Hot Fresh Bread Handcrafted Every Day!


Hot Fresh Bread Handcrafted Every Day!
Hot Fresh Bread
Handcrafted Every Day!
October Breads and Goodies
Monday breads and Goodies
Apple Spice Teacake · Green Chili Cheese · Whole Grain Spelt ·
High Protein/Lo Carb Country Crunch · Virginia Rolls · Harvest Berry
Vegan Muffin · Maple Pumpkin Spice Scone · Fruity Savannah Bar · Salted
Caramel Cookie · Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie
Tuesday Breads and Goodies
(select 1/2 loaves available)
Autumn Apple · Superfood · Cheddar Garlic* with or w/out Jalapenos ·
Blackberry Vegan Muffin · Cranberry Orange Scone· Pumpkin Spice Bar ·
Chocolate Bliss · Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Wednesday Breads and Goodies
Spooky and
It’s time to have some fun with our
Spooky Halloween Treats! Honey Whole
Wheat Spiders are available all month
long! Made from our Honey Wheat
Bread, these bring fun to any dinner,
classroom event, or Halloween party. The
best part is they are NOT candy! They are
loved by kids and adults alike and bring
nutritious deliciousness to your
Everyday Breads and
Honey Whole Wheat*
Farmhouse White*
Extreme Cinnamon Swirl
Golden Wheat Cinnamon Chip
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
Whole Grain Cinnamon Rolls
-GlutenlessEnergy Bars, Granola, Trail Mix
Apple Spice Teacake · Asiago Pesto Swirl · Hi Protein/LoCarb Country
Crunch · Cranberry Orange Pecan · Pepperoni or Spinach Roll · Apple
Cinnamon Vegan Muffin · Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Scone · Raspberry
Savannah Bar · Autumn Spice Cookie · Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip
Thursday Breads and Goodies
Autumn Apple · Superfood · Cheddar Garlic w or w/o Jalepenos · Virginia
Rolls· Savory Spinach Muffin · Blueberry Cream Cheese Scone · Turtle Bar ·
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie · Snickerdoodle Cookie
Friday Breads and Goodies
Apple Scrapple · Pumpkin Spice Teacake · Green Chili Cheese · Pepperoni
or Spinach Roll · Challah · Cherry Almond Vegan Muffin · Maple Pumpkin
Spice Scone · Pumpkin Spice Bar · Cini-Minis · Salted Caramel Cookie ·
Dillon Cookie
Saturday Breads and Goodies
Apple Spice Teacake · Green Chili Cheese · High 5 Fiber with or w/out
Apricot · Baker’s Surprise Muffin · Raspberry Cream Cheese Scone ·
Blackberry Savannah Bars · Cini-Minis · Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip
1220 NW Maynard Rd. Cary, NC 27513
Hours: M - F: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sat: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Tasty Halloween Treats
Bag it, Store it, warm it
A wholesome and delicious twist to
Halloween treats! Order a Honey
Whole Wheat Spider, Witches Fingers,
or Pumpkin Soup Bowls for your
Halloween gatherings.
Spiders are available daily all month
long by pre-ordering.
All Halloween Treats are available
daily from Oct 21st-Oct 31st. Call to
reserve yours, they go fast!
Our bread will stay fresh!
Great Harvest bread will stay fresh
at least 7 - 10 days if stored
properly. Once it is cool to your
wrist (about 2 hours), place in a
plastic bag, press out the extra air,
twist, and tie with a twist tie.
Bagging the bread before it cools
down impacts the texture negatively!
Bread Spiders, Witches Fingers, and
Pumpkin Soup Bowls- Oh My!
Le tour de femme
Join us on Saturday, October 8th! We
are honored to be a SPONSOR of
this great local cycling event. Held
each year in Cary, this ALL FEMALE
cycling event raises thousands of
dollars to supports cancer research
and cancer surviorship programs.
There are several distances, so it is
suitable for all female cyclists!
Our bread freezes nicely!
Double bagging helps to prevent
freezer burn, but it’s best to wait 24
hours after purchasing to freeze. To
thaw, set bagged bread on the
counter for 24 hours.
We are proud to sponsor this community
event! Don’t miss this event-register
Soup Tasting
Don’t put bread in the fridge.
This will cause the honey to
crystallize and dry out your bread.
However, if your bread contains
cheese or meat, it will need to be
refrigerated within 24 hours of
It’s the perfect time of year to have
soup for dinner! We would love for
you to taste our all natural Frontier
Soup Mixes on Saturday OCTOBER
8th. From 11am-1pm we will have
several of our soup mixes for tasting
along with some fun activities for the
kids. Soups on!
Want a warm slice of bread?
Simply toast or re-heat in the oven!
Wrap it in foil, and place it in the
oven at 350° for 15 minutes. You
should never put our bread in the
microwave; it will become hard and
Want a warm slice of bread?
Frontier Eleven Bean soup. A perfect dinner
when served with a thick slice of Dakota
We enjoy being part of our community by participating in the local farmers’
markets and sponsoring community events.
The Farmers’ Markets will wind down this month so don’t forget to stop by one
last time at:
The Apex Farmers’ Market
The Holly Springs Farmers’ Market (Voted #1 Market in NC)
The Western Wake Farmers Market (open year round but we finish October 29th)
Enjoy the whole grain goodness from our oven and thank you for your
supporting our local bakery!
Paige and Tom

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