Bracelet, Sterling silver, mokume gane (fine silver/ shibuichi


Bracelet, Sterling silver, mokume gane (fine silver/ shibuichi
Bracelet, Sterling silver, mokume gane (fine silver/ shibuichi/ guilding metal), fabricated.
Hoping to quench his thirst for creation, PierreYves embarked on a college degree in Mechanical
Engineering before realizing that this was not the
life for him; something else was out there. Two years
later came the certainty that he wanted to work with
the fascinating medium of metal. He was accepted at
the Montreal Jewelry School (École de joaillerie de
Montréal), where he learned the basics of his trade with
Montreal’s finest jewelers. He graduated with honors
in 2000 from the Montreal Jewelry School, where he
now teaches.
Pierre-Yves stands out as an innovative and
unconventional artist. Since his debut he has collected
many honors, including the privilege of being chosen as
the designer of the 2010 medal for the prestigious Prix
du Québec and the winner of a 2012 NICHE Awards
trophy. Pierre-Yves’s unique creations feature strong
lines, sculpted in powerful materials. He fashions
each object by drawing upon a concept, an idea, and
every piece of jewelry is an expression of artistic form
in relationship with the body. Pierre-Yves’s technical
skill and artistry bring to life unique, elegant creations.
His unique style is rooted in the ancient Japanese
technique of mokume gane combined with simple, yet
technically complex German lines.
Since 2009, Pierre-Yves works from his own studio
gallery in the resort town of Saint-Sauveur, located in
the heart of the Laurentian Mountains, where he can
let his creative spirit roam free.
Before drawing the first line, I focus on creating objects
that are going to go through time with grace and beauty,
trends are made to fade away, jewelry shouldn’t.
The idea always comes from my environment, I can
draw a concept upon a line I saw in a tree, a chair, a
drop of oil in the water, everything is inspiration.
Then the real creation starts, working the line,
following the emotion brick by brick, trying to seize
that moment that is going to last forever.
It is like imprisoning a bit of what we are and where
we are at a defined moment, like a picture of our time.
Necklace, 18K yellow and 18K grey gold, uncut diamonds, diamond slice, spinels.
Bracelet, Sterling silver, tourmalinated quartz, Fabricated.
Ring, Sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, pink quartz, bleu sapphire, fabricated.
Necklace, 18K yellow gold, Sterling silver, onyx, black diamonds, fabricated, 16 inches.
Earrings, 18K yellow and 18K grey gold mokume gane, 18K yellow and pink gold, pink sapphire, fabricated.
Necklace, 9,5mm-10mm Tahitian black pearls 19 inches, 18K grey and yellow gold mokume gane, 18K
yellow gold, diamonds 0,17 ctw, fabricated, interchangeable.
Earrings, 18K yellow and 18K grey gold mokume gane, diamonds, fabricated.
Ring, 18K yellow gold, 18K grey, 2.73 cts chrysoberyl, fabricated.
Neck piece, 18K grey gold, 18K yellow gold, 18K grey gold and Sterling silver mokume gane, diamonds 0,40ctw, stainless steel, fabricated, 16 inches.
Earrings, 18K yellow gold , 22K lemon gold, Sterling silver, white diamonds ( 0,15 ctw) princess cut yellow diamonds ( 0,71 ctw)
Ring, 18K grey gold and sterling silver mokume gane, 22K lemon gold, 0,33 ct yellow diamond, fabricated.
Bracelet, 18K yellow gold, 18K grey and sterling silver, mokume gane, orange sapphire, fabricated, 7 inches.
Cufflinks, 18K grey and 18K yellow gold, Sterling silver, fabricated.
novation & Craftsmanship in Me
Exhibition & Trunk Show
Opening May 3, 2012
Aaron Faber Gallery
666 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10103
email: [email protected]

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