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Before you know it you'll be rolling your bike out the front door of your office
to commute home just as the sun tapers off behind the horizon. Let's hope you're
illuminated. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the shorter days of the year are
upon us and fortunately for us, we have some new beams that are lighter, brighter
and longer lasting. So you can still take that detour home to get in a few extra
miles while keeping the road lit and the motorists aware.
L ezyne
Power Drive XL | $99-129.99 |
The robust, CNC machined aluminum body of the
Power Drive XL is what sets this unit apart. This
construction gives it a high-end, industrial look and
feel, while keeping the weight to a minimum. It cranks
out a maximum of 400 lumens, which are enhanced
by the MOR (Maximum Optical Reflection) lens that
helps produce a wider, more consistent beam. The
USB rechargeable battery is also easily replaceable
so you can pack an extra one for that occasional
epic night ride. Regulating the beam is what Lezyne
calls a Constant Current, which sustains the lumens
as the battery life decreases and prevents the beam
from dulling while in use. The Power Drive XL also
features three variable lumen settings (400/250/125),
a blinking mode and shaved down sides to allow for
increased visibility to motorists. It comes standard
with two mounting brackets and an optional “loaded”
kit that includes an extra battery and helmet mount.
Also available: Super Drive XL (500 lumens) and Mini
Drive XL (200 lumens).
C ateye
Nano Shot + | $120 |
This new headlight from Cateye is a powerful
double-LED system that fires up to 600 lumens. Its
H yper C onstant mode is the key feature, creating a
pulsating bright flash while maintaining a constant
beam. The Nano Shot is a comparably lightweight
unit and has a sturdy outer shell with clean
aesthetics. The high/low beam is easy to alternate
and a double-click of the button will trigger the
H yper C onstant mode. This is an excellent setup for
commuting or just meandering down a dark country
road and is easily rechargeable via USB port.
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L ight & M otion
Taz 800 | $249 |
Light & Motion has labeled the new Taz 800 as a
crossover , or a category of lights that work both
for commuting and some trail riding. It is light
and compact enough to keep in your office bag yet
powerful enough to let you cruise down a dark,
twisty descent. The handlebar mounted design is
recharged using a USB port and features a handful of
beam options. On one setting it has five options: High
(800), medium (400), low (200), pulse (200) and flash
(200). When you fire it up under “race mode,” it gives
you only a high/medium option, allowing the user to
keep it simple when the pressure is on. This is a very
high-quality system and for those that want superior
lighting and visibility, the Taz 800 is hard to beat.
Also available: Taz 1200.
S erfas
Thunderbolt | $45 |
The Thunderbolt is incredibly compact, lightweight
and features a unique LED “strip” that pops a strong
90 lumens. Furthermore, the strap system can fit a
variety of locations on the bike making it a hugely
versatile unit. The weather resistant design is ideal
even for daytime riding when the weather is fowl.
It features a high/low beam option, as well as two
flashing modes. It is USB rechargeable, inexpensive
and comes in seven color options to match any bike
out there (black, white, red, blue, pink, green,
yellow). A matching taillight version is also available.
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