Laser Engraving Iris Laser Engraving Times New Roman



Laser Engraving Iris Laser Engraving Times New Roman
Personalization Tips:
Please enter and review your personalization carefully. We will personalize your gift exactly as
you enter the text. Enter personalization with capital and lower case letters, as you would like it to
appear. Do not type in all capital letters or all lower case letters unless that is how you
want the item to appear. If you want a product personalized with an "s" or "´s ", please enter it
as part of your personalization. (Please refer to the product image for a sample of the
personalization font and style.)
For best results on pens, please limit your text to one line of 14 characters maximum, including
spaces on 1 barrel $4.00 per pen this includes standard color fill additional barrel engraving
$1.50 each per pen (engraved on your products).Standard color-fill: Black or brown, other colors
available at additional cost such as gold, silver, red, white, blue, green, pink etc.
For boxes you may engrave up to two lines of text! $10.00 per box (engraved on your products)
Logo Set-up fee – one-time $30.00 plus $3.50 per pen, color-fill price depends on size.
We are unable to reproduce international characters (characters with accents marks, umlauts,
etc.). Please enter only characters that appear on standard American keyboards.
Recommended font at 12 points or more
Laser Engraving
Arial * *
Laser Engraving
SweetHeart Script
Laser Engraving Iris
Laser Engraving Times New Roman
Now consider is it for a left-handed or right handed person and whether you want the top or the
barrel done.
It is always better to engrave before assembly of the pen, so the clip doesn't impede the
engraving because of the slight curve involved. We require a sample turned barrel for setup &
proof, testing material for laser results, color-fill, font size & placement.
It will be centered on barrel unless otherwise requested.
JR Laser Solutions
727-942-0997 shop
727 415-3467 cell
[email protected]
All of the pens above had to be color filled with a small amount of black or brown so the
engraving could be seen.
The type of pen that is multi-colored is the most difficult - it can be done but must be color-filled!
It is best to lightly coat the wood with a clear finish - so that the color fill can be wiped away from
the un-engraved area and not fill in any wood grain.
Also take into consideration if the pen or wood has been color stained - such as a pine or white
wood stained to look like rosewood such as the box above.
The engraved area would be an unattractive white area thus the color fill required. The box was
not sealed or coated before engraving as you can see from the residue on the paint - if it had
been sealed or coated, the reside would have wiped clean away, as below.
Acrylic pens can also be engraved & color filled and would be masked to
limit the acrylic residue.
We are located at:
3606 DeSoto Blvd #B
Palm Harbor FL 34683
(727) 942-0997
[email protected]
North of Alderman Road, before the Old Schoolhouse Restaurant, bear to the left at the Moose
Lodge (do not turn left at Rebstock ) proceed down DeSoto Blvd (which runs parallel to Alt 19)
passed the townhouses, passed the office bldgs on the right - then watch for the OLD Florida Tin
Roof house on the right, which is 3606 - pull into the driveway - we work in the rear - beyond the
canopy! Now if you went too far and got to the stop sign at Brevard-Wall Springs Park - turn
around and come back (south)This is not a retail shop so please call first so we don’t miss you.
precision laser cutting & engraving - airplane kits, graphics, gunstocks, etching, gifts,
business cards, ornaments, personal & promotional items and much more!
click here to visit us on the web
JR Laser Solutions
727-942-0997 shop
727 415-3467 cell
[email protected]

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