
what to do. Whatever you do, if you
begin to go off, do not try to yank
the car back onto the track as you
will surely sling shot across the track
and into a wall as your car once
again regains traction.
•Be as smooth as you can
•Do not enter corners too fast, and
accelerate as you exit
•Do not brake in a corner unless
you are going to be using trail braking...
On some corners of a track, it may
be possible to better navigate the
corner by maintaining braking into
the turn. If this is the case, ensure
most of the braking effort has been
carried out in a straight line and
progressively release the brakes as
you approach the apex. The resulting forward weight transfer can reduce understeer and improve ‘turn
in,’ however, it can also make the
car more prone to oversteer. This is
an advanced technique and should
only be used once you are very confident with your car, the track and
the conditions. Take an Instructor
out with you as they will surely be
able to help.
If you find understeering a problem, you can make some relatively
Corner Entry
High Speed
Increase castor
Reduce front
ride height
Increase toe
Reduce front
ride height
easy modifications which can make
the handling more neutral. These
•Reducing the front tire pressure
•Softening front springs or anti-roll bar
•Use softer front tires
•Increase front down force (larger
Might be worth consulting an expert
before doing anything too dramatic, but
if you are feeling adventurous, the chart
below can help
Below is a flowchart which can help
diagnose and treat
the symptoms of
Credit to ‘Competition Car Suspension’
Mid Corner
Corner Exit
by Greg Simmons
for the original
Does the front
Increase front
Well, that is all for
now gang. Looks
like I will need to
cover Oversteer next
month. Remember, registration for
Lime Rock opens on
Stiffen front
Soften front
February 11 and for
roll bar
spring rate
all you Instructed
Drivers, be sure to
Increase front
Increase front
sign up very early
(12:01am if you are
ambitious). Not to
worry if you are
Increase fron
Reduce front
spring rate
ride height
noted as “Wait
Listed” as this is a
normal occurrence
Soften front
until enough Inroll bar
structors sign up for
the event.
Reduce front
See you all soon and
remember to keep
the shiny side up.
Tom Iervolino, NNJR –
Increase front
wheel camber
Track Chair
Experience matters. Trust your European car
service and repair to the experts at Shade Tree Garage.
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973-540-9880 |
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Saturday, March 28
After several years of absence, we return to Euro-Tire for this
timely workshop. Bill Bloomfield will share his knowledge of
the technical advancements and differences in all kinds of tires
including green tires and R Compound tires. He will talk about the
various aspects of suspension such as balance, camber, shocks,
corner weighting and street vs track alignment. What are the
pros and cons of stock wheels vs racing wheels? Is a 21” wheel big
enough or should I drop back to an 18 or 17” wheel? Ask Bill, he
will help you figure out the system for you.
Your need to know is what drives our Tech Workshops. If there is
something you would like to see covered, let us know at:
[email protected]
500 Rt 46 East
Fairfield, NJ 07004
We offered the first
January Concours Workshop in
recent years. Jerry Manna (long
time NNJR member, national level
concours participant and judge) put
the presentation together to give
us a look at restoration capability
focused on early to mid Porsche
911 cars (1964 to 1989). The Host
for the event was Pino Angiulli,
NNJR member and proprietor of
Milan Auto Painters in Clifton, NJ.
Milan is a large full service Paint
and Body Shop. He is the second
generation owner of the shop with
an affinity for Porsche 911 repair
and restoration. His recent claim to
fame is restoring and selling at auction of an early 911 Coupe selling
for over $250,000.
With about 90 participants present, Murray Kane kicked of the
workshop with introduction of
Jerry Manna and Pino Anquilli.
Jerry started his presentation with
a description of various levels of
repair and restoration of Porsche
911s. He talked about preservation type repairs that are focused
on keeping an older Porsche with
original paint and interior in good
condition. The main focus of the
rest of his presentation was on
body restoration. He explained that
before starting a project or even
buying a candidate for restoration,
a plan needs to be in place. The
plan should include the objective
of the project: will the final product
be a track car, an everyday driver,
a car for local or regional shows, a
national level Concours d’Elegance
competitor or be part of a collection: what is the expected value of
the completed project, what is the
restoration budget, etc. A major
point of the workshop is the fact
that early 911 (1964-1968 short
wheelbase Porsches) values are on
the increase. Mid 911s (1969-1989)
cars are also becoming more valuable. Bottom line is that if you have
an older 911 that is maybe in rough
condition, it may be time to consider a restoration.
The advantage of having this
event at Milan was that there were
several of the early to mid 911s
in various stages of restoration in
the shop. Following Jerry’s initial
presentation, he took the group
around the shop to different examples to discuss what was being
done and how it fit into the plan for
the particular car and customer.
There was a 1965 911 Coupe in
the shop for a full body restoration
and the car will be reassembled
by the customer once the body is
painted and polished. The job is
to strip all paint and primer, do all
necessary body repair, align and
refit all body panels, doors and lids,
prime and block sand the whole
body, apply color paint and polish
the exterior paint. Since this a very
early 911, it will likely be very valuable when completed.
Another example on display was
a 1970 911T Coupe. This is one of
the groups built from 1969 through
1973 and known as a “long nose”
car. These were long wheelbase
cars built before the 1974 US higher
bumper regulations went into effect. This car was in the reconstruction phase where rusted underbody parts were being replaced as
needed. This is a restoration being
performed for the owner.
