Serapid Telescopic Masts



Serapid Telescopic Masts
Telescopic Masts
Prop Movement
Camera Platform
Precision Movement of Very Heavy Loads
Extremely Stable
The Serapid Telescopic
Mast has been designed for
unsurpassed stability under all
types of conditions.
In addition to the unique pushpull characteristics of the Rigid
Chain - the backbone of the
system – there are multiple
engineered elements, such as
intermediate guides and snugfitting pad bearings, to ensure
safe and reliable lifting. This
gives the lift column a high
static capacity allowing it to
remain stable while holding
a load for indefinite periods.
And when raising or lowering
the load the mast is readily
programmed for precise,
incremental and repeatable
Dual lighting mast.
Stability Package
All components are made of ultralow maintenance materials. The
mast performs both indoors and
out. The mast is refined for each
customer, engineered specifically
for their job.
For applications
where extra stability is
essential our stability
outrigger packages
are available. This
includes expandable
legs with independently
adjustable levelers for
bracing the mast unit
on all sides.
Serapid’s Theatrical
Close-up of out-rigging.
Integration of multiple mast units provides even greater load
capacity. The masts are synchronized via servo technology
and are capable of varying speeds for deployment. The easy
programming allows for multiple stopping positions; that are
precise, incremental and repeatable.
The Serapid Theatrical Mast was
designed with live production
in mind. Working with top
entertainment and amusement
companies, Serapid has
developed solutions for custom
stage prop movement.
The Theatrical Mast offers a compact platform
from which to lift props, lighting, sound, and
other production needs to the height desired
for a given performance.
The smooth, even movement allows for
cameras to be mounted and used without
compromising the picture quality.
Portable and easily moved, the Serapid Mast
can be used on stage during performances,
and is available in many colors.
All Weather
The Serapid Telescopic
Mast has been
independently tested to
withstand temperature
ranges from -40C to +70
The Tri-Mast, extended.
C. This robust product
features the nearly indestructible rigid chain, sealed mast sections and
anti-corrosive treatment.
Utilizing a vertical storage magazine for the Rigid Chain, the Serapid
Mast has a footprint as small as 2 square feet.
Smooth gliding aluminum tubes.
Super Portable
The mast retracts to a compact height. With smooth rolling casters for
portability, it’s easily moved whenever needed.
Technical Specifications
Extended Height Range
From 10ft./6m to 40ft./12m unguided - 40ft - 60ft/18m guided
Retracted Height Range
60in/1.5m for 20ft/6m extended mast
10fpm/50mm/s to 60fpm/300mm/s
Power Requirements
12-96VDC - 120-480 AC
Payload - Single mast
From 200lbs/91kg to 1000lbs/454kg
Payload - Triple mast
As small as 24in/.6m square
Serapid Telescopic Masts
Small footprint, high reach, high capacity, totally stable, very
compact, precise incremental movement, low maintenance,
easy programming, portable, able to withstand harsh
environments, and plugs in
Contact Serapid today and tell us
what you want to lift!
Left: Tri-mast, retracted. Right: Single
mast, extended. Below: Rigid Chain in
open position.
Serapid’s Rigid Chain Technology
How it works
Each link of the Rigid Chain is specially shaped to fit into the
preceding link like a simple puzzle piece. The links lock rigidly
when force is applied and remain locked until the force is
released. In the locked position, the axes of the links are aligned,
forming a solid and rigid column that can both push and pull.
When unlocked, these links are able to coil into a compact space,
typically a multi-return magazine.
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