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Nickelodeon Apps
Nickelodeon App Marketing Recommendations
August 12th, 2105
Prepared for : Damon Burrell
Chantal Thomas
Viacom Inc.
purpose of this document: marketing proposal
App-Promo is a leading app marketing and
strategy firm. We provide a “360” suite of
brand strategy and marketing services that
work together to increase growth &
discovery, drive engagement, optimize
revenue and better position applications for
This proposal outlines the services AppPromo recommends to market and drive
customer acquistion, retention and
monetization for the Nickelodeon suite of
applications currently available in the iOS
App Store and the Android Google Play.
Nickelodeon- brand key features
Nickelodeon Mobile Apps: Nickelodeon is a leading developer of mobile apps
for kids. Although the Nick audience ranges from pre-school through teen, the
core audience and focus of this document is the 6 -11 year-old demographic.
Platforms: iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android
Genres: Games, Education
Top Titles: Anchor portfolio characters include Spongebob Squarepants and
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Competitors: For the purposes of this document we also reviewed portfolios and
digital marketing channels/practices of Disney, Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids
and PBS.
Challenge: Declining audience for cable and linear TV. The second-screen is
now the first. Today’s audience travels across multiple screens, and marketing
must move with them.
Nickelodeon Apps- marketing overview (iOS)
Nickelodeon Apps- marketing overview (Google Play)
Competitors –Disney (iOS)
Competitors –Cartoon Network (iOS)
Competitors –PBS Kids (iOS)
Competitors –Discovery Kids (iOS)
Nickelodeon- target demographics
Target marketing demographic: Although Nickelodeon develops mobile games
for 6 – 11 year-olds, the new generation of mobile moms are the gatekeepers.
Young and plugged-in, the average American mom had her first child at 25 and
grew up with the web, texting and videogames. 95% are internet users, 76% are
on social networks, one in three owns a smartphone and responsible for 85% of
household purchasing decisions.
Key stats:
Avg. 6.1 hours spent daily on smartphones
62% use shopping aps
46% take action after seeing mobile ads
97% of those that owned tablets made a purchase on them in the last month
Hectic lifestyles: Constantly juggling and multitasking, marketing must be simple
and powerful, supported by products and content that is easy to find, consume
and share. Moms want quick, fun, content and products that enrich daily
Objectives – Re-energize the Nickelodeon
mobile app portfolio
App Promo recommends five “mobile first” marketing tactics
presented in the following slides that are recommended in order to:
1.  Increase portfolio discoverability, downloads and revenues
2.  Increase engagement
3.  Develop a new mobile marketing foundation for future titles and
business growth
Tactic 1 – Create a “Nick Mobile” website and
Nick Mobile-branded social channels
Create a “Nick Mobile” website and Nick Mobile-branded social
channels. The web site may be a stand-alone entity or subsection of
existing site. There is little to no visibility for mobile products on
the current web site, even though games have prominence.
•  Improved SEO, enhanced discovery and opportunity to cross-market
mobile titles.
•  Increase app downloads, in-app purchases and engagement.
•  Provide venue for contests, promotions and email/mobile lead
•  Enhance “Nick Mobile” product discoverability and awareness
across key social channels.
Web site key features:
•  Mobile-responsive design
•  Email and mobile lead capture
•  New product and portfolio marketing hub
•  Heavy focus on video
Tactic 1 – Create a “Nick Mobile” website and
Nick Mobile-branded social channels
Redistribute content and promotions across Nick Mobile-branded social
YouTube • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Pinterest • Vine • Snapchat
Next steps:
•  Develop Nick Mobile digital strategy with new web site as the hub.
Perform thorough audit of existing social media and content
strategy, and make recommendations for preferred channels.
•  2 weeks for delivery of recommendations (App-Promo)
•  Social channels: 4 – 8 weeks
•  Mobile web site development timeline approx. 8 – 12 depending on
complexity, branding decisions, etc.
