Hampton summer fun - Mary Giuliani


Hampton summer fun - Mary Giuliani
Hampton summer fun
Dinner for Schmucks after-party at Jerry Della Femina and Judy Licht’s sprawling seaside cottage.
Out in East Hampton over the weekend, Andrew Saffir and his Cinema Society, along with Vanity Fair and
Hugo Boss hosted a screening of “Dinner for Schmucks.” They said it; not me. The after-party an al fresco
buffet (catered by Mary Giuliani) and Svedka cocktails served poolside at Jerry Della Femina and Judy
Licht’s sprawling seaside cottage.
The Della Feminas are old friends of Mr. Saffir and they are also seasoned hosts for this sort of soiree. They do
it for themselves and their friend frequently and they always draw an interesting cross-section of scores,
sometimes hundreds of Hamptonites and visiting celebrities.
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8.23.10: Celebrating the
8.20.10: Strides for
8.19.10: Celebrations
8.17.10: More Hamptons
8.16.10: Hamptons
exhibitions, book parties,
and living memorials
8.12.10: Wild, Wild West,
Out East
Poolside at Jerry Della Femina and Judy Licht’s.
8.11.10: From Montauk
to Nashville to Palm
8.10.10: Saturday in the
8.9.10: artCRUSH in
8.5.10: Socially obligatory
for one reason or
8.4.10: Glorious summer
8.3.10: Summer Saturday
8.2.10: Among those
attending ...
7.30.10: Summer
7.29.10: Enchanted
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Such as Saturday night’s: Paul Rudd, Jay Roach (the film’s director), Stephanie Szostak, Lucy Punch,
Howard and Beth Stern, Katie Couric, Candice Bergen, Christie Brinkley, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan,
Russell Simmons, James Lipton, Kyle MacLachlan and Desiree Gruber, Adam Scott, Lorne Michaels,
Jane Rosenthal, Bob Balaban, Aida Turturro, Terry George, Rufus Wainwright, Katie Lee, Kelly
Bensimon, Cathie Black, Debbie Bancroft, First Lady of the State of New York, Michelle Paterson, Jill
Rappaport (Today Show), Rosanna Scotto (Good Day New York), Jill Martin (Today Show), Kelly Klein,
Reed Krakoff, Shoshanna Gruss, Olivia Chantecaille, Anh Duong, Keira Chaplin, Jason and Haley Binn,
Adam Dell, Daniel Benedict, Charlotte Ronson, polo player Nic Roldan, Nick Gregory, Lucy Sykes and
Euan Rellie, Olympic medalist Tim Morehouse, Vanity Fair VP/Publisher Edward Menicheschi, Hugo Boss'
Ward Simmons and Anamaria Pavoni, and scores more just like.
Christie Brinkley and Paul Rudd
Arthur and Lulu Johnson Margulies
Jay Roach, Samantha Yanks, David Guion, and Lucy Punch
Kari Whitman
Ramona Brulind
Lucy Sykes and Euan Rellie
Michael and Nancy Holdin, and JT Della Femina
Stephanie Szostak
Mary Giuliani
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Jessica Fisher, Jamie Davidson, Jessie Della Femina, and
Johanna Dunn
JT, Jerry, and Jessie Della Femina
Gloria Rudd
Louise Paterson, Michelle Paterson, Rosanna Scotto, Katie Couric,
Patricia Duff, and Debbie Bancroft
Debbie Bancroft and Patricia Duff
Susan Morris, Adam Green, and Mimi
Heike Yashar
(optional) Your name:
Sheehan Raab and Ariel Moses
Chris Taylor and Desiree Gruber
Zach and Ian Connett
Ali Wise, Charlotte Ronson, and Shoshanna Gruss
Lori and Scott Sobel
Sessa von Richthofen and Richard Johnson
Ward Simmons and Nic Roldan
Robin Cofer and Jamie Watkins Jorn Weisbrodt and Rufus
Nicole Hakimian, Susan Woo, and Danya and Sharona
Sean and Lenore Mahoney
Brit and Stephanie Szostak
Anh Duong and Claudia Bicalho
Brad Zeifman, Lauren Zeifman, and David and Samantha Yanks
Ali Wise and Charlotte Ronson
Patrick McMullan and Janet Montgomery
Oliver Schrage and Daniel Benedict
Andrew Saffir and Kelly Bensimon
Jay Roach and Jane Rosenthal
Caroline Hirsch and Andrew Fox
Alex Hastings and Alison Martin
Giovanna Compana and Jeremy Bernstein
Pierce Roberts and Jonathan Canno
Frank and Lauren O'Brien, and Alison and Andy Brod
Billy Piciocco
Lies Anne Stiles and Sarah Brown
Aida Turturro
Nicole Arrigo and Tim Morehouse
Paul Abrahimzadeh
Alice Marshall and Cathie Black
Jack, William, and Michael Della Femina
Bob Balaban
Greg Bello, Janet Montgomery, and Richard Kind
Adam Green and Mimi Crawford
Mark Mullett, Katie Lee, and Keith
Dr. Mark Warfel and Robert Martenelli
Jodi Della Femina and John Kim
Judy Licht and Donna Karan
Ashley Lloret and Omeed Malik
Kenneth Stephen Neil
Shoshanna Gruss and Chris Barish
Kyle McLachlan
Last Saturday at twilight, the Southampton Rose Society held a cocktail party benefit at "Little Orchard," the
waterfront estate of Joan and Bernard Carl in Southampton.
Adam Carl, Katie Brown, Bernard Carl, Rufus, Alex Carl, and Andrew Carl
The Southampton Rose Society was founded in 1976 and is dedicated to the preservation of roses and to
educating the chldren and the public in general about the deep and ongoing rewards of gardening and rose
Gary Lawrance, Zita Davisson, Myra Weiser, and Dr. Frank
Adrienne White, Kim White, and Mildred Brinn
Carol Kroupa and Hal Goldberg
Daryl and Alicia Galitzin
Ben Maddox and Bob Frame
Diane Holmes
Julian and Charlotte Camacho Rainey Day Erwin and John
Annette Geddes and Dominique
Adeline and Alfred Christie
Cynthia Brodsky, Cornelia Bostwick, Nancy Rolins, and Joy Cordery
Diane and Charles Holmes
Jean and Martin Shafiroff
Kristi Witker Coons
Lynn Packard, Peggy Lewis, and Polly Johnson Cathy Lawrence
Robert and Maureen Riggio
Leonardo Vargas, Michele Heary, and Kirsten
Also last Saturday night in Southampton, Heather and Steven Mnuchin and Myrna and John Daniels
hosted a Summer Reception for New York Presbyterian Hospital.
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and David Steven Mnuchin, Dr Holly Anderson, Ali Hirsch,
and Richard LeFrak
Heather Mnuchin and Karen LeFrak
Richard LeFrak and Dr. Herbert Pardes
Robin Forrester and Sarah Lesser
Steven and Heather Mnuchin Christina Addison and Tracy Clarita and Alex Fodor
Caroline and Elizabeth Finger
Jackie and Robert Hochberg
Betty Sherrill and Larry Schafer
Eldon and Alexandra Scott
Bob Sloan and Jeff Lewis
Caroline Finger and Myrna Daniels
Beth Landman and Lisa Holman
Ronald Daniels, Joanne Rosen Daniels, and Lucia Huang Gordon and Louise
Nancy Wexler
Michael Guerette, Myrna Daniels, and John
Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com.
Taylor Sele and Dr Elena
Gunther and Renata Grenier
Liz Sloan, Bob Sloan, and Lauren McMahon
Robin Forester, Bonnie Krentzman, and Stewart
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