Wellness - Acryline


Wellness - Acryline
The Ultimate Massaging Bath
Acryline Spa Baths
Create Your Own Personal Home Spa
Since the early 70's Acryline has been developing
and manufacturing air baths for wellness.
Immerse yourself in an Acryline Spa Bath! Feel your
tension melt away as your body rejuvenates and
re-energizes enhancing your wellness and health.
Slip in to warm waters and
relax as the massaging
bubbles caress your body
from your neck to your toes.
Your entire body benefits
from our warm air massage
spa baths that provide relief
and relaxation from the
stress that is part of every
day life. It’s all about
wellness and good health.
• Relax & rejuvenate yourself
• Stimulate your senses
• Overall care of your body
– relieve stiff muscles
– increase blood flow
• Improves overall skin tone
– release toxins
• More restful sleep
Wellness of the Body, Mind & Soul
We have over 60 different shapes and sizes to meet
the aesthetic needs of our bathers. We are constantly
producing new shapes as the design and aesthetic
desires of our customers change.
Massage Systems
If you want a gentle massage to stimulate the nervous
system, increase blood flow and respiration, choose
our Injection System. If you want a vibrant tissue and
skeletal massage, choose our True Drain®Channel
System. If you want to have it all plus the ability to
choose your type of massage each time you bathe,
choose our Ultimate System. Enjoy massages ranging
from very gentle tactile right through high energy
and forceful combined tissue, joint and nervous
system massages. All you need to know is what type
of massage you prefer and which one of our systems
provides your individual preference in the privacy of
your own bath.
Price Range
To build our massaging systems requires more
expense than methods used by our competitors. Our
Acryline has a Spa Bath for You!
systems require many skilled hands, superior electronics
and a unique powder coated steel base support
structure. As a result, our products often cost more than
other system bathtubs. This limits the number of people
we can help to feel better through healthy massage. To
help more people, we now offer our products in two
Collections that are priced and built differently: The
Encore Collection and The Classic Collection.
Encore Collection
This consists of all our bath designs, all of our systems and
every option possible. It is our high end luxury collection.
Classic Collection
This consists of the majority of our shapes but excludes
the Island and Clawfoot shapes. It is restricted to our
True Drain® Channel System with a three speed electronic
control and conventional base. The collection offers the
best patented technology at a price anyone can
Massage: Personal, Exceptional & Sanitary
Acryline Air Systems
Our goal is to provide the best massage possible in the privacy of a personal sanitary bath. More than a decade
ago we made a series of strategic decisions that have guided our quest towards this goal. We decided our goal
could only be achieved with air system technologies. We determined that whirlpool systems did not work well
because bathtubs are too small a space for forceful water jets and are too difficult to keep clean.
Channel Air System
Our True Drain® Channel Air System provides the level
of intensity needed to massage tissue and bones
without punishing the body. Our channel generates
constant waves of massaging water over the body’s
muscle and skeletal structure easing the body to relief.
Injection Air System
Our Injection Air System provides a gentler and tactile
level of massage. The placement of the injectors
follows the meridians of the central nervous system.
This design allows the warm air bubbles to flood
across these meridians and thereby increase heart rate
and improve blood flow and respiration.
Ultimate System
Our True Drain® Channel and Injection Air Systems
provide real and effective personal massage but
perform different aspects of a complete massage. We
combined these systems into an Ultimate System to
provide the most complete massage ranging from a
gentle tactile massage all the way up to a whole body
tissue massage and anywhere in between.
True Drain®
Our True Drain® Patented Technology is the only
patented true draining channel in the industry.
• Most sanitary channel
• Best drying air channel
• Smooth glass lined
gravity draining channel
• Total elimination of
Healthy Bathing Includes Clean Systems
sitting water
by gravity
• Prevents
bacteria growth
We are focused on providing the most comprehensive
massage experience possible. However, we are just
as keenly focused on providing exceptionally clean
bathing systems. We accomplish this through design and
technology. Each system type is powered with a blower
motor that will automatically turn on after a bath to blow residual moisture out. This can be accentuated by
setting a 24-hour purge in addition to the auto purge on the blower motor in our Encore Collection. This added
feature is not available in the Classic Collection. In addition to blower purges, our Injection System has a series of
valves that close when the air is not flowing to prevent water from seeping back to the blower motor. Our True
Drain® Channel System is a glass smooth and constant corridor that follows the slope of the bath all the way
through our patented True Drain® channel that leads directly to the drain cavity so that gravity alone will
evacuate residual water. We leave nothing to chance in assuring exceptional sanitation in addition to a full body
Peaceof Mind
Enhance Your Life with
Heat Therapy
Personalize your bathing experience! Scintillate
your senses with a pleasing fragrance of bath oils
or bath salts added to your bath. Relax as you
revitalize both inside and out – mind and body.
