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The Bates Bulletin
The last Bulletin was dated SERIES XI VOL 1 WINTER 2011
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With the new web site all the old user names and passwords are
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By Sandy Bates
Some of you have been asking about a Reunion, and when we
will have another one. At our last one in Boston quite a few folks
thought Colorado would be nice. Especially the Pikes Peak area,
being the area that Katharine Lee Bates wrote America The
to Sarahsville, then to IN. He died 6 April 1839 in Kosciusko
IN, buried old Bates Cem. Wills Creek.
3. Isaac and Katie had the following children:
4. Uzal (also Usial or Uzzel). Was a timber man and great
hunter. 1st marr. Rhoda Lincicome. Had 7 children. 2nd marr.
Mahala King, who raised the 7 children. Mahala had no children.
4. Daniel b 1803. d 1891. In 1837 entered 340 acres of land in
stock Twp. Noble Co marr. 1827 Jane Heddleson. Had 10 children.
4. Isaac Clark Jr. b 1805.
4. Jacob b 29 Oct. 1810, d 26 Sept. 1883 age 73. marr. Jane
Davidson who d 8 Mar. 1677. Had 7 children. Jacob and Jane
buried in Nicholson Cem. Near Sarahsville. Jacob was a cabinet
maker. Mrs. Madge Bates has a cradle and chest that are still in
good shape. Three generations have rocked in the cradle.
4. Phoebe b Wills Creek marr. Ephraim Bates.
4. Samuel marr. Had issue, died in Kansas.
Thoughts are for Fall of 2012, our 105th Anniversary.
3. Isaac Clark Sr. and Catherine Powell had the following
So I would like to have comments and ideas on this. We can only
pursue if enough folks are interested. So contact me, so we can
4. Richard b abt 1817 marr. Elizabeth Davidson lived at Warsaw IND. 2nd marr and moved to Michigan. Had 6 children.
If we do hold one, I would like to see a lot more time for folks to
gather and share Family Lines.
EPHRAIM FAMILY LINE: Cont. from last Bulletin
4. Nathaniel d unmarr. At Warsaw IN.
4. George went to IN. and married.
4. Andrew marr, had issue at Warsaw IN. Was a teacher.
Line of Member W STEVEN BATES: 9 W. Steven Bates--8
Robert Charles--7 Robert Harrison 6--Samuel E --5 Adam SR.--4
Isaac Clark Jr.--3 Isaac Clark Sr.--2 Ephraim Sr.--1 William of
Hanover. Steve believes that William of Hanover does go back
to William of Newton Creek, but having a hard time connecting
4. Katherine marr. a Muncie.
4. Margaret marr a Scott.
4. Sarah marr a Doan.
4. ISAAC CLARK JR.--3 Isaac Clark Sr.--2 Ephraim--1
Isaac Clark Jr. b 1805 on Wills Creek. He and his father Isaac
We pick up with,
3. Isaac Clark Sr.--2 Ephraim --1 William.
Isaac Clark Sr. b 22 Sept 1770 in Morris County NJ. Migrated
to Guernsey Co. Ohio. Had a sawmill, a distillery and grist mill.
Had a large yoke of oxen he taught to drink whiskey from a coffee pot. He marr. Katherine (Katie) Moore whose sister Ruth
marr. Isaac’s brother Timothy. Katie died weeks having giving
birth, to son Samuel. She is buried in the old Bates Cem. At
Wills Creek. Isaac 2nd marr abt. 1816 Catherine Powell, moved
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The Bates Bulletin
Page 431
moved on a farm near Sarahsville, where Jr. grew to manhood.
Isaac and his brother Richard built the Corn Pone meeting
house. They had all day meetings and the folks brought corn
bread and thus the name Corn Pone. Isaac Jr. marr. Rhoda Dungan or Duncan, and he and family except for son John all moved
to Cass Co NEB., where he d. 1892 at age 87. Rhoda d 3 mos
later at age 85. Isaac Jr. was a Methodist class leader for many
They had son:
4. Isaac Jr. and Rhoda had the following children:
6. Infant.
5. John b 1824, Married 3 times and had a total of 24 children.
marr. 9 Sept. 1846 Ru Amy Fogle and had 9 children. Ru d 16
Aug 1855, buried old Nicholson Cem. John marr 2nd 25 Sept.
1858 Margaret Magilton, and they had 3 children. Margaret died
8 July 1865 and buried beside first wife Ru. John marr. 3rd 11
Nov. 1865 to Nancy Spear, she survived John and marr. John
Reed. They had 12 children. John was a stone mason.
6. Adam H b 29 Jan. 1858 marr. In 1858 Sarah (Salie) Bridges
or Bridger. Settled in Omaha NE.
He d 17 Feb 1895 at 71, buried Zion Ohio. He was called
“Soakum John”.
5. Adam SR. b 1826.
5. Susan b abt. 1828 marr Fred Shambler.
5. Jacob b abt. 1830.
5. Julius b abt. 1832 marr. Elizabeth.
5. Lemuel, b abt 1834 marr. Elizabeth Jane Shannon, moved to
5. Elizabeth b abt. 1841, went to Iowa.
5. Nancy Jane b abt. 1845 went to Iowa. marr. Henry Thompson.
5. Mary b abt. 1848, went to Iowa.
5. ADAM SR.--4 Isaac Clark Jr.--3 Isaac Clark Sr.--2 Ephraim--1 William.
Adam Sr. b 27 Oct. 1826 in Ohio. Marr. Elizabeth Shambler b
22 July 1828. Adam d 5 Oct. 1864. Elizabeth d 21 May 1871.
6. SAMUEL E. b 24 Oct 1851.
6. Thomas Conner b 29 Oct. 1852. Marr Alice Malinda Nees.
Had dau. Joyce.
6. Julius Lora Amy Infant.
6. Loren Amy.
6. SAMUEL E.--5 Adam Sr.--4 Isaac Clark Jr.--3 Isaac
Clark Sr.--2 Ephraim--1 William.
