innovative technology and strong design


innovative technology and strong design
Nassau, February 2010
New bathroom scales from SOEHNLE
Pioneering, user-friendly and elegant in terms of design: when it comes to scales, SOEHNLE has been setting standards for years. At the 2010 Ambiente trade fair, the brand is presenting a multitude of new, innovative bathroom scales. In so doing, SOEHNLE is strengthening its pioneering role and once again linking
technical perfection with discerning design.
Through its products and services, SOEHNLE supports people in their quest for better health and well-being.
Regular weight checks form part of a balanced lifestyle. Around two-thirds of all Germans weigh themselves
at least once a month, according to a Forsa study from last year. According to the study, every fifth German
checks their weight several times a week or even daily. It isn’t only those wanting to lose weight who should
keep an eye on their statistics: reliable scales belong in every bathroom. But remember: not all scales are
alike. "Design and function come together at SOEHNLE to form a strong whole", explains SOEHNLE division
manager Christoph Brickwedde. With first-class materials and innovative design ideas, bathroom scales from
the market leader are a great addition to any bathroom. The company’s wide range ensures there’s something for every need.
Flat, space-saving designs, innovative surfaces, additional helpful functions: SOEHNLE is introducing new
products at Ambiente that fulfil the highest demands when it comes to ease of operation, precision and visual
appeal. Here's a quick look at the highlights:
Body Balance Comfort Select
The Body Balance Comfort Select is truly ingenious. Ideal for sport and
fitness enthusiasts who want to keep a keen eye on their statistics. But
also for all those who appreciate technical ingenuity and elegant
design. Glossy black on the outside, the scale features ingenious
technology for exact measurements on the inside. And yet the scale,
which has a depth of just 29 millimetres, stands out due to maximum
ease of use. The Body Balance Comfort Select has an extremely
simple, user-friendly menu that is available in seven languages. Among
the special performance characteristics of this model is the precise
analysis of statistics such as fat, water, muscle and calories by means
of the proven bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA). One special
advantage: the mobile RF terminal with a large touchscreen display
makes reading the measured values easy and can be used flexibly.
Even "after hours" it's still active. When in stand-by mode the time and room temperature are displayed. It
can be mounted on the wall or stood up. Another highlight: individual measurement results can be transmitted by means of the supplied USB cable and processed on a PC with the aid of SOEHNLE software. In this
way, up to eight people can analyse and process their statistics. Graphic trend displays enable precise control over individual development and thus help people to get on course for a balanced life. The surface of the
scale is equipped with safety glass with an ITO coating. Maximum load-carrying capacity is 150 kilograms.
The warranty period is three years. Price: EUR 139.00 (RRP).
Style Collection 2010
The new generation of the Style Collection represents an absolute
innovation for the scales market. Its patented surface flocking in
various attractive designs is completely new. The patterned scales
in the colours silver, black and violet provide for a stylish, modern
ambience in every bathroom. Thanks to their special finishing, the
scales in the Style Collection 2010 have a soft, velvety surface and
offer a high degree of stability – not least due to their ultra-flat
construction. Ideal for all those who set great store by top-quality,
extraordinary design. The scales can be cleaned whether damp or
dry. The devices have an automated on and off function. Weight
can be read easily by means of the large LCD display (28
millimetres). The load-carrying capacity of the scales is up to 150
kilograms. Nonetheless, measurement results are stated precisely
thanks to 100-gram increments. The price for each device is EUR 39.95 (RRP).
Comfort Senso temperature scale
T-shirt or pullover? The Comfort Senso will answer this
question in the mornings without you having to put one foot
out of the door. The clear display not only shows the time but
also the current temperature inside. It also measures the
temperature outside and thus helps you to organise your
morning. The elegant, flat scale in timeless black impresses
thanks to its high stability and a large tread area made of
safety glass. After you step on the scale, your body weight is
immediately transmitted by radio to the mobile display and
shown on its LCD display in easily legible figures. The mobile
display can be stood up or alternatively fastened to the wall at
a comfortable viewing height. A weatherproof outside temperature sensor is included with the kit. The scale
can measure up to a maximum of 150 kilograms with 100-gram increments, and has a warranty period of
three years. The RRP is EUR 79.00.
Solar Sense
Thanks to solar technology the Solar Sense not only protects
the environment but also your wallet. Due to highperformance, integrated solar cells of the latest generation,
operational readiness is guaranteed both in natural as well as
artificial light. Even if kept in complete darkness, the scale is
ready for use after just a short time. Extra convenience: since
the Solar Sense works entirely with solar energy, there is no
need to buy or change batteries! And so the Solar Sense not
only saves cash, but also time. Furthermore, the Solar Sense,
which has a depth of 22 millimetres, is extremely stable. The
scale is equipped with a glass surface and an aluminium
frame and thus looks particularly elegant. The automated on and off function is very user-friendly: without
prior contact, your body weight appears on the display immediately upon stepping on to the scale. The results can be read easily on the large LCD display. After use the scale turns itself off again automatically. It
can display up to 150 kilograms and weighs precisely down to 100 grams. The warranty period is five years.
The RRP is EUR 44.99.
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