The third example 911 was a 1972
911T Coupe. This is a car that has
just gone through initial disassembly for a complete restoration.
This was an opportunity see what
a restorable body candidate might
look like. This car will be sold once
the restoration is complete.
Also on display was a 1971T. This
car is an example of an immaculately maintained preservation
Porsche. The car is 100% original
including the paint. This car would
perform well at a Porsche Parade
Concours in the early 911 preservation class.
After Jerry finished his presentation, it was time for Pino’s family
to feed us lunch. Pino’s mother
prepared a sumptuous Italian
Buffet and fed all 90 participants
a complete midday meal. The
menu included two kinds of pasta,
zucchini pie, chicken cutlets and
sausage and peppers. The NNJR
Concour Co-Chairmen would like
to thank Pino and family for hosting a very successful new workshop for us and Jerry Manna for
preparing an excellent presentation.
The event was completed with a
raffle of several favorite car care
products and unique auction. Jerry had arranged with Pino to offer
a 1985 911 Targa for bid. The car
had been the victim of an engine
fire. It was a low mileage car with
all matching numbers. All of the
body panels were undamaged,
and since this was a mid 80’s car,
it did not have any rust damage.
This was an opportunity to remind
folks that Porsche started building
911s from what they call Long-Life
Steel in the mid 70s. There was
a reserve in place. Jerry ran the
auction and got several offers, but
none met the reserve. Maybe after
seeing what it takes to restore a
911, no one had the fortitude to
take on this project.
Upcoming events:
The March Concours event will be
the traditional Gathering of the
Faithful (GOTF). This meeting is
primarily an opportunity for the
Concours Group to get together,
have breakfast and discuss the upcoming Concours season. This event
will be hosted by John Vogt at High
Marques in Morristown starting at
10am on Sunday March 22. We will
also hold a Concours Judging Seminar as part of this event. This is very
important this year because we will
need a good cadre of experienced
judges to support our commitment
to host the 2015 PCA Zone 1 Concours/Rally May 15-17. The Con-
Cont’d pg 17
Cont’d from pg 15
cours will be Saturday morning May
16 at the Wood Cliff Lake, NJ Hilton.
We will need lots of Judges for this
event, so please plan to attend the
Judges Seminar and be prepared to
help us Judge the Zone 1 event.
Our April event will be the traditional Paterek Brothers Workshop
on Sunday April 12 from 1 to 4pm
at the shop at 13 Commerce Street,
Chatham, NJ. This is an opportunity
to bring your Porsche and have
John, Ray, and Andrew Paterek
to help you with any Exterior and
Interior restoration and cleaning
As we mentioned in the past we
look forward to helping you with
care and preservation issues, finding the right service provider as
well as picking the correct products,
so never hesitate to contact us at
[email protected]
By Murray Kane & Jeff McFadyen
Registration Fees
Total Amount Enclosed: $_________________ (Make checks payable to NNJR/PCA)
Up to April 22
After April 22
Directions to the school can be found on their web site Go to the About
Us tab and scroll to the bottom.
Mail check and registration form to:
NNJR “Welcome To The Club”
132 Meisel Ave.
Springfield, NJ 07081
For additional information about Concours and Rally including tips, secrets, how to
prepare and what to bring, please visit the NNJR website at or, contact
your NNJR New Member Liaison’s, Sharon Doherty(908-237-0692) & Akemi Kane
(973-476-7655). Email:[email protected]
Event Address:
Somerset Hills Learning Institute
1810 Burnt Mills Road
Bedminster, NJ 07921
The 14th Annual
Gathering of the Faithful & Judges Seminar
Sunday, March 22, 2015
10am - 1pm
High Marques Motors
169 Washington Street
Morristown, NJ
The 14th annual “Gathering of the Faithful” is an opportunity for all members to get together after a long,
lonely winter and to re-kindle acquaintances. This event is a throwback to years gone by when you woke up on
a Sunday morning, got in your Porsche and took a drive to the local garage to sit around with friends and enjoy
a cup of coffee and a donut or two while talking Porsche and other assorted matters of interest.
We plan on using this traditional social gathering to introduce our 2015 Concours program and hold a judges
seminar. The meeting will be in two parts. First we will review the 2015 schedule of events and at 11:30am we
will hold our judges seminar.
The seminar is open to all. Whether or not you plan to judge, you will find this part of the meeting very
informative. If you plan on showing your Porsche, this will help you to better prepare for competition. If you
plan on becoming a judge, this seminar will be a great learning experience that will guide you though the
process of competitive concours judging.
Please join us for a morning of good cheer, good chow (breakfast will be served by our host John Vogt) and a
very informative program.