Samuel E b 24 Oct. 1851, in Ohio marr. 22 June 1874 in Bigelow, Holt, MO. Eliza Jane Rhodes b 21 June 1858 in Macon,
MO. She d 5 Sept. 1929 Portland OR. Sam worked on freight
wagon train as a boy. He and some other boys were captured by
Indians, but released, but they had a long walk home. Sam and
Eliza homesteaded South of Hendley NEB.
He d. 3 Feb. 1924, buried in Hendley Cem., along with some of
their children. Also went on Oregon Trail to OR and buried
more children along the way. In Neb. They lived in dug-out sod
house, raised wheat and sheep. Planted a tree farm. Sam drove
a 12 horse team and hauled water from Columbia River for
Grass Valley Farmers. Could use a Bull Whip and flick a blowfly from a horses rump, ear or body without disturbing the
horses. Wore rattlesnakes skin belts. He was a tall slender man
with a handle bar moustache.
Wife Eliza was a short jolly person with dark auburn hair. She
watered part of the tree farm faithfully but trees would not grow.
Sam later found out she used boiling water. Seems trees were in
the way of her kitchen window.
6. SAMUEL E. & Eliza had the following children:
7. Nellie C b 17 June 1875, in Neb., d 1956 in WA., marr.
Lewis Stafford. He d abt 1939. They had 3 children.
7. Alice Josephine b 16 June 1877 d 20 Oct 1880
7. Samuel A b 4 Aug 1878 d 29 Aug 1878.
7. Infant son b 29 Oct 1881 d 29 Oct 1881.
7. Thomas A b 3 Mar 1882 d 6 Mar 1883.
7. Mary Louisa b 29 Jan 1884 in Neb. d 27 Nov 1966 of a
stroke in Vancouver WA. marr. William Fich in Vancouver
WA 19 Dec 1906. They had 8 children.
Phillip O. b 30 June 1886 Neb. d 30 July 1912.
7. ROBERT HARRISON b 25 Feb 1889.
7. Metta M b 10 Sept 1891 d 27 Sept 1891, marr. A Stafford.
L to R: Phillip Owen Bates, Samuel E. Bates, Nellie C. Bates Stafford, Robert Harrison Bates, Eliza Jane Rhodes Bates, Mary Louisa
Bates Fich abt. 1891.
7. William Sion b 7 Mar 1897 Clark Co WA marr Gladys div.
Marr 2nd Ethel Larsen..
The Bates Bulletin
Page 432
He d at age 67 at the Seattle Veterans Hospital. Buried Willamette Nat’l Cem. Portland OR. Ws in WW 1. He retired from
the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in 1959 where he was employed in the gun sight dept.
Halley b 9 July 1900 d 39July 1900.
7. ROBERT HARRISON --6 Samuel E.--5 Adam Sr.--4
Isaac Clark Jr.--3 Isaac Clark Sr.--2 Ephraim--1 William.
Robert H b 25 Feb 1889 in Vancouver WA, . Marr 5 Oct 1912,
Zalia (Grace) Viola Martin. Zalia was b 4 Apr 1890 in Breckenridge Minn. She d 16 June 1943, in Seattle, of Dropsy. Robert
Zalia (Grace) Viola Martin Bates
Robert Harrison Bates
was a logger and a tree limb hit him in the chest, and a month
later he died of a blood clot in lungs. 21 Sept 1914, buried Vancouver WA.
Robert and Zalia had the following child:
8. Robert Charles “Bob” b 22 Aug 1913 in Vancouver.
8. ROBERT CHARLES ‘BOB’--7 Robert Harrison--6 Samuel
E.--5 Adam Sr.--4 Isaac Clark Jr.--3 Isaac Clark Sr.--2 Ephraim-1 William.
Robert H b 22 Aug 1913 in Vancouver WA. Marr. 10 Nov 1939
Elizabeth Claire Sears. She b 30 May 1915 Dieringer WA. She d
23 Sept 2006 in Bremerton WA. He joined the Coast Guard
employed at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard as a Ship fitter. Retired in 1974 with 34 years
civil service active in Naval
He d 30 July 1996 Bremerton
WA. Burial 10 Aug 1996,
ashes scattered in Willapa Bay
at orig town site of North
Cove. A Marker in Sears plot
at Orting Cem.
Robert (Bob) Charles Bates,
Robert and Elizabeth had the Elizabeth Claire Sears Bates
whose paternal lineage goes back
following children:
to 1630 in Plymouth Colony,
Zalia (Grace) Viola Martin Bates, Robert Harrison Bates abt. 1911
9. George Harrison b 10 May MA, 1975.
1942 Bremerton WA. George
d 25 Oct 2003 North Cove WA.
The Bates Bulletin
Page 433
Nadine Claire.
Kathryn Ann Tinnell Bates, Nissa Rene Bates, Mareta Alta Bates, Walter Steven Bates, 1998.
Walter Steven Bates, Nadine Claire Bates Tapscott, Robert (Bob)
Charles Bates, 1970.
Janey Christine Bates Wilcox, George Harrison Bates, Jodie Bates
Wolf, Terri Lynn Bates, 1989.
Samantha Rae Bates, Walter Steven Bates, 2010.
The Bates Bulletin
L C Bates of The L C Bates Museum
In Hinckley, Maine
Edward of Weymouth Line
By Sandy Bates
Some of you who may recall that at the 2003 Reunion here in
Greene, Maine we went to the LC Bates Museum. They were
interested in finding out what Family Line LC Bates may have
belonged to. For years I was stumped on this line.
I found the line and made up a book for the LC Bates Museum.
They were very grateful for the book and will have it on hand
for folks to look at.
When I first began the search for the Ancestry of LC Bates I
believed that he belonged to the Family Line of Clement Bate/
Bates of Hingham, Mass, who immigrated from England in
1635. A Jabez Bates was mentioned at the Museum. I knew
this Jabez to be a cousin of my Husband, Harold’s Line of
Clement, and we had a Jacob. But none of the other names
matched up.
