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Product Sheet
The all-in-one emergency preparedness tool.
With a range of up to 28 miles*, the Talkabout®
T9680RSAME series uses both Family Radio Service (FRS)
and General Mobile Radio Services (GMRS) frequencies,
providing more channel combinations.
M otorola T al k a b out ® T 9 6 8 0 R S A M E ***
T w o - Wa y Weat h er R ad i o
The Motorola Talkabout® T9680RSAME is a hazard alert weather radio that
combines local area emergency alerts with the power of 2-way communication.
The Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) technology allows you to filter out
unnecessary distant weather and non-weather broadcasts and, instead, monitors
only your local area! The T9680RSAME radio displays a three letter code for the
type of emergency, and a voice message plays when an alert is broadcast.
T 9 6 8 0 R S A M E F eatures :
T9680RSAME weather radio provides filtered local area
emergency alerts
Up to 28 mile range*
22 channels, each with 121 privacy codes for
2,662 combinations
27 hr. alkaline (3 AA) or 9 hr. NiMH estimated battery life
iVOX hands-free communication without the need
of an audio accessory
**N O A A W E A T H E R C H A N N E L
Want to know where the best conditions are for your rock climbing outing?
Tune into one of 7 NOAA channels (National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration) on your T9680RSAME for continuous local and regional
weather broadcasting. And when you are out having fun, weather alerts
will provide you with warnings of incoming weather to protect you from
the dangers of a sudden storm.
E mergenc y P reparedness
Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or just making sure you and your
family are informed, you will have 24/7 access to alerts ranging from
flash floods to tornado warnings to national emergencies. Use the
radio feature to team up with someone in your neighborhood to check
on each other in case of emergencies. The T9680RSAME provides the
ideal combination for those who want real time accurate weather
monitoring capabilities and the ability to communicate in case of
• QT (Quiet Talk) interruption feature
• Companding technology
• VibraCall™ vibrating alert
• Backlit display
­• Push-to-Talk (PTT) Power Boost
• 11 weather channels (7 NOAA) with alert feature
D ual P o w er
• Dual receive mode monitors both 2-way
+ weather channels in standby
• Advanced priority scan
Are you running out of battery power and with no power outlet around
to recharge the batteries? Just pop in 3 AA batteries and your unit is
operating again for another 27 hours of estimated talk time.
All Models include these core Features:
Audible low battery alert
Talk confirmation Tone
Emergency Checklist sheet
Keypad lock
Time-out timer
Battery save feature
The VibraCall™ silent vibrating ringer is especially useful for
locations where ringing can be intrusive. This feature is also great
when noise from a sporting event would drown out your ring tone.
Series model:
T9680RSAME Includes 1 dual charger, 1 charging adapter and 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs, 2 belt clips.
Available in khaki.
The T9680RSAME has a Motorola exclusive feature —“companding”—
a sophisticated technology that filters out static between words.
This allows the radio to deliver noticeably clearer transmission.
**NOAA radio service may not be available in all areas. Check with your local weather office for frequency and details, or visit, (Canada:
***To receive SAME alert messages for a specific location, you must program your county, parish, city area, or marine zone location code into the radio.
MSRP is $89.99 per pair.
Radio Dimensions: 7.8H x 2.4W x 1.3D inches
Packaging Dimensions: 12.12H x 7.55W x 3.59D inches
Overpack Dimensions: 8.7H x 11W x 13.1D inches
Radio Weight w/o batteries: .23 lb.
Clamshell Weight w/ contents: 1.6 lbs.
Overpack Weight: 8 lbs.
Overpack Quantity: 4
UPC: 8 43677 00044 3
UCC: 10 8 43677 00044 0
FOR ADDITIONAL MEDIA INFORMATION, Contact: Colleen Philbrick, [email protected]
or Sam Lueder, [email protected] at Hauser Group, or call (404) 222-0600.
*How far can I expect my radios to communicate? The communication range quoted is calculated under optimum conditions,
with an unobstructed line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on terrain and conditions, and is often less than the
maximum possible. Your actual range will be limited by several factors including, but not limited to, terrain, weather conditions,
electromagnetic interference and obstructions.
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license from Motorola, Inc. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. All other
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