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CU News - Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union
CU News
A Publication For Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union Members
Summer 2014
VISA Cards with No Gimmicks or Hidden Fees
Need a credit card? Tuscaloosa VA FCU can help. We
offer VISA Classic and VISA Platinum credit cards, both
with no annual fee and great low rates. Transfer your
balance from a high-interest card - it’s easy and we don’t
charge a balance transfer fee. This is not a “trick” rate designed to lure you
in… the rate we offer is the rate you’ll get. No gimmicks, no hidden fees, just
great service and convenience!
Apply today!
Banking Convenience At Our Website
Manage your Tuscaloosa VA FCU
accounts from the comfort of your
home, anytime, even when we’re not
open. Visit our website to log on to
home banking to check balances
and account history, transfer funds
between accounts, pay your bills,
apply for a loan and more! Our
website lists all of our current rates
and promotions, a brief description
of our products and services, and all
of the loans we offer.
Visit us at
Credit Union
Save with
Your Credit Card
is Out of Town.
Are You With It?
Are you planning international
travel this summer? Please give us
a call and let us know. Part of our
service to you includes tracking
your transactions and noting
suspicious activity. If your credit
card is used for a spending spree
across Europe, we need to know if
it’s really you having a wonderful
time abroad, or if someone has your
card. This is even a good idea if
you’re just going out of state. Let
us know, and we will take
note of your travel plans
so your card will always
be available for
your use. Also,
please make sure
we have your
correct contact
so we can
get in touch
with you if
anything looks
Are you a Sprint mobile customer?
Did you know you could save money on your Sprint mobile service just
because you are a Tuscaloosa VA FCU member?
Visit and click the Sprint logo to see what
discounts you could get. Whether you’re shopping for Sprint services
or you’re already a Sprint customer, there might be savings for you!
Check it out!
Keep Your Debit Card
Safe While You Shop
Your debit card is a great convenience; it can be used in most places just like a credit
card, and you can use it to withdraw money at an ATM. But like any tool you use, you
must take care to make sure it’s used safely.
Here are a few steps you can take to avoid fraud
when using your debit card.
đƫƫ /0!.. ƫ!1.!+ !č This is a private code
that gives you extra security when shopping
online. Even if you never shop online, your
registration can prevent someone else from
using your card to shop online if your card is
lost or stolen. Visit the debit card page of our
website and click on “Protect Your Card — MC
SecureCode.” Registration is quick and easy.
đƫƫ 4)%*!ƫ/ƫ* ƫƫ!2%!/č Be on the
lookout for glue, tape, loose parts or any sign of
tampering. Also, make sure nobody is looking
over your shoulder, watching you enter your PIN.
Avoid Walk-up ATMs when you can and use the
Drive-up ATMs.
đƫƫ ++'ƫ+.ƫ0$!ƫ+( !*ƫ+'č When shopping
online, make sure the site is secure while you are
checking out. The website address should begin
with https:// and you should see a closed padlock
beside it. You can click on the padlock to verify
the site’s security report. If the lock is missing, do
not enter your card number.
Labor Day
Monday, September 1
đƫƫ !ƫ1/,%%+1/ƫ+"ƫ!-1!/0/ƫ"+.ƫ*"+.)0%+*č
Never respond to texts, emails or calls asking for
account or personal information.
đƫƫ /!ƫ.! %0ƫ*/0! ƫ+"ƫ!%0čƫWhen the checkout
machine asks if you would like to use credit or
debit, choose credit. You won’t have to use your
PIN at all.
Type of Loan
New Cars & Trucks
Up to 60
Used Cars & Trucks
Up to 60
Signature Loan
Up to 60
Up to 60
(as low as)
Term (in months)
*Annual Percentage Rate. Many loan rates are determined by personal
credit history and term of loans. All rates and promotions are subject to
change without notice. Rates may qualify for an additional .25% discount
for auto payments. Other rates and terms are available.
We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair
Housing Law and Equal Credit Opportunity Act
V.A. Medical Campus,
Loop Road
(205) 556-7819
Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
V.A. Payday Fridays
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
(Drive Thru Only)
Essex Square Shopping Center
(205) 556-4575
Office Hours
Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
719 North Washington Street
(205) 652-1075
Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
On the 2nd Wednesday of every month, all credit union branches
close early for Staff Training.
Main Office - closes at 3:00 PM
Northport Branch - closes at 2:30 PM
Livingston Branch - closes at 2:00 PM

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