So Carol Seward, a researcher in the Edward of Weymouth
Line, and I got together and we found the complete line for LC
Bates. Carol is in the Edward of Weymouth Line. The name
was originally Bate but during the Revolutionary war and S
was added making it Bates.
So the following is LC’s information.
Page 434
storage plant started in 1879. He was president for many years
and then turned business over to his son Vernal and a brother
Henry. Lewis moved to West Paris, Maine and built a lovely
home on Main St. Was a financial backer for the building of the
West Paris Universalist Church of which he was a member. He
and his wife gave generously to the building along with other
donations from the parish and friends, that at the dedication it
was free of debt. The tower bell of 1000 pounds was a memorial
gift of L. C. and has the name Bates etched on one side. The
church was dedicated June 27, 1906. The Bates Endowment
Fund of $2500 to the church was established in about 1920.
Wife Ella gave a section of the stained glass windows in memory
of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Phineas B. Warner. Ella died in 1924
and the Ella M Bates Endowment Fund of $10,000 was established in her memory.
At one point Lewis was president of the Paris Manufacturing Co,
having invested financially in the business. He had sidewalks
built and trees planted to beautify. He was interested in the scout
camp at Locke’s Mills. The railroad station at West Paris was
named BATES in honor of him. The L.C. Bates Museum at
Good Will Home in Hinckley was built with funds donated by
him. He gave generously to that worthy work as well as to the
Ferry Beach Association.
Lewis had son Vernal Bates born 1879 in Ct.
This Vernal had a son Theodore Bates, who wrote the Jingle.
LC’s full name is Lewis Carlton Bates.
M & M’s melt in your mouth not in your hand. He was a noted
stock broker in New York.
His Ancestry begins in England. Edward Bate was born in
1605, and came to Weymouth Mass. By 1638.
Edward of Weymouth
We at The Bates Association, call this ancestor Edward of
By Carol Seward
So the Line goes:
19. Mary Brown Bates, (4.Daniel2, 1.Christopher1) b. 27 Apr
1820 in Abington, MA *61 p491. She married Absalom Osborn,
married 2 Jan 1838 in Abington, MA *68 V2 p 149.
Edward Bate born 1605, in England
Edward Bates born 1655, in Mass.
Ebenezer Bates born 1686, in Mass.
Elijah Bates born 1738, in Mass.
Jacob Bates born 1759, in Mass.
Jacob Bates born 1781, in Mass.
Vernal Bates born 1812, in Sumner Maine, marr Augusta
The following was written by Ben Conant for the LC Bates
Lewis Carlton Bates born 3 Nov 1843, in Sumner Maine, marr
1872 Ella M. Warner of Paris, Maine. She was b 1851. She d
in 1924 in West Paris, Maine. Lewis was a highly successful
business man. When a young man he was in the produce business in New Haven Ct, as a partner in the firm Andrews & Hulbert & Co. It later became L.C. Bates and Co., known for cold
Continued from Winter Bulletin ...
39. I Orinda Hyde Osborn b. 15 Mar 1839.
ii William Osborn, b. 2 Jul 1843 in Abington, MA *61 p 492, d.
2 Jul 1843 in Abington, MA *68 V2 p 323.
iii Mary Emma Osborn, b. 6 Mar 1846 in Abington, MA *61 p
492; *68 V1 p 157, d. 12 Jul 1913.
iv Daniel Bates Osborn, b. 17 Jul 1851 in Abington, MA *61 p
v Sarah Osborn, b. 2 Jan 1852 in Abington, MA *61 p 493, d.
22 Dec 1852 in Abington, MA *Ibid.
vi Frederick W Osborn, b. 17 Apr 1856 in Abington, MA *61 p
493, d. 15 Sep 1920 in Brockton, MA. Frederick Osborn is of the
Edward of Weymouth line and his wife Julia is of the Clement of
Hingham line. He married Julia Francilla Bates, married 29 Nov
1880 in S Abinggton, MA (Charlie Bates record), b. 16 Feb 1855
The Bates Bulletin
Page 435
Welcome New Members
We Lost Charter Member Mary
Patricia Bates, Dec. 14, 2010.
Tom belongs to the Ephraim of NJ Line, by his DNA results.
Tom's Dad was born 1915 in KS with name Marion Clifford
Bates. He was adopted by his stepfather who changed his name
to Marion Joseph Scanlon. marr. Eliza Vera Schlonga. He d
1985 in KS. Marion's father was Clifford Dunn Carl Bates b
1895 KS, marr. 1914 Florence Standiford. He d 1954 in UT.
His father was Lee S Bates b 1864 IN, marr. Caroline Virginia
Dunn, He d 1917 KS. John Wesley Bates b 1842 IN marr. 1863
Emily J Schooley. He d 1882 IN. David Bates b 1818 O marr
1838 in O Elizabeth Bradshaw He d 1853 IN. William Bates b
1770 in VA marr Elizabeth Harris. He d 1853 in IN. Ephraim
Harry in his DNA results, is one away from Edward of Weymouth. Line begins with Harry I, then Harry W b 1896 in Clinton WI, d 1974 in Clinton WI. Irving L b 1867 IL, d 1941 Beloit
WI. Warren L b 1845 NY, d 1929. (I Sandy found a death date
of Feb 15 1945 age 99 for a Warren L. James M b Apr 1816 in
MA, d Sep 18 1881 Shirland IL. In 1850 James is living in Harmony Chautaugua County NY, Has wife Lorinda Southward b
1819-1888. Has 3 children Mahala Ann b 1840, Julia A b 1843
and Warren Lafayette b 1845. In NY James is living next to a
George Bates b 1802-1884, but this Family goes back to the
Clement Line (Sandy checked and did find George goes back to
the Clement Line). Shortly after 1850 James moved his family
to northern IL. In 1880 Census in Shirland IL, James believes
both his parents were b in MA. I need to find the parents of
James M Bates.
Edward of Weymouth continued from page 434
in Hanover, MA *127 p 50, (daughter of Cyrus Bates and Mary
Alden) d. 5 May 1946 in Brockton, MA (Charlie Bates record).
