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feed supplements - Our CO-OP
A scientifically formulated nutritional supplement rich in fatty
acids, especially linoleic acid designed to promote the growth of
exceptionally healthy, lustrous hair, mane and tail. Heat processed to
insure freshness and palatability. Select Nu-Image™ is a high-quality
coat conditioner at a reasonable price.
718122 1.9 lbs. 5113 5 lbs.
5114 10 lbs. 5112 20 lbs.
Stress-Pak™ Powerlyte Gel
A balanced blend of water-soluble electrolytes and minerals
designed to replace trace elements lost by horses.
5121 gel.
5104 2-lb. powder
Nu-Hoof Maximizer™
Select II™
Select I™
Nu-Hoof Maximizer™ is a scientifically formulated,
direct-fed, nutritional supplement with biotin,
amino acids, zinc, and vitamin B. It helps reduce the
incidence and severity of horn defects, increases
tensile strength and improves the condition of the
white line. Nu-Hoof Maximizer™ also improves hoof
horn hardness and thickness, and helps horses that
were previously tender on their feet move more
freely and confidently.
A vitamin and mineral supplement for horses on
rations using less than 8 pounds of alfalfa hay, or
for horses on grass, oat hay, or high grain rations.
Contains a source of live (viable), naturally occurring
microorganisms (beneficial bacteria).
A vitamin and mineral supplement for horses on
alfalfa-based rations which also contains a source
of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms
(beneficial bacteria). Select I™ is for horses on rations
using more than 8 pounds of alfalfa hay per horse
per day.
718123 2 lbs.
5156 5 lbs.
5142 5.66 lbs.
5154 28.3 lbs.
5143 15 lbs.
5.66 lbs.
5157 10 lbs.
MSM™ is a powerful and useful compound when
used alone or with therapeutic agents. MSM
delivers pure methylsulfonylmethane, a natural
sulfur nutrient and the prime metabolite of DMSO.
A natural amino acid, vitamin and mineral
supplement that decreases anxiety in nervous
A nutritional supplement specifically designed for senior
horses. Compounds proven to enhance and strengthen
joints, connective tissue, and soft tissues.
5127 paste/syringe
717629 3.75 lbs.
1 lb.
4 lbs.
2 lbs.
20 lbs.
5129 1.5-lb. powder
5171 5 lbs.
5173 10 lbs.
Horse & Pet Catalog 23
Nu-Flex Maximizer™ with Ester C
A scientifically formulated nutritional supplement designed to repair cartilage
damage, to strengthen the skeletal system, improve flexibility, relieve aches
and pains associated with stiffness and swelling, and delay cell damage.
Nu-Flex Maximizer™ is a balanced blend of joint lubricant (Glucosamine HLC),
pain reliever (Yucca), and the powerful antioxidant vitamins (vitamins E, BetaCarotene and Ester-C) in a safe, non-drug, palatable, and affordable complete
Nu-Image™ Dark Horse
Nu-Image™ Dark Horse helps prevent that washed out reddish-orange look,
and brings out the essence of your horse’s natural coat color. It promotes a
rich shine on a brown, bay or black horse. Nu-Image™ Dark Horse includes
key nutrients for skin and coat health.
5095 5 lbs.
716666 20 lbs.
5116 5 lbs.
Nu-Hoof™ Accelerator
Nu-Hoof ™ Accelerator with 4PLEX EQ, 60 day supply,
contains the most advanced combination of essential
nutrients and ingredients available on the market to
provide accelerated hoof growth for today’s active
5126 11 lbs.
Select Equi-Tussin™ cough syrup is an effective decongestant, expectorant, and antihistamine for horses. EquiTussin™ is formulated for the treatment of the equine cold,
flu, allergies, and stable cough in a heavy syrup base of
both expectorants and aromatic oils for ease of use and
palatability. Equi-Tussin™ is best administered by adding
to feed or by oral syringe (not included). Start by giving the
dosage in gradual amounts the first three days. If chronic
cough, depressed appetite, or decreased water consumption is experienced, consult your veterinarian.
5138 1 qt.
Foal Response™
Foal Response™ has been formulated to provide newborns with the optimum
immediate-care nutrition that they need. Foal Response™ provides the live
microbials that may be missing in your foal’s gut at the time of birth. Colostrum
and probiotics found in Foal Response™, along with other essential nutrients,
make it an ideal supplement for newborns, older foals, and weanlings.
3066 30 mL syringe
Foal-Lac® Powder
Foal-Lac® milk replacer is a nutritionally complete powder
that is reconstituted with water for feeding to orphaned or
early weaned foals. Formulated specifically for foals, FoalLac® simulates the nutritional composition of mare’s milk.
Foal-Lac® Powder may be used in young orphaned foals,
foals weaned prior to 2 months of age, foals nursing dams
with an inadequate milk supply, and for mixing into the
foal’s first feed to enhance palatability.
7213 5 lbs.
24 Horse & Pet Catalog
7212 25 lbs.
Foal-Lac® Pellets
Provides balanced protein and other essential nutrients for growth in foals.
When used as a supplement to the foal’s creep ration, these pellets provide
milk nutrients to nursing foals at a time when the mare’s milk declines in
quantity and quality. May be used for early weaned foals, nursing foals
before and during weaning, gestating or lactating broodmares, and breeding stallions. Dosage for foals: feed up to six cups per day, mixed with the
creep ration. Dosage for weanlings and yearlings: add one to three cups to
daily feed ration. Dosage for broodmares: supplement feed ration with one
to three cups per day during late gestation and three to six cups during
lactation. Dosage for breeding stallions: one to three cups added to feed
ration per day. Dosage for performance horses: one to three cups a day to
supplement ration.
