St. Columbkille Alumnae Newsletter


St. Columbkille Alumnae Newsletter
St. Columbkille Alumnae
8001 W. Belmont Avenue, River Grove, IL 60171 • Number 41 • Summer 2012
Preserved 1800’s log cabin brings history to life
at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods
The Sisters of Providence love
to have former students and
friends visit our home at Saint
Mary-of-the-Woods, Ind. You
may already know about the
beautiful buildings, the shrines
and the Church of the Immaculate Conception. But have you
heard of our newest “historical”
This historic log cabin
above, preserved from
the mid-1800’s,
now rests in the same
location as the original
log cabin chapel that
Saint Mother Theodore and her companions first visited upon
their arrival at Saint
from France in 1840.
A replica of the chapel visited by
Saint Mother Theodore Guerin
when she and her five companions arrived in 1840 has been
erected on the location where
the original chapel once stood.
“The recreation of this log
chapel gives our friends, companions and all our visitors an
opportunity to learn what life
might have been like in 1840,”
said Sister Denise Wilkinson,
general superior of the Sisters of Providence. It offers
a unique way to reflect, pray
or simply enjoy our beautiful
grounds, she said.
The logs for this cabin, dismantled from a historic cabin which
survived from the mid-1800’s,
were donated to the Sisters of
Providence by David and Faye
Masterson of Owensville, Ind.
Keith Ruble, superintendent of
the Vigo County Park and Recreation Department, donated
his private time to rebuild the
cabin and replace some of the
logs that had decayed. Members
of the Sisters of Providence
facilities management staff as-
sisted in the construction of the
The cabin is furnished with a
cot-like bed in which the priest
at the time would have slept.
Using Saint Mother Theodore’s
descriptions and records in the
Sisters of Providence Archives
for guidance, the cabin features
a fireplace and primitive altar
made of wooden planks.
Thanks for your
generous gifts
liturgy planned
for Nov. 4
2012 Reunion
liturgy form
May 1, 2012
Dear St. Columbkille Alumnae,
Thank you for your gift to the Sisters of Providence Retirement Fund. Your gift of $5,000 is truly special because it
assists us in giving excellent care to our sisters who are retired or ill, in facilities that are either recently built or renovated.
As beautiful as these facilities are, however, we do our best to encourage the sisters to go outdoors and enjoy these gorgeous sunny days. As I write this letter the Woods still has many traces of spring beauty. However, like so many areas of
the country, spring came in a hurry to the Woods and the nearly summer-like temperatures for several days seemed to
accelerate the demise of blossoms and petals. The sisters were reminded not to delay in getting outside or the beauty
could be faded and even gone in a matter of days!
That’s a great lesson for daily living, isn’t it? I know I have to remind myself more times than I like to admit to take
advantage of the fact that I am surrounded by the beauty of creation and that just a short walk or sitting in the sun or
gazing at an intricate flower pattern can lift and renew my spirits. Indeed as Psalm 66 reminds us, “Let all Earth cry out
to God with joy!”
And the same type of joy fills our prayer as we remember you with grateful
hearts for your generosity to us. Happy spring! Hopefully, you will be able
to steal a few “basking-in-nature-moments” for yourself in the days ahead.
In Providence,
The total amount St. Columbkille Alumnae/i
have given to the Sisters of Providence Retirement fund as of this year’s luncheon.
Thank you for your generosity!
Sister Denise Wilkinson, SP
General Superior
Save the date for our
2013 reunion!
D ate : Sunday, April 7, 2013
P lace : Elmcrest Banquets, 7370 W.
Grand Ave., Elmwood Park, IL 60707.
A nniversary classes : 1933, 1938,
1943, 1948, 1953, 1958, 1963, (golden) 1968.
This will be our 41st reunion! Organize now!
Write, call or e-mail your classmates today to make
it a real reunion and fun time, especially those for
whom it is an anniversary year.
Please send us names, addresses and phone numbers
of those we may not have. Send them to Sister Joan
Zlogar, Corbe House, 1 Sisters of Providence, St.
Mary-of-the-Woods, IN 47876.
R eminder : When you fill in your address and phone number on the dues
envelope, please indicate if it is a new
2 St. Columbkille Alumnae Newsletter
Memorial Liturgy
to be held Nov. 4
at Guerin Prep
On Nov. 4, 2012 there will be a Memorial Liturgy for all deceased graduates of St. Columbkille grade and high
schools, Providence High School,
Marywood School, and Mother Theodore Guerin High School and Holy
Cross High School, now known as
Guerin College Preparatory School.