Eliza Ann Bates, (4.Daniel2, 1.Christopher1) b. 16 Jun
1822 in E Bridgewater, MA *91 p 22. She married David Reed,
married 9 Oct 1839 in Abington, MA *68 V2 p 172, b. 2 Jul
1812 in Abington, MA *68 p181 V1, (son of Jeremiah Reed
and Rebecca Jenkins). David: He m (1) 29 Sep 1836 in Abington, MA *68 p 172 V2 Nancy Smith dau of Jacob Smith and
Nancy Repley (m 23 Jun 1808) B 5 Nov 1817 in Abington, MA
*68 p 213 V1 She D 17 Dec 1837 in Abington, MA *68 p343
V2 David m (2) Eliza Ann Bates dau of Daniel Bates and Jane
Reed (m 10 Jan 1811 *68 p 22 V2) m 9 Oct 1839 Jane Reed was
the dau of James Reed and Ruth Porter and g'dau of William and
Silence (Nash) Reed.
40. i. Lucy Harrison Reed b. 23 Dec 1840.
ii David Reed, b. 7 Mar 1843 in Abington, MA *61 p 238, d. 7
Mar 1843 in Abington, MA.
iii Daniel Reed, b. 7 Mar 1843 in Abington, MA *61 p 238, d. 7
Mary “Pat” was a Historian for The Bates Association. In 1994 a
new branch was created for the descendants of Robert Bates of
Stamford CT. Mary was the Vice President representing this
branch. Mary’s father came out to Oregon attending Oregon Agricultural College, remaining as a farmer and dairy owner. Mary
earned her Bachelor’s and Master degrees and then taught school
in OR., Wash., and Santa Cruz CA, retiring in 1989 to Sequim
WA. Mary’s Family Line Is: 1. Robert Bates b England, came
to Watertown Mass. In 1635, then to Wethersfield CT 1636.
Died 11 June 1675 Stamford CT., marr. Margaret Cross. 2. John
marr 1693 Elizabeth Lockwood. 3. John b 1694 marr. Sarah
Sellock. 4. John b 1719 marr. Martha Seeley. 5. Charles b 1752
marr Rachel ?. 6. Linus b 1792 marr. Weltha Petitt. 7. Myron
Seeley b 1827 marr. Bella Maybee. 8. Edward Myron b 1861.
9. Edward Grenville b 1892 marr. Verna May Tagg. 10. Mary
Patricia Bates.
She was born March 22, 1923, in Seaside, Ore., to Edward
Greenville and Verna Mary Tagg Bates. Her parents were some
of the original homesteaders in Seaside.
She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Oregon State University.
A former Santa Cruz, Calif., resident, she loved to take pictures
and won many awards for her photos. She loved to travel in a
Winnebago with a close friend and had a dog throughout her life.
She was a member of Olympic Peaks Camera Club, Peninsula
Driftwood Sculptors Club,; Delta Kappa Gamma (Beta Nu), Clallam County Retired Teachers and Dungeness Community
She is survived by many nephews and nieces.
...continued on page 440
The Bates Bulletin
Cont. from Fall 2010 Bulletin.
In the Fall 2010 Bulletin, Page 406 we have Alexander Hamilton Bates b 23 Mar 1834, son of Daniel Staples Bates & Rachel
Oman, Believed to be Grandson of Thomas Bates and Zilpha
Staples. This is the Family Line of Long Time Member GAIL
This is her Line: 7. Gail Bates Allred--6 Robert (Bob) A Bates-5 Roy Ellsworth--4 Alexander Hamilton Jr.--3 Alexander Hamilton Sr.--2 Daniel Staples--1 Thomas & Zilpha.
1. Thomas Bates and Zilpha Staples.
2. Daniel Staples Bates and Rachel Oman.
Page 436
Winnebago, WI. b. 24 Feb 1834, Llansoy, Monmouthshire,
Wales, d. 10 Jun 1917, Black Creek, bur. 12 Jun 1917, Black
Creek. 5 children:
The following additions are from his obit: His parents moved to
Avon, Ohio where he lived at home and helped his father clear
their farm till he became of age. In 1854 he came to Oshkosh,
WI. He worked at Carpentry. He marr Miss Annie Gilbert and
they moved to Avon in 1859 and bought a small farm. He stayed
till 1866 working on his farm and carpentry. They moved back to
WI. In town of Black Creek. There was no village then or a railroad. He was of the pioneers of this section. Mr. Bates was ill
abt. a year. Survived by his widow and two daughters Mrs.
Elmer Hogoboom of Bowman ND. And Mrs. Albert Huse of
Black Creek, and one son A. H. Bates Jr. of Shiocton. Funeral
held from M. E. church, Rev. Adams conducting services.
Alexander and Annie had the following children:
4. Leah Jeanette, Bates, b. 7 Mar 1859, Avon, Lorain, OH, d. 20
May 1922, Black Creek, bur. 23 May 1922, Black Creek Cemetery, Black Creek, Outagamie, WI, marr. 30 Nov 1879, Bovina,
Outagamie, WI, Albert Liscome Huse, b. 8 Apr 1854, Ellington
Twp., Outagamie, WI, d. 30 Oct 1937, Black Creek, bur 2 Nov
1937, Black Creek Cemetery. The following from her obit: Leah
came to WI. with her parents in 1966 and settled on a farm in
Black Creek. Marr. Albert Huse and went to live on groom’s
farm near the town cemetery. They lived here till 1912, when
they moved to the village. She d in Deaconess hospital, Green
Bay, after a two week illness with influenza. Survived by her
widower, two sons George of Phila. And Russell of Black Creek,
two daus. Hazel (Mrs. J. B. Huhn) and Sadie (Mrs. Harry Armitage) eight grandchildren, one sister Mrs. Golda Hogoboom of
Bowman ND. Funeral held M. E. church Rev. Lester Officiating.
