16 21x 60% - RetailMeNot



16 21x 60% - RetailMeNot
Case Study!
Vitamin World Sees Strong
Growth for Stores With
Omnichannel Always-on
Content Strategies!
Vitamin World has seen significant year-overyear growth for its omnichannel and in-store
programs since it began working with
RetailMeNot in January 2014. Through a
series of tests, the retailer aimed to give
shoppers the ability to buy from the Vitamin
World brand seamlessly across all platforms:
mobile, desktop and in-store. Additionally,
Vitamin World was looking to increase brand
awareness and share of voice in the vitamin
and supplement retailer space with the help
of RetailMeNot. !
In the first half of 2015, Vitamin World
partnered with RetailMeNot to test an
always-on content strategy, whereby the
brand consistently had retail content
available to shoppers. Vitamin World ran four
to five offers per month to keep content fresh. !
Additional brand awareness and exposure
came from RetailMeNot channels including:!
Mobile app homepage!
Email newsletter inclusion!
New offer testing!
Desktop and mWeb homepage!
YOY increase for
in-store sales!
YOY increase in
online sales!
Up to!
New customer rate
YOY increase in !
in-store sales!
About Partner!
RetailMeNot’s high impact media placements drove brand
awareness and sales across various channels, including
mobile application, email, and homepage. With an always-on
content strategy in place, year over year sales also increased
At Vitamin World®, we
believe that nutrition starts at
the source. We travel the
world to find the finest natural
ingredients and craft our
products in the USA to
ensure the highest quality
vitamins and supplements for
our customers. Whether
you're a wellness novice or a
health enthusiast, Vitamin
World® offers a variety of
health supplements at the
best prices to help you reach
your goals. For more
information please visit
•  In-store sales volume increased 21x when comparing the
first half (1H) of 2015 to the same time period in 2014!
•  Online sales also saw a boost with +16% increase from 1H
•  Up to 60% new customer rate as a result of the online
portion of omnichannel offers !
Additionally, average order value held steady between 2014
and 2015. With the success of the omnichannel testing,
Vitamin World plans to continue this strategy throughout the
second half of 2015.!