Unlike a jetted water system Acryline air baths
are not adversely affected by aroma therapy.
The warm air system heats your head and neck
relaxing tired muscles and providing therapy.
Our air baths feature heated head and neck rests.
Color therapy plays an important part in our
overall sense of wellness. Color therapy promotes
harmony as well as energy.
RED: Exciting, energizing & stimulating. Red is
a stimulant that fortifies and promotes courage
and fearlessness. Increases self confidence.
ORANGE: Soothing, pain relieving &
YELLOW: Joyful, happy. Yellow is known to increase
VIOLET: Cleansing, calming. Violet promotes
AQUA: Restful, relaxing. Aqua inspires trust
comforting. Orange expands your thinking.
It reduces self-consciousness. It is the color of
laughter, celebration and confident expression.
your focus and enhance intelligence and mental
awareness. Stimulates conversation and clarifies
your thoughts.
efficiency and decision making. Purifies your
thinking to get to the important things in life.
and prevents difficulty sleeping, dreaming, relaxing
or meditating.
peace, tranquility and harmony.
Love. It opens the heart and promotes tenderness
and comfort in emotional times.
BLUE: Calming, stress releasing. Blue promotes
GREEN: Balancing, harmonious. Green is the
color of healing. It represents nourishment,
balance and stability and is used to rejuvenate
and promote physical and emotional well-being.
PINK:Gentle and soothing. Pink is the color of
WHITE:Simply put, white is spiritually refreshing.
Enhances compassion and deepens your sense of
humanity and family connection.
Rectangular Baths
Accent I
Accent II
(60˝L x 30˝W x 20˝H)
(60˝L x 32˝W x 20˝H)
Choice of R/H , L/H integral tiling flange
Integral apron
Accord I
Accord II
(60˝L x 30˝W x 20˝H)
(60˝L x 32˝W x 20˝H)
Choice of R/H , L/H integral tiling flange
Integral apron with access pannel
Acryzen 6032 H (Horizontal Overflow)
(60˝L x 32˝W x 241/2˝H)
Available with R/H or L/H integral tiling
flange or as drop-in
Includes Horizontal Overflow
Acryzen 6032 V
(Vertical Overflow)
(60˝L x 32˝W x 241/2˝H)
Available with R/H or L/H integral tiling
flange or as drop-in
Overflow Not Included
Acryzen 6636 R
(66˝L x 36˝W x 21˝H)
Choice of with or without armrests
Choice of 4” or 1 7/8” reveal
(72˝L x 413/4˝W x 241/2˝H)
Acryzen 7242 R
(72˝L x 41 3/4˝W x 24 1/2˝H)
Choice of 4” or 1 7/8” reveal
(60˝L x 60˝W x 221/2˝H)
(601/4˝L x 301/4˝W x 19˝H)
Choice of R/H , L/H integral tiling flange
Integral apron
Bliss Series:
Available with R/H or L/H
integral tiling flange or as drop-in
Bliss I
Rectangular Baths
Acryzen 7242 RI
(60˝L x 32 1/4˝W x 20 3/4˝H)
(60˝L x 36˝W x 23˝H)
Bliss II
(66˝L x 36˝W x 23˝H)
Bliss III (avail. Fall 2010)
(72˝L x 36˝W x 23˝H)
Comes with a 1” reveal
Rectangular Baths
(59 1/4˝L x 42 3/8˝W x 201/2˝H)
Choice of R/H or L/H
Ex Aequo
(65 3/4˝L x 42˝W x 23˝H)
Shown with optional water fall fill spout
(671/2˝L x64˝W x 261/2˝H)
(60 1/8˝L x 48˝W x 22 1/2˝H)
(60 1/8˝L x 42 3/8˝W x 20˝H)
Choice of R/H , L/H integral tiling flange