Leah and Albert Huse had 4 children:
5. George Hamilton Huse, b. 12 Oct 1884, Black Creek, WI, d.
15 Mar 1975, Philadelphia, Hamilton, PA
5. Sada Lillian Huse, b. 12 Feb 1889, Black Creek, d. 11 May
1972, New London, Waupaca, WI. marr. 18 Nov 1910, Menominee, Menominee, MI, Harry Armitage, b. 2 Aug. 1888, Neesha,
Dodge, WI, d. 15 Dec 1958, New London, Waupaca, WI: 10 children
5. Russell Earl Huse, b. 17 Aug 1891, Black Creek, d. 7 May
1953, New London, WI marr. Clara Eickhoff, b. 5 Aug 1891, d.
July 1985, Garden City, Finney, KS: 3 children
Alexander Hamilton, Sr., (1833-1913) and Mary Ann Gilbert
(1834-1917) Bates
Staples--1.Thomas, Alexander 3rd child of Daniel Staples and
Rachel Oman Bates, b. 23 Mar 1833, Barre Orleans Co, NY,
(There is a date of 1834 but his obit, and stone, says 1833) d. 2
May 1913, Black Creek, Outagamie, WI, bur. 5 May 1913,
Black Creek, marr. 4 July 1858, Mary Ann Gilbert, in Niekimi
Hazel Janette Huse, b. 5 Sep 1900, d. 25 Dec 1992, Seymour, Outagamie, WI, marr. 8 Dec 1920 (divorced), Menominee, MI, John Bathias Huhn, b. 1893, Black Creek, WI,
d. 20 Oct 1959, Almond, Portage, WI: 5 children
4. Sada b 16 Oct. 1862 Avon Twp., d 24 Jan 1881 aged 18 yrs
3ms 8 dys. Black Creek, Outagamie WI.
4. Mabel b 01 Mar 1871 Black Creek, marr. Rudolph Falk,
Mabel d 24 Mar 1908 Appleton Outagamie WI.
The Bates Bulletin
Page 437
The following from her obit:
MABEL BATES: Published 25 Mar 1908, Appleton Evening
Crescent, Appleton, Wisconsin
Mrs. R. M. Falk Succumbs to Complications of Diseases After
Long Illness
Mrs. Mabel Falk, the wife of R. M. Falk, 830 Superior street,
died Tuesday afternoon. Death was caused by a complication of
diseases. Mrs. Falk had been ill for about one year.
Mrs. Falk was 37 years of age. She leaves a husband and five
children, three boys and two girls, the oldest child being 12
years of age, the youngest, 3 years. She is survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bates, of Black Creek, and by one
brother and two sisters.
The funeral will be held tomorrow. A service will be conducted
at the home on Superior street at 10 o’clock in the morning by
Dr. John Faville, and the remains will be taken to Black Creek,
where the burial will take place.
4. Golda Diana b8 July 1877 Black Creek, marr. Elmer E.
Hogoboom. She d 6 May 1959 Minneapolis Hennepin, MN.
The following from her obit: GOLDA DIANE BATES:
Funeral services for Goldie Diana Hogoboom, 82, were conducted from the Bowman Lutheran church at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, May 9, with Rev. Reid Seastrand officiating.
Pallbearers were L. J. Flados, O. L. Stuber, Abe Bennett, Myron
Pond, Bruce Miller and Virgil Winmill. Music was furnished by
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Roen.
Mrs. Hogoboom passed away in a Minneapolis hospital May 6
following a heart attack after six weeks illness. She was born in
Black Creek, Mich., July 8, 1877, where she attended school and
grew to womanhood. She was united in marriage to Elmer E.
Hogoboom at Seymour, Wisc., April 18, 1896. The couple came
to Bowman County in 1907. Mrs. Hogoboom has resided in
Minneapolis since 1925. Her husband passed away in December
She is survived by three sons, Dale D. of Fargo; Dudley of Lemmon, S. D., and Donald G. of Bowman; 10 grandchildren and 12
great grandchildren, and a host of friends.
She was a member of the Central Lutheran church of Minneapolis.
Relatives and friends from away attending the services were
James D. Hogoboom, Minot; Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Hogoboom
and daughter, Janet, Lemmon, S. D.; Elmer Hogoboom, West
Fargo; Mr. and Mrs. Dale D. Hogoboom, Fargo, Neil
Hogoboom and Maurice Hogoboom, Sentinel Butte; Mr. and
Mrs. Goodwin Thompson, Beach, Mrs. Agnes Peterson, Mrs.
Erland Bergland and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McIntyre, Hettinger.
Hamilton Sr.--2 Daniel Staples--1 Thomas. Alexander b. 28
Alexander Hamilton, Jr. (1860-1917) and Julia Elizabeth Smolk
Oct 1860, Avon, Lorain, OH, d. 8 Jan 1917, Black Creek, WI ,
marr. 12 Nov 1884, Bovina, WI, Julia Elizabeth Smolk, b. 8 Apr
1864, Liverpool, Medina, OH, d. 11 Dec 1919, Binghampton,
Outagamie, WI: He d 8 Jan 1917 age 56 in Shiocton Outagamie
WI, bur. Bovina Shiocton. Following is taken from his obit: A H.
Bates dies Suddenly. The community was shocked and grieved
Monday morning to learn that Alex Bates had passed away at an
early hour this morning. He had been ill only a few days and no
one supposed his illness of a serious nature. Mr. Bates spent his
early boyhood at Black Creek and been a frequent visitor here all
his life. He was held in high esteem by all his acquaintances and
his death is sincerely regretted by the entire community. Alex
born , in Avon, Loraine Co. Ohio, the only son of Alex Sr. and
Mary Ann Bates. His parents moved to Black Creek WI in 1866.
He marr. Julia Smolk at her home in East Bovina. He bought a
farm one mile south of Shiocton and lived there 26 years. He
sold the farm a year ago, and since resided partly in Shiocton and
partly with his mother in Black Creek. He was a member of the
Congregational church. He leaves to mourn his loss, his widow
and 3 children. The oldest dau. (Maud) d in 1889. Surviving are
Roy Ellsworth of Shiocton, Lyman Gilbert of mount Pleasant
Mich. And Maude Jeanette (Mrs. Ralph Williams) also his
mother Mrs. Bates of Black Creek and two sisters, Nettie (Mrs.