7214 25-lb. pellets
Weight Builder™
Weight Builder™ provides concentrated calories in the form of fat which has
nearly twice the calories per ounce of grain, yet doesn’t cause digestive upset
that grain can cause. Its primary sources of fat include flax meal which is high
in Omega-3 fatty acids, and the calcium/phosphorus ratio is balanced so it can
be fed with other supplements. Also enhances skin and coat.
3394 4 lbs.
3393 28 lbs.
Red Cell®
The “industry standard” for fueling champion horses,
yucca-flavored Red Cell® supplement provides several
vitamins and minerals, including 300 mg/oz. of chelated
iron. Potent, reliable, and palatable, Red Cell® is homogenized for consistency and is great for horses in or out of
3665 1 qt.
3666 1 gal.
773738 4 lbs. pellets
Healthy Coat®
All natural Healthy Coat® is the total supplemental nutritional package for
your horses’ optimum health and "top performance."
• Safe, all-natural source of Vitamin E, Niacin, Biotin and Vitamin B12,
promoting glossy hair coat and strong hooves while preventing skin and hair coat problems.
• Rich in Omega-3 & 6 essential fatty acids.
• Aids in the absorption of other fat-soluble vitamins.
• Promotes digestive tract health and efficiency and a strong immune
• When fed at higher rates, works as a safe, uniform weight builder.
• Helps maintain high levels of muscle glycogen, imparting more
endurance and energy for stressful times, such as breeding, training,
and competition.
• Promotes healthy, flexible joints.
• Improves overall body condition for show or sale preparation.
3726 1 qt.
A natural supplement for relieving the symptoms of
equine joint degeneration. Fluid Flex™ contains a combination of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and potent
antioxidants in a liquid formula for fast absorption.
3313 ½ gal.
3728 2.5 gals.
Grow Colt®
Fluid Flex™
3315 1 qt.
3727 1 gal.
3316 1 gal.
A special supplement just for growing foals, Grow Colt®
supplies 23 vitamin and mineral nutrients needed for
proper development. Grow Colt® aids in growth and
development. Includes calcium and phosphorus for
proper bone development and energy delivery. Also
contains biotin. Everything your foal needs for a healthy
start in life.
6760 3 lbs.
Mare Plus™
Mare Plus™ is rich in vitamins A, D3 and E, as well as calcium,
phosphorus, and iodine; helps build and condition your
mares to meet the demands of pregnancy. Keeps them in
peak condition during gestation, foaling and lactation. Start
feeding Mare Plus™ 90 days before conception and keep
broodmares on it year round. It will help make your breeding
program a successful one.
6764 3 lbs.
6765 7 lbs.
3014 20 lbs.
6761 7 lbs.
3011 20 lbs.
Glucosamine Pellets
MaxFlex™ Glucosamine Pellets have 50% more
glucosamine HCI than regular strength MaxFlex™.
Contains combination of yucca, omega fatty acids,
vitamins and minerals to help maintain healthy
3396 3.75 lbs.
3392 8 lbs.
Horse & Pet Catalog 25
Maximum Relief
Scientifically formulated to provide 24-hour
joint care. One daily dose keeps glucosamine
in your horse’s system a full 24 hours, over 24
times longer than other joint supplements.
Vita-E and Selenium
Combines vitamin E and selenium for optimum nutritional muscular health.
3701 2.5-lb. crumbles
3273 20-lb. crumbles
374171 .9375 lb. 30 day supply
Horseshoer’s Secret®
Helps support healthy hooves. Concentrated formula offers 25 mg of biotin per
2 oz serving.
Fluid Flex™
The perfect balance of the three most preferred active
ingredients for healthy joint function. Exclusive formula
contains glucosamine HCI, chondroitin sulfate and potent antioxidants. in liquid formula for fast absorption.
3316 32 oz.
3313 64 oz.
3658 3.75 lbs. (30 day supply)
3659 11.25 lbs. (90 day supply)
3315 1 gal.
Glucosamine Pellets
H.B. 15™
Proteins are one of the most important of all nutrients
needed for growth, reproduction, lactation and daily
physical activity. Amino acids are the “building blocks” of
proteins. H.B. 15™ contains the essential amino acids lysine
and methionine, which are recognized as especially vital
for growth and tissue maintenance in horses. H.B. 15™ also
contains Vitamin B6, which aids in the metabolism of these
amino acids. H.B. 15™ has been specially formulated to contain Biotin, which is widely recommended by farriers.
6762 3 lbs.
MaxFlex Glucosamine contains beneficial nutrients that support normal joint
function. Nutrients include: glucosamine,
yucca, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C,
chelated copper, zinc, and manganese.
The glucosamine in MaxFlex is 99% pure
glucosamine HCI.
3390 3.75-lb. pellets
6763 7 lbs.
Horseshoer’s Secret®
Horseshoer’s Secret® was developed to provide
optimum nutrition for healthy hooves. The unique
formula contains only the purest and most digestible ingredients, including biotin, complete protein,
patented chelated minerals, key amino acids, yeast
culture, and omega-3 fatty acids. This exclusive
combination works together at the correct ratios for
amazing results. It helps stop cracked hooves and
weak walls, restore normal hoof growth, and helps
hold shoes longer. See pail for directions.
3614 11 lbs.
3617 38 lbs.
26 Horse & Pet Catalog
22 lbs.
