Ryan`s Story The death of a child is the most unthinkable tragedy



Ryan`s Story The death of a child is the most unthinkable tragedy
October 19:
Ryan’s Story
The death of a child is the most unthinkable
tragedy that any parent would have to endure,
but for John Halligan, that tragedy was all too
real. On October 16, Halligan presented his
story to over eight hundred Ridgewood High
School ninth grade students in hopes of helping
them avoid the fate of his son.
Because of intense personal and cyber bullying,
Ryan Halligan committed suicide in October of
2003. Yet, from this terrible event, his father
found a new purpose in hope of helping other
students avoid a similar fate.
Students listened to the presentation before
breaking up into smaller discussion groups to
talk about the effects of bullying and teen
suicide. RHS hopes that by bringing these issues
to light, students in need will be more willing to
seek help from friends, teachers, and family.
October 19:
RHS Boys “White Out”
Super Soccer Saturday;
3:00 pm, RHS Stadium
October 19:
Marching Band State
Rutgers Stadium
David Bailey addresses the crowd, with members of
the Ridgewood High School National Honor Society.
National Honor Society
On October 15, Ridgewood High School’s Chapter of the National Honor Society held its 49th
Annual Induction Ceremony. One hundred and
ten members of the Class of 2014 were inducted in a ceremony coordinated by the elected
officers, President Britta Potter, Vice President
Emily Brodkin, Secretary Kylie Simpson, and
Treasurer Chris Criscitiello.
October 21:
Board of Ed Meeting;
7:30 pm; Ed Center
October 24:
Maroon & White
Recital; 3:15 pm;
Campus Center
October 24:
New Players
Production; 7:00 pm;
Little Theater
The Ridgewood Public
School Department of
Arts and Music has
Facebook and Twitter
You may follow RPS Arts
and Music at:
John Halligan presents the story of his son, Ryan, to
Ridgewood High School students.
RHS’ HSPA scores are the best they have been in
four years, with a passing rate of 97.8% in Language
Arts and 96.4% in Math.
The Ridgewood High School Girls’ Tennis team holds
up their trophy after winning the North 1 Group 4
title. The RHS girls beat out the Livingston 3-2 to capture the trophy on October 15.
Or on Twitter at:
RIDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL ∙ 627 East Ridgewood Avenue ∙ Ridgewood, NJ 07450 ∙ 201-670-2800
Course Highlight: Accounting
RHS Boys Soccer will hold its White Out event on Saturday.
White Out
The Ridgewood High School Boys Boosters will hold its
2nd annual Super Soccer Saturday on October 19 at
5:00 pm in the RHS Stadium.
Super Soccer Saturday features RHS soccer teams
playing back to back on their home field. The JV team
kicks off the event at 5:00 pm, followed by the Varsity
boys at 7:00 pm who will play Bergen Cup
rival, Old Tappan (5-7). The Maroons Soccer Club (U8U12) will also hold scrimmages during half time.
Concession stands will be set up at the high school and
there will be plenty of soccer apparel for sale.
New Players Company presents
The Lion, the Witch,
and the Wardrobe
10/24 @ 7 pm
10/25 @ 8 pm
10/26 @ 3 pm
10/26 @ 8 pm
Students/Staff/Senior Citizens: $10.00
Adults: $15.00
Above, students in Karen Mendez’s accounting class use Monopoly to practice their "T" chart skills of debits and credits.
Accounting I is a full year course designed to provide both the
college-bound and/or the business student with the understanding of skills and concepts associated with basic accounting principles. This course fulfills the dual purpose of preparing students
to handle daily systematic recordings of an actual business so as
to achieve entry-level job skills, while at the same time provide
necessary background for future study in accounting and business. Students are able to prepare and interpret financial statements and to keep accounting records for both a service and a
merchandising business. Students also explore the area of electronic spreadsheets, for the preparation of financial statements
and interpretive business condition reports.
Students may not use school phones except in cases of emergency.
Cell phone use is not permitted while a student is in class, in the
Media Center, or near classrooms. Cell phones shall be turned off or
have alert tones silenced while students are in these areas. Students
who use cell phones in restricted areas will be subject to disciplinary
action and/or confiscation of their cell phone. Students who are serving suspension must hand over their cell phone for the day of their
Violation of the Cell Phone Guidelines may result in the removal of
the cell phone for the remainder of the day. Repeated offenses may
result in afterschool detention(s).
RIDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL ∙ 627 East Ridgewood Avenue ∙ Ridgewood, NJ 07450 ∙ 201-670-2800
A Window Into Ridgewood High School
Think Pink
The Ridgewood High School staff, Project Interact
Club, the RHS Cheerleaders, and National Honor
Society will be teaming up with Panico Salon for
the PINK Project. It will be held in the Campus
Center of the high school to help raise money
and awareness for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Hairstylists from Panico Salon will be applying pink hair extensions to students, staff, and parents to show support for those
affected by breast cancer. The donation is ten dollars per hair
Students in Dr. Karen Walters’ forensics class search
for evidence at an outdoor crime scene.
If you’d like to support this cause, please come to the Campus
Center of the high school between 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm on
Monday. Additionally, general donations can be sent to Dave
Bailey, Stefanie Gigante, Nancy Reilly, or Kelly Bomzer at the high
school, or Lauren Majocha at Somerville Elementary School.
Please make checks payable to: Breast Cancer Research
Ridgewood freshmen use Chromebooks as part of
their science lesson.
Colleen Contreras and Louisa Luisi’s grade 9 English
class display their visual representations for the
Epic of Gilgamesh.
Members of RHS Project Interact volunteering at the Juvenile Diabetes
Research Fund 5k walk/run. The event took place on October 13.
Website: http://rhs.school.ridgewood.k12.nj.us/
RIDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL ∙ 627 East Ridgewood Avenue ∙ Ridgewood, NJ 07450 ∙ 201-670-2800