Hokki Reference Sheet


Hokki Reference Sheet
What leading Canadian Occupational Thereapists
and Educators are saying about the Hokki Stool
The staff and students love the chairs. It’s unanimous. Some of our
students had profoundly positive impacts from the chairs.
Sarah Cohen, Vice Principal
Eaton Arrowsmith School
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I think the most valuable feature is the smooth and rhythmic movement
pattern in a linear plane, as opposed to the jerky movement of the therapy
ball in an up/down plane, which can actually be too alerting for some kids.
Thanks again! This is the most exciting product I have seen in ages!
Cris Rowan, BScOT, BScBi, SIPT, AOTA Approved Provider
CEO Zone’in Programs Inc. and Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy Inc.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As a Paediatric therapist, I can think of many children who would benefit
from the Hokki Stool both at school and at home. I actually purchased this
stool for a friend who sits in front of a computer 8 hours a day. He said it
almost immediately corrected the back stiffness he was experiencing by
sitting in an office chair. Great product for adults and children!
Grace Liu, Paediatric Therapist
Toronto, Ontario
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Hokki stool is a dynamic piece of furniture that supports learning,
focus, attention and posture. Both children and adults alike benefit
tremendously from this opportunity to move their bodies in natural and
comfortable ways. Research encourages movement for better brain
function. Sit and move to learn!
Kim Barthel, OTR, Occupational Therapist
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The stool has been used by a variety of children in three different settings.
It is sturdy, kids enjoy sitting on it to rock and manoeuvre from side to
side and the movement is key to core strengthening. Kids are exercising,
moving and paying attention and also remaining at the table with little
impact on their peers.
The children with autism who have trailed the Hokki Stool appear to calm
and stay focused longer while engaging in table top activities. All three
preschool who have trailed the stool are interested in purchasing a few.
When ECE worker on the front lines are seeing the benefit (as well as OTs
and PTs), you got something here.
Sarah Doherty
OT EI Bridges, Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

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