Huse of Black Creek) and Goldie (Mrs. Hogoboom of Bowman,
PAGE 438
Alex and Julia had the following children:
Bates was in that direction from him.
5. Maud Bates, b. 1886, Shiocton, Outagamie, WI, d. 1889,
Shiocton, WI.
5. Maude Jeanette b 29 Jun 1894 Shiocton O-WI. Marr 1st 24 Jan
1912, Ralph Joseph Williams, in Darien NY.
5. ROY ELLSWORTH BATES b 7 Apr 1887.
Maude and Ralph had one son:
5. Lyman Gilbert b 01 Sept 1892 Shiocton O-WI. Marr 07 Aug
1917, Zida Mae Daniels in
Mount Pleasant Isabella MI.
Zida b 25 Sept 1893 Seymour O
-WI. She d 3 Mar 1962, Green
Bay, Brown WI.
6. Ralph Hamilton aka Park Madison Williams b 4 Sep 1915,
Shiocton WI., d 29 Jul 1963 in Wauwatosa Milwaukee WI.
The following was taken from
Published March, 1962, Appleton Post Crescent, Appleton, Wisconsin
Published 2 December 1920,
Black Creek Times, Black
Creek, WI
Lyman G. Bates was born at
Shiocton 28 years ago, Sept. 1,
1902, and grew up to manhood
Lyman Gilbert Bates, son of
here. He acquired a normal
Alexander Hamilton, Jr. and Julia school education and taught
agriculture in the Indian schools
Elizabeth Smolk Bates
in North Dakota and Michigan.
He enlisted in the Navy and rose to the rank of second-class
quartermaster. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex H. Bates
both of whom have passed away. He was married Aug. 6,1917
to Miss Zida Daniels of Seymour. To them were born two children, Janet Bess and Calla Eileen. Besides a wife and two children he is survived by a brother and sister Roy E. Bates and
Mrs. Ralph Williams both of Shiocton.
The funeral was held this forenoon from the family residence in
New London with burial in the Bovina cemetery. The funeral
was conducted by the Masons to which Mr. Bates belonged.
Mr. Bates and Ted Maas were
each taken a different direction
agreeing to make a circle and
meet at a certain place. Mr.
Maas, being lame, did not travel
as fast as Mr. Bates and as Mr.
Bates reaching the spot first
continued on taking a different
course, and passing Mr. Maas
without seeing him. Mr. Maas
heard something back of him
and turned saw the bushes
move, he waited and they
moved again and he thought
probably, it was a bear there, as
there were a number in that
vicinity. He took a shot into the
brush and hit Mr. Bates in the
stomach killing him almost
instantly. He had no idea Mr.
hunting together and they had
Maude 2nd marr James Archibald Thrill in Appleton, WI. No
The following from her Obit: MAUDE JEANETTE BATES:
Mrs. James Thill (Maude) 114 E. Atlantic St., Appleton
Age 67, passed away at 11:30 a.m. Saturday following a heart
attack. She was born June 29, 1894 in Shiocton and has lived in
Appleton for the past 24 years. Mrs. Thill is survived by her husband; one son, Ralph, Milwaukee; one brother, Roy Bates, Shiocton. Funeral services will be held at 2
p.m. Tuesday at the Brettschneider
Funeral Home with Rev. W. H. Gammelin officiating. Burial will be in Bovina Cemetery, Shiocton. Friends may
call at the funeral home after 2 p.m.
Monday, until the hour of the service.
7 Apr 1887, Ellington Twp., WI, d. 25
Oct 1968, New London, m. 8 Mar
1911, (divorced) Appleton, Outagamie,
WI, Clarissa (Clara) Garnet Thorp, b.
30 Jun 1889, Bovina, Outagamie, WI,
She marr. 2nd 3 July 1930 Ralph Joseph Williams. She d. 16 Dec 1962,
New London, :
Roy Ellsworth Bates
Roy and Clarissa had the following children:
6. Charlotte Garnet Bates, b. 7 Jan 1913,
Shiocton, WI, d. 12 Oct 1998, Peshtigo,
Marinette, WI, marr. 1 Jun 1932, Marinette,
Marinette, WI, Earl Carl Frederick Strutz, b.
22 Apr 1908, Grover, Marinette, WI, d. 18
Dec 1991, Peshtigo, WI:
The following taken from her Obit: CHARLOTTE GARNET BATES:
Published Peshtigo Times, Peshtigo, WI
Maude Jeanette Bates, daughter
of Alexander Hamilton, Jr. and
Julia Elizabeth Smolk Bates
Charlotte G. Strutz, age 85, longtime Marinette resident, died Monday morning, Octo- Charlotte Garnet
ber 12, 1998, at Rennes Health Center-East Bates, daughter of
in Peshtigo. She was born January 7, 1913 in Roy and Clarissa
Shiocton, Wisconsin to the late Roy and Bates (1913-1998)
Clara (Thorpe) Bates and was a 1931 graduate of Shiocton High School. On January 1,
1932 [sic] she was married to Earl C. Strutz, residing in Marinette
The Bates Bulletin
since that time. He preceded her in death on December 18, 1991.
In earlier years, she had been employed as a clerk by the former
Lauerman Bros. Company. Mrs. Strutz was a member of Our
Savior’s Lutheran Church where she formerly served as a Sunday School teacher. She was also a member of the Colfax Rebekah Lodge, an associate member of the Laura Belle Rebekah
Lodge of Peshitgo, had served as president of the Wisconsin
Rebekah Assembly in 1971, was a past District president and
was a member of the Assembly Past-Presidents Club. She was
also a Member of the Ladies Auxiliary of Patriachs Militant, the
Samuel H. Sizer Women’s Relief Corps of Marinette, the Shrine
Club at Mineral Point, the Recording Officer’s Association and
the progressive Neighbors Homemaker’s Club.
