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Pant-a-Matic 1400 - Colmac Industries
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Pant-a-Matic 1400
Economical, automatic vertical cabinet pants pressing system that
steam-air finishes the top of the pant and center creases both legs
in a single pressing operation.
The Colmac Pant-a-Matic 1400 will
completely change your perspective on
pant press production.
• Provides a single operator the capability of
pressing up to 150 pants per hour with two
• Finishes pants with or without a crease at the
touch of a button.
• The Pant-a-Matic 1400 automatically adjusts
to waist sizes from 26 inches to 60 inches and
inseams of 24 inches to 37 inches.
• Two Pant-a-Matic 1400’s and a reasonable work
area only require around 50 square feet.
• Easy to operate so training is quick.
• Heated center buck.
• Quieter and more ergonomic than ever.
• Programmable Logic Controller controls
pressing cycles.
• Over 30 years of improvements.
• Standard two-year parts warranty
To finish pants, the Pant-a-Matic
1400 blows heated air and steam
from the top down through the
pant legs. The side chests are then
activated to close and press the pant
legs against the center buck,
giving a complete press with a crease
in one simple operation.
Training is not a problem. The
Pant-a-Matic 1400 is simple to use
and will have your operator quickly
producing high quality pressed
pants, consistently.
• Consistent crease every
• Ergonomically designed for
operator comfort.
• Advanced operator
controls for ever-changing
pressing requirements.
The Colmac Pant-a-Matic 1400 will make pant pressing a profitable operation for you. Talk to
a Colmac Dealer or contact Colmac Industries, Inc., for more information.
Note: Internal steam traps and check valves are standard.
Specifications may change without notice.
...Start with accuracy, finish with quality
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