Our Brochure


Our Brochure
If you’ve longed for
an easy solution to
dry skin, Trilipiderm®
is the moisturizer
your skin craves.
your skin deserves nothing less
than the best nature can offer.
Your environment, lifestyle, gender,
and even age can affect the
protective lipids within your skin,
causing moisture loss and dryness.
Trilipiderm® restores essential lipids and
rebuilds the protective barrier that maintains
your skin’s vital moisture balance. Our
proven formula is a soothing harmony of
plant-based ingredients that restore, rebuild,
and rehydrate your thirsty skin cells.
Recommended by pharmacists across the country.
• Not Tested on Animals
• Fast Absorbing
• No Mineral Oil
• No Petrolatum
• Paraben Free
• No Titanium Dioxide
Let nature moisturize your skin.
Try it today.
Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with Vitamin D
also available!
Now marked with National Drug Code NDC 60892-601.
A harmony of natural ingredients,
uniquely designed for you.
Offers a natural barrier to keep moisture in and
prevent dryness, and significantly improves tone,
texture and overall appearance of the skin.
Replenishes the skin’s layer of protective lipids,
providing a youthful luster to the skin.
Chamomile & Calendula
Soothes and heals the skin from inflammation
and wounds.
Restores the skin’s natural sebum to help
waterproof the tissue, keeping it moist and healthy.
Beta Sitosterol
Aids in the repair of damaged skin, and encourages
the production of new collagen to reverse the effects
of aging.
Smooths the skin and eliminates a rough and
flaky surface. Also a great source of Omega-3
and Omega-6 essential fatty acids.
Trilipiderm® is formulated to moisturize
and protect your skin, naturally.
All-Body Moisture Retention Crème
Our Original Formula combines three exceptional
natural oils—Meadowfoam, Abyssinian and Jojoba—
along with Olive Squalene and plant-derived
Beta-Sitosterol, to nourish your skin throughout the day.
Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with Vitamin D
Along with the same moisturizing benefits of our
Original Formula, Trilipiderm® SPF 30 combines skin
rehydration with protection against the sun’s harmful
UVA/UVB radiation while helping to restore some of
the essential Vitamin D required for healthy skin.
Ask your retailer for a sample packet of either product.
Made in the USA
TriLipid Research Institute, LLC
PO Box 15450
Jackson, WY 83002