•  Strategy and Recommendations-15K
•  Social Channels-25K
•  Mobile Web site-35K
Tactic 2 – Video, Video, Video
Mobile moms and kids love viewing options that are instant, sharable
and portable. Moms and kids are tuning in via YouTube, Facebook,
Amazon & Vine. 24% watch videos daily. 64% subscribe to YT channels.
Content affinities: Family and special moments. Funny clips. Product
reviews and how-to’s rank just below entertainment. Outside of YouTube,
85% moms watch videos on Amazon and then Facebook.
Recommendation: Increase overall production of video content that
supports mobile game marketing. Make video previews a must-have for
all app store pages. Consider establishing a Nick Mobile channel on
YouTube, or as a rollup under the primary Nickelodeon channel.
Increase visibility for game trailers and associated video content.
Next step: Perform audit of existing video content and content
production/strategy as it pertains to Nick mobile products. Make
recommendations for Nick Mobile video marketing/content strategy.
Timeline: 2 weeks
Budget: Audit and Recommendations-15K
Tactic 3 – Pinterest
Create presence for entire game portfolio on Pinterest. We are focusing on
Pinterest since the channel over-indexes heavily with women, and has been
relatively untapped by Nickelodeon to-date.
80% of Pinterest’s 72 million users are women.
More than 75% of all traffic to Pinterest comes from mobile devices.
In Feb 2015, the network launched direct download buttons, “App Pins”
that enable users to download iOS apps without ever leaving the
network. Recommendation: Launch game-related boards that relate to the most
popular Pinterest categories – Food, Décor, Fashion, Travel, etc. Relate
game/product boards to user interests. Examples include:• 
Spongebob Moves In – Pin your decorating ideas!
Diner Dash – Pin your recipe and get served at the Krusty Krab!
Where in the world are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
Next step: Create complete Pinterest marketing plan including
recommended boards and title-specific promotions.
Timeline: 3 weeks
$20 K
Tactic 4 – Nick Mobile Branded GIF/Emoji
Virtual Keyboard
Launch a Nick Mobile-branded GIF and Emoji virtual keyboard for iOS and Android.
Rationale: Mobile communication has become overwhelmingly visual. We have
created a new, visual language based upon emojis and now GIFs that are rapidly
increasing in popularity.
Nickelodeon content and characters are already among most popular GIFs and
branded-emojis, but the company has only scratched the surface where it comes
to monetizing this content and user behavior.
An intelligently designed virtual keyboard app could serve as a hybrid messagingmeets-content discovery mechanism that would travel cross-device, delighting
users with a continuously updated stream of fresh, trending content to search and
Nickelodeon would have control over merchandising and monetization of product.
Next step: Perform thorough market opportunity analysis. Present full product
proposal, business plan and potential development partners.
Timeline: TBD. Keyboard could potentially be in-market within 3 months if
Nickelodeon is willing to partner with developers who can provide existing code.
$15K for Market Opportunity Analysis including product proposal
business plan
Tactic 5 – Old School- Email
Launch and grow Nick Mobile email list. Create attractive template for
mobile-responsive Nick Mobile branded email. Develop plan to crossmarket via other network email channels. Potentially roll-up/enhance
other Nick products, by providing a new, mobile-first version of products
like Nick Jr. Birthday Club.
Rationale: Develop new marketing channel of pre-qualified customers
for future mobile product launches. Drive awareness and engagement
surrounding existing portfolio titles.
Next step: Perform audit of existing email marketing channels and
deliver proposal for launch marketing activation, content plan and
seasonal campaigns.
