Caleb Elliott one


Caleb Elliott one
Caleb Elliott
Lafayette, Louisiana
“Where You Wanna Be” CD/LP
Caleb Elliott Music (ASCAP)
1) Speaking of (3:37)
2) Where You Wanna Be (2:51)
3) I Don’t Mind (3:21)
4) Now (0:48)
5) Dear Julia (3:19)
6) I Would Never (3:23)
7) Run (2:45)
8) Le Reel Fâché (1:57)
“An unabashed pop sense ... and a sly integration of cello and acoustic guitar.”
– The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, La.
“Deftly written arrangements, earnest lyrics that variously bring to mind everything from Joni
Mitchell to Toad the Wet Sprocket to the Beatles to JJ Grey, with the vocal command of Jeff
Buckley. ... It’s a damn good record.” – The Independent, Lafayette, La.
“A radio-ready disc.” – The Daily Advertiser, Lafayette, La.
He’s the son of a preacher man, the child of Melody and the brother of Harmony. With “Where You
Wanna Be,” south Louisiana singer-songwriter-guitarist-cellist-bandleader Caleb Elliott has produced
an acclaimed debut release filled with strikingly original songs and arrangements.
Elliott’s songs are slices of love and life, stories of folks looking for their place in the world. From the
bouzouki-and-tremolo-fueled folk-rock of “Speaking of” to the lovelorn ruminations of “Dear Julia” and
“I Would Never” through the joyriding title track reprise of “Le Reel Fâché,” “Where You Wanna Be” is
an album to remember.
The record was produced by Tony Daigle, a veteran of many Grammy-winning projects, and features
a stellar cast of artists, including vocalist Susan Cowsill, bassist Tom Drummond of Better Than Ezra,
drummer Doug Belote, fiddler Mitch Reed of BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet and guitarist Sam
Broussard of Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys.
From the power-pop of “I Don't Mind” to the gritty overdrive of “Run,” the music of Caleb Elliott is
“Where You Wanna Be.”
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