whale watching at oceanside harbor



whale watching at oceanside harbor
Offshore adventure awaits you
Oceanside is truly full of adventures! Being
the only small craft harbor in North County
San Diego, Oceanside Harbor offers many
adventures including sailing and whale
watching just off the shores of Oceanside.
January and February are particularly fantastic
months to book a tour out of the Harbor since
it’s prime whale watching season.
Both locals and visitors can book a
trip, leave straight from the Harbor, and
have an ocean excursion that's nothing
short of an adventure. Whale watching and
sea life adventures from Oceanside Harbor
expand the attractions that make Oceanside
a prime destination.
“Humpback Whales, in particular, are known for putting on a great
show, and are a real treat to encounter on a whale watching tour.”
The Pacific Ocean along the San Diego
coastline is a watery highway for migratory
whales traveling to warm water for breeding in
winter. Beginning in the fall, one of the largest
mammals on Earth—the gray whale—treks
10,000 miles round trip from freezing Arctic
waters to mate and give birth in the warm waters
of Baja California, Mexico. The migration is truly
an amazing feat of nature and the magic unfolds
straight off the coast of Oceanside.
Generally traveling alone or in pods of two
or three at the peak of migration, up to twelve
gray whales can be spotted traveling together.
While traveling, the gray whales swim slowly and
efficiently about six miles per hour, and dive for
three-to-five minutes, surfacing for air and
“blowing” a visible spout of water—the tell tale
sign when spotting whales. The slow and steady
speed of the gray whales provide a great
opportunity to follow and enjoy one of nature’s
greatest creatures as they’re swimming just off
the coast.
Even though gray whales are the most
common sighting during December through
March migration, there’s plenty other sea life to
explore on any given day. Humpback Whales,
Minke Whales, Fin Whales, Blue Whales, four
different species of dolphins, sea lions, and
pelicans are all regular sightings and equally as
much fun to view. Humpback Whales, in particular,
are known for putting on a great show, and are a
real treat to encounter on a whale watching tour.
The whale watching and sea life adventure
boats that leave Oceanside Harbor are outstanding
at making sure visitors have a great experience with
Oceanside Adventures
315 Harbor Drive South
(888) 507-1130
Helgren’s Sportfishing
315 Harbor Drive South
(760) 722-2133
each trip narrated by knowledgeable and
personable staff. Oceanside Adventures is one of
the tour providers that operates out of the harbor and
has twice daily trips (depending on the weather).
When the weather is good, the staff will seek out the
best experience using reports from fellow seafarers
and various observation points to find pods of
dolphins or whales spotted off the coast. Each trip
lasts two hours. Oceanside Adventures operates a
50-foot Catamaran that offers optimal seating for
guests’ best viewing experience. The one level
Catamaran provides both covered and open areas,
and includes snack and beverage options for
hungry (or thirsty) guests during their voyage. All
ages are welcome so take full advantage of
Oceanside’s readily accessible whale watching
adventures—a breathtaking experience for
groups, families, couples, dates, or watching alone.
Sighting of the elusive Northern Fur Seal.
On a recent whale watching trip, a couple
from Canyon Lakes, Texas stated, “We’ve
always wanted to go whale watching, so since
we were in Oceanside, we knew it was a great
opportunity, and sure enough—what a lovely
experience.” Whale watching is a lovely day on
the Pacific Ocean—one of Oceanside’s greatest
attractions and namesake!