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Diesel Customer Information No. 289
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When Convenient
Check of Valve Rotation
Many years of experience with the engines in operation
has resulted in a positive development in relation to the
maintenance work for checking the valve rotation of inlet
Changes in maintenance
The valve rotating devices used by MAN Diesel have
proven to be reliable and resistant to failure over their
service life of 24,000 hours.
This has enabled the maintenance work for checking
the valve rotation of inlet valves to be simplified, greatly
reducing maintenance effort.
There is no need for the regular checks of valve rotation at
1,500 operating hours on the medium-speed four-stroke
engines in operation as per the engine type list opposite.
Filing Advice
DCI / 289 - March 2010
Four-stroke engines 32/40, 32/44CR,
40/54, 48/60, 51/60DF, 58/64
Improvement of maintenance work on valve
rotation device.
Assembly group/work card 113/114
In future, the valve rotation will only be checked on these
engines in the following cases:
Following disassembly/reassembly of the valve rotating
• After carrying out maintenance work or repairs on the
cylinder head
Work Sequence
The recommended work steps have also been changed.
The valve rotation check will now no longer be carried out
during operation with the valve cover open.
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MAN Diesel – a member of the MAN Group
DCI / No. 289 - March 2010
New Procedure
1. Preparation
Switch off the engine. Remove the cylinder head cover.
2. Colour marking
Make markings on the valve rotating devices and axial bearings.
3. Operation
Replace and secure the cylinder head cover. Start the engine and allow it to run for one minute at a
nominal speed with 25 % to 30 % power.
4. Check
Switch off the engine and remove the cylinder head cover. Check the markings. If the valve rotating
devices are working correctly, the markings will now be in a different position.
An exact description of the individual work steps can be found on the enclosed work card.
Important Note
It must be ensured that during the checking of the valve rotating devices, the engine cannot be started.
Should you have any queries, our Technical Service will be pleased to be of assistance:
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Robert Glauber
Senior Vice President
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Jörn Holst
Senior Manager
After Sales Technical
Please forward this information to your technical operational personnel and
remember to inform us of the current operating hours of your MAN Diesel engines.
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