Page 439
1946, Portage, Columbia, WI: 2 children:
7. Paul Strutz, b. 31 May 1947, Marinette, WI, m. 21 Jan 1969,
Marinette, Cheryl Bernice McWilliams, b. 10 Dec 1944, Marinette, WI: 2 children
Roy Ellsworth 2nd marr. 14 Nov. 1935 Anna Kranzusch Boelter
in Shiocton Outagamie WI. She was b 27 Oct. 1884 in Germany,
d 25 Jun. 1974 in Appleton Outagamie WI.
The following is from Roy Ellsworth Bates obit: Mr. Roy Bates,
Shiocton Wis. Age 80 passed away at New London early Friday
morning. He was b 7 Apr 1887 in Ellington and lived in Shiocton all his life. A member of the First Lutheran Church, Shiocton. Survivors are his wife, Anna, one dau. Mrs. Earl Strutz,
Peshtigo WI, two sons, Bob Bates, Appleton, Ben Bates, Shiocton, ten grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, four step-daus.,
Mrs. Fred Lemke, Hortonville, Mrs. Rose Beyer, Mrs. Harold
Anthony, and Mrs. Orville Froehlick, all Shiocton, three stepsons, George Boelter, New London and Henry Boelter, Shiocton.
Funeral services First Lutheran church, Shiocton, Rev Louis
Mielke officiating, burial Town of Bovina.
6. Ben Ellsworth Bates b 16 Mar 1918 Shiocton O-WI., WI.,
marr 6 Dec 1944, New London, WI, Margaret Ann Pluger, b. 18
Sep 1923, Outagamie Co., Ben d 26 Sept
1998 in Shiocton, O-WI.
The following from his Obit:
Ben E. Bates N5510 State Road 76, Shiocton
Age 80, passed away at his residence at Shiocton on Saturday, September 26, 1998. He was
born March 16, 1918, the son of Roy and Carla
Ben Ellsworth
[sic] (Thorpe) Bates at Shiocton.
Bates, son Roy
Ben was a WWII army veteran and had been and Clarissa
employed by Outagamie County Highway Thorp Bates;
Dept. for 25 years as a grader operator. He was Robert Alexander
Roy Bates second wife Anna.
married to Margaret Pluger on December 6,
Bates (1918Surviving are 3 sons, Earl E. (Kay) Strutz of DeForest; Peter S. 1944, in New London. Survivors include his 1998)
(Judy) Strutz of McFarland and Paul S. (Cheryl) Strutz of Mari- wife, Margaret; a daughter, Bonnie (Milo)
nette; 6 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Two brothers Schmaling of Shiocton; two sons, Lee (Linda)
Bates of Churchill, Tenn., and Ben Bates and special friend,
preceded her in death.
Sandy, of Seymour; a sister, Charlotte Strutz of Marinette; eleven
Friends may call at Hansen-Onion-Martell Funeral Home on grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. He was preceded in
Wednesday after 4:00 p.m. Funeral services will be conducted death by his parents, a son, Dan of Oregon, and a brother, Bob of
on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in the funeral home, Rev. Lee Good- Appleton.
win will officiate. Burial will be in the Town of Bovina CemeFriends may call at the Borchardt & Moder Funeral Home in
tery, Shiocton. A memorial fund has been established..
Shiocton on Monday from 6 to 9 p.m. There will not be a funeral
Charlotte and Earl had the following children:
service and burial will take place at Bovina Cemetery.
7. Earl Ellsworth Strutz, b. 26 Oct 1933, Marinette, WI, m. 10
Sep 1955, Marinette, WI, Kay Marie Christensen, b. 31 Mar
1933, Marinette, WI, d. 31 Aug 2006, DeForest, Dane, WI: 2
Ben and Margaret had the following 4 children:
7. Peter Stephen Strutz, b. 13 Dec 1941, Marinette, WI, m. 28
Sep 1968, Madison, Dane, WI. Judy Marie Giese, b. 12 Jan
7. Lee Jay Bates, b. 23 Apr 1947, New London, WI, m. 22 Oct
1979, Kingsport, Sullivan, TN, Linda Gayle Clark, b. 29Nov
1949, Kingsport, TN.
7. Dan Leigh Bates, b. 16 Sep 1945, New London, WI, d. 9 May
1997, Coos Bay, Coos, OR.
The Bates Bulletin
7. Bonnie Bea Bates, b. 29 Aug 1950, New London, WI, m. 18
Sep 1968, New London, WI, Irving Earl Butler, 4 children: m.
17 Aug 1974, Milo Schmeling
7. Ben Roy Bates, b. 10 Jun 1953, New London, m. 26 Jul
1974, Jacqueline Marrett, b. 25 Oct 1953.
6. ROBERT ALEXANDER BATES,--5 Roy Ellsworth--4
Alexander H. Jr.--3 Alexander H. Sr.--2 Daniel Staples-1.Thomas. Robert b. 28 Oct 1914, Ellington Twp., WI, d. 24
Jun 1982, Appleton, WI, marr 23 Dec 1934, New London, Ruth
Anna Braatz, b. 4 Oct 1914, New London, Outagamie, WI, d. 14 Dec 2002,
Appleton, WI:
Following from his obit: Robert Alexander Bates age 67 d last evening at St.
Elizabeth Hospital after short illness. B
Oct 28, 1914 in Shiocton WI. Member
Zion Lutheran church. Retired from
Thilmany Pulp & Paper Co. Survivors
his wife Ruth Anna Braatz Bates, two
Robert Alexander Bates daus, Mrs. Larry (Gail L.) Allred, Roo(1914-1982)
sevelt, UT., Mrs. Richard (Lori K.)
Shearier, Menasha, a brother, Ben E.
Bates, Shiocton, a sister, Mrs. Earl (Charlotte) Strutz, Pestigo,
two grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Preceded by a son
Robert L. Bates, Mar 5, 1969. Rev. Mel Bulgerin officiating.
Interment Highland Memorial Park.