Integral apron with access pannel
Rectangular Baths
Prima Series
Available with R/H or L/H
integral tiling flange or as drop-in
Prima 6036
(60˝L x 36˝W x 20 1/2˝H)
Prima 7236
(713/4˝L x 36˝W x 20 1/2˝H)
Prima 6636
(65 7/8˝L x 36˝W x 20 1/2˝H)
Prima 7242
(71 7/8˝L x 413/4˝W x 20 1/2˝H)
Prima 6042
(60˝L x 413/4˝W x 20 1/2˝H)
Roma Series
Available with R/H or L/H
integral tiling flange or as drop-in
Roma 6030
(59 1/2˝L x 29 3/4˝W x 20˝H)
Roma 6632
(65 3/4˝L x 317/8˝W x 20˝H)
(72˝L x 42˝W x 241/2˝H)
Roma 7232
(711/2˝L x 317/8˝W x 20˝H)
(721/2˝L x417/8˝W x 223/8˝H)
(72˝L x361/4˝W x 221/8˝H)
Rectangular Baths
(72˝L x 481/4˝W x 241/4˝H)
(66 1/4˝L x 311/4˝W x 20 1/2˝H)
Victoria Supreme
(71˝L x 36˝W x 211/8˝H)
Choice of side for overflow
Corner Baths
(59 3/4˝L x 23 1/8˝H)
(54˝L x 20 3/4˝H)
(54˝L x 20 1/2˝H)
The Acryline
(711/2˝L˝L x 711/2˝W x23˝H)
Choice of R/H , L/H integral tiling flange
Corner Baths
(48˝L x 21˝H)
Choice of R/H or L/H
(60˝L x 23 3/8˝H)
(59˝L x 22˝H)
(60˝L x 23 3/8˝H)
Corner Baths
(59 3/8˝L x 213/8˝H)
(54˝L x 211/4˝H)
(59 3/4˝L x 231/8˝H)
(59 3/4˝L x 22˝H)
Oval Baths
(713/8˝L x 411/4˝W x19˝H )
Acryzen 7242 O
(715/8˝L x 413/4˝W x 25˝H)
Available with 4” or 1 7/8” reveal
Bis “O”
(611/2˝L x 371/2˝W x 20 3/4˝H)
(661/4˝L x 36˝W x 20 3/4˝H)
Oval Baths
(72˝L x 42˝W x 24 1/2”H)
Choice of with or without seats
(72˝L x 42˝W x 24 1/2˝H)
Choice of with or without seats
Oval Baths
(657/8˝L x 417/8˝W x 18˝H)
Immersion Island
(657/8˝L x 417/8˝W x 211/2˝H)
(72˝L x 42˝W x 261/8˝H)
Access panells on skirt
(71˝L x 381/4˝W x 213/8˝H)
Oval Baths
(72˝L x 42˝W x 241/2˝H)
Oval Supreme
(71˝L x 381/4˝W x 21˝H)
Choice of side for overflow
Simplicity Series
Available with or without Armrests
Simplicity I
(60˝L x 40˝W x 25 3/8˝H)
End Drain
Simplicity II
(66˝L x 40˝W x 25 3/8˝H)
End Drain
Simplicity III
(72˝L x 40˝W x 25 3/8˝H)
Center Drain
Simplicity Series
Available with 3 Rim Choices
(653/4˝L x 421/4˝W x 25 3/8˝H)
Clawfoot Baths
The Virginia
(66 1/2˝L x 321/4˝W x 28 1/8˝H)
(72”L x 31”W x 31”H)
Simulated cast iron exterior finish
(66 1/2˝L x 321/4˝W x 281/8˝H)
Simulated cast iron exterior finish
Clawfoot Baths
(59 3/4˝L x 28 7/8˝W x 23 3/4˝H)
(59 3/4˝L x 30 1/4˝W x 27˝H)
Simulated cast iron exterior finish
(651/2˝L x 29˝W x 231/2˝H)
Simulated cast iron exterior finish
(72˝L x 31˝W x 28 1/4˝H)
Simulated cast iron exterior finish
Clawfoot Baths Options
Exterior Finish
Acr yl
All of our clawfoot baths with the exception of the
Virginia and Julius are finished by first laminating the
acrylic exterior with a thick coating of a fiber, resin and
polyester (FRP) mix, which is then painted with a gelcoat
surface called Orange Peel. This process produces an
exterior surface that mimics the rough hewn surface of the
original cast iron baths they replace. Please examine
carefully the image to the left to be certain you would enjoy
the appearance of the exterior. People either love it or really
dislike it. There is no middle ground and we do not accept
returns of these baths for aesthetic reasons.
