Sandakan`s Lankayan Sojourn


Sandakan`s Lankayan Sojourn
SS Skan’s Lankayan
5−7 June, 2012
Reported by Robert Ong
About The Place
Lankayan Island is a 90-minute boat ride
from Sandakan. Only 5 ha in size, it is
part of the Sugud Island Marine
Conservation Area (SIMCA), declared in
2003 under the Wildlife Conservation
Enactment. On this remote island is a
dive resort of 22 chalets managed by the
Reef Guardian Sdn. Bhd. .
The jetty and dive centre
The Main Reception Building & Restaurant
(above) Turtle Hatchery
The Restaurant
The Bar
The Lucky Ones
That Got To Go
The two youngest:
Amanda (8 yrs) & Janelle
(20 months)
Destination: Lankayan Island
The Group - 27 pax
1. Mr Lo Ma Haw @ Jonathan
2. Mr Ong Chih How
3. Mr Chan Chee Hoy, Ryan
4. Mr Lim Si Tsung @ Johnny
5. Mdm Tan Soon
6. Janelle Lim Xin Hui
7. Mdm. Annie Chan Ai Hiang
8. Ms. Fiona Ng Tse San
9. Ms. Cynthia Ng Tzi Wei
10. 10. Thien Tshun Khong Elbert
11. 11. Eng Wai Yan
12. 12. Eric Jun Lagrana
13. Ms. Nicole Fung Shuk Vun
14. Ms. Bernadette Kwan Loi Harng
15. Ms Chong Chui Moi, Irene (Trip Leader)
16. Ms. Lu Ah Tsing @Louise
17. Ms. Susan Tung Nyuk Lin
18. Ms. Yew Mie Yee
19. Ms. Chong Li Ching
20. Ms. Wong Siew Mooi
21. Ms Ha Siew Mei
22. Dr. Robert Ong
23. Mdm Melissa Wong
24. Amanda R Ong
25. Mr Johnny Hiew Tack Shung
26. Mr Daniel Ng Vun Tshun
27. Mr Lee Poh Chin
Lee Poh Chin’s & Johhny Hiew’sHut
Our Accommodation
We were put up in wooden huts
Thank God they came with mosquito netting
All our huts were sited on the beachfront,
and all we could see was the boring deep
blue sea, as far as we can see
Turtles come out in the night to lay their
eggs under the huts - a terrifying thought!
Crabs were crawling everywhere
What We Saw & Did
In 2 nights & 2 days
FOOD - We were fed 3 meals a day + one tea
break. ... No human being should be subjected to
such torture
PHOTOGRAPHY – Some had nothing else better to they spent time to improve their photography
For this, we brought with us an expert in the form of
Nicole Fung. She gave a talk on basic photography
Anymore questions, Irene?
‘Bored’ Games –That’s what
boredom does to some people
Some resort to other forms of entertainment!
To swim or not to
swim?..That is the question
Johnny - always the Ladies’ Man
Let’s see how long it can survive
5 minutes more..pleease Mom?
without water...
Torturing a poor jellyfish by subjecting
it to waterless boarding
Lee Poh Chin spent most of his
time in search of mermaids....
On the second evening... he got lucky.
He spotted three!
See-through glass floor
(right) Johnny just could not hide
his boredom
Fascinating Marine Life
(below)Live coral
exposed at low tide
Sea Cucumbers come in all
colours and sizes
Listen up folks....Don’t
wander off on your own.
Lookout tower. Thirty
army personnel are
stationed on Lankayan
to provide security
Mom, can I join the adult cell group?
Some trample on corals as a form of foot reflexology
Wah... can eat ah ?
Eh ..don’t so serious.... I’m not taking a passport foto bah.
Nicole, I give up lah.. I better just stick to selling cameras.
Baby turtles seen under Chalet No. 14
(above) Exhibits at the Information Centre
Listening to a photographic
presentation by Ryan Chan
Bye.. Bye
Going Home
All photos captured by
Canon EOS 600D