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LISA HALL - Simply Sue Speaks
How to Stop Being Busy
and Get More Business
Replace “busywork” with useful &
productive methods to get more
Drive Sales Growth
Through Networking
Learn to stand out, create genuine
relationships, and drive referrals to
your door.
How Procrastination is
Stunting Your Business
Learn how to break the
procrastination cycle and create
serious momentum to grow your
Women of Impact
Learn how women of past generations have changed our working
landscape and how YOU can
make an impact too.
Lisa Hall specializes in
running a business from a
systematic approach, helping individuals,
businesses, and organizations simplify complex
systems for efficiency and greater profitability.
She teaches this transformational process
via coaching, workshops, and
keynote presentations.
Book Lisa Hall Today For Great Results Like These:
P Being less “busy” and more productive
P Making more money and working less
P Getting real results from networking
P Leveraging referrals for greater profitability
P Discovering what is really important to your business growth
Lisa Hall customizes her presentations to
meet your needs. Contact her today!
Rave Reviews:
“Lisa’s ability to teach goal
setting, vision casting, and organized systems
cannot help but create success & strong business practices.
Lisa, you helped me find the clarity I needed!”
- J Wilson, Senior Sales Director
“Lisa gave practical strategies with an implementation plan.”
- Cathy, Social Media Expert
“Lisa spoke to our Business & Professional Women’s Club at
our regional meeting and it was very informative. I requested
she present on the topic of business women in history, since
it is Women’s History Month, and her presentation ‘Women of
Impact’ was perfect for our needs. Everyone present gained
an appreciation for women’s roles in shaping business.”
- Terry Curran, Chapter President
Putting systems in place gets you out of
your daily grind and frees you to live
the life of freedom that you deserve.
Coming Soon!
How to Stop Being Busy and Get More Business
Lisa Hall’s upcoming book, How to Stop Being Busy and Get
More Business, lays out her proven techniques to generate
efficient systems for both business and personal life. The
strategies described in the book help take you from “busy” to
truly productive.
Using the Power of Organized Systems to Keep Small Businesses On Course
About Lisa Hall:
A Certified Life and Business Coach, Lisa Hall is committed to
helping small business owners and entrepreneurs keep their
businesses running efficiently, creating more profitability while
spending less worry and time on back office duties. Lisa’s
coaching, training, and speaking engagements have helped a
number of clients create greater profit in less time.
Lisa Hall has a background in human resources, teaching, and
over 12 years of entrepreneurship, making her a well-rounded
leader, trainer, and speaker. Lisa brings experiences from both
her corporate positions as well as her successes and failures in
her own businesses to help her clients succeed in less time and
with fewer financial mistakes.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (865) 308-0003