The Eucharistic Liturgy will be celebrated at 11 a.m. at Guerin Prep,
River Grove, Ill. Following the liturgy
light refreshments will be served.
If you are planning to attend, please
contact Charlene Swintek at 610
Magnolia Lane, Elk Grove, IL 60007
or 847-427-1981. Or use the form
included in this newsletter to rsvp or to
send in the name(s) of those you wish
to remember.
to our reunion raffle
Grand prize winners during the
2011 reunion were:
First Prize: Handmade Quilt –
Rose Stone ‘51
Second Prize: Night at the
Hyatt Hotel – Arlene Francone
Third Prize: Gold Loop
Earings – Dorothy Radosta ‘ 62
Fourth Prize: Coach Bag – Pat
Tomasiewicz ‘63
Split the Pot
$100 – Ann Micek Pasquale ‘57
$50 – Leslie Marks
$30 – Lilliam Mendygral Kohut
’45 grammar school
Remembering our 2012 Reunion
Class of 1961 (Golden Jubilee): seated — left to right: Jean Della Croce Babor, Annette Klisz Majdzinski, Marie Jastrzebski Gajewicz, Laura
Orlando Siracusa, Second row – left to right: Sister Joan Zlogar (teacher), Bonita Matranga Yanahan, Irene Garcia, Mary Sue LaMantia Aguirre,
Jennie LaRucco Castro, Diane Dziemburski LaSota. Third row: Sylvia Frank Eddy, Marcia Polcyn Wolak, Georgene Hersko Edwards, Barbara Ptak
Sharp, Donna Wyse Stachula
Left: Class of 1947: left to right:
Angelina Delle Grazie Preskar, Lillian
Romano Gallichio, Raphael Mafiola
Right: Class of 1967: Mary J.
Zuback-Madonia, Lorraine Harty
Bottom : Sisters of Provi-
dence: seated — left to right: Sisters Patri-
cia Geis, Joan Mary Schaefer, Maureen Sheehan, Bernice Chantos, OSF.
Standing – left to right: Sisters Margaret
Ann Wilson, Lois Ann Stoiber, Susan
Paweski, Joan Zlogar, Betty Smigla
St. Columbkille Alumnae Newsletter 3
Top: St. Columbkille Alumnae Board Members present:
seated — left to right: Eleanor Jandrisitz
Rizzo ’36, Regina Wagner Nowotarski
’38, Sister Joan Zlogar (coordinator),
Barbara Barajas Cuatchon ’66. Standing
– left to right: Diane Maslanka Suwanski
’63, Janet Bottigliero Lisanti ’57, Diane Pendzimaz Supella ’66, Charlene
Becci Swintek ’61, Patricia Assenza
Budzban ’60, Kathleen Weil ’66
Bottom: Grammar School:
seated — left to right: ___________, Regina
Wagner Nowotarski ’36, Eleanor
Jandrisitz Rizzo ’34, Dolores Bogush Grzeszczak ’43, Janice Atkinson
Marshall ’52. Standing – left to right: Joan
Rizzi ’52, Donna Cutro Campobasso
’52, Jenny Cholewa ’52, Lauretta Foley ’56, Elaine Ezok ’50, Carole Dove
Jagielski ’53, Frances Hycner ‘52. Row
three – left to right ___________________,
Louis Kula ’52, John Fuscone ‘52
Please cut along line.
Alumnae Association Memorial Liturgy
Please join us Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, at 11 a.m. for our Memorial Liturgy at Guerin Prep in River Grove, Ill. We will place a Book of Remembrance on
the altar during Mass containing the names of those you wish to remember. You are welcome to send names for remembrance even if you are unable to attend. Contact Charlene Swintek at 610 Magnolia Lane, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 or 847-427-1981 for more information.
Please use this form to submit the names of your loved ones.
Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Year (if alumna) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Relationship ___________________________________________________________ Year of death ________________________________________
Your name _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Year (if alumna) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City ___________________________________________________ State __________________________________ ZIP _________________________
Telephone ____________________________________________ E-mail _______________________________________________________________
_______Yes, I (we) will be attending the special Memorial Mass on Nov. 4, 2012.
_______Number attending.
_______No, I (we) are unable to attend, but please place the name above in the Book of Remembrance.
4 St. Columbkille Alumnae Newsletter