Super 14™
Skin and hair, the body’s first line of defense against natural elements, are
the most visible signs of a horse’s overall condition. America’s favorite skin
and coat conditioner for horses, dogs, and cats, Super 14 contains polyunsaturated fatty acids plus vitamin E and vitamin B6 to leave skin healthy and
coats sleek and glossy. Feed the wafers or sprinkle Super 14 in the feed and it
will put a show coat on your horse or dog in just 30 days.
6769 3 lbs.
6770 6.5 lbs.
3018 20 lbs.
Contains 99% psyllium seed husk, a natural soluble fiber. Absorbs water in
the intestines to form a gel-like substance. High–quality crumble formula
mixes easily with feed which means it minimizes waste. With apple and molasses flavoring, the crumbles are so palatable, horses will eat it straight from
the container. SandClear is for horses of all ages including young foals.
3611 10 lbs.
3612 20 lbs.
Elite™ Electrolytes
High–quality electrolyte and trace mineral supplement which can aid in the prevention of dehydration.
Highly palatable, apple or orange flavored formula in
an easy-to-feed granular base.
3318 5-lb. apple
3061 20-lb. apple
Micro B-12 5X
An all-natural formula that calms without drugs. Works in just two
hours without causing drowsiness. Available in easy-to-administer
paste syringe or economical powder. An excellent alternative to tranquilizers — can be used any time. Keeps horses alert without anxiety
— ideal for race horses. Use before riding, training, trailering, or other
stressful situations. Contains no L-tryptophan.
6846 1.5-oz. paste
Micro B-12 5X is a concentrated gel containing 5,000 micrograms of pure
U.S.P. Vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 is essential for the normal functions in animals including formation of red blood cells, nervous system functions, hair
coat, growth, health, feed efficiency, and reproduction. The minimum daily
requirement of vitamin B-12 has not been established for horses. Administer
entire contents onto back of horse’s tongue.
6 mL
3265 30-oz. powder
The first feed supplement that STOPS chewing.
Natural feed supplement, highly palatable, no more
spraying, painting, or costly repairs guaranteed in
just seven days or your money back. Can be fed
by itself or as a top dressing. As you feed Quitt, it’s
recommended that damaged wood be replaced and
your horse be regularly exercised.
Calm and Cool
2673 3.75 lbs.
6670 34-gm. paste
Exclusive blend of tryptophan and herbs that
soothes and relaxes horses for training and competition. No harmful drugs, will not test. Administer 1 tube per 1,000 lbs. body weight; requires
approximately four hours to have full effect.
Vita Plus®
Vita Plus® feed supplement meets the demands
of today’s equine athletes, show horses, breeding stocks and young growing horses. Vita Plus
contains virtually every beneficial nutritional
ingredient an equine supplement can provide to
improve a horse’s condition and performance,
plus important vitamins and minerals.
6772 3 lbs. 6773
3019 20 lbs.
7 lbs.
Probios® Equine One
Contains multiple strains of beneficial intestinal
microflora in a paste form. Useful for horses
under stress to maintain digestive function.
Especially useful in newborn foals to establish
normal gut activity. Normal dosage is 15 to 30
grams on back of tongue.
6874 tube
Horse & Pet Catalog 27
Select The Best®
A nutritional supplement that includes high concentrations
of fatty acids, biotin, selenium, and vitamin E in a highly
palatable liquid form. It provides key nutrients for the
growth of healthy, lustrous hair, mane and tail. Directions:
Feed 4 ounces per day to horses in competition or training,
2 ounces per day to horses on a maintenance program.
Ingredients: Expelled soy oil, Alpha tocopherol, Biotin,
Sodium selenite, Corn oil, Glyceryl monoleate, preserved
with Tertiary butyl hydroquinone, Propylene glycol, and
Citric acid.
720474 1 gal.
Joint Combo® Classic
Joint Combo® Classic is glucosamine HCI and chondroitin
sulfate in a feed-based molasses-flavored pellet. It also
contains manganese and ascorbic acid that act with the
other ingredients to support normal joint function.
3692 3.5 lbs.
3693 8 lbs.
Wheat Germ Oil Blend
Rich in vitamin E, Wheat Germ Oil used as a feed
supplement also adds vitamins A and D and provides
a rich, natural source of unsaturated fatty acids for a
sleek, lustrous coat.
3770 1 gal.
Giving weak, shelly hoof walls a boost
of essential vitamins and nutrients
promotes healthy hooves. Bet-R Hoof, a
vitamin-mineral supplement, contains
biotin, part of the vitamin B complex,
and gelatin, zinc, methionine, and more.
3645 5-lb. crumble
3646 15-lb. crumble
SweatAgain is an oral electrolyte with Amino
Acids, Vitamins and Minerals specifically
designed for horses of all classes under the
stress of summer heat, hard work, training,
and physical activities that require or result in
the normal body cooling process of sweating.
28 Horse & Pet Catalog
Wheat Germ Oil blend is an excellent energy source
with a balanced fatty acid complex for all classes of
horses. It is a specially extracted wheat germ oil and
cold-expelled soy oil combination to produce a balanced essential fatty acid supplement for horses. In
addition to improving bloom on your horse, it is also
an excellent way to add energy to your horse’s diet.
5153 1 gal.
Vita-Biotin Crumbles™
This supplement is specifically formulated to provide
a maintenance level of biotin, an essential part of
the vitamin B complex, to your horse. Vita-Biotin,
a brand of vitamin supplement may be fed to all
horses including pregnant mares. Vita-Biotin is one
the fastest-growing equine products. Biotin plays an
important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates,
fats, and proteins.
3695 2.5 lbs.
3696 20 lbs.