Simulated Cast Iron
Exterior Finish
These baths are named for their distinctive “claw” feet designs. On
the Right are images of the two different types of feet that we offer.
The foot on left is used with the Europa, Renaissance and Napoleon
models. The foot on the right is used with the Caesar, Cleopatra,
Julius and Virginia models.
The feet can be ordered in White, Chrome, Brushed Nickel,
Polished Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze.
Waste and Overflow Options
We offer a waste and overflow that is specifically designed
to fit our clawfoot baths. It is available in Chrome,
Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze.
Rectangular skirt
A bath skirt is a molded acrylic panel that can
provide a decorative finish to the front or exposed side
of the bath. In the absence of a skirt you will need to
frame in the front side and finish it with some other
material. A skirt can reduce cost associated with
installation. Some of our skirts must be factory
installed, others must be field installed and six baths
come with integral skirts that are part of the bath
EZ Access skirt
(5”, 5 1/2”, 6” for rectangular baths)
Must specify bath model at time of order
Field installation required
(5”, 5 1/2”, 6” w/easy access panel)
Must specify L/H or R/H at time of order
Factory installed skirt with removable access panel
Pictured are the available skirts and a list of which
baths they are available for. You can also cross-reference
the availability of this option on our web site in the
products section by viewing the tehnical specifications.
Our EZ Access skirt has a decorative access panel that
allows ease of service to internal parts over time.
EZ Step skirt
Corner skirt
(5”, 5 1/2”, 6” w/easy access step)
Must specify bath model at time of order
Factory installed skirt with removable access panel
5 different skirts for all corner units
Field installation required of round
or neo angle shapes
Skirt Options for Baths
Bath Skirts
Grab Bars & Waterfall Fill Spout
Grab bars are handy options. Many of our baths will allow for
one or two grab bars and they may prove very useful after a
hydro massage therapy bath has so fully relaxed you that just
pulling yourself out of the bath may prove a challenge. This
adds a practical feature that you can customize to suit your
color scheme.Color options are; white, biscuit, bone, clear
with chrome, gold or brushed nickel inserts.
Many of our baths are available with an optional waterfall fill
spout. This option provides an elegant way to get water into
your bath quickly. When this option is selected the waterfall
fill spout is literally a part of your molded bath.
Keypad & Injector Options
Encore Collection Keypad Options
Encore Collection Baths ship with a factory Installed Multi-Function Keypad. All Encore collection
baths feature 3 pre-programmed massages as well as a heat management system that allows the
bather to control every aspect of the their massage . Encore keypads are offered with an optional
metallic trim ring plated either in Chrome, Brushed Nickel or Gold.
Encore Multi-Function Keypad
Encore Multi-Function Keypad
W/ Light
Classic Collection Keypad Options
Classic Collection baths ship with a single button 3 speed electronic keypad that allows the bather
to select from three distinct blower intensities. An optional upgrade to a 5 button multi-function
control allows Classic Collection bath owners to benefit from the “Wave and Pulse” features as well
as a programable daily purge. Classic Collection keypads require field installation.
Classic 3 Speed
Electronic Control
Classic Multi-Function Keypad
Injector Color Choices
If you are choosing an injection air or ultimate system bath then you have more
custom design decisions to make. The standard injector comes with a cap about
the size of a quarter and is available in white, biscuit or bone to match the bath.
For an additional charge you may choose chrome, gold (24k) or brushed nickel
standard injector caps. You may also choose optional mini-injectors that are
about the size of a dime. These have a center cap and outer trim ring that are
available in eighteen different finish combinations. These combinations allow
you to match the injector finishes with other bathroom fittings.
Spa Baths
To Learn more about
what makes Acryline
Please visit the video
section of our website
The Ultimate Massaging Bath
Why Choose an
Acryline Spa Bath?
• Custom Warm Air Massage Spa Baths
• Promotes Personal Health & Wellness
• Benefits All Ages
• Most Sanitary Bath on the Market
• Individually Regulate, Vary and Change
Massage Intensity
• Offers Tactile to Forceful Massage
• Relax & Re-energize in Your Own Home
• Cutting Edge Massage Technology
Developed in Cooperation with
Massage Therapists
• Setting the Standard for Excellence
in Air Bath Massage for over 30 Years
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