Serious Color. Smart Business.


Serious Color. Smart Business.
Serious Color. Smart Business.
The new
breed of
paint company.
In today’s business environment, there’s no room
for waste. Pro-Spray® understands this new rule of
business because we’ve been abiding by it all along.
We’re lean. Agile. Driven. And customer-focused.
We’ve always believed that quality, technology and
performance shouldn’t break the bank.
It All Began With You In Mind
Nearly two decades ago, Pro-Spray started in
England as an ideal – the result of the industry’s
elite minds coming together and asking, “If we
could create the perfect paint line, what would
it look like?” The answer was Pro-Spray, a new
breed of paint company focused on one goal:
to deliver the very best automotive refinishing
systems, with precise color match and highperformance products and tools, at an amazing value.
Global Synergy
As an international company, with manufacturing
facilities in England and the United States that
service over 20 countries and growing, Pro-Spray
has a global presence with access to the world’s
best technologies, innovations and raw materials.
What does this mean to you? Breakthrough
European technology. Innovative research
and development. Capacity combined
with precision manufacturing
to meet demand with
We Stress Over Quality
So You Don’t Have To
To provide you with the industry’s finest
waterborne and solvent borne formulations,
Pro-Spray puts advanced processes to work.
State-of-the art laboratories, production facilities
and technical training centers ensure that you
get the absolute highest quality every time you
buy our brand. In fact, our U.S. headquarters has
earned ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality
management system.
Intuitive Innovation
Intuitive innovation; it’s what drives us. It’s
why we reinvest millions into future coatings
technologies, ground-breaking color tools, like
the Navigator™ precision color selection system
and PaintXpert™ coatings management software,
and cutting-edge facilities. Facilities such as
our revolutionary U.S. paint production plant,
U.S. Technical & Training Center and new
European headquarters.
“I’ve been with Pro-Spray® for the past four years.
The coverage is phenomenal and the price is very
competitive. It provides the value body shops need.”
– Jobber, Memphis, TN
“The price gets the body shop’s
attention, but it’s the quality
that pulls the sale through.”
– Jobber, Indianapolis, IN
Get the
Pro-Spray has it all. Surface prep and specialty
products. Primers and clears. Waterborne and
solvent borne systems. All tied together with
our universal 2K thinners and activators, this
intelligent system can meet the demands of
your shop no matter what the VOC requirement,
capacity or condition.
Less Inventory, More Savings
Universal 2K Activators & Thinners
When considering a refinishing system, it’s
essential to understand how it works. Pro-Spray
is simple. Universal 2K activators and thinners
are integrated to handle any job, regardless
of size, climate and product. So all your 2K
primers, sealers, colors and clears use the
same activators and thinners. The bottom
line? Less SKUs, less confusion, less hassle,
less cost…and all the flexibility you need.
We Start the Same Place You Do
Primers & Sealers
Pro-Spray understands that a solid foundation
is critical to any repair. So we offer a broad
spectrum of primers to meet virtually any need,
vehicle surface and VOC requirement.
Pro-Spray etching fillers and epoxy primers
deliver long-lasting, ultimate protection and
adhesion to safeguard bare metal. Our 2K
primers provide high-build, easy-sanding
gray-scale technologies that speed up coverage
and deliver a smooth finish with great color
holdout. And our wet-on-wet sealers give
maximum intercoat adhesion for a smooth,
uniform paint surface under waterborne or
solvent borne topcoats.
Better Than Beautiful
Excellent flow. Brilliant gloss. Long-lasting
durability. That’s what you get with Pro-Spray’s
complete offering of clearcoats. Whether it’s a
high production spot & panel you need to buff
in 30 minutes or a glamour clear for the deepest
of shine, rest assured that our premium resin
clearcoats will keep your finishes looking better
than beautiful. What’s more, with a wide array
of activators and thinner speeds, you can meet
any range of spraying conditions – cross draft
to down draft, hot to cool, small fixes to large
repairs. Pro-Spray’s clears produce a shine and
finish that truly impress even the harshest of critics.
Color that
gets it right.
The first time.
Color is the first – and sometimes the only –
thing that customers notice. And, it’s fairly simple.
Color either matches or it doesn’t. That’s why, to
make the invisible repair, you need a product from
a company you can rely on. That’s why you need
Pro-Spray. We’ve built our reputation on precise
color match.
Whether low VOC or National Rule, water or
solvent, Pro-Spray has a premium solution that
offers outstanding color coupled with a fully
integrated system. Color that delivers accurate
matches with exceptional hiding power to
complete any repair to the high standards
you expect.
The Workhorse
The workhorse of any paint shop is its
dependable intermix system. And Pro-Spray
is proud to offer two: a high-performing
solvent option and an eco-friendly
waterborne alternative.