Vita B-1 Crumbles
Vitamin B-1 is for horses that are strenuously
exercised. Vita B-1 crumbles contains 8,000 mg.
of vitamin B-1 (thiamine) per pound. Thiamine is
necessary for normal growth and muscle activity.
3687 2.5 lbs.
3688 20 lbs.
Vita B-12 Crumbles
Select The Best®
Wheat Germ Oil
16-oz. jar
Vitamin B-12 and folic acid can help prevent anemia in the horse. Vita B-12, a brand of vitamin B-12,
contains 50 mg of vitamin B-12 and 50 mg. of folic
acid per pound.
3280 2.5 lbs.
AniMed™ Barrier
Digestive Shield
Helps protect against possible contaminated feed
and hay without limiting the absorption of nutrients.
Barrier provides your horse with state of the art
natural ingredients scientifically engineered to protect
against possible unseen harmful contaminants and
the uncontrolled variations in the quality of hay and
grain fed to horses. Barrier effectively neutralizes most
mycotoxins, including aflatoxin and fumonisin that may
be present in hay or grain. The functional carbohydrate
in Barrier binds bad bacteria so they cannot attach to the
gut walls.
2-lbs. jar
Himalayan Salt Lick
Mobile Milling
Mare Complete
Hilton Herbs Himalayan Salt Licks have been analyzed and
have been shown to be predominantly sodium chloride,
with other trace elements such as potassium, magnesium
(vital for maintaining health) and iron which is responsible
for the distinctive rose pink color. Himalayan Rock Salt Licks
are literally "rock hard", which means that horses and ponies
are unable to bite chunks off, a problem that can occur with
the softer "pressed" salt licks. The licks are also much more
weather-resistant and can be hung up in the field for horses
and ponies to "self dose," exactly as nature intended.
2.2 lbs. (16 per case)
6.6 lbs. (8 per case)
11 lbs. (5 per case)
Bio-Zin® Daily™ Pellets
Bio-Zin® Daily™ pelleted mineral-vitamin
supplement is specially formulated for overall
health and hoof maintenance. Based on our
original, granular formula, Bio-Zin® Daily™
is fortified with amino acids, vitamins, and
improved levels of biotin and chelated minerals including organic selenium for optimum
787335 3.5 lbs.
711798 8 lbs.
711799 21 lbs.
• Contains 100% psyllium seed husk mixed with
wheat bran & beet pulp for added bulk fiber
• Improves gut motility and digestion efficiency
•Psyllium helps lower blood glucose and insulin
concentrations in horses
• 4 in 1 product additive contains guaranteed
levels probiotics, enzymes, live yeast culture &
745515 5 lbs.
745516 20 lbs.
AniMed™ CoMega Supreme
AniMed CoMega Supreme offers natural Omega 3, 6,
and 9 Fatty Acids to support normal physical and mental
performance. Fortified with Vitamins A, D3, and E, CoMega
Supreme also gives animals a soft, shiny, healthy coat. Ideal for
horses of all classes, dogs of all ages and other farm animals,
this formula is easily digestible. Concentrated source of energy
natural plant source. Supports normal physical and mental
performance. Helps achieve a soft, shiny, healthy coat.
1 gal.
Mare Complete pelleted daily
mineral-vitamin supplement is
formulated to enhance the reproductive health and improve overall
body condition of your broodmares
and breeding stallions.
8 lbs.
374660 21 lbs.
Shur Hoof™ Supplement
Helps grow strong, tough hooves. Includes the
essential amino acids lysine and methionine vital
for growth and tissue. Zinc for ketatin development in the hoof wall. 20 mg of biotin per
754655 2.8 lbs.
Reach™ Joint Supplement
Horse Health® Reach Joint Supplement has been
specially formulated to contain all the right joint care
ingredients that help to promote overall strength
and agility of your horse's joints. Its unique blend of
ingredients easily increases joint mobility and also
enhances their flexibility. The cartilage structure and
the connective tissues in the horse's body also benefit
from this unique joint formula. It comes in an extruded
particles form and is quite easy to feed in all forms.
754651 2.8 lbs.
Electro Dex®
America’s original equine electrolyte
that supplies the electrolytes active
horses may lose in training or competition. Cherry-flavored micro-blend for use
in feed or drinking water.
374202 5 lbs.
374203 30 lbs.
Apple-flavored, sodium-based electrolyte
supplement. Helps replace electrolytes
lost during strenuous activity, including
training or competition. Micro-blended
for use in feed or drinking water.
5 lbs.
374204 20 lbs.
374205 30 lbs.
Horse & Pet Catalog 29
An excellent supplement for promoting healthy
hoof, hair, and tail growth, weight gain, and
stamina. Source is a natural supplement that
provides 58 elements in a biologically active and
naturally chelated form.
3537 5 lbs.
Neigh-Lox® is a scientifically proven equine
antacid that helps prevent gastric ulcers.
Neigh-Lox® buffers the gastric walls as well as
protects and preserves the stomach lining.
7111020 30 lbs.
2264 3.5 lbs.
Source® Focus WT
Focus WT is an effective nutritional aid specifically formulated to help those horses who have
difficulty gaining weight or maintaining weight
while under stress. It provides a broad spectrum
of nutrients to optimize the efficient metabolism
of food with digestive enzymes and beneficial microbes to improve digestibility, plus a daily serving
of Source to make it all work.
3553 3.5 lbs.
2266 25 lbs.
Ginger Ridge™
Meadow Mints
Naturally flavored with peppermint oil, these
treats are cool, crunchy, and delicious. They
are oven baked into perfectly bite-sized pieces.