Concours Chairs: Jeff McFadyen and Murray Kane; for information contact Jeff at (908) 459-0470 or Murray at
(973) 476-9528 or email: [email protected]
Concours Calender of Events
January 17 (Saturday) 10am
Concours Bodyshop Tech
Milan Auto Painters, Clifton, NJ
February 21 (Saturday) 10am
Dent Man Workshop
Flemington Porsche, Flemington, NJ
March 22 (Sunday) 10am
GOTF & Judges Seminar
High Marques Motors, Morristown, NJ
April 12 (Sunday) 1pm
Concours Workshop
Paterek Brothers, Chatham, NJ
May 2 (Saturday) 8am
Welcome to the Club
Somerset Hills Learning Institute, Basking Ridge, NJ
May 16-17 (Sat, Sun) 8am
Zone 1 Concours & Rally
Woodcliff Hilton, Woodcliff Lake, NJ
June 14 (Sunday) 12pm
The Complete Detailing Workshop
All In The Details, Morristown, NJ
June 21-28 (Sun thru Sun)
Porsche Parade
French Lick, IN
July 26 (Sunday) 11am
August 9 (Sunday) 8am
New Hope Auto Show
New Hope, PA
September 20 (Saturday) 10am
Councours on the Green
Bernardsville, NJ
October 11 (Sunday) 1pm
Concour Workshop
Paul Miller Porsche, Parsippany, NJ
November 15 (Sunday) 1pm
DIY Workshop
ID Signs, South Hackensack. NJ
40+ years separates these Porsches
but our knowledge base covers them
AND everything in between
No matter your Porsche passion, POWERTECH is your service home
POWERTECH • 311 West Main Street • Rockaway, NJ • (973) 586-3210 •
Early Spring Call for Concours Judges
By Bob Knapik
In March 2014 Concours CoChairs Murray and Jeff, along with
several Veteran competitors sponsored an effective Judges Seminar at
High Marques which caused several
interested members to sign on to become “trainee judges” for the 2014
Concours season. These volunteers’
support is necessary in as much as
the NNJR Concours Program with its
full-season event schedule requires
ample trained judges to maintain the
high level standards and recognized
accomplishments of the Program.
Analogous to the NNJR DE Program,
the constant need for abundant Instructors is a must to effectively offer
novice DE drivers the opportunity to
participate on track.
The Concours on the Green hosted
at the Robb Francis estate, may have
been the high point of the 2014 season, but wow were the ranks thinning for judges as summer waned.
Because of vacations and other conflicts, ten of NNJRs “Parade-grade”
judges were not available, requiring
that the remaining pool of judges
spent most of the event doing judging double-duty.
Without the new influx of judges de-
veloped from the March 2014 seminar,
all of whom had gained very good skill
levels, the day may not have been concluded in time for the Awards Presentation prior to the expected storm.
As an aside, the traditionally popular
Zone 1 Concours and Rally held midSeptember at the Basin Harbor resort
near Vergennes VT, caused organizers
to reduce concours judging to Street
Class only, excluding Full Judging
Classes which include engine and storage compartments. Zone1 organizers
recognized and gave early notice, that
because of the anticipated shortage of
qualified judges, containment was necessary to exterior and Interior. It was
far from a premature alarm, and with
all six attending NNJR Veterans serving
as judges, our group comprised half of
the judging staff.
Be mindful also that at the long running prestigious New Hope Auto Show
held annually in August, NNJR has
been anointed by show organizers to
act as a “sub-organizer” responsible
for the judging of the entire Porsche
Class, which typically has been the
largest competitive class at NHAS, attracting Porsches from Philadelphia/
Eastern PA and southern Jersey on top
of NNJR entries. Such an event requires a lot of judges, timers, runners
and score keepers, ALL provided from
BOTTOM line is that NNJR needs to
attract its members regardless of their
area of interest, to attend the upcoming Judges Seminar on March 22, 2015
with an open mind to sign on as a
Be confident that under the guidance
and tutelage of existing veteran mentors, volunteers will progress rapidly
and develop the necessary skill level.
Many NNJR veterans nave competed
at Parade level (bringing home hardware), along with attending (and
observing) major US Concours venues
like Pebble, Amelia and Meadowbrook,
and they are “sharing” of their experiences. Just ask any of the novices from
last year and to a man and woman
they will confirm that the experience is
both enlightening and FUN.
So, just like DE Instructors, the Concours Judges pool requires a constant
influx to facilitate its high performance
programs, and YOU will be most welcome at the Seminar. And who knows,
you too can be a potential Parade
Le Mans and Beyond
June, 2014 Part 3 and 4
Written by
Larry Schmidt
Part 3: The 24 Hours of LeMans
Race day came on Saturday morning. The
24-Hours of LeMans started at 3pm and I wanted to
avoid the inevitable French traffic jam in and around
the track. We stocked up at a little store around the
corner from the hotel – bottles of wine, Orangina (Europe’s favorite soft drink), many cheeses and jambon
(ham). Across the street was a boulangerie (bakery)
where we stocked up on a dozen baguettes. We were
determined to eat like the French.
We arrived in the outskirts of the City around 11am
and got close to the parking lot where we encountered
a round-about with gridlock. Somehow we got through
and ended up in one of the front rows of the Rouge
parking lot. I was a happy camper. We went to our
seats in Panorama Tribune to see a Porsche Supercup
support race and then back to Chateau Volkswagen for
some good old American tail-gating. Jimmy’s camembert cheese stunk up the van so we made him store it
on the top of the rear tire in the fresh air. After lunch
we headed back to the tribune for the start of the race.
By this time the crowd was massive. LeMans gets about
300,000 people to watch the race and we thought they
were all in the vicinity of the Dunlop Bridge, twenty
or more deep. The seats we had were awesome compared to the folks down on the ground.
