September 2007 - Train Collectors Association


September 2007 - Train Collectors Association
Volume 4, Issue 3
September 2007
Welcome to the latest issue of Keeping Track,
where we look back at the 53rd National TCA
Convention in Denver, Colorado. If you were
there, you know what a good time it was, and
look closely at the photos - you might recognize
someone! If you weren't there, it's not too early
to start talking to your family about a Vermont
vacation for the 54th Convention...
Those who came to Denver early in the week were treated to rides on the Platte Valley Trolley on
Monday and the Ski Train up into the mountains to the resort town of Winter Park on Tuesday.
Plus visits to some truly awesome Denver-area
layouts, like this one in Susan Deats' basement!
No scenery, but lots of trains!!
Young and old enjoyed the food and fun of
the Welcome Party on Wednesday.
But things really got going with the Kids Club tour! Our first stop was Tiny Town, an old stage
coach stop in the Rocky Mountain f othills where everything was shrunk down to l/6-size~
Of course there
was a tiny train ­
two in fact! - one
pulled by a steamer
and one pulled by
a diesel. We rode
around the whole
town. Cool!
There were over 100 buildings there­
many that we could walk into!
Here a couple of us are "performing"
in the Opera House.
Everything was small, except our appetites! So
after lunch we got back on our air-conditioned
bus and headed off to the Colorado Railroad
Museum in Golden.
A scavenger hunt took us around the many exhibits, like climbing into the cab of this Baldwin
2-8-0 standard-gauge locomotive (built in 1890), and checking out a real Galloping Goose,
built in 1931 from a Pierce-Arrow automobile. You could just feel the history in the air!
The highlight of the day was riding
around the museum grounds in the
Galloping Goose!
Some of us even got to ride in the cab.
Meanwhile, back at the hotel ­
and all day on Saturday - the Kids
Corner was filled with train races,
operating layouts, wooden floor
trains, Lego trains and craft proj­
ects. That was in addition to the
manufacturers' displays, trading
pits ancl 5 more operating layouts
over in the main hotel. There
were toy trains everywhere!
Before we knevv it, it was time for the Children's
Banquet on Saturday evening. Good food and
games made the evening fly by!
Dessert was an ice cream sundae bar, and it was served in
an O-gauge coal hopper. After everyone was done eating,
we wiped off the chocolate sauce and decorated our cars.
Everyone went home with their own banquet car!
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A big THANK YOU! to everyone in the Rocky Mountain Division who worked so hard to make
the 53rd National TCA Convention so much fun for kids and adults. It was a great week for every­
one who was there. Thanks also go to the following people for donating prizes to the Kids Club:
Hank Argue at Hank's Model Trains (LouisviJIe, CO)
Joe Hayter at Weaver Models
Tom McComas at TM Video
Joanna Miller at Caboose Hobbies (Denver, CO)
Warren Mizell at Mizell Trains (Westminster, CO)
Rocky Mountain Division Board of Directors
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This is Vol. 4, Issue 3, Sept. 2007
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