373931 8 oz. 373932 1.75 lbs.
373933 3.5 lbs.
374887 25 lbs.
Source® Focus SR
Focus SR provides specialized nutritional support
for the unique needs of senior horses. As horses
age, their metabolic systems become less efficient
and their immune systems weaken, becoming
less effective at fighting off infection and disease.
Focus SR provides a unique spectrum of vitamins,
minerals, digestive enzymes, beneficial microbes,
anti-oxidants, and essential fatty acids, plus a daily
serving of Source to make it all work.
3552 3.5 lbs.
Ginger Ridge™
Harvest Hearts
All natural goodness of wholesome baked grains
with the wonderful aroma of homemade muffins
fresh from the morning oven.
8 oz.
374886 25 lbs.
3551 3.5 lbs.
374885 25 lbs.
Source® Micro-Nuggets
Source Micro-Nuggets are the combination of the
original Source with the convenience of pellets.
They are an all-natural product that can be fed
mixed with feed or by hand.
3545 3.5 lbs.
30 Horse & Pet Catalog
3547 25 lbs.
1.75 lbs.
Ginger Ridge™
Super Stars
Source® Focus HF
Focus HF is an effective nutritional aid specifically
designed to help horses with poor hoof condition. It provides key nutrient building blocks for
superior hoof condition including biotin, methionine, lysine, chelated trace minerals, viable yeast
culture, and phospholipids, plus a daily serving of
Source to make it all work.
The blending of real anise seed and natural anise
and orange oils creates a delicious new twist on
flavors long favored by horses and ponies.
373934 8 oz.
Ginger Ridge™
Stable Snax
All natural multigrain and preservative free.
Real flax seed with natural vanilla flavor.
373937 8 oz.
373939 5 lbs.
373938 1.75 lbs.
373935 1.75 lb.
FlaxSnax® Health
Horse Treat
Enriched with flax and provides Omega-3
fatty acids for a healthy, shiny coat. Contains stabilized rice bran, so horses love
the taste.
2952 3 lbs.
HoofSnax® Horse Treats
Enriched with biotin for strong, healthy bones. Contains
stabilized rice bran, so horses love the taste. Made with
brewer’s dried yeast for optimal digestion.
701813 3 lbs.
Bite-Size Nuggets
Horse Treats
Nutritious bite-size nugget treats for horses. Great
for training! Ingredients include molasses, alfalfa
meal, vitamins A, D3, E, and B12. Bite-Size Nuggets
will not imbalance the normal ration. Feed up to 2
pounds per head per day. Do not overfeed or offer
free choice.
5-lb. bag, apple flavor
1-lb. bag, apple flavor
5-lb. bag, peppermint flavor
1-lb. bag, peppermint flavor
5-lb. bag, butterscotch flavor
Apple Flavor Wafers
Provide a nutritional treat or reward for horses.
Can feed up to 2 lbs. per head per day or a few
cubes at a time. Ingredients: Hominy, feeding
oatmeal, linseed meal, cane molasses, dried whey,
ground corn, alfalfa meal, sunflower meal, apple
flavor, vitamins B12, E, A, D3 , and more.
Probiotic Pack
Fastrack Probiotic Pack has the right
balance of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and yeast. Mix five pounds per
ton of mixed feed or topdress 0.5-1.5
oz. per day.
7107 25-lb. Apple
3511 5 lbs.
Stable Gourmet™
Horse Cookies
Fresh-baked cookies with the natural goodness of oats, molasses and flaxseed. Convenient re-sealable pouch.
713314 3.2-lb. bag
Summer Games Plus™
When horses sweat, they lose not only water, but also vital electrolytes. Summer Games Plus replaces key electrolytes so equine athletes can perform at the top of their game. It also contains buffering
agents to help ensure a comfortable gastric environment.
2262 paste
5 lbs. pail
Horse & Pet Catalog 31
Next Level® Equine
Joint Pellets
All active ingredients are alfalfaflavored pellets. Helps maintain healthy
joints. Contains glucosamine, shark cartilage, perna mussel, Ester-C, and MSM.
Super Bio-Zin®
374144 1.875 lbs.
A unique combination of biotin, methionine,
lysine, sulfur, vitamins, trace and chelated minerals
formulated to promote thicker hoof walls, accelerate hoof growth and create a more malleable hoof.
Apple-cinnamon flavor and easy-to-reseal tamperevident containers.
Next Level® Equine
Exclusive fluid supplement formula that helps the body
keep joints lubricated. It contains glucosamine, shark
cartilage, perna mussel, Ester C, and MSM to act as a natural
anti-inflammatory. Next Level Equine’s special bromelain
enzyme solution digests easily.
16 oz.
3961 1 gal.
3233 6-lb. pail 3234 30-lb. pail
3241 7-lb. pellets 3263 15-lb. pellets
3984 32 oz.
Cough Free®
Exer-Lyte™ Electrolyte supplements the horse’s
diet with additional electrolyte salts and minerals
that may be lost by dehydration. Great flavor.
3515 5 lbs. (cherry)
3252 5 lbs. (orange)
3236 5 lbs. (apple)
374659 5 lbs. (natural)
3516 20 lbs. (cherry)
3519 20 lbs. (orange)
3246 20 lbs. (apple)
374659 20 lbs. (natural)
The smart new way for foot nutritional therapy
combined with equine food science. New Hooflex+
from Absorbine is a 100% bio-available, therapeutic hoof supplement clinically proven to build
strong, flexible hooves PLUS healthy coat, skin, and
hair. Fortified with nutrient-rich Natural Glo, highly
palatable pellet form, it contains 4-plex EQ minerals to strengthen immune system response to help
prevent hoof disease. It has no filler or preservatives. For maximum results, maintain the initial
administration level for 4 weeks, then transfer to
suggested maintenance. Scoop included.