At 3pm Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonzo waived
the French Tri-color and the race was on from a rolling start. From our vantage point we could not see
Fernando but there was a huge TV screen across the
track from our tribune and we could see and hear the
start. Like every American sporting event we stood up
as the cars roared by. That was a no-no as a Frenchman yelled at us in English to “sit down as everyone
sits in the tribunes”. By the time we acknowledged the
French custom the first pack of prototypes had driven
by. Four minutes later, we all sat in our seats for lap
2. The Toyota prototype was clearly the fastest with
the Porsche 919s keeping pace and the three Audi’s a
little off the pace. About a half-hour into the race the
Porsche #14 pitted with fuel system problems. Fifteen
minutes later the car was back on the track but several laps to the rears.
An hour and a half into the race the skies opened up
and caught most of the cars on track with slick tires.
One of the three Audi’s crashed on the Mulsanne
straight and was out of the race. One of the Toyota
prototypes also crashed but was able to limp back
to the pits for extensive repairs. Our friends on the
ground got soaked during the twenty minute shower
while we, for the most part, remained dry. So thankful
we decided to stay put for the first 2-3 hours. The sun
came back out, the skies turned blue and the temperatures remained in the 70s. That was the only rain
that we had during our time in France.
We eventually wandered about the track and reached
the Porsche Curves just before dusk. This is a part of
the track that I did not get to in 1998 so it was a new
experience. The Porsche Curves are about a mile long
and located before the start finish straight. They are
very high speed. We saw a P2 car get it all wrong and
slide into the concrete barriers on the far side of the
track. That brought out a full course caution. Several
of the camping areas were along the Porsche Curves
and we alternately watched the cars on track and the
Cont’d on pg 27
Cont’d from pg 24
Brits partying their hearts out. It was very entertaining stuff. By the time we got back to the main grandstand area and the Village it was dark, about 11pm.
It was now an endurance race for both the cars and
spectators. The crowds were thinning out and the
grandstands nearly empty. By this time the Audi’s were
coming to the front but the sole remaining Toyota was
still in the lead. We sat in our seats, almost in a stupor
until about 1:30am. It was time to retreat to Chateau
Volkswagen for some shuteye.
It was cool at night but not cold. We all got a somewhat good night’s sleep on our individual bench seats.
I took the front seat and turned on the car’s heater a
couple time during the night. Sunrise was just before
6am and Jimmy was the first one up and out. He went
to the track and David and I couldn’t find him for hours.
We made it trackside around 7am and paid a king’s
ransom for coffee. It was worth it. I wandered off with
my camera to get shots during the period of “special
early morning light”. I was down the hill from the Dunlop Bridge catching the cars coming under the bridge
into the bright sunlight. The lead Toyota broke during
the middle of the night and now it was a fight between
the Porsches and the Audi’s, with one of each on the
lead lap and changing positions during pit stops. Hey,
we got a race going on here.
Jimmy and David hooked up in the tribune and I wanted more photos. I went up to the Ford Chicane, just
before the start finish grandstands. The light was still
good so I stayed there until noon or so. During that
time I got great news from the PA system. The lead
Audi was in the pits with turbo issues and the Porsche
# 20 with Mark Webber driving has just taken the lead.
Porsche was winning the race in the twenty-second
hour. I said to myself that I was going for two for two
at LeMans. The only problem was the Porsche was
down on power and once the Audi got back on track
it was catching the Porsche. Could Mark Webber hang
on for another two hours? Well, it wasn’t meant to be
as Porsche # 20 came into the pits at 1pm with motor
problems. A half-hour later Porsche #14 came into the
pits with drivetrain problems. The Audi took over the
lead for good and the best that Porsche could do was
to get # 14 back on track for the last lap so it could be
classified as a finisher. There was some consolation that
one of the Porsche 997s came in third in the GT-Pro
I didn’t see Jimmy and David until we were back at the
car after the race. Those guys really loved the race,
even though Porsche did not win. So much for my
“bucket list” trip; David asked if we could do it again
next year.
I expected the worst in terms of traffic exiting the track
but it wasn’t that bad. I can’t explain why. As we left
the parking lot we heard thump-thump at the rear
wheel. It was Jimmy’s camembert cheese, a true disaster. We followed the Garmin directions to Orleans, our
hotel for the night. The only problem was the Garmin
kept taking us into the teeth of the exiting traffic and
we ended up doubling back to where we started which
was not good. I finally pointed the car in the right direction on back roads ignoring the Garmin and we went
through some scenic countryside in the Loire Valley.
Part 4: Germany
France is a beautiful country. We traveled eastbound
over one hundred miles on the Auto-route viewing
a rolling landscape of farmland. There wasn’t sprawl
development of even farm buildings, just large swaths
of agricultural fields. It appears that the French farmers
live in centuries old villages and commute to the fields
each day. It is not too often that you get to see spectacular scenery on a super highway.
We reached Germany by mid-afternoon and although
the landscape changed a bit, our focus was now on the
Autobahn and the sections where there was no speed
limit. Jimmy was driving and he got the Chateau up to
150km/hr. I took over the driving as we got into the
more heavily trafficked areas near Stuttgart. The trusty
Garmin got us to the front door of the Steigenberger
Graf Zeppelin Hotel, just across the street from the
main train station. I had stayed there in 2004 as it was
the hotel used by the PCA sponsored Treffen (as close
as I can figure out, treffen means journey in German).
It is one of the best hotels in Stuttgart and the preferred corporate hotel for Porsche A.G. We checked in
at 5:15pm and the young lady at the front desk asked
if we were going to the Biergarten to view the World
Cup game. I said that the Biergarten was number one
on our list of places to see in Stuttgart, but we did not
connect the dots with the World Cup game between
Germany and Portugal. The young lady upgraded us to
a junior suite which we were very thankful for. We had
45 minutes to get to the Biergarten to catch the game
on a big screen TV.
