SatNav-Forum facts Forum for Satellite Navigation Regional


SatNav-Forum facts Forum for Satellite Navigation Regional
Regional GNSS Initiatives in Germany
The Galileo satellite navigation system is one of the most important European innovation projects. It is of great significance to the
economy, because it provides the basis for numerous satellitebased products and services.
Forum for Satellite Navigation
The ”Forum for Satellite Navigation” provides nationwide support
to the cooperation between the regional initiatives that exist in
Germany. The platform is designed to provide a wide-scale
exchange of experience and information and result in the nationwide interconnection of businesses, the scientific community,
trade associations, public authorities and users. In this context,
the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs sees
itself as a facilitator and patron of the German ”Forum for
Satellite Navigation”.
SatNav-Forum facts
German nationwide networking
GALILEO applications
platform to provide a wide-scale exchange
of experience and information
The focus is on the following activities
the provision of information by the Federal Ministry of
Transport, Building and Urban Affairs to the regional
networks and their members;
Point of contact at DLR
(Space Agency)
the collection of information from the networks and
its consolidation by the Federal Ministry of Transport,
Building and Urban Affairs;
Innovative satellite-based solutions,
products and services for the future
Freya Scheffler-Kayser |
+49 (0) 228 44 75 33 |
[email protected]
improving cooperation between the networks
moderated by
Collaborative Project InnoMag
The German Galileo Test & Development Environment – GATE
GATE is a unique real-world development and test environment, to
prepare for the challenges of the future Galileo/GPS navigation
markets. GATE is considered to be a necessary intermediate step for
Galileo, which will provide the opportunity for receiver, application
and service developers to perform realistic field-tests of hardware
and software for Galileo at an early stage.
Initiative in the Saarland to link up and pool skills in the field of
navigation technologies and geodata. The working party encourages and promotes the exchange of ideas and information between companies, institutions of higher education and authorities
based in the region in order to stimulate innovative applications
and research and development activities.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lechner | +49 (0) 17 15 24 79 11 |
[email protected]
Simon Plum | +49 (0) 81 53 28 12 95 |
[email protected] |
Gerhard Schirra | +49 (0) 68 15 98 88 11 |
[email protected]
Marketing & communications around Satellite Navigation |
The MercatorPark – Service Portal
The interdisciplinary business place in Europe
The Center for Satellite Navigation in Hesse (cesah) promotes the
intelligent integration of satellite navigation technology with other
advanced technologies and the establishment of effective value
added models, thus promoting technology integration and technology transfer. A key factor for the success of „cesah“ is the expertise
and the network of excellence of its associates, its strategic partner
ESA/ESOC as well as its key partners.
Positioning / Navigation & Business Development
Udo Brüning and Arne Jungstand | +49 (0) 61 51 39 21 561 |
[email protected] |
Rostock Research Port
Saarland Navigation and Geodata Working Party
InnoMAG is a planned collaborative project which is designed to
consolidate national and regional initiatives in the maritime sector,
thereby creating a broad basis for the development of commercially
viable products, systems and services based on EGNOS and Galileo.
It will also make contributions towards standardization and certification.
NAVISAT – Precise Navigation
MercatorPark is a virtual market place for companies and organizations in the aerospace and ITC industries. Its interdisciplinary structure
promotes cross-industry business development, marketing, communication and sales. The monthly MercatorPark Newsletter reaches
over 15.000 selected subscribers in industry, commerce, the military,
science, government bodies, politics and the media.
The main emphasis is put on supporting commercial applications
and services based on present and future satellite navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) by integrating satellite positioning
technologies in applications. In addition to pooling the skills that
exist in North Rhine-Westphalia in the field of satellite navigation,
it seeks to promote a cross-sectoral exchange of ideas, knowledge
and information among its members.
MercatorPark Office | +49 (0) 89 60 0114 92 |
[email protected] |
NAVISAT Büro Herne | +49 (0) 22 23 92 52 54 |
[email protected] |
GAUSS – Certification of Safety-of-Life Sat Nav Applications
Establishing Sat Nav in Baden-Württemberg
Galileo and GNSS procedures for safe and accurate navigation.
Development and trialling of applications at the Port of Rostock,
using the experimental SEAGATE and ALEGRO infrastructures, which
are currently being established.
The Galileo Centre for Safety-of-Life Applications, Certifications and
Services (GAUSS) brings together the entire know-how of
Braunschweig Research Airport. The focus of its activities is the
certification of satellite-based applications in Germany and Europe.
The aim of the Baden-Württemberg Galileo Forum is to establish
satellite navigation in this federal state and make it accessible to
a large number of people in the business and scientific communities.
Dr. Wolfgang Mett | +49 (0) 22 03 60 14 105 |
[email protected] |
Harry Evers | +49 (0) 53 13 56 30 89 |
[email protected] |
Ralph Zimmermann | +49 (0) 7111 23 24 46 |
[email protected]
bavAIRia e. V.
SANASA e.V. – satellite navigation Sachsen-Anhalt
The “bavAIRia e.V.“ association with headquarters in Munich has
been commissioned with the cluster management for Aerospace
and Satellite Navigation. The objective is to advance the development dynamics and to stimulate innovative projects by attracting
investments in science and technology in Bavaria.
SANASA is involved in networking industry and the research
community for new applications of the European satellite navigation system in transport telematics and logistics, securing
international product chains, agriculture and forestry plus environmental protection and disaster control in Eastern Germany.
bavAIRia e. V. | +49 (0) 81 53 88 10 980 |
[email protected] |
Dr. Klaus Richter | +49(0)3914090420 |
[email protected] |
GALILEO application centre Berlin Brandenburg
SAT-NAV application projects
Network including 14 companies which offer and develop SAT-NAV
applications (tourism, leisure, logistics, care of people, local traffic,
defence) and services in the Gate Testbed in the area of the
Berchtesgadener Land.
Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Berchtesgadener Land | +49 (0) 86 54 77 500 |
[email protected] |
Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs
The Berlin-Brandenburg Galileo Application Centre plays a key role
in pooling the skills of over 300 research institutes and companies
in the region from the fields of traffic management, geoinformation
and tourism. The application centre is sponsored by professional
bodies BBAA, GEOkomm and telematicsPRO together with the
TSB/FAV. It drives the reciprocal exchange of information and experience and provides assistance to collaborative projects between
the scientific community and industry.
Hessen-IT is a programme launched by the Ministry of Economics,
Transport and Regional Development of the State of Hesse to promote the information technology and telecommunications market
in Hesse. A communications and information hub, Hessen-IT supports
the development, dissemination and application of new technologies
and networks service providers and users. In close cooperation with
cesah, it is raising public awareness of satellite navigation technology
and the Galileo programme.
Dr. Peter A. Hecker | +49 (0) 33 22 23 90 01 |
[email protected] |
Heike Koch | Hessen Agentur | +49 (0) 6117 74 84 32 |
[email protected] |
Within the Federal Government, the Federal Ministry of
Transport, Building and Urban Affairs has lead responsibility for
the European Galileo satellite navigation system. As part of this
function, it has launched the “GNSS Network Germany“, in which
it acts as a facilitator and patron to promote nationwide cooperation between the regional initiatives.
Silke Rittgerott | +49 (0) 30 20 08 26 22 |
[email protected] |

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