2573 15 lbs.
32 Horse & Pet Catalog
Helps horses fight off cold, allergy, and heaverelated symptoms with a natural formula of nine
herbs and minerals. It contains no fillers, works
fast, and is test-free.
3988 1 lb.
3987 3 lbs.
3986 5 lbs.
OTC™ Jug
OTC™ Jug contains the full chain of amino acids plus vitamins
and minerals needed to replenish vital body fluids. Its paste
form of a veterinarian’s 1,000 ml electrolyte/vitamin jug absorbs quickly and may be used pre- or post-workout.
60 cc
Next Level® Hoof Fluid
Everything your horse needs for healthier hooves
in a new, easy-to-use liquid supplement. The only
liquid hoof supplement with MSM. Highly palatable apple flavor.
3907 1 qt.
374143 64 oz.
Shoer’s Friend®
Shoer’s Friend is a pelleted dietary supplement containing high
levels of proven nutritional ingredients that can help promote hoof
growth. It also contains boron, manganese, sulfur, and chromium, all
important minerals that aren’t available in any other hoof supplement
today. Shoer’s Friend also contains pyridoxine (vitamin B-6), an essential ingredient for supporting the growth of connective tissue.
3676 11 lbs.
22 lbs.
Pro-Pell™ is an iron-rich vitamin and
mineral supplement that delivers a nutritional powerhouse of easily assimilated
ingredients for performance horses. ProPell is extremely palatable and effective.
1 gal.
3678 40 lbs.
More Muscle™
More Muscle is the ideal feed supplement for
horses and ponies requiring more and betterdefined muscling. More Muscle contains a
complex of digestive aids plus a powerhouse
of Creatine Monohydrate and Gamma oryzanol, two powerful nutrients that have taken
the human body building industry by storm.
Just feeding more of the horse’s regular feed
doesn’t always work. Supplement your horse
with More Muscle.
3660 8 lbs.
Corta-Flx Solution is a super-palatable formulation of
water-soluble ingredients that collectively go to work
quickly and effectively, helping the horse to have a welllubricated cartilage. Also available in pellets and powder.
See label for directions.
3654 1 qt. 3655 1 gal.
3686 2.5-lb. pellets 3684 2.5-lb. powder
B-L® Solution
B-L Solution contains Devil’s Claw and yucca, two of nature’s most powerful herbs. Recent studies compare their
anti-inflammatory action to cortisone and "bute". Suggested use of B-L Solution is for horses with conditions
associated with arthritis and rheumatism. B-L Solution
is nature’s alternative to “bute” without the debilitating
side effects. It contains test-free ingredients. Do not use
in brood mares.
3667 1 qt.
Vitamin B-12 Solution
Water-soluble dietary supplement of Cyanocobalamin
(Vitamin B-12) - 5,000 mcgs per ounce.
3671 6 qts.
3669 paste
Horse & Pet Catalog 33
Multi-nutrient hoof developer
contains all the essential nutrients
for healthy hoof development.
6659 5 lbs.
A concentrated energy
source that provides energy
and weight gain to horses of
all ages.
Suitable vitamin supplement for all farm
animals with vitamins A, D, and B12. Dosage
for brood mares (latter half of pregnancy
and lactation): 2 tablespoons twice a day.
Dosage for young foals and weanlings: 1 to 2
tablespoons daily.
701811 1 gal.
High potency vitamin and mineral
supplement provides the proper combination of essential nutrients for top
health, bloom, and finish.
7272 5 lbs.
Equine Fat
7327 25 lbs.
A new joint supplement that combines
glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate with
Manna Pro’s popular Sho-Glo vitamin and
mineral supplement.
2953 5 lbs.
34 Horse & Pet Catalog
7205 5 lbs.
7210 25 lbs.
A source of naturally occuring viable
yeast, enzymes and beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that help promote
optimal digestion.
702291 3 lbs.
Show Bloom!™
A natural protein supplement rich in brewers yeast,
fortified with vitamins for all species of livestock
including cattle, hogs, sheep, and horses. Produces
outstanding hair growth and a shiny, healthy coat.
6711 50-lb. bag
Morinda Care™ Equine Brace
Morinda Care™ Equine Brace is a veterinarian recommended topical ointment specially formulated to support healthy joints and flexibility. It is easy to use, as you
can rub it directly onto the areas of discomfort. It also
absorbs quickly, and mixes readily with other compounds and products.
720436 56 oz.
720434 1 gal.
720432 32 oz.
720435 16 oz.
720433 1 gal.
720431 32 oz.
Cosequin® Asu
Cosequin® ASU goes above and beyond the
traditional glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate
products on the market. Cosequin® ASU contains
NMX1000™ avocado/soybean unsaponifiables
(ASU) formulated with FCHG49® glucosamine
hydrochloride and TRH122® low molecular weight
chondroitin sulfate. Plus the addition of high
purity MSM! This sets Cosequin® ASU apart from
any other joint health supplement for horses. And
all in a tasty, easy to administer powder!
716644 1300 g
Cosequin® Optimized
Cosequin Optimized is a new formula with higher levels
of active ingredients for improved joint health. It has
double the glucosamine hydrochloride, at 14,400 mg,
and 2,400 mg of chondroitin sulfate as compared to the
original Cosequin Equine formula. The new Cosequin
Optimized for horses has the further addition of highpurity MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, which is an
organic source of sulfur, a compound used by cartilage.