The Biergarten is located in a park just east of the train
station, about a ten minute walk from the hotel. As we
reached the park there was a steady stream of young
adult soccer fans walking toward the Biergarten. We
stood in line and when we finally got in the place which
was jammed with about 3000 nationalistic “football”
fans chanting and cheering the start of the match. We
got our liters of beer and worsts and attempted to find
a place to sit. We found a couple of half-filled benches,
only empty because the limbs of the chestnut trees
blocked the view of the screen. No matter, it was the
crazy atmosphere that fueled our fires – and the bier
didn’t hurt either. It was a joyous occasion as Germany
won 4-1. As the match was winding down, we met a
group of people sitting behind us. They noticed that we
were Americans wearing Porsche gear. We struck up
a conversation and it turned out that they worked for
Porsche in Weissach (the Porsche R&D Center). They
were all engineers working on the next iteration of the
911 engine. How cool! The three men and two women
were very interested in our cars and PCA activities
included DE and club racing. When asked, they disavowed any involvement with the intermediate shaft
bearing issue - before their time.
Jimmy and I did a little sightseeing in downtown Stuttgart after the game while David discovered the cigar
Cont’d on pg 32
“Exotic automobile storage and services”
22 Thornton Road
Oakland, NJ 07436
Gregory Copeland
Cont’d from pg 28
lounge at the hotel. Jimmy and David went to heaven
that night with Cuban cigars and single-malt scotch.
It was Tuesday morning and our itinerary was set, a
factory tour and two museums. We walked across the
street to the train station and took a train to Zuffenhausen, a suburb adjacent to Stuttgart. The factory
tour was set
at 2pm so the
new Porsche
Museum was
our first stop.
The exhibition
for the first half
of 2014 was
a tribute to
Porsche’s success at LeMans and it did not disappoint.
It was unbelievable and I went crazy with my camera.
Jimmy and David reflected on the cars and the narrative history connected to the displays. Anybody who
has visited the new museum has come away with the
conclusion that
it is a world class
facility. We made
reservations to
have lunch at the
Christophorus restaurant on the top
floor of the museum. The lunch was fabulous, the cost was staggering.
However, none of us regretted the experience.
The factory tour started at the museum lobby. After
checking in,
everyone was
asked to hand
over their
cameras and
cell phones for
safe keeping
as photos are
not allowed
in the factory.
The story is
that Germany law says someone cannot have his or
her picture taken without permission. The Union for
the factory workers pushed the issue and hence, no
photos. I had taken the factory tour in 2004 and much
was the same
with the hand
assembly of
the various
A team of
workers complete a specific
task, say the
and instruments. The
parts arrive
on a robot
trolley and there is a time limit to complete the task.
The pathway for the trollies and the path of the tour
visitors share the same space so you have to be careful not to get run over. I think the trollies have sensors
that stops them, but who knows? In 2004 each engine
was hand assembled by one worker. After assembly the
engines went directly to a dyno for testing. The worker
had to get it right or there would be consequences. Today there is a new engine assembly building and an assembly line. I recall that the line turns out about 1400
engines per day. The Zuffenhausen plant is quite small
and there is no room to grow outward so every part of
the operation must be efficient including the parking
area for the completed cars.
The tour ended around 3:30pm and we fetched our
cameras and cell phones and caught a taxi to go across
town to the new Mercedes Museum. We arrived at
4pm and the museum closed at six so we really did
not have time
to really appreciate the
exhibits. The
self-tour starts
on the seventh
floor and winds
downward in
a circular pattern from the first automobiles in the
1890s to the race cars of today. It was very impressive,
especially the “silver arrow” race cars of the 1930s and
the classic gull wing coupe of the 1950s. At the snack
bar on the first floor I ran into Bob K, another friend
from the Porsche Club. He was with another group of
PCAers who did a parallel trip to LeMans and Stuttgart.
We compared notes and marveled that we did not run
into each other at LeMans. Bob’s friend Ken was the
trip photographer and shot close to 7,000 images during the trip. Now there is an editing job when he gets
morning came
too soon as we
checked out of
the Graf Zeppelin
and headed for
Rudesheim on the Rhine. Our Rhine River cruise ship
left at 11am so we had to do some serious driving from
Stuttgart, a distance of about 125 miles. We made it
to Rudesheim
with about 15
minutes to spare
including finding
a parking spot
for the Chateau.
The day-cruise
lasted about
two hours but it covered the most scenic area of the
middle-Rhine. This was the area where there were numerous castles on the top of the hills, vineyards on the
sides of the hills and picturesque towns and villages
along the river valley. The cruise ended at the town of
St. Goarshausen where we
enjoyed lunch
and then took
a train back to
Rudesheim to
retrieve the car.
It was a great ending to a great trip.
David took the wheel on the way back to CDG Airport
outside of Paris. He maintained 160km/hr. on the
Autobahn but did not want to top my 165 km/hr from
earlier that day. Needless to say it was a long trip back
to Paris except for the anticipation of the following
day when our “second” vacations started. I met Mary,
Suzie and Becca for a week in the City of Lights. David
met his wife for a whirlwind tour of Paris and London.
