Collective Motion


Collective Motion
Meet. Collaborate. Connect.
Collective Motion conveys a
purely modern aesthetic
enhancing lounge and teaming
environments. Technology and
media solutions are addressed
through media consoles with
concealed storage and a
lounge height meeting table
with central power/data. A
sliding top expands the surface for seated users.
Flexibility is realized through
Adaptable to open or private
an assortment of accessories
areas, the lounge seating is
designed to complement large
available in multiple widths,
or small gatherings. Ottomans,
huddle style, and with privacy
tables, and marker boards are
panels or casters, offering
easily rearranged into an array
endless application possibili-
of configurations.
ties suitable for corporate,
institutional, hospitality and
retail environments.
Sophisticated to progressive,
the mobile armed, armless
and asymmetric lounge forms
are accentuated by a refined
mix of materials, bolster-style
Dual finish and fabric options
armrests and tailored cushions. paired with a broad selection
of ecoresin privacy screen colors provide even more creative possibilities.
Part of a comprehensive family,
Two distinct styles marry into
Collective Motion is designed
one inimitable personality.
to be configured with offerings
Huddle tables and privacy
from Collective Presentation for
screens encourage collabora-
casual style meetings,
tion and teamwork. Lounge
Collective Space for open plan
elements such as the precisely
teaming or Collective Office for
designed occasional tables add
private settings.
prestige to waiting areas. Mix
and match for diversity and
functionality in any setting.
Think of it as architecture on
the move. The coveted mobile
mini stool is lighthearted and
fun, perfect for small meeting
arrangements or as a stowable guest option.
Mobility of modular elements
is reinforced by pairing slider
glides with casters. Practical
features such as the pivoting
tablet and multi-use shelf
enhance the functional design.
Huddle Console
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Toll free: 1-800-23-JOFCO
Tel: 812-482-5154
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Huddle Table
Coffee Table
End Table
Corner Table
Tablet Table
Privacy Screen
Design: Lynda Chesser and
Bill Schacht, CSD Studio
Meeting Table