Some veterinarians suggest using MSM to help manage
joint health. It contains 10,000 mg MSM per 2 scoops.
For those who want additional MSM supplementation,
Cosequin Optimized offers a convenient, cost-effective
way to administer MSM along with the proven ingredients in Cosequin.
Optimized 800 gm, 6-bt/cs
Optimized with wsm, 1400 gm, 6-bt/cs
Mare Magic™
An herbal supplement that helps your mare be
more comfortable during her cycle. This all-natural
product works best on moody, cranky, uncomfortable horses that may have hard uncomfortable
cycles. Also works on geldings. Will not test positive. Horses love the taste and it works great when
fed year around. Coarse ground.
745928 8 oz.
Cetyl M® For Horses
Cetyl-Myristoleate is a unique, esterified fatty acid
derived from myristoleate, which occurs naturally
in the kombo nut (wild nutmeg), found to work in
conjunction with other proven joint-enhancing
ingredients to deliver the greatest benefit to your
horse. It is the only equine joint health product
that uses 100% plant-based CM.
779793 5.1 lbs.
779776 11.2 lbs.
Cetyl M® Joint Cream
For Horses
Provides greater joint relief, faster recovery time and superior performance for your horse. Formulated with the
same active ingredients found in Cetyl-M joint supplement. Massage into horse's joints twice daily to promote
comfort and mobility in joints and muscles.
779820 8 oz.
Gluquestrian™ is a product that combines both qlucosamine sulfate and MSM for treatment and prevention
of arthritis in animals. It has been used successfully
in horses to strengthen and maintain joints and other
connective tissues. It is also recommended to use as
a supplement for young, fast-growing horses to help
avoid joint problems, both during the growth phase
and later in life. See label for directions.
3428 500 gms.
3429 1000 gms.
MSM Powder
MSM is a powerful and useful
compound when used alone or with
therapeutic agents. MSM delivers pure
methylsulfonylmethane, a natural sulfur nutrient and the prime metabolite
of DMSO.
16-oz. powder
2.5-lb. powder
5-lb. powder
745929 32 oz.
Horse & Pet Catalog 35
Equinyl Combo
May help ease pain and inflammation associated
with training and competition without causing
gastrointestinal side effects.
Vita-Flex® Hard Keeper™
Extra calories for weight and slow-burning energy,
with the benefits of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
For horses that can’t keep weight on and for healthy
skin and coat condition.
3270 6 lbs.
3272 12 lbs.
1.875 lbs.
5.25 lbs.
11.25 lbs.
22.5 lbs.
1.875 lbs.
3.25 lbs.
with hyaluronic acid
with hyaluronic acid
Equinyl Glucosamine
May help ease pain and inflammation associated
with training and competition without causing
gastrointestinal side effects.
E & Selenium
For limiting free radical damage to
the body. It supports and protects
each other for maximum efficacy.
Blended with a quality yeast base.
702332 4-lb. pail
3273 20-lb. pail
1.875 lbs.
1.875 lbs.
with hyaluronic acid
Natural equine joint lubricant.
Give daily to help maintain healthy
joints. Use along with glucosamine
and/or chondroitin for additional
joint support.
702341 1-lb. powder
Vita-Flex® Ultra
Pure MSM Powder
Vita-Flex® AccuLytes
A formula based on actual electrolyte loss in performance
horses. Reflects the proportions of sodium, chloride, potassium, and phosphorus lost through sweat.
702335 5 lbs. 702337 paste
702336 paste 33 gms. 375005 20 lbs.
36 Horse & Pet Catalog
America’s choice for purity and value. Pure
dietary methylsulfonylmethane, the primary
metabolite of DMSO. A natural source of sulfur.
702343 1 lbs.
702344 2 lbs.
702345 4 lbs.
Vita-Flex® Equinyl
Glucosamine HCI
Chondroitin sulfate, bromelain and
trace minerals. A natural lubricant
body support.
375011 ½ lb.
HylaMotion Gel
Natural equine joint lubricant containing premium hyaluronic acid.
Ideal for aging horses, performance
horses, show horses and working
375019 2.5 lbs.
Vita-Flex® Pure C
Pure vitamin C. Enhanced antioxidant and connective tissue nutrition
in an affordable, easy-to-feed
375013 1 lb.
375014 2 lbs.
Vita-Flex® Flex Free
Original Formula
1,750 mg of purified chondroitin sulfates in an easy-to-give alfalfa base.
704937 3.75 lbs.
Vita-Flex® Master’s
Hoof Blend
Blended with a six-culture microbial
complex to aid digestion.
HylaMotion Liquid
Natural equine joint lubricant containing premium hyaluronic acid.
Ideal for aging horses, performance
horses, show horses and working
375018 32 oz.
HylaMotion Powder
Natural equine joint lubricant containing premium hyaluronic acid. Ideal
for aging horses, performance horses,
show horses and working horses.
713029 1 lb.
375019 2.5 lbs.
375008 3.75 lbs.
375009 8 lbs.
Vita-Flex® Accel
A balanced daily supplement of
essential nutrients to promote optimum health for all types of horses.
32715 5 lbs.
375007 20 lbs.
Vita-Flex® Accel
Super-antioxidant with potent
direct-fed microbial complex.
702331 5 lbs.
Vitamin E
Delivers 5,000 international units
(IU) of vitamin E per ounce.
375012 4 lbs.
Biotin 100
For use as a nutritional supplement.
Per pound: Biotin 100-mg
374036 2.5 lbs.
374037 5 lbs.