Jimmy caught a flight to Nice to spend a week with his
grandkids in Monaco. All in all it was one hell of the
trip. Life is good!
You will not want
to miss this one!
John and Ray
have agreed to
reprise their ever
popular concours
and restoration
workshop for the
benefit of all the
concours curious
novices and veterans. Emphasis will
be on the preservation and repair
of body paint, interior, storage and engine
appearance. John and Ray are magicians in
their field. Come learn from the pros how to
prepare for the upcoming driving and show
season. The casual format of this workshop
is based on addressing your questions and
solving unique coach problems with a mix
of instruction and hands-on techniques. So
bring your challenges and your car for an opportunity to lean from two of the best in the
business! Refreshments will be served.
Paterek Brothers
13 Commerce Street
Chatham NJ 07928
Sunday April 12, 2015
1 – 4pm
Join your NNJR friends and chocolate expert Susan Fine
Tastings of decadent dark chocolates from around the world, with accompanying libations.
Sunday, March 15, 2015, 3 -5pm
High Marques
169-171 Washington Street
Morristown, NJ
(973) 285-0959
Chocolate selections provided by…
$20 per person (if pre-registered by March 5) (walk-in: $25pp)
RSVP: Anthony & Cindy Cristello, 44 North Court, Clifton, NJ 07013 by March 5.
Make checks payable to “NNJR-PCA”. Please include your email address!
Name (s) :
- -
Total # of guests: ______
Email contact:
@ $20 pp :
Check enclosed for $ _____________
Questions? Email us at [email protected]
Track Ops Workshop
Saturday, March 7
1- 3pm
311 West Main Street
Rockaway, NJ
Are you interested in seeing the bottom of a Porsche? Are
you curious about what makes a Porsche tick? Have you
ever thought about what makes a Porsche so capable on the
track and yet totally docile on the street?
If you answered yes to one or more of those questions then
this tech at POWERTECH is for you!
Come join the excitement for this NNJR PCA Tech Inspectors
Workshop and learn what we look for to make sure your
Porsche is safe for a high speed event. We will look at
various technical aspects of different Porsche models and give you the opportunity to see first hand
what makes all Porsches such special cars.
Please join us for lunch at this event as well!
May 3rd, 2015
The Met Life Stadium (once known as the New Meadowlands Stadium) (Lot J)
Pre-Registration Only! This event will sell-out quickly, so be sure to register early!
Want to improve your driving? Want to have a lot of fun?
This full-day course is designed to teach you the basics of car control. You will gain a whole new level of respect for your
machine while learning its limits safely in a controlled course, with instructors showing you the way. This is highly
recommended for drivers new to their Porsches. This event is held only once a year and is limited to just 56 people, so be
sure not to miss it!
Bring a helmet if you have one (No problem if you don’t as we have loaner helmets), and pack a lunch and some (nonalcoholic) drinks. Make sure you also have a full tank of gas, and air at or +2psi above the factory-recommended “cold”
pressures in all tires.
Registrations will be accepted in order of postmark (PLEASE WRITE LEGIBLY AND YOUR EMAIL IS MADATORY – THANKS)
Please make check payable to: NNJR/PCA for $85.00 per driver (max. 2 drivers per car)
Send completed form and check to: Grant Lenahan, 53 Briarwood Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932
Cell: (201) 602-4702; Email: [email protected]
Town Porsche is the Tri-State area’s
Porsche Lease Return Center.
Bring your off lease Porsche to us, and all qualifying
cars will get either a $350 Boutique Credit,
Or we will pay your $350 Turn in Fee.
To be considered qualified the car cannot have a bad carfax,
and no major damage. Town Motors must purchase the car off lease in order to qualify.
The Popular Mechanic Porsche Service and Repair 27A Commerce St., Chatham 973.635.4740 Computer diagnostics/ Software upgrades M96/M97 engine specialist Factory Scheduled Maintenance IMS upgrades PCA Tech Inspections Pre-­‐purchase inspections Lightning/Thunderbolt
Upper Run Group Event
Call, e-­‐mail or stop by April 27 -28
Registration Opens – March 2
Registration Closes – April 13
Fees: $375
Non PCA Members add $20
This event is open to solo drivers only (White, Black and Red). Experienced drivers in the Blue run group may also be
accepted on a case-by-case basis.
We will be driving one day on NJMP’s Lightning Course (Monday), and the other on the Thunderbolt Circuit (Tuesday). This is
a great opportunity to get up to 4 hours of seat time on each track with just one trip to New Jersey Motorsport Park! On-site
suites and garages are available adjacent to the front straight at Thunderbolt, please contact the track directly at 856-327-7202
for rates and reservations or go to NJMP’s web site at .
Registration is open to all PCA members. No partial (one day) registrations are accepted. No refunds will be granted
after April 13th. Fees subject to change at time of registration.
Registration will be online at . Please watch PORSCHEFORUS and our web site www. for details on how to complete this process. If you are paying by check please send receipt with your check
payable to NNJR/PCA immediately after completing the on-line registration process to:
Driver Education Registrar
Bob Michaelson, 184 Kinnelon Rd. Kinnelon, NJ 07405.
Telephone: (973) 492-2014 E-mail: [email protected]
Acceptance is based on the date and time logged on the registration system provided your check is received within
seven days. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration. If you have not received notification one
week prior to the event, please contact the registrar.
