Ayur Centre


Ayur Centre
Improves memory and eyesight, relieves
tension, relaxes the mind and enhances good
concentration and hair luster.
OPERATING HOURS: Open daily 9.00AM to 9.00PM.
30 mins
CHECK IN: Please be punctual for your appointments.
Excellent therapy for nerve related problems
such as insomnia, depression, facial paralysis
and severe headaches.
60 mins
ATTIRE: Clients are advised to be attired in loose and comfortable
VALUABLES: Please leave your valuables at home when you
come for therapy. The Management accepts no responsibility for
any loss of money or valuables brought into the Sanctuary.
PAYMENT MODE: Cash/NETS in Singapore dollars.
Takradhara & Abhyangam
Relieves body heat and maintains the mental
and psychological well-being. Helpful in
treating sleeping disorder, stress, chronic skin
diseases like psoriasis, headaches, diabetes
related problems and maintaining healthy
RESERVATION: Reservation is required for all therapies. To make
an appointment please contact us directly through the Telephone
numbers mentioned below. To get your preferred appointment
slot it is better to book in advance. Please note that the booking
and changing of appointments is subject to availability of slots.
60 mins
CANCELLATION: We appreciate cancellation notice of at least 1
day, to provide sufficient notice to others who may wish to take up
the vacant slot.
ETIQUETTE: In our efforts to ensure that all clients benefit from
the therapies we provide, we seek your understanding to kindly
switch off all electronic devices.
*All Prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars.
Thalam & Abhyangam
Localised treatment for the relief of ailments
like migraine, insomnia, body heat and ear,
nose and throat related problems.
60 mins
*All treatments are suitable for male and female genders.
* Male clients are treated by male Therapist and female clients by
female Therapist.
60 mins
Payment Mode
Thalapothichil & Abhyangam
Reduces body heat and promotes sound
sleep, reduces temperament in mental
patients and useful in psoriasis management,
alopecia and hair fall.
Ayurveda Theraphy & Medication
Reduces cellulite, energizes the blood
circulation and breaks the fatty deposits in the
body, leading to weight loss and a glowing
skin. Ideal for toning the skin and muscles
after childbirth.
Ayur Centre
Ayur Centre
60 mins
Ayurveda Theraphy & Medication
84 Bedok North Street 4, #01-17, Singapore 460084.
[email protected]
Centre for Traditional Ayurvedic Therapies
Ayur Centre
Ayurveda Theraphy & Medication
Improves circulation, muscle tone and
eliminates impurities from the body through
the pores; leaving skin soft, smooth and
60 mins
60 mins
Abhyangam & Podikizhi
Relieves joint and muscular pain, stiffness,
numbness, disc problems, arthritis and
different paralytic conditions. Improves
circulation and conditions against swelling.
20 mins
Excellent treatment for lower back problems,
prolapsed disc, osteoporosis, sciatica, irritable
bowel syndrome, endometriosis, urinary tract
and menstrual disorders.
60 mins
A nasal cleansing treatment which stimulates
the nerves and brain functions in nerve related
problems. Relieves chronic sinusitis, nasal
congestion, throat disease, voice constraints
and cervical spondylosis.
60 mins
Reduces darkened eye circles, dry, watery or
burning and painful sensations in the eyes.
60 mins
Alleviates nervous disorders, osteoarthritis,
cervical and lumbar spondylosis, disc
problems, joint pains, paralytic conditions and
muscle weakness. Tones the skin, prevents
dryness and wrinkles from appearing.
60 mins
60 mins
Netra Tharpanam & Abhyangam
60 mins
Relieves pain and stiffness in the neck and
joints. Nourishes the skin, improves muscle
tone, mobility, blood circulation and
immensely beneficial for rheumatism and
Nasyam & Abhyangam
Relieves pain for any localised traumas and
Improves blood circulation and Gives natural
glow to the skin. Eliminates toxins, improves
joint mobility and invigorates the body.
Kativasthi & Abhyangam
Abhyangam & Avagaha Sweda
Relieves pain and stiffness on lower back,
improves joint mobility, relieves sciatic pain,
numbness, disc problems, endometriosis,
irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract
infections and renal colic.
Njavarakizhi & & Abhyangam
Herbal Steam Bath
60 mins
Stimulates nervous system, improves memory
and provides relief for insomnia, migraine,
headache, insecurity, fear, vertigo, depression
and nervous strain.
60 mins