Horse & Pet Catalog 37
AniMed™ AniDex
A supplement for all classes of horses
formulated to provide additional
electrolyte salts that may be needed to
maintain normal electrolyte levels in
the body.
AniMed™ EquiTum
A proprietary nutritional blend
designed for horses undergoing the
stress of training, showing, trailering,
performing and/or racing.
714088 5 lbs.
5 lbs.
AniMed™ Hoof Medic
AniMed™ AniVite
Most complete hoof supplement available.
Promotes thicker hoof walls, accelerates
hoof growth and creates a more malleable
A multi-species nutritional supplement formulated to enhance the
overall appearance and condition of
livestock, horses and pets.
714090 5 lbs.
4 lbs.
AniMed™ MareKare
AniMed™ Weight-up
Provides support for a horse’s digestive system.
Contains 40% fat from flax seed meal and vegetable oil for increased weight gain and weight
A comprehensive, premium, vitamin and
mineral feed supplement specifically formulated for pregnant and lactating mares.
5 lbs.
715707 10 lbs.
AniMed™ Liquid Motion
AniMed™ Coat Medic
Helps support healthy connective tissue, joint
structure and maintain joint function and
Daily use aids the horse in developing and
maintaining healthier skin and hair coat
by correcting dry and flaking skin and dry,
brittle and dull hair.
714102 32 oz.
714097 4 lbs.
For a horse that is tying up, which
can appear as anything from
a horse that is starting to walk
a bit short in one or both back
legs to a horse that’s completely
714099 5 lbs.
AniMed™ Corn Oil
Increases diet energy density and
increases energy intake.
374056 1 gal.
Cod Liver Oil Pure
An excellent source of Vitamin A,
Vitamin D, Omega-3, EFA, EPA, and
374056 1 gal.
38 Horse & Pet Catalog
A natural insect deterrent,
non-toxic and does not contain irritating or dangerous
Yucca Pure
Known for its anti-inflammatory effect and its ability to increase metabolism.
712802 5 lbs.
711881 2 lbs.
374060 1.5 lbs.
100% Natural
Stimulates the intestinal tract
and aids in intestinal health.
374040 2 lbs.
A unique broad spectrum, concentrated nutritional supplement with Colostrashield,
calcium, and magnesium.
374058 4 lbs.
May reduce digestive
disturbances associated with
stress, training, performance
and travel.
3 lbs.
AniPrin F Powder
AniPrin F flavored aspirin blend aids in the
relief of minor muscular aches and joint
pains and in reducing fever. Also aids in the
relief of inflammation and pain associated
with arthritis. Pure aspirin powder blended
in a sweet, molasses-flavored base. Can be
used as a top dress.
3937 16 oz.
3941 5 lbs.
3939 2.5 lbs.
AniFlex Complete Joint
Care Powder Complete
AniFlex Powder helps maximize your horse’s performance and quality of life through proper nutrition and joint maintenance. AniFlex is made from
ingredients combining the benefits of glucosamine,
chondroitin, creative (for joints), yucca, MSM, vitamins
E and C.
3923 16 oz.
3927 2.5 lbs.
AniFlex GL
Joint Care Powder
A 100% natural condroprotective nutritional
feed supplement providing nutrients needed
for healthy joints and controlling inflammation.
AniFlex GL’s nutrients also aid in the control and
treatment of osteoarthritis caused by joint overloading, abnormal joint forces, poor circulation,
over-exercise and trauma.
3928 16 oz. 3929 2.5 lbs.
374044 5 lbs.
Glucosamine 5000 Powder
Aids in the repair of damaged tissue, reduces inflammation and
stimulates production of lubricating synovial fluid and articular
cartilage, tendons and ligaments. It provides the building blocks
for the repair of stressed and injured joints.
16 oz.
2.5 lbs.
AniMed™ Di-Cal
Formulated to provide supplemental calcium
and phosphorus.
374038 4 lbs.
AniMed™ Remission
For foundered horses or those prone to the risk of
founder. Contains magnesium, chromium, biotin, methionine, 1-lysine, vitamin C, zinc and niacin. Provides
70 antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and
all of the other essential amino acids.
3943 4 lbs.
3947 10 lbs.
Muscle-Up Powder
Muscle-Up Powder is a fast-absorbing
vitamin and mineral muscle-building
3934 2.5 lbs. 3935 5 lbs.
374050 1 lbs.
AniMed™ AniHist
AniHist is an oral antihistamine and expectorant
granule for use in horses. DOSAGE: Feed 1/2 ounce per
1,000 lbs. body weight.
20 oz.
AniMed™ Flax Seed Oil
AniMed's nutritional Flax Seed Oil is made from Flax
Seed, which is one of the richest plant sources of the
essential Omega-3 fatty acids; including Omega-6
fatty acid and the essential alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).
Flax Seed Oil provides other supportive micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Ingredients: Flax Seed
Oil in Soybean Oil.
1 gal.
AniMed™ Rice Bran Oil
A natural antioxidant with high levels of vitamin E,
Rice Bran Oil is recommended for horses of all ages
and classes as a balanced source of energy, calories,
vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Rice Bran Oil has
been used to fit horses for performance, show, event
and sales.
3959 1 gal.
AniMed™ Linseed Oil
A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Vital to energy
production/stamina made from Flax Seed Meal, which
is one of the richest sources of the omega-3 fatty
acids. Fatty acids are vital to functions such as: oxygen
uptake, energy production and stamina. Linseed oil as
a nutritionally supportive feed supplement is recommended for horses of all ages and classes.
7498 1 gal.
Horse & Pet Catalog 39

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