General event (non-registration) questions should be directed to:
Driver Education Track Chair
Tom Iervolino
Telephone: (862) 206-9610
E-mail: [email protected]
Mandatory Tech Inspection:
Precision Motorsports Racing - March 30, 6-8pm
Please check website or Motorsportreg for updates!
Kelsy Hill and Alex Roy
Wednesday, March 11
The Villa
May 16 -17
Mark your calendars and join us for what will surely be an
exciting weekend of Porsches and good times with your fellow
club members from Zone 1 near and far. Saturday will start with
the councours on the expansive and lush hotel lawn. The concours
will have judged and people’s choice categories. In the evening we
will have a sumptuous dinner in one of the hotels award winning
dining rooms. Sunday will be Rally day. Using the same route, the
rally masters will give you a choice of either a TSD (time-speeddistance) or a “gimmick style”. You decide. Watch for full details as
well as registration on
Porsche PPI Tech at The Popular Mechanic
TEL: 201-796-8300
[email protected]
1 987 911 Carrera Coupe , red/black 78,000 miles, no rust, no oil
leaks, like new in and out, sun roof, equipped w/Fuchs and tail. Garaged kept and covered always took kid w air pump. Price $30,000. PCA
member for 20 years. CONTACT Anthony Gaspar (908)-377-5221 email
[email protected]
1993 Porsche Firehawk 968 , built by Dave White for the IMSA series in
94, currently configured for SP3 or F Stock, fully updated with the best
of everything, no expense spared in my 10 years of ownership, build
sheet and photos available upon request, $35,000, CALL: (908) 6129047 or e-mail [email protected]
2003 911 CABRIO 4 TIPTRONIC.35000mi. Midnight blue metallic w/
savannah beige leather w/Porsche crest. Hi-Fi sound package. Bi-zenon
head lights, new tires. All service records from day one. Garaged, no
snow, rain or inclement weather driving. Hard to distinguish from new.
For the discerning driver. $33,000. CALL: Arnie (201) 362-7666. email
[email protected]
2010 Cayman S CPO Meteor Gray with Black interior, Red Stitching on
Seats and Red Seat Belts. Two sets of Wheels and tires included (see
pictures), one 18” summer and one 19” with Sport all seasons. ~19000
Miles, fully documented Dealer maintenance logs. CPO Warranty until
2016 and transferable to new owner. Options include Sport exhaust,
Limited Slip Diff, Sport Shifter, Power seats with Red stitching and red
seat belts, Bluetooth, Car cover. Asking 48,990 Located in Harrisburg, PA
Four Mini wheels/tires: 7.5x17 Kosei K-1 Racing wheels, with mounted
P205/40 ZR 17 Hoosier R6 road racing tires with approx. four track
days. $500. Bob 908-581-4069 or [email protected]
Four Mini wheels/tires: 7x17 Mini Webspoke 2-piece wheels, with
mounted Kumho Ecsta 205/45 ZR 17 tires with approx. 6000 street
miles. $400. Bob 908-581-4069 or [email protected]
2004 GT3, Speed Yellow, 39800 miles, Guard LSD has been done and
coolant tubes have been welded, $68900. Contact Knute Hancock at
(973) 291-4741 or [email protected]
Pioneer Avic NEX-8000 radio and mounting frame with gray trim
from 987 Boxster S for sale. Will include all wiring returned to me by
installer. State of the art award winning radio, sat radio with album display, Bluetooth, Apple car play, and navigation with capacitive screen.
Winner of 2014 CES award and CNET award. Retail is $1400 plus $250
for mounting frame and trim. New in October and still under warranty.
I sold Boxster. Asking $725. Email me at [email protected]
Cleaning out my garage I have a used Porsche Factory Silver Car Cover
with bag for 97-2003 Boxster. It may fit later models but not sure
$75.00. I also have a Porsche Factory Silver car cover with bag for any
996 Porsche. $75.00. Brand new 996 Boxster Red floor mats (These are
the brick color) for a 996 model. $100.00Just the hood Bra cover for a
996 $25.00Used Indoor Car Cover for a 69 to 79 flannel Car cover (May fit
other years but not sure) $75.00. Please call Arnold Solomon, Denville, NJ
973-978-0484 or [email protected]
996 GT3 Recaro seats , Savanna beige (tan) leather.$3,000 for pair. 6
point RaceQuip cam lock belts, expire in 2019, $300 for pair. Porsche
Techquipment 996 roll bar with cross brace model 996.580.981.00
$800.00. Hawk HT-10 compound rear pads (HB290 S.583) unused in box
fits 996 ,Boxster and Cayman S $125. Contact Bill Waverczak at [email protected] or at (908) 892-7143.
2008 Cayman : Aftermarket car cover $35.00; Fog lamps with grills
$75.00; Beige floor mats $30.00; Porsche license plate frames $15.00. All
items are in excellent condition. Contact: Charles Nasto [email protected] (973) 222-0355
996 GT3 18” PORSCHE FACTORY WHEELS – 8½ & 11’s- 2 SETS- Have 12 DE
events on them and are damn near new! 1st set w/ Hoosiers has 1 hour
(3 heat cycles) on them- $2500, 2nd set w/ dead Hoosiers- $2500. Contact: Stew Goldberg, Flemington NJ (908) 875-7154 or [email protected]
2007-On Porsche Cayman Embroidered Cargo Mat never used in box high quality custom Lloyd mat. Black with red Porsche letters - original
packing still intact. $100 + $20 Shipping/Handling (firm) Originally more
than $160.00.
