Proportion Power Point


Proportion Power Point
Another Principle of Design/Art
What is the
difference between
Scale and
Proportion is when one part of an object is the correct size
compared to another parts of the object. In most cases the front
legs of a horse are two lengths of the horses head long . That
would indicate correct proportion.
Scale refers to size as measured against a standard
reference. This statue is made full scale as seen by this
image of a real boy sitting by it.
This image is of a shoe is a much larger
scale than full but it does have correct
Claes Oldenberg is an artist famous for making
sculptures that are in large scale yet the
proportion of the object appears correct.
Claes (born January 28, 1929) is a Swedish American sculptor,
best known for his public art installations typically featuring very
large replicas of everyday objects.
Claes Oldenberg
Claes Oldenberg
Claes Oldenberg
Claes Oldenberg
What scale do the following images
Is the proportion correct on them?
Hierarchical Proportion is used when
images or statues differ in scale to
indicate importance.