Robert and Ruth had the following 3 children:
7. GAIL LUCRETIA BATES, 6 Robert Alexander--5 Roy
Ellsworth--4 Alexander H Jr.--3 Alexander H Sr.--2 Daniel
Staples--1 Thomas. Gail marr. Larry Allred.
Gail and Larry have the following 3 children:
8. Lisa Jo Allred.
8. Stephen Joseph Allred, b. 17 Jan 1963, Roosevelt, UT, d. 17
Jan 1963, Roosevelt.
8. Brian Joseph Allred.
7. Robert Lee Bates, d 5 Mar 1969.
7. Lori Kathryn Bates.
Also in Fall 2010, Page 403 # 6 William. More on him. William b 1809 Bennington, VT. Marr Melissa Pratt. He died 1846
in Clarendon, Orleans, NY. According to one source William,
son of Thomas Bates & Zilpha Staples, marr. Melissa Platt, and
they had a dau. Named Adeline Bates b 5 Aug 1837 in CT. She
marr. Matt Ballard, he d, and Adeline marr. Mortimer Clark.
Adeline d 11 May 1911 in Holley Orleans Co. NY. Had a son
Charles Horat Ballard b 8 July 1854.
Page 440
Edward of Weymouth continued from page 435
Mar 1843 in Abington, MA.
iv Nancy Smith Reed, b. 8 Feb 1846 in Abington, MA (61 p 238.
In the 1880 census Nancy was living in Haverhill, MA with her
sister Lucy Davis and family. She worked in a shoe shop there.
v Frank F Reed, b. 8 Sep 1855 in Abington, MA, d. 24 Nov 1898
in Abington, MA *61 p 238. He married Alice Pickens.
vi Edward S Reed, b. 30 Jan 1858 in Abington, MA *61 p 238,
d. 19 Apr 1858 in Abington, MA.
21. Jacob Bates, (5.Jacob2, 1.Christopher1) b. 3 Feb 1819 in
Abington, MA *67, p53, d. 21 Apr 1877, buried Whitman, MA in
Colebrook Cemetery Lot 689-4. He left descendants He was
referred to as Honorable Jacob Bates. He married (1) Eliza
Waterman French, married 4 Oct 1848 in Abington, MA *67,
p53, b. 26 Jan 1826 in East Bridgewater, MA *91 p 54,
(daughter of Nathaniel French and Betsey Waterman) d. 26 Apr
1850 in Abington, MA *67, p53Cem Rec 30 Sep 1850, buried
Whitman, MA in Colebrook Cemetery Lot 689-5. He married (2)
Mary Caroline Ford, married 7 Jul 1852 in Abington, MA, b. 31
Jul 1824 in Abington, MA *67, p53, (daughter of Daniel Alden
Ford and Abigail Farrar) d. 9 Aug 1873 in Abington, MA, buried
Whitman, MA in Colebrook Cemetery Lot 689-6.
41. i. Abbie Farrar Bates b. 18 Jan 1857.
ii William H Bates, b. 15 Jan 1862 in calc, d. 21May 1882 in S
Abington, MA Cem Rec age 20y 4m 6d, buried Whitman, MA in
Colebrook Cemetery Lot 689-11.
iii Alden F Bates, b. Jan 1854, d. 17 Sep 1861 in Cem Rec age
7y 8m, buried Whitman, MA in Colebrook Cemetery Lot 68912. He married (3) Susan Crane Strobridge, married 4 Nov 1874
in Abington, MA *67, p53, b. 5 Sep 1830 in Middleboro, MA
*231 LDS, (daughter of Ebenezer Strobridge and Susan Paull) d.
14 Oct 1906 in Cem Rec age 76y 1m 11d, buried Whitman, MA
in Colebrook Cemetery Lot 689-3. Susan: In 1880 the widowed
Susan was living in South Abington, MA with her niece Kittie S
Pierce, a 13 year old school girl and William H Bates a store
clerk age 18 and listed as her son. Since she did not marry Jacob
until 1874 he may have been the son of second wife Mary Ford.
US Census 1880 In 1900 Susan was listed living in Whitman
with her sister Mary Pierce, b Jun 1829 and her niece Ella Pierce,
b Feb 1856. US Census After Susan's death Mary and Mary Ella
continued to live on South Avenue #224.
Samuel Bates, (5.Jacob2, 1.Christopher1) b. 3 Jun 1828
in Abington, MA *67, p53. He left descendants. He married (1)
Sarah Jane Pratt, married 22 Oct 1849 in Abington, MA, b. 29
Nov 1829 in Abington, MA *67, p53, (daughter of Philip Pratt
and Lydia Brown) d. 3 Dec 1856 in Abington, MA. He married
(2) Harriet Brown Reed, (daughter of John Reed and Harriet
42. i. Harriet M (Lizzie) Bates b. 4 Oct 1866.
PO Box 135
The Bates Association
The Bates Bulletin
Page 441
Your Association's Volunteers : Trustees : —Chairmen:
William C. Bates, FL
C. Benjamin Bates, MD
John E. Bates, MA
Mary Louise Bishop, TX Spence Klein, CO
President......................................................................Sandy Bates
222 Line Rd, Greene, ME 04236, [email protected]
Membership Committee............Terri Bates Black, Sandy Bates,
Carol Seward, Cindy Waltershausen
President Emeritus..........C. Benjamin Bates, [email protected]
Directory...................................Terri Bates Black & Sandy Bates
Executive Vice President……………........James Cleveland Bates
192 South St, Rockport, MA 01966, [email protected]
Communications Coordinator........................... Terri Bates Black
Resident Agent............................................................Lynne Bates
11 Meadow Lane Apt 2, Bridgewater Mass 02324
Treasurer....................................Mary Lou Bishop & Sandy Bates
Secretary of Treasurer…C. Benjamin Bates, [email protected]
Computer Chair..........................Spence Klein, [email protected]
Editor................. ..............Terri Bates Black [email protected]
Wharton, NJ 07885, [email protected]
Backup Communications Coordinator..........................Stan Bates
Web Site............................................................Terri Bates Black
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