Timeline: 3 weeks
Tactic 5 – Old School- Email (Disney Example)
app store optimization (ASO)
Product Page Optimization
•  Author a keyword optimized marketing
•  Provide suggestions on categorization based on
competitive research
•  Create 100 character metadata
•  Consult on icon and screenshots
App Store Merchandising
•  Leverage App-Promo relations and third party
store representatives to gain a merchandising
feature (no guarantee in placement)
•  Offer special seasonal merchandising
opportunities based on the months of
Claiming/Adding Application in 3rd Party App
Search Engines
•  Create accounts and claim app and/or submit
application to index in 3rd party app search
app store optimization (ASO)
Benefits of App Store Optimization
• Improves search results and immediate app
comprehension within app store lists with an
optimized name
• Take advantage of app ranking
opportunities through our category and subcategory recommendations
• Improve brand recall and rapid app
comprehension and increase conversion with
icon & screenshots suggestions
• Increase salability and improve search
discovery with a SEO focused Product
app previews (video trailers)
Create an app preview video that
demonstrates the features,
functionality, and user interface of
Grideo app that can be used in
the App Store and other
marketing efforts.
Each preview video will be
between 15 and 30 seconds long
and is displayed as the first image
on your App Store product page,
followed by your app screenshots.
(iOS and Android)
App previews can help customers
better understand the app by
showing the user experience and
encourage more downloads.
media strategy
blogger outreach
•  Perform direct outreach to bloggers concerned with target audience
demographics, sample list:
blogger outreach
social media
Facebook: Monitor Brand Pages, Groups,
Newsfeeds, Filtered Newsfeeds, and Individual
Timelines. Engage using Posts, Targeted Posts,
Replies, Private Messages, Comments, Series,
Events, and Likes.
Twitter: Monitor All Friends, all Mentions, Lists, Direct
Messages, @user streams, search streams, and all
Retweets. Engage using Tweets, Retweets,
Favorites, Direct Messages, Targeted Posts, and
YouTube: Monitor Channels, Views, and Comments.
Engage by posting videos and Comments.
Google+: Monitor Page Activity and Comments.
Engage by Sharing Posts, Targeting Circles, and
creating Comments.
Instagram: Cross-post all Facebook images; use
hashtags to identify new followers and drive
social media (seasonal)
App Promo will also pursue seasonal social media and
promotional activities based on the launch date and
other seasonal opportunities related to the application.
social media (content strategy)
Increase fan engagement through high frequency content
paid media
Creative Creation
•  Design and create necessary ad creative for
campaign (copy writing & design as
Traffic, Monitor & Optimize Ad Campaigns
(Mobile Ads/Mobile SEO)
•  Work with incentivized and non incentivized
ad networks to gain CPI-based campaigns
geared towards burst in downloads to spike
chart placement
•  Monitor & optimize campaigns to ensure
maximize ROI
•  Manage relation with ad network account
App-Promo will target customers, based on the demographics and psychographics
analyzed and approved by Nickelodeon. Sample targeting criteria include;
Entertainment, social, sports, gaming,
shopping, health, and more
Adults, gender, income, language,
Country, city, zip code
Day parting, device, Wi-Fi, OS
3rd Party
SOHO, Business, traveler, small
business owners
Polk, Data Logix, Blue Kai, Comscore,
mobile ad creative specifications
iPhone and Android
320 x 50 pixels
GIF, PNG, JPG for still images
Animated GIF for animations
<5kb file size for basic banners
<7.5kb for enhanced banners
iPhone, iPod and Android
320×480 pixels
GIF, PNG, JPG for still images
Animated GIF for animations
<50kb file size
768x90; 768x947 pixels
.15s publisher standard
GIF, PNG, JPG for still images
Animated GIF for animations
1x1 tracking pixel
<60kb file size
iPhone, iPod and Android
320×480 pixels
.15s publisher standard
All video file formats: MOV, Mp4, FLV
16:9 Aspect Ratio
No Skip
1x1 tracking pixel
<20kb file size
**All Standard Creative Assets are Accepted**
Tags Accepted
contact us
Gary Yentin, CEO & Founder
Mobile: 416-464-2223
Email: [email protected]
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