Solvent – Versatile and Complete
We raised the bar with the Pro-Spray solvent
intermix system. Say “goodbye” to messy, clumpy,
dry–powder pearls and “hello” to a streamlined,
all-liquid toner system consisting of solid, metallic,
pearl and special-effect toners. Toners that are
combined with specialized binders to deliver
single-stage, basecoat, 2- & 3-stage basecoat,
3.5 VOC basecoat, engine bay and interior colors.
Best of all, with Pro-Spray you can mix National
Rule basecoats in high, medium and normal solids
to meet your specific needs. If you’re looking for
high production with quick coverage and optimal
performance, utilize our high solids formula. When
cost and time aren’t as critical, take advantage of
our medium or normal solids formula. All without
sacrificing an ounce of color quality.
Waterborne – Flexible and Earth Friendly
Whether you’re looking for the ultimate in
eco-friendly coatings and/or need to meet
the most stringent VOC limits, the Pro-Spray
H2O waterborne system offers a total color
palette for any basecoat and 3-stage color
repair. This quick-covering, fast-drying
waterborne system allows you the widest range
of OEM solid, metallic, pearl and special effect
colors available. Combined with our unique
“shake and pour” technology that eliminates
the need for expensive mixing equipment,
Pro-Spray H2O gives you the quality
color you need with the cost
effectiveness you want.
“One day, I couldn’t get a match (with our current paint
brand) on a Lexus , so I called the Pro-Spray jobber...
and without tinting or mixing, we hit it right the first time.”
– Body Shop Owner
“Navigator™ works like a
charm! Way better than
the competition!”
– Body Shop, Canada (via facebook)
A powerful
set of color
You can sand a primer. Buff a clear. But color
is critical. In this industry, color is king. And
while Pro-Spray has long delivered superior
color matches, we now have the most advanced
technology to support them. Again and again.
Navigator™ Precision
Color Selection System
As the industry’s newest color-matching tool,
the Pro-Spray Navigator system represents
one of the most comprehensive color palettes
available. And it’s quickly setting the standard
for confidently selecting and matching color in
virtually any situation.
»» Features more than 5,100 popular domestic
and import colors
»» Sprayed in actual Pro-Spray paint
and arranged in chromatic order
»» Matched in both solvent
and waterborne systems
»» Includes more than 35 OEM manufacturers
»» Updated annually with the newest colors
»» Formulas available on the
PaintXpert Software
PaintXpert™ Color
Management Software
Combine the Navigator with the more than
280,000 formulas in the Pro-Spray PaintXpert
coatings management software and you’ve got
one of the industry’s most powerful set of tools
right at your fingertips.
»» Searches domestic and import
solvent and waterborne color
formulas in realtime
»» Compares, creates and
stores variances
»» Features easy-to-use interface screens
and navigation
»» Maximizes efficiency with
multi-user preferences
»» Provides inventory tracking,
VOC and paint usage reports
»» Available in three subscription levels
• PaintXpert LIVE
Accesses the most up-to-date information
and formulas via the Internet
• PaintXpert SYNC
Combines the stability of working offline
(via a CD ROM) with the convenience of
online updates
• PaintXpert OFFLINE
Utilizes CD ROMs exclusively
(with discs updated quarterly)
Learning is not
a spectator
Integrated Classroom and
Hands-On Customer Training
Ready to experience the benefits of Pro-Spray
for yourself? Our 4,500-square-foot technical
and training center can take you through the
entire Pro-Spray refinishing process. Designed
and equipped like an onsite collision repair shop,
the training center allows you to practice the
proper application of our products in a real-world
environment. Beyond that, our adjacent classroom
provides an area for technical instruction of
up to 32 students at one time.
»» Fully equipped classroom with
high-def AV equipment
»» Custom 21ˈ x 9ˈ paint-mixing room with
viewing panels
»» Drive-in wash bay for cleaning
and prepping vehicles
»» Drive-in downdraft prep room
for vacuum sanding and priming
»» Drive-in downdraft and heated
spray booth with directable
“advance cure” towers
Come learn more about our premium product.
Review color theory and tinting. And, ultimately,
improve your job quality and shop performance.
Just call 800.776.0933 to enroll in one of our
upcoming classes now:
»» Certification for Low VOC*
Learn about waterborne technology, as well as
low VOC undercoats and clears, and the different
techniques for waterborne refinishing. Spray
equipment, environmental conditions and proper
handling of chemicals also will be discussed.
»» Certification for National Rule (including
H2O Waterborne)*
Get an overview of the entire Pro-Spray
product offering used in National Rule
areas and H2O Waterborne Basecoat. Find
out how each product is positioned in the
collision repair facility and ways to maximize
productivity and efficiencies.
»» Color Theory and Adjustment
Gain a better understanding of pigments,
color formulation, variant descriptions and the
differences in OE production colors, including
how to achieve an acceptable match in the
shortest amount of time. Both solvent and
waterborne colors are covered.
For more info, contact us today at 800.776.0933 or [email protected].
Pro-Spray Automotive Finishes – we’re experts at serious color and smart business.
*Qualifies for compliance to the national emissions rule EPA 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart
HHHHHH (HAPS), as well as Pro-Spray Warranty Certification.
“We did extensive testing and
demos. Pro-Spray® delivered
consistent, quality results.”
– Body Shop, Brownsburg, IN
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