Levelok Leveler Brochure


Levelok Leveler Brochure
Professional Model LL-STB-1
Approved for 375 lb. duty rated ladders
System of choice for the Telecom, Cable
and Power Industry
“I only buy the Leveloks when purchasing levelers because
they have proven themselves in the field.”
“We have used the other types of levelers and had problems
with them. Ever since we started using the Leveloks the
problems associated with levelers have ceased to exist.”
- Tim Staley
Technician Supervisor
AT&T Broadband
Levelok LL-STB-1
Super Heavy Duty Construction
6061-T6 Aluminum
Stainless Steel Locking System
Fits all Aluminum, Fiberglass and
Wood Extension or Sectional Ladders
• Exceeds OSHA Directive 1-1.14 and
ANSI A14.10 Standard for Type 1AA
• Snap On / Off Polypropylene Cap
Easy Operation
Simply step down on foot pedal
to extend leg and lock.
The Levelok LL-STB-1 is the ultimate in extension
ladder accessories. It enables virtually any fiberglass,
aluminum or wood extension or combination ladder to
adapt to nearly any indoor or outdoor situation. Its
unique patented design can be operated using only
your foot, freeing your hands to hold the ladder. A
ladder equipped with Levelok Stabilizer / Levelers
can be set up on uneven terrain in less than 5 seconds.
Automatic Safety Lock
Completely Foot Operable
Extends up to 10”
Independant control
3/16” Increments
Retract with foot
Adds only 3-4 lbs per rail
(depending on ladder brand)
To Level - Simply step down on foot pedal until inner leg foot assembly touches supporting surface. The stainless steel locking system adjusts in 3/16” increments until weight is
placed on foot assembly. The automatic safety lock instantly engages, thereby providing a
back-up safety lock, preventing the possibility of accidental tripping.
To Release - While the ladder is still in the rested position, and both hands on ladder,
simply pull the ladder rail with the extended leveler back toward you to remove the weight
from the ladder leg. Then depress upper release lever with ball of foot or thumb and the
spring tension will slowly retract the inner leg all the way up, until it stops against the
bumpers. The ladder can now be relocated and levelled again.
Quick and Simple Installation
Place template on ladder rail
Drill 3 holes using template as drill guide
Slide leveler into holes
Tighten locknuts
Mounting bolts are pre-installed to prevent
fumbling around with bolts
Manufactured By:
Ergonomic Shapes
Claw Pivoting Foot
Distributed By:
• Heavy duty, triple plated pivoting
foot with claw can flip back for ice,
snow and gravel
• Large, heavy duty, anti-skid rubber
treads grip almost any surface
Copyright © 2003, LeveLok Corporation. All Rights Reserved
• Foot Pedal snaps up for storage or
down for leveling
• Curved shapes for ease of grip and
leveling comfort
• Grooved surfaces of upper and
lower pedals provide easy to grip
• Foot pedal can actually be snapped
up and down with toe of shoe or

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