This is the plush Ultimat material. Call or email: Dennis Goode 262-3707755 or [email protected]
2006 Cayman S factory wheels . These wheels have just been professionally powder coated and haven’t had tires mounted on them since powder
coating. Asking $1200 or BO. Also 2006 Cayman S factory catback exhaust
asking $250. Contact Art Meltzer [email protected] Pictures available.
2002, 540i with sport pkg. in excellent condition with rebuilt steptronic
transmission by BMW of Roxbury. Steel blue. $7,995. 570-424-1559
Stroudsburg, PA
‘73 BMW 2002 Sunroof Coupe . Excellent Malaga (burgundy) paint.
Engine & transmission rebuilt. Complete records & receipts. No rust.
$19,000. (570) 424-1559 Stroudsburg, PA
Storage Rental : Short or long term car storage in a private modern garage
with climate control and access to power for battery charger. Call Chris for
details at (908)-930-6070 or email [email protected]
Blaupunkt Reno SQR46 radio in excellent condition for my 1987 Porsche
928S4. Contact: Phil Stern in Flemington at 908-399-7939 or [email protected]
Used Brey-Kraus roll bar extender for early Boxster. [email protected]
Cont’d from pg 6
broken in pair of tennis shoes versus a pair of professional ice
skates. I am not sure which is ultimately better in the right hands,
but there is no doubt that most mere mortals will be able to extract
Cont’d on pg 43
Advertising Index
All in the Details.............................29
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Becker Auto Sound............................41
Body Smooth Care............................11
Car Vault.............................................31
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High Marques....................................29
Hoosier Tires......................................21
ID Signs...............................................11
Miller Motorcars...............................19
Cont’d from pg 42
much more from the GT4 than they would be able to get out of a
996 GT3.
The fact that this car’s retail pricing starts at around $84,000 makes
it an absolute steal. I mean, you can load it up in typical Porsche
fashion with tens of thousands in options and make the GT4 more
of a GT3 in terms of price - but you do not have to. 95% of the good
stuff will be included in each and every GT4 that is made. Honestly,
I wish I could buy the GT Program engineers all a nice cool Weizen
for their efforts. They deserve every sip.
I have not actually seen this car in the flesh, let alone driven it. You
can already see, however, the historical significance in this model,
perhaps more than any other since the dawn of the first 911s. With
this GT4, Porsche is forging forward with this platform and putting
the bits into it that will carry this from being a great little mid-engine road car to a track day monster. Finally, in official Porsche form,
and not from the efforts of a privateer, the Cayman platform has
the tools to potentially outperform its larger sibling. By placing the
car into the GT program, the barn door is now wide open. I expect
that variants will become more and more serious and that the
platform will figure in heavily to future racing efforts. For right now,
the 911 has the goods it would seem to keep its baby brother at bay
– but as the Cayman drinks its milk and eats its spinach, however,
look out. Being a 911 guy at heart, my allegiance may appear to be
swinging like the tail in my 911SC. But still, I cannot help thinking
how great this machine would look in my garage.
Perhaps of greater significance to me as a lover of all things Porsche
is the change in thinking that this model signifies. Porsche in recent
years has been all about the performance in absolute terms. Last
year at Tech Tactics East when we heard from engineers about
Paul Miller Porsche...........................OBC
Pinnacle Motors.....................................36
Porsche of Larchmont...........................40
Precision Motorsports Racing..............39
Ray Catena Porsche.............................IFC
Redline Speed Worx.............................22
Robb Francis..........................................20
Shade Tree Garage.................................13
Stable Energies........................................25
The Popular Mechanic............................37
Town Motors...........................................36
Wells Fargo Advisors...............................11
XCEL Federal Credit Union...............IBC
PDK being be the only transmission option on the GT3 and Turbo
models, about electronic differentials being better than mechanical
units, about the increased development of hybrid power technology
and the eventual demise of the traditional internal combustion motor, I could not help but feel remorse. While there is no denying the
results of all of these incredible technologies, it was the traditional
and often quirky parts of a Porsche that reminded the driver that
they were behind the wheel of something just a little different. Learning to properly shift an older Porsche is an accomplishment. Learning
to balance one in a corner is a carefully-developed skill. The thrum of
the air-cooled six in your ears is pure music. Progress is a wonderful
thing, but not if it loses the engagement to the human spirit.
The Cayman GT4 may be looked upon by some as a partial step
backward - a nod to the luddites that eschews readily accessible
technology and loses precious tenths of a second as a result. That
view would be a mistake. Porsche’s decision to offer their customer
base this wonderful combination of power, balance, technology,
driver involvement, and value makes this one of the most important
offerings in the modern era of the company. It is not quite analog in
the sense of an older 911 or even a mid-90’s 993, but in many ways it
gives you a foot firmly in each camp. I guess in that sense it is not all
that unlike Neil’s Pono offering hi-resolution digital being smooth and
musical like vinyl, but convenient, durable and portable like digital.
And there was no hiding the look of smug satisfaction on the Porsche
engineer’s face during the GT4 interview. He smiled broadly when
discussing their development drives in the Alps. It is almost like the
GT4 is the one they were rooting for all along, a machine to bridge
the gap and save an art form from the throes of technology. It will
not take a famous rock star to sell this concept.
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