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Swami Vishnudevananda Giri - Laya Yoga USA, meditation NJ
Swami Vishnudevananda Giri
Man is a microcosm, a creator of the universe
You are not the body, nor the senses, nor the mind, because they are all transient.
The body is composed of food, so how can you be the body? For the sense of 'I' (ego)
surpasses the body, the senses and the mind, at the time of the cognition of objects.
Avadhuta Dattatreya «Tripura Rahasya» ch. 16 (23-24)
By nature every person is a great boundless Spirit, a global creative Mind playing in
countless bodies. It is bounded by nothing and is similar to space. There is nothing that
could disobey it. Its qualities are spontaneous perfection, incomprehensibility, eternity,
infinity, all-pervasion and primordial purity; but because of identification with the
body, the senses and the intellect these sensations are lost.
Whereas Her Majesty the Absolute Intelligence is ever resplendent as 'I',
therefore She is all and ever-knowing. You are She, in the abstract.
Avadhuta Dattatreya
"Tripura Rahasya", Ch. 16 (25)
The moment we recognize the principle of pure consciousness, 'I am', we discover
our limitless potentials and restore our inherent greatness.
Realize it yourself by turning your sight inward. You are only pure abstract
Consciousness. Realize it this instant, for procrastination is not worthy of a good
disciple. He should realize the Self at the moment of instruction.
Avadhuta Dattatreya
"Tripura Rahasya", Ch. 16 (26)
We start with a simple self-inquiry, asking ourselves the question, "Who am
I?" Eventually, while meditating on the nature of "I", we discover our mind as the great
space of dazzling light.
This light doesn’t just have the nature of consciousness, without any qualities,
but it is also capable of infinitely manifesting itself in the form of diverse energies.
Deepening the contemplation of the nature of "I", we come to the understanding that the
entire external world is a manifestation of our great "I", and the entire visible physical
universe is our endless huge body.
Life, Being – the luminous consciousness of the Almighty Source
The entire infinite world, the universe, all beings who inhabit it are of the
nature of light and consciousness. We are beings who are composed of the purest light.
This light is consciousness. This consciousness is aware of itself.
The main quality of this consciousness is luminosity. The light of
consciousness in a human being and in all living beings shines and manifests itself
without any other sources.
Her Transcendental Majesty, stainless and self-contained, irradiates
diversity in Her Self like an individual in the state of dream. This diversity in the shape
of men, animals and other phenomena, does not delude the Self in its purity, but does
delude aberrations of the Self, namely, the individual egos.
Avadhuta Dattatreya
"Tripura Rahasya", Ch. 18 (72 - 79)
Our Great Higher Self has a self-luminous nature. The phenomena of sleep
without dream, the sleep with dreams and awakening state are manifestations of this
inner glow (Prakasha) that comes from the consciousness.
The matter of the external world arises from consciousness. Primordial
Consciousness, being like a void space of light, is the omnipotent creator of all visible
worlds. This Consciousness, vibrating in the light, is movement. Its nature is to
constantly manifest Itself in the form of energy. It is playful, spontaneous and
unconditional. It manifests itself in infinite forms.
Thus, Primordial "I" has two inherent qualities:
~ Luminosity (Prakasha)
~ Self-awareness (Vimarsha).
Realize that the Self is the self-contained mirror projecting and manifesting
this world. The Self is pure unblemished consciousness. Be quick! Realize it quickly
and gain transcendental happiness!
Avadhuta Dattatreya
"Tripura Rahasya", Ch. 13 (91)
This Consciousness is the source of all beings, universal forces and the entire
universe. The entire phenomenal world is the play of Its energy. While playing, this
consciousness manifests Its forces, veiling Itself with these forces and hiding Itself.
Its play is to discover Itself, to manifest and to enlighten Its hidden energies.
Two great origins:
Absolute Consciousness and Universal Energy
There are two constantly interacting origins in the world: Consciousness
and the Universal Energy, Earth and Sky. Pure consciousness is the Absolute Mind
in its unmanifested form. This mind is empty, luminous, all-pervasive and allembracing.
All the external visible world of the infinite universe is a manifestation of
the energies of Absolute Mind in the forms of various emanations, such as gods,
humans, animals, plants, minerals, etc.
Cosmic vibration (Spanda)
There is a principle of subtle cosmic vibration at the heart of all the bodies,
phenomena and dynamic processes in the universe.
The entire universe is composed of energetic vibrations. Absolute
Consciousness constantly manifests Itself in the form of vibration, which is
perceived by consciousness as solid or subtle objects. Vibration (spanda) is the
oscillation of pure consciousness 'I am', which is simultaneously spreading both
inwards and outwards.
This oscillation is double. Internal vibration is directed to self-awareness,
self-identification of Primordial "I" with Itself. External vibration is directed to
external objects and identification with them. Vibration is not associated with
movement in space or any particular point. It resembles a wave emanating from
consciousness at the moment of thought or perception.
Vibrations penetrate matter as hyperfine waves of consciousness in every
point of space and at all levels.
There can indeed be nothing but consciousness. Tell me of any place where
there is no consciousness; there is no place beyond consciousness."
Avadhuta Dattatreya
"Tripura Rahasya", Ch. 11 (6 - 30)
Internal vibration is the vibration of consciousness, the finest vibration,
which is Pure Light. All other vibrations, such as the functions of consciousness,
intellect, mind, prana, physical vibration, sound and others are its derivatives.
Despite the manifestation of this subtle vibration, the primordial
consciousness "I am" is not eclipsed by it. It does not deviate from its self-sufficient
nature. Its deep nature is not a subject to any transformations. The primordial
consciousness is like two birds on a tree branch: one of them is biting fruit, while
another is sitting motionless, watching the first one. The primordial consciousness
simultaneously is both at rest and is manifesting Itself as vibration.
Five elements are generated due to vibrations. Vibrations manifest
themselves as diverse qualities of the five elements that make up the universe.
The great forces of the universe
There are an infinite variety of energies in the universe. Basically this
diversity boils down to three main forces:
~ Energy of knowledge
~ Energy of will
~ Energy of action.
That Supreme Light, where the threefold Creative Power resides, [as]
action, desire, and knowledge, [and as] Brāhmī, Raudrī and Vaiṣṇavī, is Om.
Mahasiddha Gorakhnath
" Goraksha Shataka (1.86m)
The great forces of the universe continuously manifest themselves, including
through the body and the mind of a man.
Energy of knowledge
Through the energy of knowledge the Supreme Mind recognizes every
phenomenon in the universe as a manifestation of Itself. On a subjective level, it
appears as a clarity that allows a yogi to see the world united with his "I".
Energy of will
Through the energy of will, the Supreme Source manifests Its omnipotence.
With the energy of omnipotence, It freely expresses itself through volitional
impulses, giving rise to various phenomena in the universe. Subjectively, a person
experiences the energy of will as an ability to express and embody intention.
Energy of action
Manifesting the energy of action, the Supreme Source makes all processes in
the universe, governs all events and becomes all kinds of manifestations.
There are five kinds of Energy of action:
~ Power of creation and generation,
~ Power of preservation, balance and sustainment,
~ Power of destruction,
~ Power of veiling and concealment of the Divine,
~ Power of enlightenment and revealing the Divine.
Subjectively, a person experiences these forces as the ability to create, the
ability to keep balance, the capacity to destroy obstacles, the ability to hide his
qualities and the ability to manifest and demonstrate his enlightening spiritual

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